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He went from an ordinary student to a god-level master in manufacturing.
Continuously progressing, processing range from hundreds of meters to tens of atoms, processing precision from microns to nanometers to atoms and molecules, everything was possible.
Wassenaar Accord? The embargo against China? What we have banned are technologies that China doesn’t care much about. Most of the member states have to import technology from China, shouldn’t the member states have a meeting to discuss and bring in China as well?
Forbidden chip sales? Is there a mistake? We barely managed to maintain our low-end market with a large amount of subsidies, it’s already good enough that China didn’t initiate an anti-dumping investigation. President, are you sick?
Hmm, it seems like living cells can be processed precisely as well. Do you need to refine the cancer cells that you are spreading out?

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Short Title:
Original Title:神工
Author:Ren Yuan
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#701
Monthly Rank:#491
All Time Rank:#264
Tags:Blacksmith, Business Management, Businessmen, Crafting, Fat Protagonist, Fat to Fit, Firearms, Male Protagonist, Military, Modern Day, Modern Knowledge, Nationalism, System Administrator,

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