"Los Angeles is here..."

With a broadcast, the high-speed rail stopped at the platform and glanced out the window. Not to mention, the prosperity of Los Angeles is not as good as Kyoto.

After a little sigh, Meng Shijia followed the crowd and got out of the car. To be honest, he was a little excited.

"I swiped my ID card."

At the exit, the station staff reminded.

Meng Shijia didn't think too much, so he moved into his jacket pocket and suddenly found that there were no pockets on his clothes. He looked down and found that he was wearing a T-shirt.

After a daze for three seconds, Meng Shijia's desire to die was gone. That's right, he forgot to take his luggage and coat, but his mobile phone and ID card were all in the coat.

At that time, I just forgot to find hot water.

Now go back and get it, I guess you can't see the shadow of the car's bottom.

The staff at the station saw him standing motionless, and said impatiently, "It's still a good thing to pass, don't get in the way."

"Well, can you make some accommodations, my ID card is in the car..."

As a rich second-generation Meng Shijia, she couldn't think that she would have such a day, so she could only ask embarrassingly.

The staff glanced up and down Meng Shijia, his eyes seemed to say how he had met a fool again, and pointed to a small office next to him, "Go over there."

After completing all the documents, the staff handed Meng Shijia's mobile phone, "Look if anyone you know can come and pick you up."

Meng Shijia hurriedly dialed the number of her old sister Meng Shihan.

He left Kyoto secretly, his father's phone number is definitely not available, the only phone number in his mind is his old sister's.

Baifeng Pavilion, with a low air pressure, cold-faced Meng Shihan glanced at the phone, saw that it was a strange call, and chose to ignore it.

However, the phone seemed to be wound up and kept ringing until Meng Shihan ran out of patience before picking up the phone, his tone was unhappy.


"Sister, it's me." Originally, Meng Shijia was still languid, but she instantly came to life after hearing Meng Shihan's voice.

"Meng Shijia?" Taking the mobile phone in front of him, Meng Shihan confirmed that it was a strange number.

"Sister, hurry up and save me! I lost my luggage, mobile phone and ID card!"

Hearing that my brother lost his ID card and luggage, Meng Shihan, who is a relative, deserved it!

Hang up directly.

Glancing at Toot Toot’s phone, Meng Shijia was messed up in the wind, "No, old sister!"

I irritably scratched the back of his head, and quickly dialed back. A mechanical female voice came from the phone, "The phone you dialed has been turned off, please call again later..."

"I don't remember what Yang Song's phone number is..." Meng Shijia murmured, but he had no choice but to return the phone to the staff.

"Are you talking about the person named Yang Song?" the staff member asked suddenly.

Meng Shijia looked at him puzzledly, "Do you know him?"

There are still a lot of people with the same name and surname in this world. It seems that they are not sure if they are talking about the same person. The staff thought about it and continued to ask, "Is it a chef?"

chef? Meng Shijia went through it in her mind, and her brother-in-law opened a restaurant, so that should be the case, so she nodded.

"Oh, so you came to look for him!"

The staff beamed with joy, suddenly realized, got up from the seat, picked up the car keys and walked out.

"Let's go, I will send you there."

Following the man, Meng Shijia was dumbfounded. If she didn't understand her, she just said her brother-in-law's name. This person knew it. Has her brother-in-law's reputation reached everyone in Los Angeles?

What Meng Shijia didn't know was that Yang Song was so famous.

"This big brother, are you sure you know where I am going?" After hesitating for a while, he still asked.

"In Los Angeles, who doesn't know Master Yang's Baifeng Pavilion! I went to eat it once, and the taste is simply the best in the world!" As if recalling the delicious food in his mouth, the man even showed fascination Emoji.

Looking at the man's expression, Meng Shijia believed that Yang Song's reputation was really not so big, and his heart to follow Yang Song instantly became firmer.

"Who is Chef Yang?" the man asked gossiping.

"My brother-in-law." Meng Shijia answered without even thinking about it.

"Damn, you are his brother-in-law! Come on and make friends quickly."

The man quickly held Meng Shijia's hand and shook it violently, wishing to worship the handle immediately.

"It's easy to talk, I'll let my brother-in-law treat me next time."

Meng Shijia slapped her chest triumphantly and assured that she didn't mean to treat herself as an outsider at all.

Half an hour later, the car stopped on the side of an alley, about 500 meters away from the food court, and gave Meng Shijia the way, and the man drove away.

The journey was very difficult, and finally arrived, and I heard Meng Shijia shout inside, "Sister, brother-in-law!"

It just so happened that it was already time for dinner, and after sending away the last batch of guests, Shen Huaizhao was standing at the door and was about to go in. He heard the voice and saw that it was a stranger. He thought he was here for dinner, and reminded with a smile," The business hours have arrived at noon, so I can only wait till evening."

As the rich second generation who saw the beautiful woman walking, he saw a pretty and pretty sister. Meng Shijia hurriedly put a dogleg smile on his face, "I'm here to find Yang Song."

Looking for the boss? Shen Huaizhao looked at the person in front of him again, "Are you?"

Meng Shijia hurriedly introduced herself, "I am Meng Shihan's younger brother. My name is Meng Shijia. I came to see my brother-in-law from Kyoto to play."

"Xiao Zhao, is it a guest?"

Meng Shihan's voice came from inside.

Meng Shijia rushed in directly and saw Meng Shihan in a big bear hug.

"Old sister!"

He was greeted by a heavy chestnut.

Meng Shihan picked up his brother's ear and glared at the person in his hand viciously.

"Smelly boy! You really dare to come! You're too courageous, don't you dare to gamble for money!"

"Hey hey! It hurts!"

"Why don't you know it hurts when you lose money! Forty million, do you have a mine at home or what?"

As he said, the strength in his hands was greater, and the painful Meng Shijia's face was distorted, and she couldn't help begging for mercy.

"I was wrong, I was wrong, but didn't the sister clearly say that she was not angry?"

An angry Meng Shihan gave Meng Shijia another chestnut, "I am not angry, but it doesn't mean I won't beat you!"

"Sister, you don't talk about martial arts!" Meng Shijia hurriedly protected her handsome face, seeing the time to break free from her old sister's hands, ran behind the table, and opened the distance between the two.

The two are like hide-and-seek. You advance and I retreat, and I retreat, but I can't catch him. Meng Shihan also gave up, sighed heavily, and shook his head helplessly and signaled that he would not move.

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