Father Pratt was a little anxious in the confusion, and a little angry in his heart.

Bo'er has become this way because of you. If you don't get medical treatment quickly, what else will you look at!

This anger focused his eyes from the confusion.

A familiar side figure appeared in his sight.

Pratt couldn't help but stunned, then he sighed in his heart and shook his head vigorously!

"Hey! My old eyes are getting more and more useless, and the hallucinations that appear are getting more and more serious... Bo'er will be..."

Thinking about who else could take care of Nabao after her death, she couldn't help feeling sad.

Nabao's parents were not qualified, her cultivation barely entered the Holy Realm, and she was overwhelmed because of her inexplicably falling into a state of suspended animation, and both died a hundred years ago.

The other relatives are busy making their own fortunes, and who cares about Na Bao who has been sleeping for four hundred years.

Pratt tremblingly took out his handkerchief and wiped his muddy eyes, then looked at the crystal coffin again.

Then, his hand holding the handkerchief froze in the air, his eyes straightened!

The familiar figure is still there, still staring at the person in the coffin, gently stroking the lid with his palm.

This... is not an illusion... Is Zhang Xing really back?

Pratt couldn't believe his eyes. He fixed his eyes on Zhang Xing, propped one hand on the ground, stood up from a cross-legged posture, and walked forward step by step.

He walked to Zhang Xing's side, took a look at him, felt the real breath, and knew it was true.

At this time, he was not so excited.

After all, the relationship between him and Zhang Xing is not ordinary, he always regarded Zhang Xing as his junior.

"came back!"

A faint sentence contains endless emotions.

There is a relationship between elders and younger generations, and there are greetings between friends, and there is more grievance in it.

"Well, it was delayed for five hundred years in the starry sky."

Zhang Xing did not explain too much.

"Just come back, Nabao has been in a coma for four hundred years."

When Pratt heard Zhang Xing's words, the resentment in his heart disappeared.

The thing that could delay Zhang Xing for so long must be a shocking event, even a life-and-death event.

"Nabao could have entered the Divine Realm smoothly, but she...was full of beauty in her heart, and she accidentally walked into her own world."

Zhang Xing hesitated and could only explain Pratt this way.

What he meant was that when Nabao was promoted to the Divine Realm, he could not suppress the thoughts in his heart, and his mind could not help but fell into a beautiful illusion.

In other words, Nabao is now living in the world she has woven.

That world is sweet, it is the world where she and Zhang Xing are both staying and flying. She does not want to wake up.

When Zhang Xing came, she could see Na Bao's state at a glance, and she also saw a beautiful and warm picture in her mind.

In the picture there is a home, a child, a garden, a parent, and an old man...

Zhang Xing can't bear to destroy!

"own world?"

Pratt was a little unclear, so he looked at Zhang Xing suspiciously.

"Thinking about the day and dreaming the night... Hey!"

Zhang Xing sighed lightly.

Pratt understood, he fell silent.

"Then what to do?"

After a moment, Pratt asked.

"I'll get her out!"

Although it was a dream, Zhang Xing couldn't bear it, but it was illusory after all, and eventually he had to face reality.

In the vast starry sky, Nabao didn't know how to find Zhang Xing's figure. She was afraid, she was afraid of losing, and there would be no day to see again in this life.

Therefore, she didn't want to be promoted to the gods subconsciously, but just wanted to wait for Zhang Xing to return at home.

She was afraid that she would be lost in the starry sky and could not find a way home. She was afraid that Zhang Xing would not see her when she came back. She was afraid that the two would miss it!

In her ideal world, even if she died, she would die by Zhang Xing's side, and grow old together!

Four hundred years in the world, a thousand years in the artistic conception!

The gray-haired Nabao has already come to the end of her life, youth is no longer there, but the past has not been forgotten with the passage of time.

Nabao, who was lying on the bed, looked at Zhang Xing, who was also wrinkled and whose lumbar spine was already bent, with tears of sorrow and tears from her eyes.

She knows that her deadline has come, and she also knows that everything in front of her is not real. She also knows that when she closes her eyes, not only the dream disappears, but even the real herself will sleep and never wake up again.

Zhang Xing, who bent over to pour her water, didn't notice Nabao's complicated expression.

Because he was invented by Nabao, he is illusory.

Although Zhang Xing in front of him was illusory, Nabao still smiled when he looked at his figure.

There is happiness and satisfaction in laughter, as well as deep regret!

I remembered the first time I saw Zhang Xing as a child at the foot of the Snow Mountain, and I remembered every day and night afterwards...

Everything is so plain, everything is so true!

There is no vigorous love between the two, the feelings are so natural, and both can feel each other's affection in their hearts.

Their relationship is inconspicuous among all living beings, the ordinary can not be more ordinary, but for Nabao, it is so unforgettable, this is her first love!

I can’t be with you in this life, I can only meet in a dream, I hope there will be another life, I am willing to transform into a star in the sky, waiting for a boy named Zhang Xing to pass by me...

Nabao has fallen asleep for too long, and it has reached the moment when her divine consciousness dissipates. In her artistic conception, her hazy eyes have diverged, and the back of her eyes has been blurred.

The fictional world disintegrated, and she stretched out her hand to grasp the rickety back.

But that back figure was already still, her body turned into fluorescence a little bit, and disappeared from her eyes in a blink of an eye...

She wanted to see her beloved one last but couldn't do it, Nabao burst into tears, she slowly closed her eyes, waiting for death...

"Don't cry my favorite person..."

At this moment, a familiar melody sounded from her ears.

This was what she heard when she met Zhang Xing for the first time. At that time, she only felt that the melody was pretty good, and she didn't know what the lyrics said.

But later when she separated from Zhang Xing, when she was in tears, Zhang Xing sang this song again.

At that time, she deeply felt Zhang Xing's heart and the sadness of parting.

"Don't cry my favorite

I'm blooming like a night flower tonight

Withered in the most beautiful moment

Your tears wither irretrievably..."

The singing continued, as if Zhang Xing whispered in her ear.

Nabao opened her eyes slowly, and there was a familiar face in her eyes, still so young and handsome, still smiling with tenderness.

"I'm not falling at the most beautiful moment... Am I ugly now?"

"You are not ugly, you are still beautiful."

"Then you go on singing, I can hear you singing this song again at the end of my life, I have no regrets in this life!"

Nabo is still in a hallucination.

"Don't cry my favorite

I know I won't wake up again

Blink in the most beautiful night sky

My eyes are the brightest stars..."

Listen, Nabao's eyes brightened, and her thoughts went back to the past...

After a long time, the singing had fallen, and the voice was still reverberating in her mind, but why didn't Zhang Xing disappear in front of her? She didn't feel that she was about to die.

Na Bao kept staring at Zhang Xing for five minutes without blinking. Zhang Xing also smiled and stared at her.

"Boa, you are awake..."

"Zhang Xing, is that you? Are you back? Am I not dead?"


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