"Okay, don't slap me flattery. If you're full, I'll take care of my ID card and bank card when I'm full." Yang Song urged, seeing Meng Shijia almost eating.

"Give me a break for two minutes anyway. I'm exhausted along the way." Meng Shijia slumped on the chair, enjoying the aftertaste of the food comfortably, relaxing, not wanting to go out so soon.

"Should I say that you have no brains or are you stupid? Such a big person will still drop things on the car, why don't you also leave people on the car?" Meng Shihan said very speechlessly, feeling nothing for Meng Shijia .

On the side, Shen Huaizhao listened silently to the conversations of a few people, and kept silent.

Finally, after waiting for nearly half an hour, Meng Shijia rested comfortably, and Yang Song and Chen Ming led him out.

A few people came to the bank card first, because the bank card is the priority to report the loss, otherwise it is easy to be stolen by others. Meng Shijia has a lot of cards, so I ran into several stores in a row.

Finally, when he ran to the third bank, Chen Ming couldn't help but complain, "How many bank cards did you have on earth?"

Meng Shijia counted silently and gave a rough figure, "About twenty or thirty."

"That is, we have to go to different banks twenty or thirty times?" Chen Ming drove the car and looked at the red light in front of the car and the car blocked like a long dragon. He was a little angry for a moment, frowned and looked through the rearview mirror. Looking at Meng Shijia sitting behind, "Why do you want so many cards?"

"Just in case." Meng Shijia replied disapprovingly. If the card was stopped by her father someday, it would be convenient to have another one without this one.

It was only convenient for a while, but now it has become an inconvenience. Along the way, there were countless traffic lights and the car was blocked again, almost polishing Chen Ming's patience.

"Can I throw this kid into the river?" Chen Ming asked Yang Song, the co-pilot, as the car was driving on the bridge, with the magnificent river water outside.

Yang Song:...

"What happened to the last time? Did the one named Chen Tian want you to go?" Yang Song thought of the last time Meng Shijia accompanied Meng Shijia to the casino. Everything was Chen Tianshe's game. I don't know what happened behind Meng Shijia. Have you been there yet.

"I haven't been there since I knew they were cheating me last time." Meng Shijia was inspired by the gambling game. She was trapped by others and then jumped down without hesitation. It was really stupid. Yes, and I lost 40 million in one go. If it weren't for Yang Song's help later, I might have lost arms and legs.

"By the way, I really thank you, brother-in-law, I didn't expect you to hide so deeply." Meng Shijia slapped Yang Song's flattery in a timely manner.

"The person you should be thankful for is here." Chen Ming, who was sitting in the driver's cab, said towards Meng Shijia who was behind him, and he didn't want to think about who paid the money.

Meng Shijia smiled, not hesitating, and said directly, "Thank you, Brother Chen, and I will bring more brothers in the future."

"Come to a new place, with a new look, and be a good man." Chen Ming sarcastically said with an old-school appearance.

While the three were talking, the car drove to a fork in the road, and Chen Ming stopped when he saw a yellow light.

As the car stopped, there was a "bang" sound from the rear of the car, and the body shook. Chen Ming, Yang Song and Meng Shijia all looked back subconsciously and saw a red Maserati in their car. Right behind, driving the car is a big woman with black sunglasses.

"Damn, it's a rear-end collision!" Meng Shijia realized that it was a traffic accident at first reaction, and was inexplicably helpless.

Yang Song and Chen Ming got out of the car to check the status of the accident before they arrived. The woman driving the Maserati had gotten out of the car first and walked in front of Chen Ming, knocked **** his car window, and did not forget to take off her sunglasses. An unhappy face shouted at Chen Ming inside.

"Did you make a mistake! Can you drive? Is the yellow light invisible?"

Chen Ming looked inexplicable. It was the woman who had ran into him, so she had to take care of her. She couldn't see what is meant by a yellow light, just for the sake of safety.

"Sister, you just wanted to bump into it yourself." Chen Ming looked dazed, and Meng Shijia in the back seat also poked her head out, "Yes, we saw it with three pairs of eyes."

She stamped her feet femininely, her face turned blue, "Who is your eldest sister?"

From the outside, the woman is only in her twenties. Although she is dressed more **** and well-developed, she is not angry when she hears that someone older than herself calls her eldest sister.

There was an accident in the middle of the road. At this time, the surrounding people gradually gathered around. The driver behind impatiently honked the horn, and slowly someone took out the phone and whispered.

"Isn't that woman Xu Minmin?"

"It's the popular anchor, I've watched her live broadcast before!"

"Yeah, it's definitely her, I didn't expect to see her here!"

"It feels like she's not as good-looking as in the video! She still looks at her figure..."

That’s right, it was Xu Minmin, who had been invited by Zhou Yuanqi to live broadcast before driving Maserati into Yang Song’s car. At this moment, she was standing proudly, ignoring Yang Song and Meng Shijia of the three, but only Looking at Chen Ming who was driving the car, he cursed, "Do you know how expensive my car is? Can you pay it?"

"How much?" Chen Ming asked unclearly. Although there are many cars in the family, Chen Ming is not interested in cars, and can only distinguish a color at most.

"Don't talk nonsense, the repair cost is 50,000 yuan." Xu Minmin was too lazy to explain, just buy it.

50,000 repair costs, Chen Ming and Meng Shijia laughed at the number.

This is the first time someone dared to taunt her in person like this. Xu Minmin instantly distorted her face and said angrily, "What are you laughing at?"

Meng Shijiejia glanced at the car behind Xu Minmin, and saw Maserati slap Yang Song **** the back, shook her head and couldn't help but complain, "This car can sell scrap iron for so much money!"

When it comes to the car, Xu Minmin raised his chin in an instant, with an arrogant look, "This car is a limited edition, and it's not bad for you poor people to meet up."

The poor? Meng Shijiajia and Yang Songqi looked at Chen Ming together, and Chen Ming looked at himself. Chen Ming still admits that he is poor. Yes, he is very poor, and only money is left.

Seeing that the three of them stopped talking, Xu Minmin thought that reason had the upper hand, and raised his hand, "Fifty thousand, a lot of points."

"Fifty thousand, all right." Yang Song, who had not said anything, suddenly nodded in agreement. Chen Ming and Meng Shijia didn't react when they heard what he said. They looked at him with puzzled faces. They didn't even understand Xu Minmin, but now they agreed. , Then spend less time talking and take out the phone to signal them to transfer.

"I'm talking about you giving us fifty thousand." Yang Song explained, "you hit our car."

Xu Minmin's eyes widened, "Are you crazy? Do you know who I am?"

Someone in the crowd reminded Yang Song, “She is the popular anchor now, Xu Minmin, with more than 10 million fans. You should be careful. If you provoke her, you will be humanized that day.”

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