Net red? Yang Song looked at the woman in front of him, dressed in a fashionable dress, what could he say, now that a rock falling from the sky can hit an internet celebrity, he really hit him.

Just talking about popularity, Yang Song is not small.

Sure enough, someone in the crowd recognized Yang Song, "Isn't this Yang Song, the owner of Baifeng Pavilion?"

When a man finished speaking, the crowd exclaimed, followed by the flash of the phone.

The person in front of you is the chef Yang Song?

Once when we talked about food, someone visited Yang Song's shop in Xu Minmin's live broadcast room. So Xu Minmin still knew Yang Song.

"Are you the chef?" Xu Minmin patrolled Yang Song up and down, with doubts flashing in his eyes. This is too ordinary, it's nothing special at all.

"Sorry, you know us, but we don't know you." Chen Ming replied for Yang Song.

"You!" Xu Minmin pointed at Chen Ming, anxious, his face with delicate makeup a little distorted.

"In short, hit our car and pay." Meng Shijia looked sane and unrelenting.

Chen Ming also nodded, "Hurry up."

"If it weren't for you not to go through at the yellow light, how could I crash into it, and your broken car, fifty thousand yuan is enough to buy one!"

Xu Minmin pointed to the car behind Chen Ming, compared with her Maserati, disgusted.

"Sister, I don't think you have a good brain, but also your eyes. Why don't you hang up an ophthalmology clinic by the way?" Chen Ming curled his mouth uncomfortably. He would drive his car for fun. In Chen Ming's eyes, he really looked down on it.

"Sister, believe it or not, I will sue you for sexual harassment?" Xu Minmin, who was annoyed, took out his mobile phone and called the police.

"Haha, harass you? Unless all female animals in this world are extinct!" Meng Shijia added fuel to the fire.

This is no longer a mere rubbing, it has turned into a quarrel among children, and the onlookers are very happy, and the parties are angry.

Yang Song looked at the time and found that he had already spent a lot of time on this matter. Later, he had to help Meng Shijia apply for an ID card. The police station would be closed when he went to the late police station, so he proposed a compromise with the mentality that more is less than less. Let Xu Minmin contact the insurance company first.

Unexpectedly, there was an unexpected reply.

"It's late." Xu Minmin pointed to the three of them. "Now that the loss can't be solved, you have to apologize to me now, otherwise don't expect me to forgive you!"

As she said, she looked at Yang Song, her face cold, "Just you are the cook who opened the restaurant, believe it or not, I will let it close in minutes?"

As the saying goes, when a scholar meets a soldier, Yang Song understands it powerfully.

Chen Ming and Meng Shijia stood in place, spreading their hands helplessly, and they could only admit that they were unlucky when they met such a messy person.

Since she won't go, then they won't go either, anyway, it will be wasted, depending on who has more patience.

Although three men and one woman are a bit unreasonable, this is a special event after all, special treatment.

"Come here, take pictures, take pictures, this is a good show!"

"Hurry up, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, get out your phone!"

There were more and more people on the sidelines. The onlookers had watched the live broadcast more or less, and saw that it was the anchor, so they quickly took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Seeing that there were more and more people, Xu Minmin hurriedly took out his bag and put it in front of his face, considering that he still had a reputation, to prevent others from taking pictures of the face.

After a stalemate for half an hour, Xu Minmin was finally defeated. She took a look at the time and thought that there will be a live broadcast later, and if she spends it with these people, she will be late, but she can't swallow it anyway. , So he stretched out his fingers with big red nail polish and pointed at the three Yang Song.

"Well, you wait for me, I want you to pay the price."

After speaking, got into the car and walked away.

"Eldest sister, you haven't left your number yet? Little brother still wants to contact you to come out for a meal!" Meng Shijia yelled in a bewildered manner from behind, and the response to him was the shadow of the leaving car.

"These **** people, wait for me, I must expose you in the live broadcast room!" In the car, looking at the figure in the rearview mirror, Xu Minmin stepped on the accelerator severely and gritted his teeth.

At this time, the mobile phone placed in the passenger seat vibrated, she glanced at it, and then opened the interface with one hand, and picked it up with an unhappy tone.

"what's up?"

"What time is this? Why haven't you arrived yet, I have already prepared everything on my side, just waiting for you!"

As soon as the call got through, Zhou Yuanqi's grumpy voice came.

Seeing that Xu Minmin hadn't reached Shiweige at this point, he was very angry, money was spent, and all kinds of manpower were put in. He didn't allow a little mistake now.

"What are you in a hurry? Can I still run away?" Xu Minmin replied disapprovingly.

"Where are you now?" Zhou Yuanqi asked quickly, too lazy to continue wasting time.

Xu Minmin looked at the navigation, "There are two more traffic lights just here."

Hearing that it was almost here, Zhou Yuanqi only calmed down a bit, and then hung up the phone after not much.

At this moment, Shiweige, standing in the shop, he looked at the busy people, finally showing a little satisfaction.

And Lu Yue, who had been diligently preparing ingredients, heard the sound and walked out of the kitchen to measure the excitement. Seeing these fancy things, Lu Yue's face clearly showed disgust.

It's better to do something real when you have this time.

Thinking about this, Lu Yue went straight into the kitchen and took out a small notebook and a pen from his pocket as he walked.

"Master Lu, what are you writing?" The man with gold rim glasses came to Lu Yue, and when he saw what he was writing, he poked his head over curiously.

"Well, just record a little inspiration." Lu Yue simply returned, without saying much, put away the notebook and pen, then raised his head to look at the man with gold-rimmed glasses, frowning, "You have something to do with me?"

The man with gold-rimmed glasses nodded and asked someone to carry in a large box. When there was a chattering movement inside the box, Lu Yue stepped forward and looked down.

Sure enough, they were bamboo rats, all alive and well, very fat.

"Master Lu, this is the bamboo rat that you asked me to find for you. Now I have brought it to you." The man with gold-rimmed glasses had a somewhat ostentatious tone, but he had to work hard to get it.

Lu Yue didn’t know if he could, and he ignored the words of the man with gold-rimmed glasses. Instead, he focused on the bamboo mice. He stretched out his hand to pinch one of them, lifted it up and looked at it carefully, and then asked, "Wild?"

The Phnom Penh spectacle man knew that Lu Yue would ask this for a long time. Just after Lu Yue finished speaking, he directly replied, "Master Lu, you can rest assured, I dare to pack a ticket for you, this time it is absolutely wild!"

It seems that Zhou Yuanqi didn't lie to him, Lu Yue nodded in satisfaction, and couldn't wait to pick up a bamboo rat and put it on the chopping board. After half an hour, a wild bamboo rat was done.

Lu Yue picked up a piece of bamboo rat meat and put it in his mouth, and instantly smiled contentedly.

The bamboo rat meat melts as soon as it enters the mouth, and it is plump and tender but not greasy. Sure enough, wild bamboo rat meat is not comparable to artificially cultivated bamboo rats!

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