"Sister Yueer, this corpse is placed here like this, and the aura in the air has been stained for nothing, right?"

Zuo Linger glanced at Gou Feifei's body and frowned.

"it is good."

Xiaoyueer smiled and nodded, flicking his fingers, and a flame fell directly on Gou Feifei's body.

Suddenly, the flame turned into a raging fire, raising several feet high, and in a burst of crackling noise, Gou Feifei's body was reduced to ashes.


Wang Yilang swallowed, and Lin Zijun and others all choked.

If Gou Feifei had just been beaten to death by Xiaoyue'er, they could still make up for it. Now I see Xiaoyueer's method of making fire out of thin air, and if it directly overturns the values ​​they cultivated from childhood .

There are no immortals in the world, and the words the saints told them are at the core of their worldview.

But now, they saw this scene with their own eyes, waiting for countless sledgehammers to hammer the core of their worldview frantically.

As if I could hear a roar from within, the worldview seemed to collapse.

"No, that's impossible. Are you guys or ghosts?"

Lin Fan stared at the three Ning Qi in horror, stepping back step by step.

"Three, the offenders have offended a lot. Please forgive them. If there is nothing else, the offenders will leave."

Wang Yilang suddenly clenched his fists and arched his hands. Then he turned around and left quickly, even faster than ordinary people's running speed!

Xiao Yue'er didn't stop Wang Yilang's departure, but when she found that Lin Fan seemed to be ready to retreat with shock, she suddenly laughed:

"Linfan Lin, you don't want your seventeen and eighteen ladies anymore? Why are you so anxious to leave?"

Lin Fan's body was a little stiff, and under the eyes of horror, he was hiding a strange cleverness.

At this moment, Xiaoyueer drank and stopped. He didn't dare to move any more. The other party's means exceeded his imagination. It wasn't something he could handle with Lin Fanlin, who was always known as the "Hun".

Now, only by waiting for the news to spread and attracting the rescue of the sergeants who guard the Tianshu Academy, will he not end up like Gou Feifei.

"Who the **** are you!"

Lin Zijun stepped forward suddenly and stopped in front of Lin Fan, staring at Xiaoyueer.

"Master, who should we be?"

Xiaoyueer asked Ning Qi with a smile.

"Today? It's a villain."

Ning Qi smiled.

"Villain, have you heard?"

Xiaoyue'er looked at Lin Zijun, then his eyes swept away, and he fell on Lin Fan with a smile:

"This guy seems to be careless and unobstructed, but his thoughts are very delicate. You think that you have a big nerve. In many things, others will not care about you? At the same time, you can calculate others secretly ? "

"Aunt, girl, what do you say?"

Lin Fan stammered the road.

"I don't care who you are. My elder brother has this kind of temperament on weekdays. He doesn't know how many people have offended. Just now he didn't know that the two girls were not ordinary people.

Lin Zijun hesitated for a moment, and finally, for the sake of Lin Fan's life, he reluctantly served the soft path.

"Your elder brother doesn't have this temperament usually."

Ning Qi smiled and suddenly reached out and grabbed.

The next moment, everyone looked with horror at Lin Fan's soul being caught from his body.

"Ghost, ghost?"

"Why the **** do we see?"

"Is there an immortal **** in this world?"

The worldview has completely collapsed!

Numerous disciples of the academy gathered here, staring at this scene stunned. After their worldview collapsed, many of them did not notice that a strangeness had occurred in their bodies.

A trace of aura, breeding from their danhai.

If you don't believe in ghosts and gods, you can't be divine.

The monks from ancient times to the present have believed that they can walk out of the way of longevity on this road, so they can have the practice of cultivation!

"Stop, how are you going to treat my elder brother?"

Lin Zijun looked at Ning Qi with a look of horror, anxious look.

Lin Fan's soul was at a loss for a while. After he returned to God, he looked at Ning Qi with a strange look:

"Brother, brother, what do you do to get my soul out?"

"To show everyone what you have done, you can only ask your soul to leave your body for a while."

Ning Qi smiled. After hearing this sentence, Lin Fan flashed a horrible color in his eyes. Before he spoke, Ning Qi waved his hand again, and then everyone saw Lin Fan's soul turned into a black mist. Time to go, these dark misty time

It has condensed into one scene after another.

Gradually, Lin Zijun's look changed, her face became extremely pale, and her eyes were full of incredible color.

Everyone saw these scenes one after another, and Lin Fan's performance was different from usual.

He is vicious and cunning, and for a woman, he can use serial tricks to harm the whole family.

In the end, because of the identity of Tianshuyuan and the temperament shown on weekdays, no one would doubt him, and he could get what he wanted and win the beauty.

In this way, Lin Fan did one thing after another that hurts the heavens and the heavens. The scholars at Tianshu Academy watched Qiqiao smoke, never thought that Lin Fan would have this side.

They don't want to believe the scene in front of them, but they can reasonably tell them that in those scenes, Lin Fan's freely changing expression cannot be false!


A loud drink sounded from a distance.

"Sir is here!"

There was a surprise on his face.

Lin Zijun hurried over, "Mr. Qiu, save my brother!" Ning Qi smiled and waved gently, Lin Fan's soul returned to him, he already knew what happened, his face became extremely gloomy Feeling the disdainful gazes cast on him all around, Lin Fan's heart resentment, his eyes died.

Staring at Ning Qi, as if it were a tiger who chooses to die!

"Sure, it really is!"

"Look at his expression at this moment, where is he still at the beginning!"

"I didn't expect this person to be a face-to-face animal!"

There was a murmur of whispers around.

At the same time, the eyes of many scholars looking at Ning Qi became very unnatural, and they secretly feared that they could ‘get out’ of the whole person in front of everyone, without any means of privacy!

The old man whom he was respected as a gentleman walked slowly to Ning Qi. He didn't see Lin Zijun and others, but he arched his hand and fisted towards Ning Qi:

"King Xuan Great God, Mr. Kong Liu has died in your hands, why should he be so aggressive, do you really think my heavenly world can't compete with you?"

There was a hint of doubt on the faces of the people. They couldn't understand what Mr. was talking about, but they heard the news that Mr. Kong Liu died in the hands of Ning Qi, and suddenly took a breath of cold air in their hearts. The other party actually killed a gentleman in the academy?

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