After tea, leave ...

King Tiandu looked at the stool on which Fang Yan the Great King had sat before, and there seemed to be some remaining rhyme belonging to Fang Yan the Great God.

It is a pity that the King Fang Yan has disappeared.

"No need, I don't drink."

The King of Gods smiled, waved his hand and refused.

Mr. Kong Liu has been staring at Ning Qi since the disappearance of King Fang Yan, and his pupils turned white again, and his breath became unusual.

The Mosha God King has no idea what happened, but he knows that the Fang Yan King God may be dead.

Death was silent.

This method is really trembling!

Devil God's body shivered uncontrollably, looking at the tea cup in the hand of Liu Huang, his eyes became very frightened.

After drinking tea ... just on the road?

"Drink it. Drink it. That's my hospitality."

Ning Qi smiled, "Liu Huang, give a cup of tea to the King of Heaven."

Emperor Liu nodded slightly, and the King of the Heavenly God just wanted to stop, but found that the breath around him became a little weird. His body seemed to be trapped in some kind of sticky matter, and his action became a little difficult.

Between the gods, a cup of tea has been added in front of the King of God.


Ning Qi smiled.

"Let's open the door and see what is going on?"

The King of Heavenly God became so gloomy that he stared at Ning Qi.

At the same time, his Yu Guang was also looking at Mr. Kong Liu, what seemed to be waiting.

"Isn't you guys coming here today? Why are you asking me what I want? What's the point?"

Ning Qi asked strangely.

The eyes of the Great King of the Heavens glanced from Fang Lengyong and others, and after a dozen breaths, he had to admit that he might have set foot in the most dangerous area.

King Fang Yan died in a gesture he could not understand.

The only thing that can prove is that the other party did not make a mistake, Shen Luo World did indeed have a new King of God.

However, the means of this great king of God makes some people not understand!

"Drinking this cup of tea, will you deal with me by treating Fang Yan King God?"

The King of God in Heaven is staring at Ning Qi.

"It's just a drop off. What can I do? After drinking tea, I will take it away. I can't give you a meal and cover it?"

Ning Qi laughed.

There was a sudden chuckle around.

The King of God in the Heavens only feels full of humiliation in his heart. For so many years, since he became the King of God, how long haven't he felt this kind of emotion?


Whenever he is a little sure, he will shoot now!

But he wasn't sure at all, and he even wondered if he had a chance to shoot.

"This man's cultivation is ... why is it so horrible, is he the Great God King of the Shen Luo Great World from ancient times to the present? Isn't that so close to the realm of God?"

The more I really want to, the more fearful the King of Heaven is.

Just then, Mr. Kong Liu spoke.

"Mr. Xia Kongda, I have seen the king of Bei Xuan Tai."

Mr. Kong Liu hurriedly fisted toward Ning Qi.

His expression and tone changed a bit.

The heart of the King of Heaven is suddenly relieved.

Mr. Kong appeared, and at least he would be enough.

Unlike Fang Yan, what is the strength of Mr. Kong Da in the Tianshu Great World? The King of the Great God of Heaven is also unfounded, only knowing that Mr. Kong Da means to master the gods, generally the King of the Great God is definitely not his opponent.

And there is an extremely weird place in the Tianshu Great World, from the great **** king to the god, maybe ...

They are just the incarnation of Mr. Kong Da, whether it is Kong 2 or Kong 3, Kong 4 or just Kong Liu, as long as Mr. Kong Da is willing, they can all be Kong Da!

The King of Gods of Heaven does not know what kind of means this is, but only heard that it has something to do with the spiritual will of the Great Book of Heaven.

"Mr. Kong."

Ning Qi smiled: "Is Mr. Kong going to drink tea? Don't worry, wait for the King of God to drink, and I will make you a drink."

"The tea will not be drunk. This time we came hurriedly, and we were also bewitched by the great **** Fang Yan. Now that he has fumed, this will come to an end, can it?"

Mr. Kong smiled.

"No, this is not my hospitality."

Ning Qi smiled and shook his head: "If you are not invited, I will ask him to drink a cup of tea and send him away."

"That being the case, then leave first."

Mr. Kong nodded slightly, and then his eyes became normal again.

The Great King of Heaven is stunned.

Even Mr. Kong Liu froze.

Did Kong Da just leave?

Go so neatly?


Ning Qi's faint kings of heaven and earth.


The King of God of Heaven suddenly stood up, and just wanted to move, but his body suddenly slammed, and he sat down again. Then he couldn't control it, reached up and drank the tea cup in front of him!

"It's over! He's gone!"

The horror appeared in the eyes of Mosha God.

Sure enough, after drinking the tea, the same phenomenon happened to the Great King of Heaven and the Great King of Fang Yan.

After more than ten breaths, he finally turned into a ray of black fog, and then disappeared!

"His deity is a ray of nether air."

Ning Qi smiled.

"Sir, which one should you pour tea next?"

Emperor Liu smiled slightly, and looked at King Mosha and Mr. Kong Liu, said.

On the willow tree, Zhao Tong stared at the scene with a dumb look. There was something incredible in his mind. How could Ning Qi's strength grow to such a degree?

This is too scary, right?

Why did he come here? Staying in Fang Yan World, don't you have nothing left?

In Zhao Tong's heart, endless regrets rose, and even the last hint of hope was shattered today. He felt that it was impossible to escape Ning Qi's clutches.

"Fell Mr. Kong Liu first. He came from afar. I've been here before, so don't pour me down."

Mo Sha Shen Wang laughed.

Mr. Kong Liu's face sank, and he gave him a cold look, and then said to Ning Qi: "Sir, I admit it, if you can let me go, I can guarantee that the world of Tianshu will never set foot on Shen Luo in the future. Great world. "

"it is good."

Ning Qi smiled and nodded.

Mr. Kong Liu felt a little joy in his heart and immediately stood up.

"Drink tea before leaving."

Ning Qi's voice sounded again.

Mr. Kong Liu's body became a little stiff, and then he sat down again.

"Big Xuanda God King, do you know, Mr. Kong Da's strength?"

Mr. Kong Liu slowly spoke.

"I don't know, he's already gone."

Ning Qi laughed.

Mr. Kong Liu was speechless.

At this time, Liu Huang also poured the tea well and placed it in front of Mr. Kong Liu.

"Hurry up," Ning Qi laughed. "After drinking, I'm on my way."

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