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Zhang Xing traveled through the realm, with an additional Divine Dragon island in his mind, so he started raising various dragons on the island.

Black Dragon, Golden Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon, Magician Dragon, Crystal Dragon …

He also has the attributes of some dragons. Spitting fire and putting a magician arrow are just the most basic skills.

Dragon’s ultimate magician forbids spells and sprays without opening the mouth, without having to read incantation.

Let’s see Zhang Xing lead the group of dragons to single out the whole continent.

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Short Title:SDCS
Alternate Title:超級神龍養成系統
Author:Jiu Baidu
Weekly Rank:#710
Monthly Rank:#636
All Time Rank:#531
Tags:Appearance Different from Actual Age, Dragons, Game Elements, Gods, Immortals, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Transmigration,
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