Ten years passed in the blink of an eye, Zhang Xing took Nabao to the Sacred Dragon Continent and met many old people, leaving behind many cultivation inheritances.

Then they went to the Xuanwu Continent again, and finally rode the Ancient God Firefly to the Continent of the Gods. Starting from the first heaven, they continued to play in the nine heavens, and finally left the halberd to the dragon clan.

Now the Golden Dragon God Dragon King in the war halberd has recovered to the first step of the God King Realm. This is also because Zhang Xing absorbed countless souls when fighting against the ancient gods in the starry sky.

The Golden Dragon God King condensed the dragon and left the nine heavens, wandering in the starry sky, to pursue the unfinished divine way in his previous life.

In the six steps of the Divine King Realm, he had just reached the second step, and the other four steps were his goal after rebirth.

Zhang Xing took Nabao almost all the way he came to this world.

"Boa, I once told you that I come from the earth, do you want to go back with me and have a look?"

Nabo nodded: "I will follow wherever you go."

Time flies, another ten years.

Zhang Xing returned to the earth and returned to his hometown.

But the hometown has been vicissitudes of life, and things are different.

These Zhang Xing didn't care, and took Nabao to find his parents' cemetery, knelt down three heads, and sprinkled a jar of wine.

Then we held a new century wedding with Nabao and chose an island to settle down.

After a few decades, Nabao missed Grandpa again, so Zhang Xing took her back to the Holy Dragon Continent to reunite with Pratt.

Nabao still feels comfortable living in Wanwu City. She told Zhang Xing that she didn't want to leave, and she would stay by her grandfather for the rest of her life.

Zhang Xing smiled and nodded in agreement.

Years are like a thief, always stealing people's face without knowing it.

Na Bao couldn't resist the invasion of time, she grew old.

For so many years, her cultivation has never entered the **** realm. Zhang Xing said that because she has been sleeping in the mood for four hundred years, it is no longer possible to get there.

Nabao also tried to cultivate, but his cultivation seemed to be fixed at the peak of the holy realm, unable to reach even the semi-divine realm.

Nabao gave up her practice, and was satisfied with Zhang Xing's company.

Grandpa Pratt also came to the end of his life the year before, and left with a smile. The only regret was that he could not hold his grandson.

Zhang Xing and Nabao have not had a son or a half daughter for so many years. Zhang Xing said that this is because his realm is too high to produce offspring.

Although Nabao had little regrets, she also accepted this reality.

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of years have passed, and both Na Bao and Zhang Xing are very old.

Nabao is really old, Zhang Xing uses mana to change, but Nabao doesn't care, and still smiles happily every day.

Neighbors in the neighborhood are envious of Nabao, and they often praise her for finding a good husband. Whenever they walk on the street, both adults and children greet them warmly.

When the heavy snow flew that year, the entire Wanwu City was covered with a thick white coat.

Zhang Xing and Nabao sat with a smile, looking at the rockery in the yard.

"Zhang Xing, I have been satisfied in this life. When I first saw you, it was also a season of heavy snowfall. Do you think the rockery is like the snowy mountain when we met when we were young?"

"Like, very similar!"

After speaking these words, the two fell silent, still looking at the rockery.

After a long time...

"Zhang Xing, I know all this is fake!"

Zhang Xing was silent, with a painful look in his eyes.

"Actually, I didn't wake up at all. I am just a remnant of my soul. I know you tried your best.

Remember you once said that this world is full of rules, and you can control many rules, but there are some rules that you cannot control now.

I know that you are explaining to me that if my cultivation reaches the realm of God, then you can resurrect me like Huarong, but unfortunately, I am too weak..."

Nabao said calmly, and her arms around Zhang Xing tightened again.

Zhang Xing is more painful.

"Although I am just a remnant soul and will soon dissipate, I am still very satisfied. After all, I can still see you. After all, the life of so many years seems to be true, and it is also retained in my memory.

If I can open this memory in the reincarnation of a certain life, I will look for you in the vast crowd. At that time, will you still remember me? "

Nabao looked at Zhang Xing's painful eyes and two lines of tears.

Zhang Xing nodded vigorously.

Nabao gently stretched out her hands to wipe Zhang Xing's tears.

"Even if all of this is fake? Isn't life just a dream? You have given me a lifetime of happiness, and I have realized it. This is enough, don't be sad, don't be sad!"

Daxue seemed to feel their grief, getting bigger and bigger, and the rockery piled up as high as a snow-capped mountain.

The two were sitting in the snow, and Nabo kept talking, saying that she thought it was true...

One night passed, and the heavy snow stopped early in the morning.

Nabao closed her eyes in Zhang Xing's arms.

In the starry sky, Zhang Xing slowly opened his eyes. In front of him was a crystal coffin. The person in the coffin was Na Bao with a smile on his face.

"I...I won't let you go away like this, even if it's only a ten thousandth of a thread!"

Zhang Xing grabbed it with both hands, grabbed countless powers of rules from the endless starry sky, wrapped it around the crystal coffin, and then collected it into Shenlong Island.

"Wen Xin will be dominating, mortal, returning, and world realm. I don't know in which realm I can resurrect you, but I will look for your soul that has dissipated between heaven and earth in every realm!"

Zhang Xing showed a firm expression in his eyes, and flew towards the world of the ancient gods on the foot of the ancient **** fireflies.

In the following thousand years, Zhang Xing's figure appeared on countless planets.

His cultivation base also broke through from questioning to dominance, and then soared all the way, from mundane to real, to the final world state.

Fifty thousand dragons were also promoted to the realm of return by him in this thousand years.

Then let them travel in thousands of worlds and create myths that belong to them.

Xiao Guoguo still lays on his shoulders and does not leave, as if he regards Zhang Xing as a safe home.

Zhang Xing took out a scroll. Inside the scroll was a chessboard of heaven and earth. Divine Mind entered into it, traversed the long river of time, and came behind the old man who had almost shook his head after a roar.

The picture is still the same, the old man focused on painting and did not find Zhang Xing behind him.

Zhang Xing looked into the painting.

I saw the faceless woman in the painting being locked in the hell, and ten chains pierced from her body into the unfathomable abyss.

The word Shuangling was written on a chain protruding from the center of the eyebrows of the woman's head, the word Shuangling was written on a chain protruding from the mouth, and the word Youjing was written on a chain protruding from the throat.

On the other seven chains were written corpse dog, fuya, bird Yin, swallow thief, non-poisonous, filth removal, and smelly lung.

The old man's paintbrush stayed on the chain sticking out of the woman's mouth, and he couldn't write for a long time.

"Who is this woman, why do you want to lock her three souls and seven souls, why can't you write down?"

Zhang Xing looked at the picture in confusion.

The old man is like a statue, always maintaining the same posture, as if he has maintained this posture for hundreds of thousands of years.

But his hand behind his back was shrouded in brilliance.

His fingers are flying, and he keeps calculating what...

But at this moment, Zhang Xing frowned and looked at the woman in the painting again. He suddenly felt that this faceless woman seemed a little familiar.

This feeling……

Zhang Xing turned over and took out the crystal coffin.

Suddenly, the two souls and seven souls in the painting trembled.

The fingers of the old man's deduction suddenly stopped, and the hand holding the pen trembled, poof...

The brush stuck on the iron chain without words, and a pool of ink stains remained.


Zhang Xing's face was frosty.

Unexpectedly, after traveling all over the world, the soul that I was looking for would appear in this painting.

"Why do you do this?"

Zhang Xing spoke suddenly.

The old man slowly turned his head...

Zhang Xing's pupils shrank: "The Faceless Emperor! Three generations of ancestors of the ancient gods!"

The old man has no facial features, and there is only a gap between his eyebrows, which seems to be an eye, but at the moment it is not opened, giving people an indescribable sense of weirdness and fear.

"Are you still here..."

The voice of the faceless old man rang from his body.

Zhang Xing looked at him with cold eyes and did not speak.

The faceless old man put down his pen and let out a long sigh: "You are a lover. I detained the two souls and seven souls of this woman, but still did not affect your mood, but made you stronger..."

Zhang Xing understands that the three ancestors of the ancient gods began to design and wait for his appearance before the eternal age, and wanted to use Nabao's death to influence his promotion in the **** king realm.

But he didn't calculate that I would use the power of rules to retain the soul of the fetal light in the three souls of Nabao. Although it is only one ten thousandth of the silk, it is enough for me to find other souls before returning to the ages.

"You have reached the sixth world stage now, right?"

The three generations of ancient gods asked.

Zhang Xing did not answer him, stretched out his hand to roll up the painting, took a cold look at the three-generation ancestors of the ancient gods, turned around and disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, the three generations of ancient gods ancestors smiled bitterly, his body decomposed little by little, and soon became the dust of time.

He just kept a remnant soul, even if the appearance and spirit were all in the fourth step of the mortal realm, it was also destroyed by Zhang Xing's gaze.

"One thousand and four hundred years, Nabao should wake up!"

In Wanwu City, in Nabao's home, Zhang Xing opened the crystal coffin and smiled softly.

Nabao opened her eyes and looked at Zhang Xing.

"I seem to have two dreams... this time it won't be another dream..."

End of the book!

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