Super Dragon Cultivation System

Zhang Xing traveled through the realm, with an additional Divine Dragon island in his mind, so he started raising various dragons on the island. Black Dragon, Golden Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon, Magician Dragon, Crystal Dragon … He also has t.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 2548 Life is a dream, there are dreams in dreams Chapter 2547 Don't cry my favorite person Chapter 2546 Revisit the old place

Chapter 2545 Back to the fifth heaven Chapter 2544 The ancient gods can't even use a finger Chapter 2543 What I want, obey my will Chapter 2542 To the gate of the king of gods Chapter 2541 Giant leader fights Zhang Xing Chapter 2540 Kuju Tenjo Giant Chapter 2539 Out of Eight Heaven Chapter 2538 Rescue the Seventh Heaven in a dilemma Chapter 2537 Fifty thousand dragon

Chapter 2536 Invasion of alien giants in the starry sky Chapter 2535 Stop the Big Dipper Nebula Chapter 2534 Hit the Seventh Heaven Continent

Chapter 2533 The disappearing Big Dipper Chapter 2532 Starry sky monuments appear Chapter 2531 Heibao's style is better than before Chapter 2530 See the dark clan again Chapter 2529 Ancient Road to the Star Territory Chapter 2528 See also Lu Changshan Chapter 2527 Night attack Chapter 2526 Star core fragments Chapter 2525 Half-step God King Realm

Chapter 2524 Zhang Xing Suxing Chapter 2523 Terran Star Wars Hall Chapter 2522 Perception, breakthrough and then breakthrough Chapter 2521 Starry sky tour Chapter 2520 Enter the Sixth Heaven and destroy the Crane Sect Chapter 2519 A palm-shaped god Chapter 2518 Stand still, helpless Chapter 2517 Fight against Zhang Xing again Chapter 2516 Mu Zifeng's arrival Chapter 2515 Break through to the Seventh Divine Realm in one fell swoop Chapter 2514 Feel the state of mind, break through again Chapter 2513 Extinguish the hidden mountain sect with a wave of hands

Chapter 2512 Mu Zifeng broke through to the seventh layer of the gods Chapter 2511 Unify the Five Heavens Chapter 2510 A big win Chapter 2509 Wanlong Jue, crushing Mu Zifeng Chapter 2508 Mu Zifeng's evil clone Chapter 2507 The Holy One Chapter 2506 Holy One's Fear Talent Chapter 2505 Mu Zifeng Chapter 2504 Successfully poisoned Chapter 2503 Four Dragons Fighting Mu Zifeng Chapter 2502 Maniac Battleship Chapter 2501 Recover a 40 million ship

Chapter 2500 All dragons advance to Tier 6 Chapter 2499 Heibao and Shengyi's economic mind Chapter 2498 Xianhezong Muzifeng Chapter 2497 The team fight started and appeared unexpectedly Chapter 2496 Sixty Dragons Advanced Chapter 2495 Hidden Mountain Sect reinforcements arrive Chapter 2494 Hidden Mountain Religion Chapter 2493 Move Zhao Qi and tell the treasure Chapter 2492 Panic Chapter 2491 Design play device Lingcang raccoon Chapter 2490 Control the Bafang Seal, the rescuer Chapter 2489 The Eight Side Seal of the Sovereign of the Sacred Tool

Chapter 2488 Take down the Galaxy Gate and descend into the Sacred Artifact Sect Chapter 2487 Search for the soul of Chuanbeiming Chapter 2486 At a loss Chapter 2485 Finally saw the idol Chapter 2484 I am Zhang Xing Chapter 2483 Save a beauty Chapter 2482 Suzerain of Wanfazong accepts concubine Chapter 2481 Evacuate Suncheonjong Chapter 2480 Sovereign Yue Jinghong Chapter 2479 Enter the Suncheon School Chapter 2478 System recycling function Chapter 2477 Destroy the enemy, be sad

Chapter 2476 Give you a slap Chapter 2475 Enter the Sixth Realm Chapter 2474 The heart is as high as the state is Chapter 2473 Still lost in the late fifth stage Chapter 2472 Exhausted Chapter 2471 Zhang Xing vs. Brother Ming Chapter 2470 Zhang Xing's anger Chapter 2469 The Fall of Princess Huarong Chapter 2468 Sixth Heavenly Hidden Mountain Sect Chapter 2467 Reached an agreement with Mishan Sect Chapter 2466 one year later Chapter 2465 Leave nothing

Chapter 2464 Kill to cover moon sect Chapter 2463 Had to bow Chapter 2462 Zhang Xing comes Chapter 2461 Suncheonzong Li Yi Chapter 2460 Liu Family Patriarch Chapter 2459 Victory, all tribes submit Chapter 2458 One-sided posture Chapter 2457 Teleport strike Chapter 2456 Dragons play Chapter 2455 Yan Jinhuan kills Chapter 2454 Give you a face Chapter 2453 Black two shot

Chapter 2452 All races are coming Chapter 2451 Qunlong now, Nishizaki kneeling Chapter 2450 Nishizaki old ancestor Chapter 2449 Missed opportunity, it's too late to regret Chapter 2448 The intelligence came and shocked the Liu family Chapter 2447 I'm not welcome in the Liu family Chapter 2446 Reach an agreement Chapter 2445 You are not good enough for me Chapter 2444 I did not do it on purpose Chapter 2443 Zhang Xing's plan Chapter 2442 Liu Jiazhao Chapter 2441 Dong Tianxie appeared

Chapter 2440 Looking for Dengfeng Mountain Chapter 2439 Anyone who watches the dragon will kill without mercy Chapter 2438 Mid-Level Five Chapter 2437 Open the bloodline of the ancient seal Chapter 2436 Qunlong casts mirror image Chapter 2435 Plausible words Chapter 2434 Playing the Four Sects Chapter 2433 Qunlong advanced, fifth level of the gods Chapter 2432 Divide the dragon Chapter 2431 Break your arms Chapter 2430 Lord Yan Chapter 2429 Huanhuazong kills

Chapter 2428 Five Heavenly Dragon Sect Branch Chapter 2427 Extermination of Secret Mountain Sect Chapter 2426 Frightened disciple of the Mishan School Chapter 2425 Long Yinian quickly resolves the battle Chapter 2424 The furnace tripod about to be taken away Chapter 2423 Shock the Hell Mountains Chapter 2422 Brothers squash him Chapter 2421 Into the Hell Mountains Chapter 2420 The Quartet of Dragons Chapter 2419 Sixty dragons promoted to the fifth rank of the gods Chapter 2418 Who is the robber? Chapter 2417 Go to the fifth heaven to rescue

Chapter 2416 Farmer's request Chapter 2415 Sect Master Ge Song of the Fourth Heavenly Dragon Sect Chapter 2414 I have to shock everyone before I leave Chapter 2413 Zhang Xingsheng, No. 1 in Tianjiao Chapter 2412 War Dong Scorpio Chapter 2411 Dong Tianxie appeared Chapter 2410 Xiu Wujian, you lose Chapter 2409 Shura Road Chapter 2408 Horrified Xiu Wujian Chapter 2407 Big Bi starts Zhang Xing to play Chapter 2406 Respectful and enthusiastic repair without blood Chapter 2405 Coming to Shura Zong

Chapter 2404 The two strongest demon sects die Chapter 2403 Zhang Xingzhan Yellow Python Chapter 2402 A First Look at the Way of the Heart Chapter 2401 Luo Hai desperately Chapter 2400 Zhang Xingzhan Luo Hai Chapter 2399 Yaozong Tianjiao came to avenge Chapter 2398 A demon passing by Dong Tianxie Chapter 2397 The power of that look Chapter 2396 Black knife Chapter 2395 Scolding cheer Chapter 2394 Ge Song Zhan Hei Zhi Chapter 2393 Go to the Shura Zong to compete

Chapter 2392 Invite Zhang Xing to participate in the Tianjiao Competition Chapter 2391 Sword Qi from the Gate of Time and Space Chapter 2390 Northern Territory Chapter 2389 No face, the lost Huarong Chapter 2388 Qunlong takes over the demon sect Chapter 2387 Boundless power Chapter 2386 Zhang Xing is the king of human race Chapter 2385 Your Demon King is dead Chapter 2384 This treasure belongs to me Chapter 2383 Unhurried, unurgent Chapter 2382 Demon elder sacrifice Chapter 2381 Zhang Xing Zhan Long Claw

Chapter 2380 Shaking Quartet Chapter 2379 Golden Dragon's Claw of Level 5 of the God Realm Chapter 2378 Mountain treasure Chapter 2377 Let you know me Zhang Xing Chapter 2376 Enter the Demon Sect Chapter 2375 Want to break free of purgatory lock Chapter 2374 Is this the temperature? Chapter 2373 The details seen from the hair Chapter 2372 You laugh at you, i sleep with mine Chapter 2371 Zhang Xing is locked Chapter 2370 Hell Elder Purgatory Lock Chapter 2369 Kill the demon

Chapter 2368 Fist Boom Two Magic Soldiers Chapter 2367 Awakener Soul Chapter 2366 Unarmed Warrior Chapter 2365 Destroy the 20,000 gods Chapter 2364 Go to war Chapter 2363 Twenty thousand gods demon sect army dispatched Chapter 2362 Princess Huarong's thoughts Chapter 2361 Demon Sect Chapter 2360 Who won't let go Chapter 2359 Soul knife is nothing more than that Chapter 2358 Send you to hell Chapter 2357 you shut up

Chapter 2356 Princess Huarong Chapter 2355 The second and third demon brothers Chapter 2354 Rampage Chapter 2353 Strong body Chapter 2352 Hand over Dao Leigo Chapter 2351 Surging from all sides Chapter 2350 I keep the picture scroll Chapter 2349 Weird picture scroll Chapter 2348 you are vicious Chapter 2347 Mofo Chapter 2346 Exchange with Zhang Xing for Dao Lei Guo Chapter 2345 Our ancestors and sisters are back

Chapter 2344 Wanqingshan Wanjia Chapter 2343 No one dares to stop Chapter 2342 Divine realm body refining fourfold, Qi refining fourfold Chapter 2341 No one can stop Chapter 2340 Use fake Dao Lei Guo to temper your body Chapter 2339 Feeling Thunder Chapter 2338 Land of mines Chapter 2337 Ding Ding Three Heavens, Fighting Four Heavens Chapter 2336 Flee Chapter 2335 Break your three palms Chapter 2334 Swallow the blood of the blood of promotion Chapter 2333 Ruthless Blood Lord

Chapter 2332 Mutated Blood Lord Chapter 2331 A halberd splits the first mountain Chapter 2330 Break like a walk Chapter 2329 Come to the first mountain Chapter 2328 Shake the entire east Chapter 2327 Run away Chapter 2326 Mercilessly Chapter 2325 Zhang Xing comes Chapter 2324 Enforcement Hall team was besieged Chapter 2323 To the east Chapter 2322 One punch Chapter 2321 Defeated King Shura

Chapter 2320 The devil who fled Chapter 2319 The Devil Fights Zhang Xing Chapter 2318 It's time to settle the accounts, three tricks for everyone to pick me up Chapter 2317 Funny little fruit show Chapter 2316 Master of Demon Abyss Chapter 2315 The demon king was dragged into the sea by the claws Chapter 2314 Sudden changes, magic claws Chapter 2313 Eight is not like the body Chapter 2312 Halberd vs. Bronze Mace Chapter 2311 Smash the demon king underground Chapter 2310 Shock Four Kings Chapter 2309 Ren Wang saved Zhang Xing, but was saved

Chapter 2308 Bring Qianyu to narrate Zhang Xing's crime Chapter 2307 King Farmer Chapter 2306 Demon Lord, Shura King, Demon King, Human King Chapter 2305 Small fruits evolved and tangible Chapter 2304 There is a vision in the sky, alarming the king Chapter 2303 When the evolution of small fruit swallows Chapter 2302 Zhang Xing, goodbye Chapter 2301 Repair without blood failure Chapter 2300 Upgraded version of mirroring Chapter 2299 The ambitious Xiu Wu Xue Chapter 2298 Dao Katsuura Chapter 2297 Cross knife

Chapter 2296 Repair the bloodless knife path Chapter 2295 Xiu Yu was seriously injured, and the younger sister went out Chapter 2294 A halberd flies to the horizon Chapter 2293 Tianjiao Xiuyu with a bright identity Chapter 2292 War will begin Chapter 2291 Uninvited guest, the Shura clan Chapter 2290 When the wind comes, thirty thousand demons are destroyed Chapter 2289 One hundred thousand monsters charge Chapter 2288 ask for contempt Chapter 2287 Don't dare to pretend to bring Qianyu Chapter 2286 Those who cross the line kill without mercy Chapter 2285 Crazy little fruit

Chapter 2284 Brother Jin walk slowly Chapter 2283 Defeat by one move Chapter 2282 Just one trick Chapter 2281 Jindaiyi gets the hammer Chapter 2280 Little fruit Chapter 2279 Minotaur Chapter 2278 Jindaiyi arrives Chapter 2277 The eight iron ropes of the sky Chapter 2276 Out of the maze Chapter 2275 Jin Bao Chapter 2274 Only eat the powerful people Chapter 2273 Eat the shadow of the soul

Chapter 2272 Trapped Chapter 2271 Little fruit smells delicious Chapter 2270 A word of wind comes without a trace Chapter 2269 Bi Lingtian's enemy Chapter 2268 Set off, go to Yunwu Mountain to hunt for treasure Chapter 2267 At the end of the South China Sea, Yunwu Mountain Chapter 2266 Sect Master Bi Lingtian who can be a demon Chapter 2265 Gather thousands of killers Chapter 2264 The elder dies, the killers live Chapter 2263 Soul Search Chapter 2262 Reversing time Chapter 2261 Blast encounters the way of time

Chapter 2260 No one dared to fight back Chapter 2259 Go kill, I will support you Chapter 2258 Ancestors playing poison Chapter 2257 The Great Elder Appears Chapter 2256 Two sisters desperately protect Zhang Xing Chapter 2255 Hard fight, the golden killer is now Chapter 2254 Never leave Chapter 2253 Poisoned again Chapter 2252 Fragrance Chapter 2251 Xianghu Clan Yuxiang Chapter 2250 This poison is useless to me Chapter 2249 poisoned

Chapter 2248 Grand Elder's plan Chapter 2247 Kill a thousand silver killers Chapter 2246 Channel the anger of the human race Chapter 2245 The terrified silver killer Chapter 2244 I don't know Zhang Xing's true face Chapter 2243 Thousands of silver killers arrive Chapter 2242 You can upgrade if you understand it wrong Chapter 2241 Preaching in Dingshu Chapter 2240 Never soft Chapter 2239 The truth is revealed Chapter 2238 Uncovered Chapter 2237 I have solved your poison a long time ago

Chapter 2236 Easily fly fake Zhang Xing Chapter 2235 Just one trick Chapter 2234 Come out to expose the conspiracy Chapter 2233 Ignorant human race Chapter 2232 That's it Chapter 2231 Uneasy Chapter 2230 Follow along to see what's so tricky Chapter 2229 Meet a fake Zhang Xing Chapter 2228 Grand Elder's ambition Chapter 2227 Sect Master Bi Lingtian Chapter 2226 Pacify the south Chapter 2225 After the tie

Chapter 2224 There is no way to win at this time Chapter 2223 Continue to learn Chapter 2222 Evenly matched Chapter 2221 The devil is the devil Chapter 2220 The Way of Sound Chapter 2219 Challenge Zhang Xing Chapter 2218 Jindaiyi intervenes Chapter 2217 Spike the manta and shukong Chapter 2216 Is it funny Chapter 2215 Zhang Xing shots in time of crisis Chapter 2214 Reveal the body began to desperately Chapter 2213 Three ancestors fighting the phoenix nine days

Chapter 2212 Yushu Linfeng brocade Chapter 2211 Terrible prospects for Terran Chapter 2210 Feng family is in trouble Chapter 2209 Feng Jiutian's sincerity to the human race Chapter 2208 Demon in the ancient city Chapter 2207 Fighting to serve Zhang Xing Chapter 2206 Feng Family Changfeng Nine Heavens Chapter 2205 Long family can disappear Chapter 2204 Shock the Demon Ancient City Chapter 2203 Xingshi asks crime Chapter 2202 Holding Young Master Long's neck Chapter 2201 Dig a hole for Long Dashao

Chapter 2200 Young Master Long Family Chapter 2199 Cruel and domineering Chapter 2198 Ding Shu, you are free Chapter 2197 Capricious Chapter 2196 It turned out to be a shameful half-human half-monster Chapter 2195 Ding Shu VS Wood Cane Chapter 2194 Players can never calculate the dealer Chapter 2193 Ding Shu Zhan Xiong Qi Chapter 2192 Demon in the ancient city of fighting Chapter 2191 Feng Family's Thoughts Chapter 2190 Surrender Chapter 2189 Still not convinced

Chapter 2188 So far Chapter 2187 Artifact Aquarius Chapter 2186 Two women challenge Zhang Xing Chapter 2185 Your ancestors are not worthy Chapter 2184 The other way Chapter 2183 Wanjia Wanmei and Wanzhu Chapter 2182 Say hello to Zhang Xing Chapter 2181 Wandaoshan Wanjia Chapter 2180 Shocked brother and sister Chapter 2179 Let you believe Chapter 2178 Don't believe Zhang Xing is human Chapter 2177 Meet the tribe of a tribe again

Chapter 2176 Chase (kill sha) all the big monsters in the west Chapter 2175 Dean Xiong died Chapter 2174 Monsters flee Chapter 2173 Begging towards Zhang Xing Chapter 2172 Who dares to come together Chapter 2171 Instant seconds (kill sha) Chapter 2170 Pick me up Chapter 2169 Battle begins Chapter 2168 The dragons retreated, Zhang Xing out Chapter 2167 Nineteenth Dragon Fist Chapter 2166 Excited group of dragons Chapter 2165 Group of dragons using dragon fist eighteen style

Chapter 2164 During the attack Chapter 2163 It's our turn Chapter 2162 Play whatever you want Chapter 2161 North wind blows, who is afraid of who Chapter 2160 Million Demon Clan, Five Elements Chapter 2159 You are just a bunch of grass Chapter 2158 One punch smashes the gate plaque of the Demon God College Chapter 2157 The insiders fled Chapter 2156 Multilateral suspicion Chapter 2155 Next target demon theological college Chapter 2154 Terrifying Skyrim Chapter 2153 Start the moat

Chapter 2152 Lord of the Sheep Summit Chapter 2151 (Kill sha) The slaughter begins Chapter 2150 Breaking the End of the World Chapter 2149 Help me Chapter 2148 Three days and nights Chapter 2147 one day one Night Chapter 2146 Battlefield Chapter 2145 Teamed up with Golden Dragon Spirit Chapter 2144 Trapped in the End of the World Chapter 2143 Artifact End of the World Chapter 2142 Ever Sleep City Sheep Peak Chapter 2141 Horrified Monsters

Chapter 2140 The wind of all expectations ran away Chapter 2139 Lower your attitude Chapter 2138 Is it a misunderstanding Chapter 2137 who are you Chapter 2136 Use archery arrows (kill sha) yourself Chapter 2135 Attack is invalid Chapter 2134 Archery Arrow Chapter 2133 Attack on the city that never sleeps Chapter 2132 Slaughter the city and declare war on the demons Chapter 2131 Unplug the demon **** college first Chapter 2130 Destroy the Thorns Chapter 2129 Playing with pig Junjie

Chapter 2128 I'm not human, I'm a dragon Chapter 2127 Pretend to feel really good Chapter 2126 Heibao shot Chapter 2125 Heibao Huyou Pig Junjie Chapter 2124 Pricklings Chapter 2123 (Kill sha) God goes down the mountain Chapter 2122 The siege of the siege Chapter 2121 Demon Clan collapses, Tianlong Sect is established Chapter 2120 Fifty thousand Zhang Shenlong Chapter 2119 Dragon Fist 19 Chapter 2118 Golden scale gods art Chapter 2117 Silver raccoon dead, golden scale challenge

Chapter 2116 Why do you need to admit it Chapter 2115 Dissatisfied with Zhang Xingzhi Chapter 2114 This is enough Chapter 2113 Demon God School Group Demon Appear Chapter 2112 Who is screaming here? Chapter 2111 Eight hyena monsters Chapter 2110 I ’m still grilled Chapter 2109 Hyena Transformation Chapter 2108 Roast dog (meat rou) eat Chapter 2107 Here comes another tribe Chapter 2106 Cruel Zhang Xing, reward and catch Chapter 2105 Serious injury

Chapter 2104 A roar of four or five million years ago Chapter 2103 Back in time Chapter 2102 All annihilation, none left Chapter 2101 (Kill sha) Explosion of Slaughter Chapter 2100 Essence (kill sha) Chapter 2099 In return to you (kill sha) Chapter 2098 Break through in (kill sha) Chapter 2097 Second (kill sha) three crickets Chapter 2096 Suspected monster Chapter 2095 Cut to death Chapter 2094 World Chessboard Lock Zhang Xing Chapter 2093 Demon God College

Chapter 2092 Occupy Ziyu Mountain Chapter 2091 Chase (kill sha) Zhang Xing Chapter 2090 Demon God College Shake Chapter 2089 Let you die in fear Chapter 2088 Only half body Chapter 2087 You did n’t discuss it Chapter 2086 Building confidence for children Chapter 2085 Painstone Leopard Elder Chapter 2084 Children's concerns Chapter 2083 Elder Stone Flower Leopard Chapter 2082 War Halberds show off their power Chapter 2081 Wu Song was grilled and eaten

Chapter 2080 Turned out to be so playful Chapter 2079 Black Treasure Chapter 2078 Hei Bao came out to eat a demon Chapter 2077 Cut off your claws Chapter 2076 Supervisor Wu Song Chapter 2075 Coming to Ziyu Mountain Chapter 2074 Give the children a dragon (meat rou) Chapter 2073 Student of the Demon Demon Academy Chapter 2072 Zhang Xing arrived Chapter 2071 Humans about to be eaten Chapter 2070 Mie Tian's more downcast people Chapter 2069 Ten months later

Chapter 2068 Nonsense Chapter 2067 Destroyer of the dragon, rise of the human race Chapter 2066 The group of dragons (kill sha) Chapter 2065 (Kill sha) enter the coral palace, chickens and dogs do not stay Chapter 2064 Sorry for disappointing you Chapter 2063 Soul Killer Cuts Zhang Xing Chapter 2062 Qingyun Thunder Marten's Strategy Chapter 2061 Chase (kill sha) to the coral territory Chapter 2060 Chase (kill sha) Qingyun Thunder Marten Chapter 2059 Waving the Two Demon Chapter 2058 The soul breaks through 150,000 feet Chapter 2057 Change of the Sky Warrior

Chapter 2056 No one can threaten me Chapter 2055 The last three demon Chapter 2054 Even (kill sha) two demon Chapter 2053 Shakya Sandalwood carving dead Chapter 2052 (肉 rou) The body is nothing but a coat Chapter 2051 Extermination of Red Ape Chapter 2050 Killing Purple Blood Crocodile Chapter 2049 Shameless attack Chapter 2048 Shocked Eight Demon Chapter 2047 I will come in the first battle Chapter 2046 Eight demon decided to start Chapter 2045 Zhang Xing

Chapter 2044 King of Dragons Chapter 2043 Games to eat, snoring to sleep Chapter 2042 Destroy millions of demon soldiers like cricket ants Chapter 2041 Divine Curse Chapter 2040 Billion Army of the Dragon Dragon Chapter 2039 Destroy the Nine Lords Chapter 2038 Adoration of cloud misty Chapter 2037 Only nine lords left Chapter 2036 Shock the audience Chapter 2035 Please have a lobster feast Chapter 2034 Lottery while hurrying Chapter 2033 Yunjia Yun

Chapter 2032 Terran Yun Hanhai and Jiang Wentian Chapter 2031 Just a small battle, no need to pay attention Chapter 2030 Heibao don't suffer anymore Chapter 2029 Kill a dragon Chapter 2028 Shocked Jiang Han Chapter 2027 Black Treasure Puppet Dragon Chapter 2026 Snowball Smashing Dragon Chapter 2025 Into the Cold Heaven Chapter 2024 Go to the double sky, do n’t return Chapter 2023 Breaking the space, King Coral dies Chapter 2022 Only Coral King Chapter 2021 A halberd breaks his cage

Chapter 2020 Zhang Yan trapped by Zhang Yan Chapter 2019 You are a time and space dragon Chapter 2018 I don't know how to die Chapter 2017 Shenlong does not see head or tail Chapter 2016 Instant (kill sha) nine coral elders Chapter 2015 Coral King Arrivals Chapter 2014 Sixty-seven battle to die Chapter 2013 Teasing Coral Warlords Chapter 2012 Sixty-ninth battle to die Chapter 2011 Zhang Xingxian, Hong Hu died Chapter 2010 Zhu Yan loses, is in danger Chapter 2009 Zhu Yantang's shot

Chapter 2008 Elder Zhu Jun killed in battle Chapter 2007 The arrogant Honghu general Chapter 2006 Slaughter (kill sha) young disciple of Suzakutang Chapter 2005 Seventy-two War General Honghu Chapter 2004 Coral Invasion of Suzakudo Chapter 2003 All the dragon's sins are gone Chapter 2002 The King of Dragons fled Chapter 2001 All the seconds (kill sha) Chapter 2000 The Power of Nine Space-Time Dragons Chapter 1999 Kowloon vs. Fifty Dragons Chapter 1998 Ding, nine dragons are promoted to the fifteenth stage Chapter 1997 Who says my dragon has only fourteenth order

Chapter 1996 The **** draw for battle Chapter 1995 Group of dragons dispatched to share seafood dinner Chapter 1994 Zhang Xing arrives and eats grilled lobster Chapter 1993 Shrimp soldiers will destroy White Tiger Hall headquarters Chapter 1992 Dragon King (kill sha) Chapter 1991 Zhang Xing's Aspirations Chapter 1990 Conquer Suzaku Chapter 1989 I am Zhang Xing Chapter 1988 Being beaten to death Chapter 1987 Lingshan died, surrounded by thunder Chapter 1986 (Kill sha) three elders of coral Chapter 1985 (Kill Sha) Elder Rain

Chapter 1984 Hunt (kill sha) Princess Gillian Chapter 1983 Dragons vs Coral Elders Chapter 1982 Zhang Xing's purpose Chapter 1981 Cut the electric crickets and anger the other three crickets Chapter 1980 Chase (kill sha) Chapter 1979 Zhang Xing wakes up Chapter 1978 Ways to start and go Chapter 1977 Seeing billions of years Chapter 1976 Vow to defend the boss Chapter 1975 In a weak fight Chapter 1974 Electric elders shot Chapter 1973 Qiling War Halberd, (强 qiang) Enemy arrives

Chapter 1972 He offended the dragon family Chapter 1971 Xu Family and Wu Family Are Unlucky Chapter 1970 President Xia Lingming is back Chapter 1969 I accidentally practiced poorly Chapter 1968 All personnel dispatched a chaser to catch Zhang Xing Chapter 1967 Weapons are gone Chapter 1966 Was found Chapter 1965 Enlightened a bronze man Chapter 1964 Stunned female administrator Chapter 1963 Want to take the Kaiqi Master Chapter 1962 Vice President Liu Ling Chapter 1961 Lesson pants

Chapter 1960 Apocalyptic Guild Meet Pants Chapter 1959 Continue to retreat from Zongmen headquarters Chapter 1958 Be on guard Chapter 1957 Suzaku Hill Chapter 1956 I will come back for revenge Chapter 1955 Who gives you courage Chapter 1954 Shocked the audience, the dragon appeared Chapter 1953 Transformation is amazing Chapter 1952 Chen Long transforms Chapter 1951 The captivity is unbearable Chapter 1950 Your bones are too crispy Chapter 1949 Gillian burning in anger

Chapter 1948 Oh, princess sea snake Chapter 1947 Ben Shao Risheng Chapter 1946 Gillian Chapter 1945 A suffocating beauty Chapter 1944 Zhang Xing's Second Expedition to Suzaku Chapter 1943 Dead end Chapter 1942 Kang Shengtian challenged Saint II Chapter 1941 Zhang Xing waited long Chapter 1940 Kang Shengtian appeared Chapter 1939 Zhang Xing takes over Bai Huzong Chapter 1938 Kang Shengtian who died twice Chapter 1937 Suppress you without discussing

Chapter 1936 Dragons beat the tiger Chapter 1935 Kang Shengtian Chapter 1934 Kang Sang, who is not easy to die Chapter 1933 Step 6: The Complete Realm Chapter 1932 Kangshengtian Sovereign Chapter 1931 Greedy Chapter 1930 Kang Shengtian's purpose Chapter 1929 White Tiger Sovereign Kang Shengtian Chapter 1928 Ascension Chapter 1927 He has become a god Chapter 1926 One hundred thousand deities Chapter 1925 Shocked

Chapter 1924 Exploration from the Mysterious Sovereign Chapter 1923 Sovereign summons Zhang Xing Chapter 1922 True Disciple Boss Chapter 1921 Have money to be arrogant Chapter 1920 Stepped arrogantly Chapter 1919 I also want to (dry gan) interfere with the duel, no way Chapter 1918 Punch full bloom Chapter 1917 Heibao is also cunning Chapter 1916 A sudden kick Chapter 1915 You are a big bale Chapter 1914 Challenge begins Chapter 1913 Zhang Xing vs. Yin Donglou

Chapter 1912 龔 Den Zhi Sheng Nie Hua Liang Chapter 1911 Start Chapter 1910 Only challenge success Chapter 1909 True Disciple Sequence Chapter 1908 Chen Xian defeated, purpose is now Chapter 1907 Someone fell from the sky Chapter 1906 Chen Xian Chapter 1905 One-handed anti artifact Chapter 1904 Heibao vs. Chen Xian Chapter 1903 so smart Chapter 1902 Pretend to pretend to be an upgrade Chapter 1901 Win over black treasure

Chapter 1900 Suzaku Sect Deputy Sovereign Chen Xian Chapter 1899 Heibao shot Chapter 1898 Qin Yu lost to Fu Zhengchu Chapter 1897 Eighteen months into Shifeng Fort Chapter 1896 Zhang Shuai can't die in me Chapter 1895 Who was fooled? Chapter 1894 The poisonous mist is now calculated Chapter 1893 Someone came to offer the treasure Chapter 1892 Magic effect Chapter 1891 Omitsu Meiji Yuju Chapter 1890 Heibao kick Chapter 1889 Shocking way to break

Chapter 1888 Kampar who eats Shenjing as a jelly bean Chapter 1887 Master Zhang Shuai, I'm waiting for incompetence Chapter 1886 Tianding City Training Chapter 1885 Zhao Zhong was beheaded Chapter 1884 Zhao Zhong's Alternative Confession Chapter 1883 Do not admit it Chapter 1882 Meet Zhang Xing Chapter 1881 Ruleless death Chapter 1880 Within (treat) Zhao Zhong Chapter 1879 White Tiger Sect? Chapter 1878 Enter the Old Road City Chapter 1877 B to B Battle

Chapter 1876 Defeating the enemy is still simple Chapter 1875 Handsome vs. handsome Chapter 1874 Easy enemy control Chapter 1873 Fighting with Shengji is a joke Chapter 1872 Qianji Wei shot Chapter 1871 Suzaku's Battle Chapter 1870 Simultaneous attack Chapter 1869 Yan Tianci, Deputy Commander of Suzaku Jun Chapter 1868 Flame of black dragon Chapter 1867 Can't leave one Chapter 1866 Divine Zhang Xing Chapter 1865 King Brain Eater

Chapter 1864 Army Expedition Chapter 1863 Accumulate strength in a low profile Chapter 1862 Feeling out of favor Yue Huaxuan Chapter 1861 Messi Chapter 1860 Chasing Yue Huaxuan Chapter 1859 Turns out to be Artifact War Halberd Chapter 1858 Mocked halberd Chapter 1857 Duel begins Chapter 1856 Fight for life and death Chapter 1855 The crystal that makes everyone look Chapter 1854 Contest with the Yue family Chapter 1853 System upgrade

Chapter 1852 Kill Yue Zhen and Ling Shi Chapter 1851 Fire Kirin to complete the mission Chapter 1850 Clams compete for Zhang Xingdeli Chapter 1849 Misfortune Chapter 1848 Come without any effort Chapter 1847 Fire unicorn invades Dragon Island Chapter 1846 Harvest a lot of **** crystals Chapter 1845 Dill Mushroom Chapter 1844 Floating island Chapter 1843 Treasure Hunt Chapter 1842 Draw an upgrade task Chapter 1841 Zhang Xing's analysis

Chapter 1840 Added the seventh elder protector Chapter 1839 Promotion of elder and leader Chapter 1838 Feudal march Chapter 1837 Great victory Chapter 1836 The shots of the dragons are extinction Chapter 1835 In a critical moment, Qunlong arrived Chapter 1834 Hold on for two more days Chapter 1833 Captain Shuo Hao Chapter 1832 Unfavorable teacher, ask for support Chapter 1831 Zelly asked to play Chapter 1830 Holy One Finger Defeat Chapter 1829 Black Dragon Heart

Chapter 1828 Heibao vs. Hatch Chapter 1827 Little magical power, not to mention Chapter 1826 It really is you Chapter 1825 Terrible Arctic Magic Chapter 1824 Hundred Dragons Chapter 1823 Flag flying Chapter 1822 Just understand Chapter 1821 Do you understand Chapter 1820 Black Power Chapter 1819 Yanwuchang Chapter 1818 I took this job Chapter 1817 Hidden reason behind

Chapter 1816 Promoted to Deputy Leader and Deputy Leader Chapter 1815 Retreat Chapter 1814 Weird scene Chapter 1813 Bai Hujun defeated Chapter 1812 Lin Huxiao backwater battle Chapter 1811 Doomed failure Chapter 1810 Tianzhuling falls, Bai Hujun falls to death Chapter 1809 Captain Tu Huqian Chapter 1808 If you want me to work, that is impossible Chapter 1807 Wage war early Chapter 1806 Only one hundred people Chapter 1805 Form a Thousand Player Team

Chapter 1804 Captain Chapter 1803 Law Elder Shi Tianen Chapter 1802 Show evidence, reverse the story Chapter 1801 Get me Zhang Xing Chapter 1800 Interrogation Chapter 1799 Be treated as (traitor) Chapter 1798 Back to Bai Huzong Chapter 1797 Betrayed Chapter 1796 The usefulness of small fruits Chapter 1795 Gudaocheng Inquiry News Chapter 1794 It turned out to be gathering information behind enemy lines. Chapter 1793 Appraisal of Bai Huzong's disciples

Chapter 1792 Follow me to Zongmen Chapter 1791 Weird scene Chapter 1790 Zhang Xing come to help Chapter 1789 Just can't beat Chapter 1788 A magic squad Chapter 1787 Acting team leader Chapter 1786 Slash (kill sha) Li He before the camp Chapter 1785 Li He who was frightened Chapter 1784 Go alone Chapter 1783 Last twenty heads Chapter 1782 Gods continent Chapter 1781 Solving the Sacred of the Undead

Chapter 1780 I take you to the advanced continent Chapter 1779 See the dragons Chapter 1778 Black Dragon King of the Eastern Continent Chapter 1777 Sorina must be sanctified Chapter 1776 Solina achieves the Eucharist of Light Chapter 1775 Solution Chapter 1774 Sorina's Dark Body erupts Chapter 1773 Meet Dean Jagger Chapter 1772 Lost Orient Family Chapter 1771 Fate is gone Chapter 1770 Sooner or later Chapter 1769 He is someone you can't mess with

Chapter 1768 The queen is driving Chapter 1767 Slap one by one Chapter 1766 Let's go kneeling outside Chapter 1765 Disciplinary Ning Gyodo Chapter 1764 The emperor is not qualified Chapter 1763 Receiving wind feasts Chapter 1762 Queen Ning Yutang Chapter 1761 To the Imperial City Chapter 1760 Zhang Xing arrived Chapter 1759 Curse works Chapter 1758 Curse your broken arms and legs Chapter 1757 Snake rat nest

Chapter 1756 Niushiro's distorted attitude towards Sorina Chapter 1755 Name the little fruit and leave the temple Chapter 1754 The Lord of this temple has been sanctified Chapter 1753 Brother, I want to recognize you Chapter 1752 Understand jelly creatures speak Chapter 1751 Incoherent Chapter 1750 Learn to speak in human language Chapter 1749 Sad jelly creature Chapter 1748 Baizhang War Halberd Chapter 1747 Finding a way out in the belly Chapter 1746 Sanctify the Atrium Lord Chapter 1745 Swallowed by jelly

Chapter 1744 The Mystery of the Disappearance Chapter 1743 Unknown creature found Chapter 1742 Atley begins to impact the sanctuary Chapter 1741 This time I protect the law for you Chapter 1740 Welcome to Zhang Sheng Chapter 1739 News from the Temple of Light Chapter 1738 Meet Lord Lord Chapter 1737 Shocked crowd Chapter 1736 Girl, are you okay? Chapter 1735 Her Majesty arrived Chapter 1734 No one can make me kneel Chapter 1733 Queen Nabo

Chapter 1732 Bauhinia City Meets Old People Chapter 1731 Encounter Prince of the Ice Flame Chapter 1730 Back to western continent Chapter 1729 Sky Warrior Out Chapter 1728 On the way home Chapter 1727 The wolf **** turned out to be a devil wolf cub Chapter 1726 Elder St. Yoichi's Lesson Chapter 1725 Lord Wolf God is back Chapter 1724 Huyan family kneeling Chapter 1723 The artifact was originally mine Chapter 1722 Receive artifact Chapter 1721 Artifact Sky War Halberd

Chapter 1720 Make a deal with Zhang Xing Chapter 1719 Shen Yuhai Huyan Family Chapter 1718 Searching for space-time portals across the continent Chapter 1717 See senior Shenlong Chapter 1716 Depressed Demon Thirteen Chapter 1715 Shock of Lei Peng Demon Thirteen Chapter 1714 Win with one move Chapter 1713 Holy Second Lord vs. Demon Thirteen Chapter 1712 The magic sea exploded Chapter 1711 Demon king essential death Chapter 1710 The magic of the four seas, the devil changed Chapter 1709 Nowhere to start, like a hedgehog

Chapter 1708 Magic Four Seas Challenge Zhang Xing Chapter 1707 Three kings come to the door, the king fight begins Chapter 1706 Prepare for the Battle of Kings Chapter 1705 Great victory, triumphant return Chapter 1704 Demon Bella dies, orcs charge Chapter 1703 This is the flame burning sky Chapter 1702 King Beamon vs. Bella Chapter 1701 The second story tenth floor Holy Dragon succession Chapter 1700 The smoke is pervasive, and the war is about to begin Chapter 1699 Tripartite changes to attack the Southern Palace Chapter 1698 South King Dies, New King Comes Out Chapter 1697 Assault Zhang Xing, Dragon Fist returns

Chapter 1696 One paw shot down, terrible Chapter 1695 As soon as the dragon claw came out, it shook the world Chapter 1694 The unlucky king of the south fights for holy one Chapter 1693 Let me be the king of the south. Chapter 1692 If you want to destroy me, I will destroy you too Chapter 1691 Six Kings defeated, weird Chapter 1690 South King's Terror Chapter 1689 Geothermal Lake, Nanwang Gen Chapter 1688 Break into the second line of defense Chapter 1687 Unbelief Elder Frost Chapter 1686 Wolves into eggs Chapter 1685 Six Kings Invincible

Chapter 1684 Six kings fight, fear of life and death Chapter 1683 Proposal from King Beamon Chapter 1682 Spar Cannon, Orc Defeats Chapter 1681 First Line of Defense Chapter 1680 The Orc Army Arrives Chapter 1679 The new South King is me Zhang Xing Chapter 1678 Soldiers are bloodless and fear Chapter 1677 The head promised, but we did n’t Chapter 1676 I only give you a finger Chapter 1675 Only children practice Chapter 1674 The head is back Chapter 1673 Akiba waved his hand and wounded Li Yixiao

Chapter 1672 Shen San vs. Li Yixiao Chapter 1671 South Kings Army Attacks Tai'a Sect Chapter 1670 Mo Fan and Balthai commit suicide Chapter 1669 Patriarch and High Priest Chapter 1668 True death Chapter 1667 The true devil is lost to Zhang Xing Chapter 1666 It turned out to be the clone of the big devil Chapter 1665 Letu fight, summon true demon Chapter 1664 Gingili Chapter 1663 The big devil is dead Chapter 1662 The sacred artifact is still garbage in the garbage Chapter 1661 Big devil

Chapter 1660 King Gillette vs. Holy One Chapter 1659 Holy One Promoted to Tier 10 Chapter 1658 Shocked a batch Chapter 1657 Repair is complex, broken arm is long Chapter 1656 You are cunning, I am promoted Chapter 1655 You're already dead Chapter 1654 Here's another minotaur Chapter 1653 Holy one wins, Kampar comes on Chapter 1652 Grab a dead ghost sheep Chapter 1651 Ghost Face Sheep Chapter 1650 It turned out to be Chapter 1649 Biwuding subordinate

Chapter 1648 Elder Le Tou Chapter 1647 Zhang Xing became the parents of the orcs Chapter 1646 King Beamon taught by his ancestors Chapter 1645 King Beamon (kill sha) Chapter 1644 Orc ancestors sincere admiration Chapter 1643 Break the line and release the orc ancestor Chapter 1642 Master Dragon God, let the ancestors go. Chapter 1641 Legend of Basalt Continent Chapter 1640 Forgive you once Chapter 1639 Come to Bearman City and continue pretending Chapter 1638 Reloaded Dragon Lord Chapter 1637 Please predecessors

Chapter 1636 Tiger King kneeling suit Chapter 1635 Crazed Tiger King Chapter 1634 Sixiangzhen is just a joke Chapter 1633 Tiger King's Strategy Chapter 1632 Come to Tiger King's Mansion Chapter 1631 How insidious and cunning is useless Chapter 1630 Son of King Lu Yu Chapter 1629 Lion King promises to obey senior orders Chapter 1628 You want my boss to nod Chapter 1627 Orc madness, Holy One manifested Chapter 1626 The Lion King Almost Dead Chapter 1625 The lion king went out of town with three thousand angry

Chapter 1624 Fear Skill, Werewolf Circle Chapter 1623 Is it tapeworm or parasite Chapter 1622 The wolf ear was stunned by his rattan stick Chapter 1621 One hundred thousand werewolves out of town Chapter 1620 Attack on Lion City Chapter 1619 Riding a giant ape across snowy mountains Chapter 1618 Must be the owner Chapter 1617 Master, old ape can look forward to you Chapter 1616 The arrival of the demon, the indigenous people appear Chapter 1615 Unexpectedly, something unexpected Chapter 1614 Frog King vs. Liu Xia Chapter 1613 Suffering heavy casualties in the Southern Palace

Chapter 1612 Frightened Frog King Chapter 1611 Jinbao, you have to have some fun Chapter 1610 Some people are not worthy of sympathy Chapter 1609 Cannibal plant Chapter 1608 Some heads who do not listen to the command Chapter 1607 Set foot on the new continent Chapter 1606 Co-development of the new continent Chapter 1605 Yang Chun under the South Throne Chapter 1604 You are the most responsible person Chapter 1603 Unexpected guest Chapter 1602 Yuan Tai Chapter 1601 You ate the armor.

Chapter 1600 Just dust Chapter 1599 Sike Elephant vs. Kampar Chapter 1598 Take your life as a probe Chapter 1597 Under the fist are all clouds of smoke Chapter 1596 Xie Chang asks Zhang Menzhu for a good idea Chapter 1595 Chapter 1594 Most (strong qiang) in charge Chapter 1593 Magical powers Chapter 1592 Tongyou is the first Chapter 1591 Winning and being ridiculed, Zongmen is not enough Chapter 1590 Someone is laughing and somebody is crying Chapter 1589 Bai He won again

Chapter 1588 Bai He used magical magic Chapter 1587 Kokurayama martial arts convention begins Chapter 1586 Luck is still so good Chapter 1585 Lucky draw continues in Long Island Chapter 1584 Fighting Contests of the South Chapter 1583 Hu Si was sent back Chapter 1582 Hu Si (qiang qiang) breaks through Chapter 1581 Hiding behind the guidance Chapter 1580 Giant Warrior (Kill Sha) Chapter 1579 I thought Zhang Xing was a senior from the Holy Land Chapter 1578 Let Kui admit defeat in one move Chapter 1577 Three tricks to limit grievances

Chapter 1576 Giant patriarch learns the truth Chapter 1575 Attack of the Giants Chapter 1574 New Weather for the Tai'a Sect Chapter 1573 Hu Si's conspiracy Chapter 1572 It's nothing late in Juxingjie Chapter 1571 During collective upgrade Chapter 1570 Upgrades are common Chapter 1569 Restore some strength Chapter 1568 Good looking guy Chapter 1567 Cut a hair of Jinbao Chapter 1566 One shot smashes the gate of Tai'a sword school Chapter 1565 Giant Guard Skinny

Chapter 1564 Swinging Soul Flying Chapter 1563 (Kill sha) The hand turned out to be an ordinary person in the city Chapter 1562 Play with you Chapter 1561 The dignity of the Tai A sword school cannot be questioned Chapter 1560 I heard that Southern Palace is scary Chapter 1559 Help for Nan Wangfu Chapter 1558 See the head Chapter 1557 Zhang Xing is in charge Chapter 1556 Kang Leng Chapter 1555 Did you say hello to my campbell Chapter 1554 Capture Zhang Xing and take away his magical powers Chapter 1553 Is magic magical?

Chapter 1552 Campbell fights, defeats the enemy Chapter 1551 Conway Chapter 1550 Opportunity is created by yourself Chapter 1549 Holy one battle Chapter 1548 Conway begins, Conway calls Chapter 1547 Willing to follow the seniors Chapter 1546 Killing Kangcheng, all factions stand in line Chapter 1545 Study it Chapter 1544 Shou Yuandan who shocked the audience Chapter 1543 I also have elixir for you Chapter 1542 Tianqi Mountain Liupin Danshi Zuo Qi Chapter 1541 White-bearded old man of unknown origin

Chapter 1540 Kang Cheng recovered Chapter 1539 Elder Yan Yijian dies Chapter 1538 The Purple Sword Pavilion Endlessly Ends with You Chapter 1537 Tinkerbell tickling Chapter 1536 Elder Yan Yijian's Wonder Chapter 1535 Kicked away Chapter 1534 Eat three more flying swords and grab a belt Chapter 1533 The sword looks delicious Chapter 1532 Master Idiot Kangcheng Chapter 1531 Come from Purple Sword Pavilion Chapter 1530 Worship me first Chapter 1529 Campbell Yangwei

Chapter 1528 Campbell said resentfully Chapter 1527 Old Mayer Chapter 1526 Demon trapped in the ground Chapter 1525 Messy situation Chapter 1524 Thirty-two lights about to go out Chapter 1523 One punch Chapter 1522 Break up Chapter 1521 Enter the treasure room Chapter 1520 Xiao Qianshan Treasure Hunt Chapter 1519 Cold hearted Chapter 1518 How do you put the fish in the next horse? Chapter 1517 Can't run away

Chapter 1516 It turned out to be a dragon. Chapter 1515 Lan Yan's fire, instantly eradicate the two elders Chapter 1514 Please predecessors rescue Chapter 1513 Panic python Chapter 1512 Look at my hidden weapon Chapter 1511 Sun Hai raging Chapter 1510 Grand Master Sun Hai Chapter 1509 Talent Skill Fear Chapter 1508 Zhong Li wants to conquer Shengyi Chapter 1507 Holy Name Chapter 1506 Hatching the Holy Dragon Chapter 1505 Escort White Lotus

Chapter 1504 Killing Song Chapter 1503 Restore memory Chapter 1502 Fate Chapter 1501 Restore a little divine thought Chapter 1500 Chase (kill sha) Chapter 1499 Power of Dragon Fist Chapter 1498 uninvited guest Chapter 1497 Guest House Chapter 1496 Hawking along the street Chapter 1495 Leave the fishing village Chapter 1494 Merciless Chapter 1493 You have to kill them first

Chapter 1492 No guns, no poison Chapter 1491 Your knife is broken Chapter 1490 Destroyed pirate ship Chapter 1489 Strange world, people who have lost memory Chapter 1488 Lost the breath of Zhang Xing Chapter 1487 Zhang Xing was conspired Chapter 1486 Battleship explodes in the belly Chapter 1485 Start the self-explosive device Chapter 1484 Use of space battleships Chapter 1483 Into the Lord of Darkness Chapter 1482 The group of dragons advanced to confront (qiang) the enemy Chapter 1481 Advent, battle of life and death

Chapter 1480 Angry Lord of Darkness Chapter 1479 Surprise after panic Chapter 1478 Coming Dark Lord Chapter 1477 Ugly monsters die Chapter 1476 Divine Sweep, Darkness Appears Chapter 1475 Realizing the Fifth Trail Chapter 1474 Soaring all the way to the Nine Star Saint Chapter 1473 Light destroys the enemy Chapter 1472 Eleven white dragons continue to advance Chapter 1471 Eleven Black Dragon Advanced Chapter 1470 Zhang Xing is back Chapter 1469 Zhang Xing left, darkness appeared

Chapter 1468 (Qiang qiang) strongly rejects Zhang Xing Chapter 1467 I want to instruct Zhang Xing to fight for them Chapter 1466 Yujia ancestors visit Chapter 1465 Unpopular does not matter Chapter 1464 Pretty good, pretty good Chapter 1463 Dragon Soul Nine (Kill Sha) Chapter 1462 Take time to remember the past Chapter 1461 Mage Leopard Chapter 1460 Luck is not good Chapter 1459 Pull out Chapter 1458 Hydra diarrhea Chapter 1457 Seems to be a critical moment

Chapter 1456 Dragon Snake Fight Chapter 1455 Are there any poison pills? Chapter 1454 Your poison is not enough Chapter 1453 Poison that can poison the Four Star Warlord Chapter 1452 Monson and Long-necked Dragon Chapter 1451 The power of the holy dragon fist Chapter 1450 Trembling mongoose Chapter 1449 Still good strategy Chapter 1448 Hercules' Tactics Chapter 1447 Meng Hu and Hercules play Chapter 1446 Meng Long Chapter 1445 Meng Long (qiang qiang), Zhang Xinggeng (qiang qiang)

Chapter 1444 Crazy Purple Wing Unicorn Chapter 1443 She was finally fooled Chapter 1442 White pair fight purple wing unicorn Chapter 1441 Black pair of fighting dragons Chapter 1440 Zhang Xing vs. Meng Tian Chapter 1439 Becoming challenged as an elder Chapter 1438 Men of the Meng family Chapter 1437 To the world of the hermit family Chapter 1436 Friendship is not a fight, a matter of wine Chapter 1435 Flying unicorn tired of speed than dog Chapter 1434 Want to get rid of Zhang Xing, there is nothing wrong with dragon Chapter 1433 License you to enter a world of practice

Chapter 1432 Hidden Family Chapter 1431 They are dragons, immune to magic Chapter 1430 Show yourself, ninety-nine dragons plus one Chapter 1429 The dream of the elder ghost dragon Chapter 1428 Rout, follow Chapter 1427 Angry Undead Saints Chapter 1426 Counterattack begins Chapter 1425 I want to command Zhang Xing Chapter 1424 The dragon is powerful and the spell is forbidden Chapter 1423 Lu Yufu's six factions Chapter 1422 Congratulations to Zhang Sheng triumph Chapter 1421 Angry Dragon Breath Fire

Chapter 1420 Bone Extinction Chapter 1419 Know the purpose of the Undead Chapter 1418 Undead Association Headquarters Chapter 1417 Chase (kill sha) Chapter 1416 Rob the Ghost Cloak Chapter 1415 Chase (kill sha) Chapter 1414 Lateral rolling Chapter 1413 Zhang Xing's Undead Army Chapter 1412 Group saint poisoning Chapter 1411 Go to rescue Chapter 1410 Then go to war Chapter 1409 Zhang Xingxian at the critical moment

Chapter 1408 Chase (kill sha) Jiang Sheng Chapter 1407 Change, please go to Zhang Sheng Chapter 1406 Takeover of the Undead Chapter 1405 Learn the ghost king in an instant Chapter 1404 Show you the spectacular dragon realm Chapter 1403 Long Yinian shot Chapter 1402 A wave of dragon urine Chapter 1401 Undead Ascension Ceremony Chapter 1400 See the undead Chapter 1399 18 years old still moving alone Chapter 1398 I'm sanctified Chapter 1397 Master, is it you?

Chapter 1396 Long Tianyuan in Crisis Chapter 1395 It was the aftermath of the Wen family Chapter 1394 An old man is going to marry Sister Cher Chapter 1393 Ten-year covenant Chapter 1392 End the war Chapter 1391 Stunned and snatched three hundred Chiyan dragons Chapter 1390 Three Hundred Chiyan Dragons Chapter 1389 Both fingers rise to level ten Chapter 1388 Then I upgraded all ninety dragons Chapter 1387 Do you look down on me dragons? Chapter 1386 Name ninety dragons Chapter 1385 Cruel Zhang Xing

Chapter 1384 I heard that Zhang Xing is about to form a climate Chapter 1383 Panther miscalculated Chapter 1382 Painting Devil Tyrannosaurus Chapter 1381 Feast of nine Devil Dragons Chapter 1380 Renown Chapter 1379 Black Treasure will brainwash Chapter 1378 Destroyable Demon Wyvern Chapter 1377 Three dragons transform to stun the Devil Chapter 1376 Ready to drive (dry gan) Chapter 1375 Historians invited a large number of Devil Dragons Chapter 1374 Forbidden Land after Magic Mountain Chapter 1373 Just to kick you

Chapter 1372 Always use magic arrow Chapter 1371 Open (kill sha) Chapter 1370 Coming to Magic Jade Mountain Chapter 1369 Thank you for Mt. Chapter 1368 Helping Zhang Xuan to become holy Chapter 1367 Shocked Zhang Family Chapter 1366 Desperate Zhang Xuan Chapter 1365 My rules are nothing Chapter 1364 meet again Chapter 1363 Back to Xuandu City Chapter 1362 Scary bully Chapter 1361 Drive away a bunch and come again

Chapter 1360 Two Star Wars of the Ling Family Chapter 1359 The dragon cubs are out Chapter 1358 Level up two times, one star saint Chapter 1357 Want to accept Zhang Xing as a younger brother Chapter 1356 Elder Ling Jialing Chapter 1355 To provoke someone Chapter 1354 Central Army Coming Chapter 1353 Lottery prizes at night Chapter 1352 Heron Desert Border Chapter 1351 Not accept Chapter 1350 Zhang's side branch Chapter 1349 Chrysanthemum An Zhihong

Chapter 1348 It's just a weak chicken who pretends to be defeated. Chapter 1347 Zhang Yuanfang played Chapter 1346 Defeated Tianfeng at your fingertips Chapter 1345 It's just the fire of a stove Chapter 1344 Appear from afar Chapter 1343 Sniffing Princess Tianfeng Chapter 1342 Shocked Princess Tianfeng Chapter 1341 Phoenix Dance Chapter 1340 If two levels are not enough, three levels Chapter 1339 Resist Dan Calamity while upgrading Chapter 1338 Rose to six stars, simple Chapter 1337 No, wait for me to upgrade

Chapter 1336 Thunderstorm is fierce, I want to upgrade Chapter 1335 Embarrassing Prince of Heaven Chapter 1334 Phoenix Dance Jiu Tian Dan Chapter 1333 Princess Tianfeng was backswept Chapter 1332 Need Sanqingdan Chapter 1331 Thunder Chapter 1330 Tianfeng enters the third step Chapter 1329 Unwilling Princess Tianfeng Chapter 1328 Elixir Chapter 1327 Easy Alchemy Chapter 1326 Ancient Sanqingdan Chapter 1325 Who should and shouldn't

Chapter 1324 A House for Zhang Xing Chapter 1323 Come to worship Chapter 1322 Turns out to be a level nine (sha-sha) formation Chapter 1321 Please Master Zhang to open the ancient (sha-sha) formation Chapter 1320 Is it a maze or a matrix? Chapter 1319 Attracted the crowd from all directions Chapter 1318 Refining the Ancient Remnants Chapter 1317 Reject Su Changhe's invitation Chapter 1316 Come to the headquarters of the Array Master Association Chapter 1315 Held by big brothers Chapter 1314 Master Zhang is recommended to lecture Chapter 1313 Big brothers ask Zhang Xing for advice

Chapter 1312 Refined eight capsules and only one Chapter 1311 Tianfeng refined two Jiudingdan Chapter 1310 Breakthrough to the fourth step Chapter 1309 Use Dragon Breath Fire Chapter 1308 Concern from Princess Tianfeng Chapter 1307 Jiuding promoted Dan Chapter 1306 Zhang Xing was black Chapter 1305 You all go out to cool down Chapter 1304 Frightened Zhang Qi Chapter 1303 I said I want to hit you out Chapter 1302 Scramble for top five Chapter 1301 Second collision with Zhang Bufan

Chapter 1300 The two presidents tear for Zhang Xing Chapter 1299 God, it ’s the best of the seven. Chapter 1298 Refined Juyuandan Chapter 1297 No time, i'm in a hurry Chapter 1296 I want to catch a rabbit, but wait for a wolf Chapter 1295 The first unlucky person Chapter 1294 Matrix pk match Chapter 1293 Failed suppression Chapter 1292 Suppress Chapter 1291 Tianxing Royal Princess Tianfeng Chapter 1290 Draw Chapter 1289 Eighteen Star Place Zhang Bufan

Chapter 1288 Slap with grades Chapter 1287 Will you alchemy Chapter 1286 Bentan completed Chapter 1285 Turns out to be incomplete secondary blood vessels Chapter 1284 Two presidents fight for Zhang Xing Chapter 1283 Tremor Jury Chapter 1282 Only took an hour and a half Chapter 1281 Break the array and go to identify the herbs Chapter 1280 The test started, (violent bao) broke through Chapter 1279 Rules are used to destroy Chapter 1278 Preparation Chapter 1277 See silly crowds

Chapter 1276 Zhang Xing's flowing water (cao) Chapter 1275 Palaces mainly seek out Zhang Xing to discuss Chapter 1274 Do you have a book Chapter 1273 Ruan Mei and Ling Er are sisters Chapter 1272 Bad news, eat like a dog Chapter 1271 Ru Xian's Retribution Chapter 1270 Humiliated laughter Chapter 1269 Involved laughing star brother Chapter 1268 Take you back to the magic jade mountain Chapter 1267 Surprised Linger Chapter 1266 So is the spirit stone, and so is the person. Chapter 1265 Eight Dragons appeared, (qiangqiang) overwhelming

Chapter 1264 Jin Xiaolou wants to be rough Chapter 1263 No, I'll be $ 500 billion Chapter 1262 No one thought Chapter 1261 Si Nantian with facial paralysis Chapter 1260 The acquaintance Chapter 1259 Boss, we owe Zhang Shao 500 billion Chapter 1258 Billion House Chapter 1257 No. 6 Hua Kui Linger's life experience Chapter 1256 Bai Shaozheng Chapter 1255 Zhang Shaomeng brushed 25 billion yuan Chapter 1254 Zhang Shao and Bai Shao opened up Chapter 1253 The opening is a billion

Chapter 1252 Flower quiz contest, Shenhao reward Chapter 1251 Theater Garden Dinner Chapter 1250 Pass (kill sha) Chapter 1249 The second beast begins Chapter 1248 Li Shao lost so badly Chapter 1247 Always unexpected Chapter 1246 Beast begins Chapter 1245 Digging Zhang Xing Chapter 1244 Walk around the Colosseum Chapter 1243 Gold silk handkerchief 50 billion inferior spirit stone Chapter 1242 Asking price 500 million Zhongpin Lingshi Chapter 1241 Sky-high asking price

Chapter 1240 Get the seeds of sanctification Chapter 1239 And a sage hand bone Chapter 1238 Opened a holy weapon Chapter 1237 50 billion is just numbers for me Chapter 1236 Too rich Chapter 1235 Two great heroes start Chapter 1234 Zhang Xing and Li Shao start bidding Chapter 1233 Sage hand bones in rough Chapter 1232 There are rough stones in the billion tower Chapter 1231 There are billion gold buildings in the city Chapter 1230 Come to mine city Chapter 1229 Brilliant victory

Chapter 1228 Tenpeng fled without fighting Chapter 1227 The dragons manifested, shaking the world Chapter 1226 Three Skybirds Chapter 1225 Three cities chiefs come to challenge Chapter 1224 Sihao Chapter 1223 Hurry and kick again Chapter 1222 Take the opportunity to order a spiritual stone Chapter 1221 Elastic and frustrated hands Chapter 1220 Beaten badly Chapter 1219 Si Nantian ask Chapter 1218 Wind is extremely defeated Chapter 1217 Blue Flame Beast Kneeling

Chapter 1216 Easily blocked Chapter 1215 Azi is not a human, but a dragon! Chapter 1214 Wind Promise Challenges Zhang Xing's Offering Chapter 1213 Contest in the ceremony Chapter 1212 It ’s enough for buddies Chapter 1211 Strength equals Spirit Stone Chapter 1210 Good things can be promised Chapter 1209 Want to hire Zhang Xing as an oblation elder Chapter 1208 Uninterrupted magic attack Chapter 1207 Let's go up one level Chapter 1206 Upgrade, one sentence Chapter 1205 You will upgrade and i will

Chapter 1204 Unbeaten Feng Feng Chapter 1203 Zhang Xing, I'll make you three punches Chapter 1202 Feng Undefeated Chapter 1201 You are not your opponent. Chapter 1200 It's too dark, punch him out Chapter 1199 Hit you like a fly Chapter 1198 Ru Ye challenges Zhang Xing Chapter 1197 Five Dragons Chapter 1196 Confession's Magic Colors Chapter 1195 Wait a moment, the dragon rises to the next level Chapter 1194 Dragon vs. Dragon Chapter 1193 Whose strength is more (strong qiang)

Chapter 1192 (强 qiang) Zhang Xing Chapter 1191 Still not Long Wenjing's rival Chapter 1190 Ru Family Second Ancestor Chapter 1189 Furious Raging Dragon Wenjing Chapter 1188 Sorrowful Master Ruxian Chapter 1187 I don't hit women, but someone helped me Chapter 1186 Tolerance is considered cowardly Chapter 1185 Come and find the difference Chapter 1184 Meet Ruan Mei Chapter 1183 Feng Bao was pressed into the ground Chapter 1182 Depressed Feng Bao Chapter 1181 Kicked casually

Chapter 1180 Master Feng Bao visits Chapter 1179 Backing for three Chapter 1178 Zhang Xing's concerns Chapter 1177 Boss of the stove Chapter 1176 Three brothers Chapter 1175 Do a favor Chapter 1174 Marshal Kneeling Chapter 1173 A gaze of terror Chapter 1172 Vegetable soup and clear lotus leaf hijab Chapter 1171 Ma Zhuangda Chapter 1170 Kneel down Chapter 1169 a bunch of idiots

Chapter 1168 Make things difficult Chapter 1167 Incredible scene Chapter 1166 shocked Chapter 1165 Let Mo Li chop firewood Chapter 1164 Became a disciple Chapter 1163 Mian (qiang) bring Zhang Xing Chapter 1162 Want to accept Ruan Mei as a disciple Chapter 1161 Elder Magic Mountain Chapter 1160 After playing (sha-sha) Chapter 1159 Frightened Chapter 1158 Raw purple beast Chapter 1157 Beat the Purple Flame Beast

Chapter 1156 Laughed at by Four Dragons Chapter 1155 Arrogant Purple Flame Beast Chapter 1154 There are eight levels of Warcraft to eat Chapter 1153 Elder Hu is dying Chapter 1152 Unconvinced **** elder Chapter 1151 Let's go together Chapter 1150 Coming to Ziyan Mountain Chapter 1149 Come back Chapter 1148 Ruan Mei Chapter 1147 Four King Kong begging for mercy Chapter 1146 Summer flood Chapter 1145 Destroy servants at the fingertips, Mo Li played

Chapter 1144 Zhang Xing, you hit me Chapter 1143 Learn why the Ruan family died Chapter 1142 Secret Hand, Master-Servant Heir Chapter 1141 Helpless Xiacheng Lord Chapter 1140 How much Chapter 1139 Four King Kong being beaten Chapter 1138 Four King Kong guardian elders Chapter 1137 Black treasure's fist hard Chapter 1136 Take a trip to the main city Chapter 1135 We can't be hacked Chapter 1134 Sad Elder Tianyi Chapter 1133 Finally got the news

Chapter 1132 Ask about the Ruan family Chapter 1131 Enemies are narrow, Xingshui City meets Chapter 1130 Travel to east continent Chapter 1129 We were fooled Chapter 1128 Relentless blow Chapter 1127 Lu Liang's refining was successful Chapter 1126 Bet on all the spirit stones Chapter 1125 Who is calculating who Chapter 1124 Different Chapter 1123 Better than trying Dan Chapter 1122 The winning spirit stone is cool Chapter 1121 Are you bottomless

Chapter 1120 No, it's upgraded again Chapter 1119 I'm free to help you improve Chapter 1118 Mr. Zhang San, misunderstanding, misunderstanding! Chapter 1117 He is Zhang San Chapter 1116 Sorry, i won Chapter 1115 Even if you cheat, you dare not follow Chapter 1114 Won over 26 million spirits Chapter 1113 Changed the pattern Chapter 1112 A full day Chapter 1111 Teasing Chapter 1110 Joint calculation of Zhang Xing Chapter 1109 Not interactive!

Chapter 1108 A group of poor ghosts Chapter 1107 1.92 million per person, give money! Chapter 1106 Angry young men Chapter 1105 I am the mother of three children Chapter 1104 Lead Ruan Mei to the Eastern Continent Chapter 1103 Nagging Chapter 1102 Westwind Emperor in person Chapter 1101 Beat your son Chapter 1100 Are scared silly Chapter 1099 Clean up the garbage on the ground Chapter 1098 Clean up trash in the sky Chapter 1097 Here comes the army of Simon

Chapter 1096 Crushed Uncle Li's Wrist Chapter 1095 I can fulfill you Chapter 1094 Break your throat with one finger Chapter 1093 You are still pug Chapter 1092 You are the scum of the Simon family Chapter 1091 Emperor's Pants Chapter 1090 Leave the fort Chapter 1089 Zhang Xing's solution Chapter 1088 Ai and Luo spied late at night, inexplicably frightened Chapter 1087 The devil is dead and fighting Chapter 1086 Horseshoes can also be deadly Chapter 1085 True Seven Star Dark Knight

Chapter 1084 Dark Knight appearances Chapter 1083 Don't stop smoking the dragon Chapter 1082 Insatiable little devil Chapter 1081 Blood food Chapter 1080 Hell Demon Appears Chapter 1079 Summon Inexplicable Creatures Chapter 1078 Evil summons Chapter 1077 Crushing Fly Chapter 1076 Lu Yuan remembers the origin of Zhang Xing Chapter 1075 Stunning Wanlong Chapter 1074 Kowloon manifest Chapter 1073 Hear the decision of the world

Chapter 1072 No one can stop me Chapter 1071 Bai Chang shot Chapter 1070 Mocked by the enemy Chapter 1069 First give you a kick off Chapter 1068 Come to Jinghong Army Base Camp Chapter 1067 You can't do it in your life Chapter 1066 Want to take Zhang Xing as a hostage Chapter 1065 I want money, I want money Chapter 1064 Striker defeat Chapter 1063 Kill easily (kill sha) Chapter 1062 Take the initiative Chapter 1061 Tear up your pseudo dragon

Chapter 1060 Smashed you fake dragon Chapter 1059 God of Kowloon (Fuck Cao) Chapter 1058 Curse Chapter 1057 Kowloon Battle Wizards Legion Chapter 1056 Long-range strike, useless Chapter 1055 Will be in Chapter 1054 Rescue, grateful Chapter 1053 Tempering Warrior Chapter 1052 Weak coalition Chapter 1051 Heibao appears, Meishan is dead Chapter 1050 Wild Bear Decline Chapter 1049 Confrontation

Chapter 1048 Who else is against Chapter 1047 Lion opening Chapter 1046 Officer is too small to be appropriate Chapter 1045 Jinghong Empire sends troops again Chapter 1044 Eating in Kowloon Chapter 1043 Kicked into the wall Chapter 1042 Shen Tuxiong's Honor Set Chapter 1041 Shameless Shen Tuxiong Chapter 1040 Zhang San, you are too arrogant Chapter 1039 Fort Master Shake Chapter 1038 Powerful in all directions Chapter 1037 Daily habit

Chapter 1036 Pretend to be too big Chapter 1035 Group of dragons Chapter 1034 Wulong was treated as a magician Chapter 1033 Out of town Chapter 1032 The black dragon came out Chapter 1031 Army attack Chapter 1030 Lead a war Chapter 1029 Siege begins Chapter 1028 We just watch Chapter 1027 Someone fights, some people watch the moon Chapter 1026 Outing reconnaissance Chapter 1025 Ready to go to war

Chapter 1024 Three return Chapter 1023 Desperately Chapter 1022 Vanguard vs Zhang Xing Chapter 1021 Quiet wind blows rain and everything withers Chapter 1020 Poisoned Dragon Poison Chapter 1019 The dragon is powerful Chapter 1018 Annihilated 100,000 squads in a blink of an eye Chapter 1017 Once the dragon comes out Chapter 1016 Encounter with the Terrible Empire Chapter 1015 Was caught as cannon fodder Chapter 1014 Battle of Glory Fortress Chapter 1013 Cage feather city meets Kechara

Chapter 1012 Ruan Mei said out of the calendar Chapter 1011 Feng Zhongzheng Chapter 1010 Yu Li strangled by four dragons Chapter 1009 You singled them out four Chapter 1008 Terrified Yan Tong Chapter 1007 Useless hand, break it Chapter 1006 I object Chapter 1005 Enter the Silver Temple Chapter 1004 Frightened Chu Emperor Chapter 1003 apologize Chapter 1002 He Tiansi Chapter 1001 First (kill sha)

Chapter 1000 Feeling familiar (kill sha) Chapter 999 Meet Zhang Xing Chapter 998 Mr. Zheng was undercover Chapter 997 Two Chinese teachers came to offer treasure Chapter 996 Father's birthday feast Chapter 995 I don't wear it with you Chapter 994 Shit Chapter 993 The Shao family knew the origin of Zhang Xing Chapter 992 You are lucky Chapter 991 Talk a lot Chapter 990 I just pretend to be spicy Chapter 989 One punch flies thousands of kilometers away

Chapter 988 Ancestor Chapter 987 Waved smartly Chapter 986 Shao Wentian Chapter 985 Ruan Mei of unknown origin Chapter 984 Drama Chapter 983 Shao family ancestors play Chapter 982 Smashed Tier 7 dragon with a punch Chapter 981 Shao's third child dies, Feilong wants revenge Chapter 980 Waste your limbs Chapter 979 Fear Chapter 978 Break your arm Chapter 977 Shao Dading

Chapter 976 Flash Outpost Meets Heartbreaking Woman Chapter 975 Go to the Maul Empire Chapter 974 Peace Palace resolution passes peace resolution Chapter 973 Bound interests Chapter 972 Meet Master Chapter 971 Fancy way Chapter 970 Pointing 900,000 young people Chapter 969 One million people come to the class Chapter 968 Shocked Chapter 967 He broke through to the unity of heaven and man Chapter 966 Point it out (strong qiang) several times larger Chapter 965 During the speech, people constantly realized the breakthrough

Chapter 964 Alternative speech Chapter 963 Expectations of 300,000 people Chapter 962 Let Dongfang be the emperor Chapter 961 Automatic surrender of the throne Chapter 960 I don't Chapter 959 Nangong Family Chapter 958 Kicked to death Chapter 957 Mo Liuxia retired Chapter 956 Shredding Three Five-Star Warlords Chapter 955 Rewind, eighth-tier dragon Chapter 954 The tough six-star warrior does not fall Chapter 953 Hehe, I have an idea for you

Chapter 952 Depart the island and face the Lord of the Silver Temple Chapter 951 Dragon five, Wen Jing promoted to eighth-order dragon Chapter 950 Two dragons are promoted to eighth level, Zhang Xing breaks through Samsung Chapter 949 Ten consecutive pumps, massive experience Chapter 948 Hidden in Long Island Chapter 947 Zhang Xing was injured Chapter 946 Potential (sha-killing) machine Chapter 945 Nangong ancestors battle black riding Moli Chapter 944 Contradictions escalate, kill one sword (kill sha) Chapter 943 Slap Nangong Qige slapped Chapter 942 Whispered apology Chapter 941 What, you are Zhang Xing

Chapter 940 Nangong Chery Chapter 939 Glance at halo Chapter 938 Cheating Chapter 937 Throw away a million Chapter 936 Tricky Kig to find the difference Chapter 935 Sassi City Taobao Chapter 934 Zhang Xing Chapter 933 Mo Liuxia Chapter 932 (Kill sha) divisions within the band Chapter 931 Frightened father and son three Chapter 930 Emperor Shuangfu Empire Chapter 929 Zhang Meng, the master of all generations, dominates the world

Chapter 928 I challenge you thirty-seven Chapter 927 Slash (kill sha) Zuoshan and Zuogang one after another Chapter 926 Holy sword Chapter 925 Boy, let me do three things Chapter 924 Five Star Wars Zuoshan Chapter 923 Life and death challenge Chapter 922 Uninvited guest, Oriental Zhengyang Chapter 921 (Lian) Alliance Alliance Star Chapter 920 Agree to convene Chapter 919 Niu Jiaoshan's proposal Chapter 918 Surprised Cow Elder Chapter 917 See elder Zhang Xing

Chapter 916 Take over Wanyu Mountain Chapter 915 Because of greed Chapter 914 The intention of killing sha from Wan Zhongshan Chapter 913 Push the boat down the water and enter the treasure house Chapter 912 Wan Zhongshan Chapter 911 Touchless Swordmaster Chapter 910 Firmly not Chapter 909 Take the holy sword Chapter 908 Remnants of Swordmaster Chapter 907 Legend vs. Legend Chapter 906 Legend of the Holy Sword Chapter 905 No spirit stone, visit the mountain gate

Chapter 904 Slash (kill) three elders and continue negotiations Chapter 903 Depressed Three Elders Chapter 902 Pick three Chapter 901 Give up Chapter 900 Negotiating with Elder Wan Zhongshan Chapter 899 Uphill Chapter 898 Elder please Chapter 897 Thanks from everyone Chapter 896 Pick up the hidden undead mage Chapter 895 Black rider appeared, worship worship Chapter 894 The dragon comes out and it's easy Chapter 893 It was controlled by Warcraft

Chapter 892 Night encounter Chapter 891 Worship from the crowd Chapter 890 Slash (kill sha) the bandit Chapter 889 Terrified Second Master Chapter 888 There is another teenager who is not kneeling Chapter 887 Strong (strong qiang) big second master Chapter 886 New bandit boss Chapter 885 (Qiang qiang) Theft Chapter 884 Beautiful Baifeng Pavilion Master Chapter 883 Going to Wanli Mountain Chapter 882 Shock everyone Chapter 881 Dragged out and chopped

Chapter 880 Someone surrendered Chapter 879 Shows the world, Wan Zhongshan refuses to accept Chapter 878 Shocked Oriental Business Chapter 877 Let Chengye be the emperor Chapter 876 The surrender of the Lee family Chapter 875 Brother Li Sheng dies Chapter 874 Hei Bao (kill sha) him Chapter 873 Develop generous conditions Chapter 872 In a word, are you worthy Chapter 871 Your Majesty Zhang Xing Called Chapter 870 Li Tailai died Chapter 869 Inner City of the Imperial Capital, Grand Prince Li Tailai

Chapter 868 By the way (kill sha) Li Siming Chapter 867 Receive interest first Chapter 866 (Kill Sha) It's your Lee family. Chapter 865 Roared at the road Chapter 864 Oriental Zhengyang is also out of reach Chapter 863 Li Sheng asks Dongfang Zhengyang for help Chapter 862 Start chasing (kill sha) Chapter 861 Coalition escape Chapter 860 Terrified Coalition Gangster Chapter 859 Eighteen Samsung Zun Zun (kill sha) all hands (death si) die Chapter 858 Sleepy Beast Fighting Chapter 857 Pursue and intercept, each hit (kill sha)

Chapter 856 Those who want to escape (kill sha) Chapter 855 Out of control, kill (sha) eight people Chapter 854 A table knife Chapter 853 will Chapter 852 Do nothing Chapter 851 Six Samsung (sha kill) hands Chapter 850 The stabbing (sha-sha) starts from Dongfang Zhaoyang Chapter 849 My backstage is Oriental Zhengyang Chapter 848 Coalition suffered heavy losses Chapter 847 Showtime in Kowloon, play with the dragons Chapter 846 Four leaders of madness Chapter 845 Clear division of labor, free (sha) enemy

Chapter 844 Horrible sword Chapter 843 Battle of Dragons Chapter 842 (强 qiang) Big Moli Chapter 841 Long-range attack Chapter 840 Coalition countermeasures Chapter 839 Dark Knight Morley Appears Chapter 838 The cold light flashed across Chapter 837 The arrival of millions of troops Chapter 836 No need to worry, not fear Chapter 835 Dongfang Zhaoyang's concerns Chapter 834 10th birthday is so lively Chapter 833 Thousands of troops came

Chapter 832 Team up against Zhang Xing Chapter 831 So incredible Chapter 830 Looking east to the circle Chapter 829 Help you improve Chapter 828 Smell the mystery again Chapter 827 Can't believe it Chapter 826 Assimilate Chapter 825 Forgive me, I think you are the Lord Chapter 824 When you enter Long Island, you ca n’t help it Chapter 823 To devour Zhang Xing's soul Chapter 822 Dead end Chapter 821 Black and white array

Chapter 820 About to break the seal Chapter 819 Hexagram cracks Chapter 818 Six Star Dark Knight Chapter 817 Enter treasure house Chapter 816 Exploring Treasures Chapter 815 Li Sheng's wishful thinking Chapter 814 Successfully provoked the mysterious (sha-sha) machine Chapter 813 Report to the mysterious Chapter 812 Three brothers of Lee plot Chapter 811 Welcome to the ancestors Chapter 810 Home revenge Chapter 809 Come and talk, leave and talk

Chapter 808 Tell the truth Chapter 807 just kidding Chapter 806 Brother Zhaoyang, I'm here Chapter 805 Feng Shui turns Chapter 804 See you again (kill sha) Chapter 803 Group attack Chapter 802 Seconds (kill sha) Chapter 801 I will decide for your family Chapter 800 The fiasco of Oriental Success Chapter 799 The Crisis of the Orient House Chapter 798 The Contradiction between the Oriental Family and the Sheng Family Chapter 797 Frightened Li Ming

Chapter 796 He said his name was Zhang Xing Chapter 795 Blink of an eye Chapter 794 Fight for the Dragon Chapter 793 Destroyer Chapter 792 One thought, no need to keep your hands Chapter 791 Split Chapter 790 Broken claw Chapter 789 It's me (kill sha) Chapter 788 Died without a treasure map Chapter 787 Send them to the West if you want to die Chapter 786 Wang Xiangcheng Chapter 785 Dongfang Biying

Chapter 784 Master Li Jiu collapse Chapter 783 What, you are Zhang Xing Chapter 782 Three-man sneak attack Chapter 781 Beauty was originally named Oriental Chapter 780 Instant (sha-sha) duo Chapter 779 Zhang Xing played Chapter 778 Grand Master Wang Xiangcheng Chapter 777 uninvited guest Chapter 776 Overnight wind chimes station Chapter 775 Meet beautiful women, go together Chapter 774 To Xiaohe Town Chapter 773 Undercurrent

Chapter 772 The ten dragons are all masters Chapter 771 Established Tianlongmen Chapter 770 Full reception Chapter 769 Tianyashan all kneeled down to Zhang Xing Chapter 768 Fifth Peak kneeling down Chapter 767 Accept kneeling Chapter 766 The fourth peak fell Chapter 765 Destroy (kill sha) six Chapter 764 Old man, we're poisoned by you Chapter 763 Are you afraid the poison is fake? Chapter 762 Not enough for you Chapter 761 Six stabs (kill sha) Zhang Xing

Chapter 760 Difficult choices as family members Chapter 759 Mountain peak collapsed Chapter 758 (Kill sha) To the third peak Chapter 757 Unconditional summation Chapter 756 Poison (kill sha) million Chapter 755 Terrible Shadowless Poison Chapter 754 Dragon five weird fighting style Chapter 753 Big boss, we missed the chance Chapter 752 Tianya Mountain is silent Chapter 751 Erase a towering giant peak Chapter 750 Power of the Dragons Chapter 749 Instantaneous

Chapter 748 Red Dragon appearance Chapter 747 Ten Dragons Sweep Leaves Chapter 746 Bandit rampage Chapter 745 Entering Tianya Mountain Chapter 744 Truthfully explain Chapter 743 Thousands of choices Chapter 742 (Kill Sha) Stronghold in Aquila City Chapter 741 Please lie in the coffin Chapter 740 Coffin shop with (kill sha) gas Chapter 739 Brother's status is not ordinary Chapter 738 The devil wolf flew away Chapter 737 It turns out that His Holiness is also divided into nine stars

Chapter 736 Brother, let's drink Chapter 735 Little friends don't have to worry Chapter 734 See also the devil wolf Chapter 733 Yaowanggu Chapter 732 Son, I can only sacrifice you Chapter 731 Your name is Zhang Chapter 730 Haisha City Lord Chapter 729 Chance you didn't grasp Chapter 728 Totally destroyed, frightened Hai Minzhi Chapter 727 The end of unbelief is death Chapter 726 The unbelieving four elders Chapter 725 Good or bad attitude determines life or death

Chapter 724 Have the courage to get it Chapter 723 Hand over five thousand top grade spirit stones Chapter 722 Three elders Haigui Chapter 721 Solina beats the sea Chapter 720 Master Haisha City Chapter 719 First stop, Everlook Chapter 718 Go to Damo King Medicine Valley Chapter 717 Concerns about Sorina Chapter 716 Dean Jagger promoted to Mozun Chapter 715 Hundreds of emperors Chapter 714 Dean Jagger, I've come to see you Chapter 713 All ascended to the high level

Chapter 712 First upgrade for you Chapter 711 Dragon Celestial vs Monasha Chapter 710 Dead goose like dragon Chapter 709 Mutated Raptor Chapter 708 Retrofit Raptor Chapter 707 Zhang Xing is promoted to senior royal realm Chapter 706 It's that simple Chapter 705 Monash Advanced Chapter 704 Mengxi Reign Chapter 703 Help Pratt rise to the realm of magic Chapter 702 Shocked the world Chapter 701 Philo dies, Morgan family dies

Chapter 700 Zhang Xing (kill sha) came, Philo ran away Chapter 699 To catch Nabo Chapter 698 Philo from Mangshan Chapter 697 I am Zhang Xing, immortal Chapter 696 I ’m the War Dragon Army Chapter 695 Coming on golden light Chapter 694 Heibao, Xiaobai, Wenjing, a thought Chapter 693 The crisis of Mengxi and Monasha Chapter 692 My Haibo is the head Chapter 691 The Royal Wind family respectfully invites Mr. Zhang Chapter 690 Frightened Hontais Chapter 689 City owner please

Chapter 688 Waving it, leaving only a handful of ashes Chapter 687 Pear blossoms with rain, all girls feel at ease Chapter 686 I'm Zhang Xing Chapter 685 At the moment Chapter 684 The crisis of Andro and the daughters Chapter 683 I said the Presbyterian appointment was wrong Chapter 682 Horton Lord Chapter 681 The new town owner is still an old acquaintance Chapter 680 New forces? Chapter 679 He seems to be Zhang Xing Chapter 678 Bauhinia City Chapter 677 Joy in horror

Chapter 676 Help Nabo to the Devil Realm Chapter 675 People in rivers and lakes Chapter 674 Wait, we give in Chapter 673 Break a trick Chapter 672 Dragon Boxing, Kowloon One Chapter 671 Break out of a serial battle Chapter 670 Conditions for compromise Chapter 669 It turned out to be Zhang Xing Chapter 668 Come to the mountain, panic the audience Chapter 667 Analyze hostility and approach the truth Chapter 666 Landing of the seven mountains Chapter 665 Big mountain from Long Island

Chapter 664 Causes of Wu Xuan's death Chapter 663 A mountain crushes the northwestern array Chapter 662 The whole battle, the giant mountain emerged Chapter 661 Wu Xuan dies, big predictions come true Chapter 660 who are you Chapter 659 Not a natural disaster, a (ren Ren) disaster Chapter 658 Wuxing Yunhai Chapter 657 Calculate a lesson for Emperor Jurydi Chapter 656 Frightened Wu Xuan Lesson Chapter 655 Please ask Grand Duke Wuxuan Chapter 654 Na Bao's affection for Zhang Xing Chapter 653 (Kill sha) Junior lord like cutting vegetables

Chapter 652 Yes, I live again Chapter 651 I am the one you miss Chapter 650 Don't cause trouble, but don't be afraid Chapter 649 Ninth birthday is still one Chapter 648 Zhang Xing is dead Chapter 647 Exploded and died with Zhang Xing Chapter 646 Terrified Fleeing Lord Chapter 645 Sandra dies with Prince Chapter 644 A broken throat Chapter 643 Fight Four Chapter 642 Advance to Intermediate Kingship Chapter 641 Seventh-order magic dragon Azi

Chapter 640 Dragon five, one thought, Azi Chapter 639 Does the dragon play battle battles? Chapter 638 I also give you two ways Chapter 637 To face (qiang) the enemy alone Chapter 636 Zhang Xing came out to die Chapter 635 Dark clouds top, heavy rains poured, the enemy came Chapter 634 Quartet gathered in Wanwu City Chapter 633 Prince's Tour Chapter 632 Can he do wonders Chapter 631 Eve of the storm Chapter 630 Hit all out, Prince is no exception Chapter 629 I'm wrong, it's my recklessness

Chapter 628 The two steel dragons are cold dishes Chapter 627 Heibao grabbed Chapter 626 Sandra snapped Chapter 625 The atmosphere is tense Chapter 624 That kid, stop me Chapter 623 My nabao is back Chapter 622 Everyone compares the strength of both sides Chapter 621 Prince Tien Chapter 620 It turned out to be her thirteenth birthday party Chapter 619 Nabo invited Chapter 618 Pig-like enemies Chapter 617 Big Mouth Brazil and Australia

Chapter 616 Meet Lord Lord Chapter 615 Bufan Patriarch Chapter 614 Come to the Sapphire Mine Chapter 613 The shock of the Norris brothers Chapter 612 Despair Chapter 611 Owner Deputy Chief Chapter 610 Seeing (qiangqiang) take the robbery Chapter 609 Seeing in Qingyu Town Chapter 608 Zhang Xing feels heavy responsibility Chapter 607 The gift was received for two months Chapter 606 Gebre died Chapter 605 The last line of defense

Chapter 604 Break the curse with ease Chapter 603 Forbidden Curse from the Masters Chapter 602 Burst of protection Chapter 601 Gobley vows to death Chapter 600 The army is under pressure, the soldiers are under the city Chapter 599 The last three cities kneel down Chapter 598 Stepping through Zhanjiang Chapter 597 Nucor Empire loses five cities in a row Chapter 596 Gebre's emergency meeting Chapter 595 Two Dragons and Two Beasts Shattering Two Hundred Battle Dragons Chapter 594 Battle the 200th Dragon Army Chapter 593 Divine Zhang Xing

Chapter 592 Destroyed, pushed forward Chapter 591 God, it's Warcraft. Chapter 590 When the moment came, Zhang Xing led the army Chapter 589 Disastrous family kid recruit Chapter 588 The army is under pressure to restrict the surrender of Zhang Xing Chapter 587 See you on the battlefield three days later Chapter 586 Return to Wanwu City, Meet the Big Brothers Chapter 585 A dramatic scene Chapter 584 Wan Wuguo awaits Zhang Xing's return Chapter 583 Sea fishing instruments, wanted Zhang Xing Chapter 582 Nucor Empire, Emperor Gobley Chapter 581 Sovereign King Emperor Realm

Chapter 580 The dragons came out and shocked the audience Chapter 579 Two seventh-tier dragons break your dreams Chapter 578 The dream in greed Chapter 577 Tough Regal Realm Chapter 576 Add a point to the seventh level Chapter 575 Crazy absorption, promotion to the realm of royalty Chapter 574 It really is you Chapter 573 A bunch of spar is missing Chapter 572 Is Zhang Xing turned to ashes? Chapter 571 The emperor of the Nucor Empire Chapter 570 Ask the price, sit back and pay Chapter 569 Purify the golden corpse, three consecutive wins

Chapter 568 Arrogant Golden Corpse Chapter 567 Mutant Corpse, Golden Corpse Chapter 566 Long Tianyuan, Hammer Comes Chapter 565 Undead Zombie Chapter 564 Crazy Dragon Knife is just garbage Chapter 563 Not yet a rival to Heibao Chapter 562 The prestige of the mad dragon sword Chapter 561 Win a game with ease Chapter 560 Win three games and let you go Chapter 559 If I don't pay Chapter 558 Forced to surrender Dan Fang Chapter 557 Was eliminated

Chapter 556 Variation of the fifth-order Raptor Chapter 555 You laughed too early Chapter 554 Zhang Xing who is not optimistic Chapter 553 Nothing to draw a prize Chapter 552 Exchange meeting begins Chapter 551 Released two golden monkeys and a wolf cub Chapter 550 Take advantage and leave Chapter 549 Xuanying, have you become a human? Chapter 548 The anger of Kechara Church Master Chapter 547 I can talk and become a human Chapter 546 Scared Mystic Beast Chapter 545 Follow the good temptation, let Heibao appear to preach

Chapter 544 Accident in accident Chapter 543 Two little monkeys stole the medicine residue Chapter 542 Kechara Church Lord's Worries Chapter 541 Chickens, ducks, geese and dogs (dry gan) are alive Chapter 540 Smart Development Chapter 539 Three months of trial results Chapter 538 Use your valley to make a dan Chapter 537 Mystic Beast promoted to Tier VII Chapter 536 Shocking unique medical beast means Chapter 535 Stupid quack Chapter 534 Did your head kick the donkey? Chapter 533 Contradictions start suddenly

Chapter 532 Bourbo Chapter 531 The sixth-order mysterious beast is ill Chapter 530 There is a duty to be rewarded Chapter 529 Magician Talent Innovation Exchange Conference Chapter 528 Keke, this is my talent magic Chapter 527 Closed and opened to Wanwu City Chapter 526 I wanted to be low-key, but my strength was not allowed Chapter 525 Responsibility is all for Ice Flame Country Chapter 524 But Mr. Zhang came in person Chapter 523 Shocked Nabo Chapter 522 Broken, it's him Chapter 521 Three thousand people were beaten down

Chapter 520 Captain and his subordinates Chapter 519 Zhang Xing, you have a horse Chapter 518 Be treated as a thief Chapter 517 Master Hongfeng Chapter 516 Meet the legendary trousers Chapter 515 Shock Wanwu again Chapter 514 Wanwu Kingdom Chapter 513 Zhang Xing was held hostage, but the elder was broken Chapter 512 It's your turn Chapter 511 Dragon's Breath rages thousands Chapter 510 Finger pointing, Wulong is invincible Chapter 509 Just say nothing

Chapter 508 Instantly returned to the city, burning in anger Chapter 507 The teleportation array is too slow and we go straight back to the city Chapter 506 All my friends were caught in jail Chapter 505 Brigade enters Bauhinia City Chapter 504 Third superfamily Chapter 503 Trouble keeps getting shots when lying down Chapter 502 Is it the Brand or Faye family Chapter 501 Want to arrest someone without my consent Chapter 500 Eight years old, singing a birthday song Chapter 499 Shocked Wanwu City Chapter 498 Harvested another pile of storage rings Chapter 497 One by one

Chapter 496 Hey a bunch of idiots Chapter 495 Let's go together Chapter 494 Life without rehearsal, extermination Chapter 493 One stroke cuts through the throats of three dragons Chapter 492 Can die Chapter 491 I think you are the bronze temple Chapter 490 Seven steps snow mountain giant ape debuts Chapter 489 Capture the Guardian Chapter 488 The explanation is quite detailed Chapter 487 One (kill sha) stabbed Chapter 486 Phantom of Despair III (kill sha) Chapter 485 Break two casually

Chapter 484 Sting again (kill sha) Chapter 483 Can't run anywhere Chapter 482 Fight for Zhang Xing, come here if you don't like it Chapter 481 Catching up for a kick Chapter 480 Then kick out Bauhinia Chapter 479 Six dragons come out, worship Chapter 478 Visit or pressure Chapter 477 Sharing Dimension Gate and Time Gate Talents Chapter 476 Congratulations on getting a Dragon Egg Chapter 475 We were drawn by a lottery Chapter 474 Only robbery but not robbery (color) Chapter 473 I also robbed it once

Chapter 472 Robbed Chapter 471 Too expensive to buy Chapter 470 Black market trading Chapter 469 You hit my three-day death penalty Chapter 468 Reach an agreement to start acting Chapter 467 Helpless Stoke Chapter 466 Which little black powder takes me to the rhythm Chapter 465 Playing cards without common sense Chapter 464 A huge magic arrow Chapter 463 Appearance of Sister Baja Chapter 462 What, I was stunned again by the magic arrow Chapter 461 You can't touch Zhang Xing

Chapter 460 Dodri is still a martial arts Chapter 459 The big brothers are very optimistic about Zhang Xing Chapter 458 A big mouth tamed Chapter 457 Show me the beast, isn't this a delivery? Chapter 456 Sweeping all the way is to pass out Chapter 455 Zhang Xing's first appearance Chapter 454 Reward five hundred top grade spar Chapter 453 Magician Certification Chapter 452 Finally learned the news of the black market Chapter 451 I will tell you two low-quality crystals Chapter 450 Shocked crowd Chapter 449 It ’s unnecessary to call Master.

Chapter 448 I said he can still heal Chapter 447 President of the Blacksmiths Association Chapter 446 My name is Zhang Kong Chapter 445 Use a hammer Chapter 444 Yi Rong Cheng Dwarf Chapter 443 Third-class Empire Wanwu City Chapter 442 Liaison Officer, Wizards Guild, Winklow Chapter 441 Absolutely obey Chapter 440 A bit unreliable speech Chapter 439 Storm country warmly welcomes Mr. Zhang Chapter 438 Lightning Country Recognition Chapter 437 You can be guilty

Chapter 436 Sorina's dark and light physique Chapter 435 Startled Chapter 434 Increase speed through clouds and arrows Chapter 433 Promote Sorina Four Chapter 432 Demon Experience Chapter 431 Promotion to Tier 6 and upgrade of the lottery system Chapter 430 Fifth Order Poison Python Chapter 429 Underground Poison Island Chapter 428 Only a fourth-order poison beast, let's eat it Chapter 427 Introduce them to the five dragons Chapter 426 Go to the poisonous island Chapter 425 One million gold coins, farewell

Chapter 424 Tune a beauty mentor to work Chapter 423 Site selection and construction of the Dragon Army base Chapter 422 Accounting after the fall Chapter 421 I have the final say on this city Chapter 420 Change Agent City Owner Chapter 419 Back to Bauhinia Chapter 418 You decide Chapter 417 Meet Master Zhang Xing Chapter 416 Full circle Chapter 415 Golden Emperor Emperor Chapter 414 Aggrieved Chapter 413 Destroy the clan without making friends

Chapter 412 Blocked at the gates of the Sahir family Chapter 411 Welcome to the Temple Elder Chapter 410 Line up (kill sha) to the Sahir family Chapter 409 What, do n’t agree with Longfu Chapter 408 Conquer Pterodactyl, named Dragon Blessing Chapter 407 Prince Thunder, I am also a train Chapter 406 Leidongtian trades with pterosaurs Chapter 405 Let's do Monash Chapter 404 Raptor attacked me Chapter 403 I've been hiccupped Chapter 402 Hone my realm with you Chapter 401 Warlord

Chapter 400 Thunder moving out to die Chapter 399 Mayfair with me Chapter 398 Dare to be arrogant on my territory Chapter 397 Coming to Bauhinia again Chapter 396 Install the King of the Golden Dragon Chapter 395 Frightened Dark Creatures Chapter 394 A giant child Chapter 393 Demonized Nado Chapter 392 The Spirit of Darkness Chapter 391 Take care of the temple on the day of your sanctification Chapter 390 Sadness of Ana Lord Chapter 389 Start repairing the bright array

Chapter 388 Coming to the different space again Chapter 387 Let you demonstrate instead of letting you demolish the tower Chapter 386 Please show me the magic of light Chapter 385 Shocked parliament elders Chapter 384 I'll fight back too Chapter 383 Elders put pressure Chapter 382 Please Chapter 381 Kick Chapter 380 Plot **** reverse Chapter 379 Misunderstood Chapter 378 Get me back immediately Chapter 377 You are not qualified to see the Lord

Chapter 376 This thing is spar Chapter 375 The temple refused to let in Chapter 374 Not play with you Chapter 373 New Temple Lord Chapter 372 Gratitude from Mingyue Zhao Chapter 371 You can't stop anyone if you want to die Chapter 370 You test the strength of this dragon Chapter 369 Terrified two elders Chapter 368 Come to Long Wu for a big meal Chapter 367 Mingyue Zhao inherited Chapter 366 Legacy of Canglong Chapter 365 The ruins were originally the site of the poison palace

Chapter 364 I opened and closed Chapter 363 Glyph formation is really impossible, Campbell sees you Chapter 362 Easy answer, still full marks Chapter 361 By the way take a poison master card Chapter 360 Elder Tutt standing back Chapter 359 Underground poison hall meets deceased Chapter 358 Shocked Bright Moon Photo Chapter 357 Campbell sees you Chapter 356 Set out to find ruins Chapter 355 To provoke someone Chapter 354 It turns out that the demon emperor suit can be used like this Chapter 353 Intrigue from the Demon Emperor's Suit

Chapter 352 Do n’t be proud, there ’s a cage waiting for you Chapter 351 I honestly explain Chapter 350 Interrogating Zhang Xing Chapter 349 Zhang Xing was caught in an ambush and was arrested Chapter 348 Continue on your way to the Temple of Light Chapter 347 Named Zhang Xing as the first Dragon Knight Chapter 346 Xun Zilong, you are a big liar Chapter 345 Red Dragon Spatter Subverts All Three Views Chapter 344 Bitch Dragon Black Bao Chapter 343 Heibao is so free to play Chapter 342 Red Dragon's anger and doubt Chapter 341 Hei Baoyu Red Dragon Girl

Chapter 340 Lei Wuguo's sixth-order red dragon Chapter 339 Thundering Battle with Zhang Xing Chapter 338 Leiwu Empire vs. Rainstorm Empire Chapter 337 This luck can make people jealous of death Chapter 336 Can help them Chapter 335 It will be lively when we go to Long Island Chapter 334 Horrifying Dragon Spell Chapter 333 Empire of the Black Dragon Chapter 332 It ’s beautiful, nothing wrong Chapter 331 Lightning monarch who can't afford to lose Chapter 330 Bragging Chapter 329 Real meaning

Chapter 328 Not in a hurry Chapter 327 Trapped Magic Forest Chapter 326 It's time for the black treasure. Chapter 325 It ’s another turn, do you want to lie down and advance? Chapter 324 Lei Wuguo vs. Stormy Nation Chapter 323 Assessment of second-class countries begins Chapter 322 The Origin of Bright Moon Photo Chapter 321 The envoy has orders Chapter 320 Dragon Witch Magic Amber Tears Chapter 319 Figure from the lightning Chapter 318 (Strong qiang) Hard attitude Chapter 317 Xiaobai all hit out

Chapter 316 Help Mingyuezhao improve Chapter 315 Jedi Chapter 314 Rescue the Moonlight Chapter 313 Failed to kill Sha Chapter 312 Bright Moon Assassination (kill sha) Chapter 311 Laughed Black Treasure Chapter 310 Golden Fragrant Empire Chapter 309 Scavenging the Treasury of the Palace Chapter 308 How to make a deal Chapter 307 Request of Emperor Keith Chapter 306 Seize the loot Chapter 305 You are a man or a ghost

Chapter 304 Doom Judgement Chapter 303 Demon suit Chapter 302 at all costs Chapter 301 The formation is abolished Chapter 300 Three dragons go to sea Chapter 299 You can't cover my sky Chapter 298 First Guard of the Prince's Mansion Chapter 297 Helpless three presidents Chapter 296 Cunning Oulu Chapter 295 The three presidents came to help Chapter 294 Coming soon Chapter 293 Prince's Palace

Chapter 292 It's time to settle the bill Chapter 291 Want to poison (kill sha) Zhang Xing Chapter 290 Bet on your dragon for two days Chapter 289 Startled Chapter 288 Review by the Deputy Dean Chapter 287 Wonderful Graduation Exam Chapter 286 A happy dragon egg Chapter 285 Wen Jing was promoted to sixth Chapter 284 Demon Eun Chapter 283 Big face Chapter 282 Master Eun's Greed Chapter 281 Confessed and jealous

Chapter 280 I do n’t have a home, my ancestors are poor Chapter 279 Royal relative Master Yun Chapter 278 Stunned saiah Chapter 277 Heal Saiyan Chapter 276 Dark body Chapter 275 God Eater Ghost Worm Chapter 274 Scrubbing while treating Chapter 273 See Elder Zhang Xing Chapter 272 Third Class Pharmacist Wall Chapter 271 Sorry instructor weird illness Chapter 270 Call for help from Keldo Chapter 269 Destroy the two emperors

Chapter 268 Let us go, otherwise we all die Chapter 267 Axe King's Sad Death Chapter 266 Purple shirt was headshot Chapter 265 Is Zhang Xing dead? Chapter 264 Boy, let me die. Chapter 263 The Purple Shirt Demon Emperor was chased and beaten Chapter 262 Zhang Xing Zhan Mo Huang Chapter 261 The Four Kings Strike Chapter 260 Unpretentious Chapter 259 Receive Raptor as a younger brother Chapter 258 Sass Chapter 257 Lord Yinglong, please let go of children

Chapter 256 This woman is a dragon Chapter 255 After this woman is going to be eaten Chapter 254 Tier 5 Raptor Chapter 253 Saas Dragon's Collar Chapter 252 Illusion of fear Chapter 251 Let the woman kneel and apologize Chapter 250 Stunned Chapter 249 Wen Jing's sister then hit Chapter 248 Awkward Saas Chapter 247 Wen Jing Xuan Fu Chapter 246 Saas loves Wen Jing Chapter 245 Master of the Second Family First Family

Chapter 244 Got sick Chapter 243 Tony Patrol Chapter 242 Have a big meal Chapter 241 Feast for one person and four dragons Chapter 240 Full marks Chapter 239 Learn by practice Chapter 238 Wait until I finish reading the book Chapter 237 Hurry up and invite the chairman Chapter 236 Boss, you broke the base Chapter 235 Break up like a walk Chapter 234 Are you breaking or breaking up? Chapter 233 Apprenticeship

Chapter 232 Insidious Master Hongguang Chapter 231 Matrix Theory Exam Chapter 230 Read more than 200 books Chapter 229 Array Mage Guild Chapter 228 Willing to follow Zhang Xing brothers Chapter 227 Old bear, do you want to grab my brother Chapter 226 Watching the Beastmaster at Qianxuefeng Chapter 225 Master of almost vomiting blood Chapter 224 Hongguang Master Chapter 223 Teaching light magic and formations Chapter 222 This child has become refined Chapter 221 Light Law Santa Ana

Chapter 220 The spirits in the 360 ​​artifacts Chapter 219 Natural arrays deep in the forest Chapter 218 Boss I just watch Chapter 217 How can you leave me alone Chapter 216 Four dragons shot, the group killed (sha) Chapter 215 The power of the king of war is not good Chapter 214 How could it be Dangdang, not Chapter 213 Four dragons break easily Chapter 212 Demon Bloodwing (kill sha) Chapter 211 Can I sit on the black dragon? Chapter 210 Marching with War Dance Chapter 209 Slap Palm Therapy

Chapter 208 Zhang Xing missed the princess's pet medicine Chapter 207 Warcraft was strangled Chapter 206 Let it go, I can cure this disease Chapter 205 Lei Wuguo Second Princess War Dance Chapter 204 You can come to me in everything Chapter 203 I will never take you away Chapter 202 Touched Tenpeng Chapter 201 Hei Bao gave me this bird Chapter 200 Take the beast training Chapter 199 No, let me read the book Chapter 198 Asking Zhang Xing to test the Tamer Chapter 197 The host appeared, Mo Feng was fined

Chapter 196 It ’s so unreasonable. Chapter 195 Lightning Eagle Chapter 194 Quite angry Mo Feng Chapter 193 It's all over Chapter 192 Elder Mo Feng's trouble Chapter 191 Beast Hall in the Valley Chapter 190 I can tame you Chapter 189 Surprise Yale Chapter 188 Beast Tamer Yale Chapter 187 The fourth dragon was born, named Wenjing Chapter 186 Gone, sad Chapter 185 Listen to the story of Lao Long

Chapter 184 Return to the Swamplands Chapter 183 Three great joys in life Chapter 182 Heibao and Xiaobai advance to Tier VI Dragon Chapter 181 Angry moore Chapter 180 Without hitting, three punches and two feet Chapter 179 Undead, looking for suffocation Chapter 178 Just hit the window and throw it out Chapter 177 Master Hill Chapter 176 Obediently pay Chapter 175 He is Zhang Xing Chapter 174 Patrol Chapter 173 Beheaded

Chapter 172 Unlucky Pharmacist Chapter 171 Zhang Xing shot Chapter 170 The Cher family met the Porcelain Chapter 169 Back to Royal Mowu Academy Chapter 168 Different Breakfast Practice Conference Chapter 167 Give Erlong refining experience Dan Chapter 166 Shocked veterans Chapter 165 Guild veteran praises Chapter 164 Thousands of leaves in hand, flash people Chapter 163 Battle the Undead Mage Again Chapter 162 Find chiba Chapter 161 Lord Black Dragon's life

Chapter 160 Daring (strong qiang) robbers come to rob Chapter 159 Sister Saya Chapter 158 Mochi Ganoderma arrives, marches into the marsh Chapter 157 Great Ape strikes, both sides negotiate Chapter 156 Xiaobai's difficult war Chapter 155 Seven Step Snow Mountain Giant Ape Chapter 154 Get Guild Missions and Go Chapter 153 Apprentices fail until they pass Chapter 152 I was shocked after being surprised Chapter 151 Surprised after contempt Chapter 150 It's just nonsense Chapter 149 Do you think too much of an apprentice?

Chapter 148 I want to continue to be a junior pharmacist Chapter 147 Admitted to a pharmacist apprentice Chapter 146 Second weird exam Chapter 145 Unique in the first round Chapter 144 Exam Room Answers Chapter 143 Coming to Minei Port Chapter 142 Separation with Emperor Keith Chapter 141 Angry Shelley instructor smoking Chapter 140 For the dragon to test pharmacist Chapter 139 Shelley mentor family furious Chapter 138 Prepared so many gold mines Chapter 137 Heibao learned to pretend

Chapter 136 People worship black dragon Chapter 135 6th floor blood fan Chapter 134 Five Tier Campbell Chapter 133 Learn mining skills Chapter 132 Gem Dragon Promotion Chapter 131 Collect interest in the mines of the Shelley family Chapter 130 Disheartened Holden Chapter 129 Yipinge Chapter 128 One gold coin worth to win Chapter 127 Holden instructor panicked Chapter 126 Master Jill's Challenge Chapter 125 Your rough here is all rubbish

Chapter 124 Sweep Yipin Pavilion Chapter 123 Here comes the chance of revenge Chapter 122 Brother Heibao has more money Chapter 121 Heibao call me Chapter 120 Demand credits Chapter 119 Getting rich and raising a treasure hunter Chapter 118 Colorful gem dragon is born Chapter 117 Zhang Xing was kicked out of the classroom Chapter 116 Three punches to get the third dragon egg Chapter 115 Work for that clever idea Chapter 114 Shouldn't the weakness be there? Chapter 113 Side quest challenges fifth-tier dragon

Chapter 112 This restaurant is closed for business Chapter 111 Meet Lord Lord Chapter 110 The head of the Knight of the Rhinoceros is also a dish Chapter 109 Holly the Lord Chapter 108 Heibao, Xiaobai beat them out Chapter 107 What, that kid is closing our restaurant Chapter 106 Dare to blackmail my boss to burn your restaurant Chapter 105 Sky-high meal Chapter 104 Master peter Chapter 103 Heibao and Xiaobai Chapter 102 My territory bauhinia Chapter 101 Origin of the Holy Dragon Continent

Chapter 100 The forest of warcraft is scared away Chapter 99 Crushing Skull Army Chapter 98 Turned out to be dragon urine Chapter 97 Zhang Xing is in a critical moment Chapter 96 Undead Mage Chapter 95 stupid teammate Chapter 94 Come to **** the magic crystal Chapter 93 Only said a word Chapter 92 Group attack Chapter 91 He dared to poke Heibao's head Chapter 90 Xiaobai, you won, Long Breath is really exciting Chapter 89 Rapid upgrades

Chapter 88 Xiaobai, it's your turn to show off Longwei Chapter 87 Wow, a lot of Warcraft come to your door Chapter 86 God, this kid is a magician. Chapter 85 The snake king can't eat me Chapter 84 Little brother run away, there are snakes Chapter 83 His Highness Princess has fanned out a big mouth Chapter 82 My black dragon is sleeping Chapter 81 Successful integration on February 2 Chapter 80 Find information Chapter 79 Studying Ice and Fire Fusion Chapter 78 Training Little White Dragon Chapter 77 Prince Morris's son shows his goodwill

Chapter 76 Laughing Little White Dragon Chapter 75 The second dragon egg hatched successfully Chapter 74 Refined Blood Vessel Chapter 73 I was dubbed the first count Chapter 72 Achievo Longwei Rolling Ground Xinglong Chapter 71 Let you see the real dragon Chapter 70 Do you look down on the dragon i brought Chapter 69 Leiwu Empire Thunder brings a dragon Chapter 68 Why have you lost before the draw? Chapter 67 Challenge first win Chapter 66 Zhang Xing First Class Chapter 65 The Six Houses start

Chapter 64 Cruel temper Chapter 63 Stop at Silver Trial Chapter 62 Build a Black Trial Exclusive Trial Ground Chapter 61 Heibao advances, fourth-order black dragon Chapter 60 How is this possible, this is not true Chapter 59 Shock the audience Chapter 58 Ascension of the spiritual realm Chapter 57 Proud battle days Chapter 56 Come to watch after class Chapter 55 Weakness of salamander Chapter 54 Speed ​​into the 19th floor Chapter 53 Breakthrough begins

Chapter 52 Why are you so poor Chapter 51 Who is the poor ghost Chapter 50 Yes it's me Chapter 49 Tongtian Trial Tower opens Chapter 48 Tal despised by all teachers and students Chapter 47 Grief dying Chapter 46 It ’s Tal. Chapter 45 Visited by assassins Chapter 44 Dean was stunned Chapter 43 Microcosm Chapter 42 Demo Magic Chapter 41 Let you go to the Sixth House Competition

Chapter 40 Thanks director adult Chapter 39 Who hit it, this is too hard Chapter 38 Loud (dry gan) crispy slap Chapter 37 Don't give you any chance Chapter 36 Applause Chapter 35 Mr. Dean corrects Zhang Xing's name in person Chapter 34 Suppress, disagree Chapter 33 Amazing answer Chapter 32 Let me add two points Chapter 31 Talk Chapter 30 Magic theory test Chapter 29 Good results, found evidence of Heibao's greed

Chapter 28 God, magic can still be used like this Chapter 27 Robbed by the wizard (kill sha) Chapter 26 Solina Chapter 25 Skip books to help him extinguish the fire Chapter 24 Two pugs and one jackal Chapter 23 I have enough wolf (meat) Chapter 22 How to learn magic is really fun Chapter 21 Here comes the dragon Chapter 20 Fat sheep become evil wolf Chapter 19 Zhang Xing is regarded as a fat sheep Chapter 18 The system made me rich Chapter 17 Really this tutor? / A>

Chapter 16 Shocked full explosion Chapter 15 Saint Laurent Academy Chapter 14 Farewell folks Chapter 13 Burning Devil Bear Chapter 12 Tier 3 Warcraft Bear Chapter 11 The greedy little black dragon is hungry again Chapter 10 Wow, upgraded again Chapter 9 Heibao came out to fight the wolf Chapter 8 God, this child will spit fire Chapter 7 Practice with a second-order devil wolf Chapter 6 Devil Wolf Strikes Chapter 5 Shared magic talent

Chapter 4 Black treasure Chapter 3 Hatch a black dragon child Chapter 2 The system upgrade is fast Chapter 1 Long Yang System

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