Shenglong Continent, Star Empire, Kimura, Lao Litou orchard fringe.

"Stop! Don't run!"

An old rage screamed, followed by the sound of a cane knocking on the ground.

"You bear boy, if you dare to steal the old man's magic flower and fruit, you have to break your legs!"

Magic flower fruit is just the lowest kind of fruit for ordinary people to eat. It is low in price and can't sell a few copper coins in the market.

Zhang Xing said with a smile on his skin while running, "Old Li head, aren't there just a few worthless fruits? I'll make a fortune to build a bigger orchard for you to grow the best fruits!"

Lao Li looked at the cheerful Zhang Xing who was running, and was not really angry, but sighed silently in his heart, a desperate child!

Zhang Xing is not a person in this world, but a director of a well-known animation network on earth.

Just remember that the power on the wall sparked during overtime, then he went to plug (cha), and then ... came to this world.

He crossed the body of a six-year-old boy (body sh n).

From the memory, he knew that this child named Zhang Xing had some magical qualifications, so his grandfather saved his money and wanted to send him to the Academy of Magic to live a superb life.

Unfortunately, on the way to the Academy of Magic, they were attacked by wild wolves. Grandpa died in order to protect him, leaving him to stumble all the way, and eventually starved to death near Kimura.

Here is a magical magical world, with strong warriors and the most respected magicians.

They respect their strength and speak with their fists.

Zhang Xing ran staggered, but he was very young, his calf staggered, crooked, accidentally fell, and his leg was broken.

And he filled his mouth with magic flowers and looked back. The purple (color) sticky fruit (rou) rou was left on the whole chin, which made people laugh.

"Everyone else has gold fingers. Why do I have nothing?"

"If it wasn't for the villagers of Kimura, they would have starved to death three days ago. The first case of a starved traverser is really haha."

When I first thought of it, a pleasant sound of "ding!" Sounded in my head.

The next second, he suddenly disappeared from the place and entered an unknown space.

Appearing before him was a vast island with lush greenery.

"Ding! Congratulations on your success in summoning Dragon Island!"

"Ding! Congratulations on your acquisition of the Dragon Formation System!"

Zhang Xingzhi's small face was bewildered, and he asked inexplicably, "What is Yang Long?"

System: "Be a pet!"

"Ah!" Zhang Xing shouted in his heart, and the blankness on his face immediately turned into bitterness.

Others are either an old grandfather in the ring, or various systems from cows ((bi) bi) to explosions, but they are a pet raising system. Zhang Xing's eyes are red, and tears are covering the entire eyes.

Is it possible to make a bunch of cages with pet dragons in the future and squat the pet market every day to let those noble masters buy dragons?

Zhang Xing was sorrowful for a moment, and a group of kittens and puppies immediately appeared in the pet market on the earth.

However, what he said systematically made him suddenly ecstatic and forgot the pain.

"The pet dragon can grow up to become a dragon, and fight in all directions with you, save the world!"

"Please climb on Shenlong Island and start the system mission."

As soon as the voice fell, Zhang Xing felt that his feet had stepped on the ground.

The area of ​​the island is not small, and the perception in my mind can be about the size of the Shanghai South Island.

"Ding! The novice mission begins with an initial gold coin of 2000."

Wow, getting rich, Kimura uses copper coins, even silver coins are rare, let alone gold coins.

Take one in your pocket first.


Zhang Xing opened his hands and looked at only five gold coins.

No, I need to pay more attention.


Still five gold coins.

System: "The island owner doesn't have to be so troublesome, only one idea is needed, and gold coins will naturally appear in his pocket."

Zhang Xing ...

"Novice task 1. To build a base camp, you need 200 gold coins to build the necessary building of the Dragon Nest."

Open the control panel, Zhang Xing glanced, found the building from the top, and thought.


A white light shone on the island, and a building similar to the Western Middle Ages of the Earth appeared.

"Congratulations on completing the mission, gaining 10 experience points and 100 gold coins."

"Congratulations on your promotion and you are currently an apprentice to the military."

I went there, and it was upgraded, and I felt the power of the body is almost the same as when I was twenty.

Take another look at your status bar, 1900 coins, experience 0/20.

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