"Huh! Look at your virtues, my boss is promoted at two or three levels every time I level up, this time it's a small one!"

Seeing everyone else's shocked appearance, Hei Bao said with disdain.

All other dragons also showed a natural expression on their faces, with their nostrils facing the sky, their mouths curled, and their eyes squinted at the left and right sides in disdain.

At the same time, Zhang Xing smiled faintly: "In these thousands of universes, everything can happen, and it has never been impossible to say!"

When the words fell, he retracted his fist.

After a long time, there was no sound.

At the other end of the long river of time, the fingers of the ancient **** ancestor shattered every inch and spread to the whole body.


He was completely destroyed and completely disappeared from this universe.


The Shenlong Island in Zhang Xing's mind trembled slightly...

"The system is upgraded, and the thousands of universe modes are opened!"

A new map of the galaxy with coordinates appeared in his mind.

Among them, the Holy Dragon Continent and the Xuanwu Continent are clearly visible.

Zhang Xing looked along the Big Dipper Nebula, which drifted to a new position, and a azure blue appeared in the starry sky!

"That is... the earth!"

"Ding! The system is being upgraded..."

Zhang Xing's eyes flashed with surprise, but he could only see these now.

Shennian looked at the lottery system again, and also prompted that it was upgrading.

This is the same as he expected!

Zhang Xing slowly turned around and looked at the ancient gods who were still trembling.

"Stay as my servant or die!"

After a short struggle, Ying and his nine senior brothers bowed down to Zhang Xing at the same time.

"See the master!"

It is better to live than to die.

The ancestor was obviously destroyed by Zhang Xing's punch, and the ancient gods had no capital to resist. As long as Zhang Xing thought, he could destroy all the ancient gods by flipping his hands.

Although it will be more humiliating in the future, it can be considered a wise choice to keep the ancient gods in a continuous line.

What's more, following someone who can break through to the second step realm just after entering the **** king realm is not to lose the powerful name of the ancient gods.

"En!" Zhang Xing nodded faintly: "Ying, you stay with me and the others will go back."

"Yes! Master, if there is a call, the subordinates will lead the Ancient God Legion to arrive immediately!"

The nine brothers of ancient gods and masters bowed and left.

It wasn't until their backs disappeared, until they crossed dozens of planets, that they all fell on a planet.

"Finally lucky to survive!"

No one is not afraid of death, even though they are not human, they are also a kind of advanced beings in this universe.

"Firefly, you can take a trip to the Eighth Heaven, let your tribes leave a part to help rebuild their homes, and everyone else will go back."

"Heibao, let's visit the Dragon Race and Human Race first, and then return to the Holy Dragon Continent to take a look!"

After Zhang Xing gave his instructions, he turned his head and looked at the remaining more than one million people and dragons in the distant starry sky.

At this moment, they are flying towards here.

A few days later, under the leadership of Renzu and Dragon King, millions of people bow down in front of Zhang Xing.

"Thank God King Senior for saving me is in desperation..."

After some sincere thanks, the Dragon King and other dragon races met with Heibao and they had a friendly meeting.

Facing the 50,000 cultivation realm all are Tier Nine, the actual combat power is equivalent to that of the half-step Divine King realm, the Dragon King also feels a lot of pressure!

Although the Dragon King had said all the good things, made a low profile, and tried to invite Heibao to return to the dragon clan as the boss, but Heibao directly refused.

Heibao's meaning is very clear, we are the dragons of the two worlds, and you juniors can develop yourself with peace of mind.

Our abilities are also limited, and we are very poor, so we can't help you much.

Finally, under Zhang Xing's gesture, he painfully assigned a little treasure to Dragon King.

Zhang Xing didn't have anything suitable to give to Ren Zu, and Ren Zu did not lack wealth, perhaps even richer than him.

After much deliberation, I can only teach him some practice experience, hoping to help Renzu promote to the **** king realm as soon as possible.

Then Zhang Xing led the dragons to leave the Nine Heavens, first went below the Sixth Heaven, and checked the development of the Heavenly Dragon Sect over the past five hundred years.

Overall it was pretty good, no one dared to revolt after he left.

At this time, the Tianlongzong headquarters in the Central Plains area of ​​the Five Heavens is holding a competition of inner disciples once in a hundred years.

The ten elders of the sect, Xiu Wuxiang, Zhao Madmo, Nongfu, Shen Baiyi, Liu Yuan and others sat high on the stage, and watched with satisfaction the enthusiasm of the disciples below for the ranking of Tianjiao.

Over the past five hundred years, the Tianlong Sect has become the well-deserved overlord of the Five Heavens, and no sect dared to compete with one of them for power in the world.

The disciples under the school are also blooming, competing for beauty, and there have been batches of talents with outstanding talents.

The young people of Xiu Wuxiang had already become the powerhouses of the older generation in the sect. Their cultivation bases have reached a bottleneck, and they may have an epiphany at any time and break through to the sixth realm.

On the highest mountain of Zongmen stands a statue about ten thousand feet high. Around this statue, 198 dragons have been built.

This statue is Zhang Xing.

The farmer looked at the disciple of Bidou in the audience, and couldn't help looking at the statue of Zhang Xing again.

He is lost!

More than five hundred years have passed. Zhang Xing left the Seventh Heaven, and there has been no news. I don’t know how he is now, whether he has reached the Jiuzhong Heaven, and has he found a way to resurrect Huarong...

This is the only thing the farmer has in his life, and it is precisely because of his thoughts that for five hundred years, his cultivation has always been stagnant at half a step and six layers, and he cannot make progress.


He sighed in his heart, shook his head, still couldn't let go, often staring at the statue in a daze.

He retracted his gaze, intending to continue watching the game, but at this moment, his half-turned gaze suddenly froze.

"I seem to see Zhang Xing..."

Little by little, his frozen eyes and body turned to the statue in the distant mountains.

Hallucinations like this have often appeared in these five hundred years, each time it brought him a huge surprise, but each time it was a disappointment, and later he didn't even dare to watch it again.

He was afraid of being disappointed again, but he had to watch it!

When he turned his head mechanically, looked at the statue, and saw a familiar figure in front of the statue, he was completely stunned.

He dared not rub his eyes, let alone blink, for fear that it would be another hallucination.

But the real figure in front of the statue can no longer be real to let him know that Zhang Xing is really back!

The farmer's hands began to tremble, and then his whole body trembled involuntarily.

He got up little by little and walked towards the stage step by step.

"Brother, what are you doing?"

"Old farmer, you..."

Xiu Wuxiang, Liu Yuan, and Shen Baiyi all followed the farmer's eyes and looked at the statue in the distance.

"That is……"

When they saw the familiar back, they all closed their mouths and froze on the spot.

The strange behavior of the ten elders alarmed the audience, and they all stopped all their movements and looked at the statue.

Zhang Xing looked at his huge statue, couldn't help but smile, and there was a warmth flowing in his heart.

He turned around and smiled at everyone.

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