"Several brothers and brothers, we can't stop Zhang Xing, what should we do now?"

A chief looked at Firefly and other ancient gods.

"There is no way, Zhang Xing's figure is walking at the forefront of the long river of time. It's beyond our reach... Get out!"

Firefly said helplessly.

The other brothers nodded silently.

It may not be too late to withdraw now. If Zhang Xing enters the two gates, no matter how fast they are, they will not be able to escape Zhang Xing's spiritual thought.

"Okay! Withdraw!"

Seeing that no one else objected, Hotaru waved his giant hand and issued an order to retreat.

Heibao and the others watched the ancient gods flee in embarrassment, and they didn't stop them, just smiled contemptuously.

"If you can run, can the monk run to the temple!"

"The boss has finally become a **** king, haha, presumably we are not far from that step!"

"Yeah, really looking forward to it!"

Qunlong was not shocked or surprised by Zhang Xing's promotion. In their hearts, this was a matter of course.

If Zhang Xing can't become a **** king, it will shock them.

At this time, a large number of people of the ancient gods began to retreat towards the starry sky.

But there are too many of them, and there are many clansmen patrolling the Jiuzhongtian Continent, and they can't get out of the Jiuzhongtian for a while.

Firefly and the nine senior brothers stayed in the end, the flames in their eyes were dim and their moods were extremely complicated.

The ancient gods seem to be powerful, and the clansmen of every realm are invincible in this realm, but what is the use of this.

The fragile human race that existed like ants, as long as a **** king was born, the advantages of the ancient gods would disappear.

"Look! The two doors are already half open, and Zhang Xing hasn't entered yet. What does he want to do?"

An ancient **** junior pointed at the starry sky in horror.

"Who knows, the ancestors never mentioned such a thing."

They all saw this scene, but it was not important anymore.

Zhang Xing had completely blasted the gate of the Divine King Realm ahead of time.

In the eyes, there is an endless universe of stars.

But all the starry sky presents is the power of rules. The more rules you master, the stronger your strength!

Zhang Xing has a broad vision and nodded very satisfied.

Then flicked his clothes and raised his foot to step into the door!

But at this moment, he frowned suddenly and turned to look at the end of the starry sky.

I saw an extremely huge finger, seemingly slow, but in fact it crossed a long river of time, from which time and space it came.

The speed is extremely fast!

No matter what size the planet was, everything exploded and turned into cosmic dust.

"The ancient **** pointed!"

"It's the ancestor!"

"The ancestor is here!"

Firefly and the other nine brothers were suddenly overjoyed.

The ancestor shot, and also used the ancient gods' strongest supernatural powers, even if Zhang Xing stepped into the gate of the **** king realm, he would definitely die!

It's just the ancestor who...

Firefly and the brothers immediately thought of something, not only a little sad.

Drops of flame flowed from their eye sockets!

They knew that this was the ancestor exhausting all his last strength and burning the godhead before using the ancient god's finger.

He wanted to stifle Zhang Xing at the gate of the God Realm, so that the human race could not turn around from now on, and at the same time eliminated the troubles for the ancient gods.

The price is the fall of a generation of ancient gods and ancestors...

The ancestors of the ancient gods on the other side of the time were also helpless. His original plan was to stop it if he could. Even if he could not stop it, there was still time to train the next generation of ancient **** kings.

But Zhang Xing completely blasted the gate of the Divine King Realm, shocked him, and at the same time made him feel extremely shocked and terrified.

He used to be the Divine King Supreme, knowing what it means for someone who has just entered the Divine King Realm to fully open the door.

The six steps of the path of the heart: getting started, asking the heart, dominating, mortal, returning to truth, and the world.

Only after getting started can you realize how much the door opens and how many achievements will be made in the future.

Although his predecessors' dominance had warned him, he, including any other people in later generations, couldn't bear the impatient feeling when the door opened.

The Divine King Realm is right in front of you, and you can achieve it by raising your feet. Who is willing to spend more effort to waste time!

Even if there are people with determination and great perseverance, it would be good to be able to blast through a gap, but there is no extra amount to blast the remaining space.

If they gritted their teeth and insisted on bombarding the gate of the Divine King Realm, they might not be able to achieve the Divine King in the end, but would be exhausted at the edge of the Divine King Realm gate.

No one is so stupid.

The ancestors of the ancient gods were shocked by Zhang Xing's inexhaustible power, and what was feared was that Zhang Xing had a high chance of reaching the final state of the **** king in the future, that is, the sixth step, the world state!

One hundred thousand years ago, his strongest period was nothing more than asking about his state of mind.

Even if he imparted his godhead to his disciples, the highest level of his disciples would not exceed the second step of asking the state of mind.

After all, I didn’t realize my own self-cultivation, how can I achieve great cause by relying on the charity of others!

Therefore, he gave up his original plan, desperately burned the godhead, and also fixed Zhang Xing to death at the gate of the **** king realm.

Although his current realm has been knocked down to the **** king realm, the burning **** can also be restored to the first step entry realm, killing Zhang Xing is enough.

When he was asking about his state of mind, he relied on the ancient **** to severely wound two **** king supreme.

One is the human supreme and the other is the demon supreme.

It was precisely because of these two most respectful injuries that the Human Alliance was completely defeated.

Although the ancient **** clan was not the last to win, the remaining **** king supreme of the alliance was wounded, his godhead was broken, and finally disappeared in a long river of time.

And the ancient gods only live as a **** king, but they have cultivated countless powerful people.

One hundred thousand years later, the ancient gods made a comeback, and the human alliance had been shattered, and they were in their own hands. They were not the opponents of the ancient gods at all, and the extinction was imminent.

But God is not fair, and a terrifying **** king supreme has appeared in the human race!


Zhang Xing sneered, ignoring the finger of the ancient **** who had crossed the long river of time, and stepped into the wide open door of the **** king!


The moment he stepped in, the gate of time across the starry sky disappeared!

Zhang Xing's artistic conception and reality overlap instantly, and he knows everything that happened.

At the same time, the ancient **** came to his head with a finger.

Zhang Xing didn't turn his head back, and punched casually.


A dull voice sounded instantly.

Then came the sound of something constantly breaking.

The ancient **** who once swept the entire universe starry sky shattered from his fingertips...

"You...the second step...ask your state of mind...no, it's impossible..."

As the ancient god's finger shattered, an intermittent panic sounded from the other side of time.

The ancestors of the ancient gods were terrified by Zhang Xing's fright.

He would never believe that Zhang Xing could not only step into the gate of the **** king before his finger came, but also directly enter the second step!

"What? The second step?"

Hearing the voice of the ancestors of the ancient gods, millions of people of the ancient gods and the human and dragon clans were shocked.

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