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Zhang Xing traveled through the realm, with an additional Divine Dragon island in his mind, so he started raising various dragons on the island.

Black Dragon, Golden Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, White Dragon, Magician Dragon, Crystal Dragon …

He also has the attributes of some dragons. Spitting fire and putting a magician arrow are just the most basic skills.

Dragon’s ultimate magician forbids spells and sprays without opening the mouth, without having to read incantation.

Let’s see Zhang Xing lead the group of dragons to single out the whole continent.

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Short Title:SDCS
Alternate Title:超級神龍養成系統
Author:Jiu Baidu
Weekly Rank:#1677
Monthly Rank:#1551
All Time Rank:#720
Tags:Academy, Age Progression, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Beast Companions, Cheats, Child Protagonist, Dragons, Game Elements, Gods, Harem, Immortals, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Magic, Monster Tamer, Nobles, Orphans, System, Transmigration, Transported into Another World, Weak to Strong,
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20 Comments on “Super Dragon Cultivation System
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  1. Of course, the classic amnesia and power reset, yay!! Because the author wants to farm more money he/she extended more chapters by making the MC start all over again (not totally just about 95% of the progress are gone).

  2. This novel is also full of inconsistency. Earlier chapters he can get exp from killing people yet he didn't get a single exp when he killed hundreds of millions of soldiers and warcrafts. This author can't do shit right, I definitely think the author had a brain damage or he/she is just copying another novel and it does not accomodate or fit his/her own gold finger. This is literally lazy writing to its finest, everyone.

  3. I thought I would read a cool Dragon island development and management, but it turns out that it would be a fucking typical cringe faceslapping and enemies everywhere added to that is friends that drags the MC, he would develop an army that have absolute no help to him but a let down and a fcking cringe set of friends that would be forgotten in the middle or later chapters. Plots that are filler and have no purpose in the story at all.

  4. He forgot to develop his dragon island for sever hundreds of chapters, like it doesn't exist at all. It is trash as hell, not utilizing his resources to develop his island just to faceslap people and find a reason to do a genocide. This author has a brain defects. The plots are familiar and copied to several known novels. The author is too busy copying other people's plot that he/she forgot that his/her system had an island. Like wtf man, what happened to your brain.

  5. I really hate harem. will help all women to Just when she shouts your name It's a merit/debt to you pay back WTF!!!??? you are serious??? fuck your!!! what the fuck

  6. Banyaknya penjelasan yang tidak perlu atau komentar komentar yang tidak perlu di dalam isi bab novel . Jadi terlalu panjang isi dalam per lembar bab . Membosankan jadinya

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