"It's the lord, he's back!"

The farmer saw Zhang Xing's face clearly, he was ecstatic, and he knelt down with a plop.

Immediately afterwards, Xiu Wuping also knelt down.

They looked at Zhang Xing excitedly, forgot to speak for a while, but stared at Zhang Xing with those extremely respectful eyes.

Many disciples who are familiar with Zhang Xing also knelt down in excitement, showing respect and being unable to be themselves.

Later disciples were puzzled for a while, and then they suddenly realized that there can be no second person besides the suzerain who can make the ten elders of the sect and other strong men so respected.

They all knelt down respectfully.

"Zhang Xing, who has disappeared for more than five hundred years, is back!"

The other sect masters who were invited to visit Bidou trembled at the same time, and immediately stood up and bowed respectfully.

Zhang Xing is not only the myth of the five heavens, but also the legend of other heavens.

It can be said that the most powerful sect under the Six Heavens is the Heavenly Dragon Sect created by him.

Although he has disappeared for five hundred years, Yu Wei can last for thousands of years. Unless there is a stronger force coming or news of Zhang Xing's fall, the Heavenly Dragon Sect will stand forever.

"I am also very happy to see that everyone is doing well. I am coming back this time to visit you on the way!"

Zhang Xing smiled faintly.

"See Lord Sovereign, May Sovereign Life be with the sky, and the sky will be majestic!"

Until this time, all the other talents of Tianlongzong formally visited Zhang Xing.

"Hehe, I don't know Shou and Tianqi, but Megatron can still do it!"

Zhang Xing stepped forward and came to everyone in an instant.

"It's time for a breakthrough in your cultivation base!"

Zhang Xing glanced at the farmer and others, and pointed out.

Boom! The sound of the avenue surrounds the entire Tianlong Sect, passes through the bodies of everyone, and emerges from the bodies of the farmers.

More than a dozen people shook their bodies at the same time, and their cultivation instantly broke through from half-step six to six.

Other people in the sect who have reached a certain stage of bottleneck have also made breakthroughs to varying degrees.

One finger allowed the entire sect to raise the cultivation base at the same time, which shocked Shen Baiyi and others and forgot the joy of breakthrough.

What kind of strength is this?

I am afraid that people from the ancestors of the Nine Peaks will not be able to do this step!

Zhang Xing didn't explain, and they couldn't explain. They didn't understand it. This is the power of rules. In this starry sky, Zhang Xing is the true **** who deserves it, and all rules can be controlled.

"Well, you all get up, old farmer brother, you come with me!"

Zhang Xing waved his hand and everyone in the Zongmen could not help standing up.

"Master Xie for your support!"

Everyone bowed and thanked in excitement and dumbness.

The farmer followed Zhang Xing into the room, and Zhang Xing took out the pink crystal that stored Huarong's soul.

"Brother, I promised you to bring Hua Rong back to life once you have the strength, and now I will return a complete Hua Rong to you!"

After speaking, the power of rules drifted from Zhang Xing to the crystal.


The pink crystal shattered, and a weak and dazed spirit appeared in the air.

Then the power of the endless rules of life fell from the sky, wrapping Huarong's soul.

Hua Rong's body condensed in an instant, returning to its pre-death state, and even his clothes were exactly the same as before.

The farmer was stunned and looked at the living Hua Rong in disbelief.

The dazed Hua Rong was like having a big dream, looking at his body in a trance.

After a long time, all the memories before and after death lined up in Hua Rong's mind, and she understood everything.

With a puff, Hua Rong knelt down to Zhang Xing.

"Thank you Zhang... Sect Master's great kindness, Hua Rong... I know I'm wrong..."

With that, tears containing various complex emotions flowed from Huarong's face!

"I hope you can do it for yourself, this life and death experience will give you endless benefits!"

Zhang Xing nodded and said nothing more.


The farmer just wanted to say something grateful, but was interrupted by Zhang Xing's wave.

"Brother, we don't have to be polite, this is the promise I promised."

The farmer still nodded gratefully to Zhang Xing.

"Sect Master, where have you been all these years? I heard that the ancient starry sky road leading to the seventh heaven has disappeared..."

"Yes, those dragon brothers and I spent five hundred years in the starry sky to reach the seventh heaven, but we didn't want to encounter the ancient gods invading the continent of the gods..."

Zhang Xing briefly talked about the situation over the years.

But he didn't say that he had reached the realm of the king of gods, and he also said that surrendering to the ancient gods was the result of the joint efforts of the various races of the Nine Heavens.

This is not an exaggeration. If they don't use wisdom to fight and can't hold on for that long, they might have been wiped out by the ancient gods.

Of course, without Zhang Xing, the final outcome still cannot be changed.

Zhang Xing didn't need any extraordinarily meritorious credits at this time. In his eyes, these wars were nothing more than small fights.

Next, Zhang Xing did not stay, and asked them to find Renzu or Dragon King if they had a chance to go to the Nineth Heaven in the future. The two peoples would definitely take care of them.

Then he left the fifth heaven, did not show up in the fourth, third, second, and first heaven, and returned directly to the sacred dragon continent.

The mountains and rivers of the Sacred Dragon Continent remain the same, and things are not human beings. In the Western Continent of Wanwu City, the old man Pratt looked at the granddaughter in the crystal coffin distressedly, and tears fell again.

The granddaughter Nabao had cultivated to the half-god state four hundred years ago, and she was planning to break through to the divine state in one fell swoop, and then to follow in the footsteps of Zhang Xing, to meet the sweetheart who has been thinking about it.

I didn't want to but stayed asleep overnight. It seemed that I had no breathing, but the person was still alive, and the skin was still rosy. After searching all the famous doctors over the years, I couldn't find the cause of suspended animation.

In a blink of an eye, four hundred years have passed, and Nabao is still awake. The old man Pratt is depressed all day long, and people are seen to be thin. Only a layer of skinny remains. If it were not for the various elixirs left by Zhang Xing. I'm afraid he has died because of his fatigue.

Now Sister Fei Er Xue Er, Kai Er Duo and others have cultivated to the Ninth Level of the Holy Realm, and they are among the strongest people on this continent.

With their guardianship, the Pratt family is still the most powerful family in Wanwu City, and no one dares to provoke them.

This also enabled Na Bao to be safely preserved in the crystal coffin for four hundred years.

They are all looking forward to the return of one person in their hearts, and perhaps only that person can awaken Nabo!

It's just that... four hundred years have passed, and there is still no news of him, and Pratt can't help but fall into a disappointed decadent life.

Unconsciously, Pratt's eyes fell into confusion again, as if he saw Zhang Xing return...

In the past hallucinations, Zhang Xing personally treated Nabao for the unknown disease. After Zhang Xing's painstaking treatment, Nabao woke up and the whole family was happy.

But in this illusion... it seems something is different!

Zhang Xing just stood quietly in front of the crystal coffin, staring for a long time, never healed Nabao!

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