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Are there fire abilities?

Don’t worry, burn the fruits and melt the berries to help.

Is there any space power?

Don’t worry, the surgical space of the fruits of surgery will help.

One Piece Devil Fruit ability, only you can’t think of, no Devil Fruit can not do.

Let’s look at the Devil Fruits obtained after binding the One Piece version by Otaku Xiao Zimo.

Beat the bully, make a school trick, step by step to the peak of life, and then solve the mystery of his life experience.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SCS
Alternate Title:超级漫画系统
Author:Sengyu Tongxue
Weekly Rank:#1195
Monthly Rank:#927
All Time Rank:#2257
Tags:Abandoned Children, Adultery, Apathetic Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Harem, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Naive Protagonist, One Piece, Playboys, Sister Complex, System, System Administrator, Weak Protagonist,
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23 Comments on “Super Comic System
  1. Como persona que tiene varios años de leer novelas de mtl y tengo algo de experiencia como catador de novelas se que está novela no ves buena la idea de los poder de once piece en mundo moderno no es nueva pero es buenaaquinno se supo aplicar para empezar el mc no tiene nada que reconocerle así que si va a perder su tiempo en esta novela mejor siga explorando mtl tiene muchas y muy buenas novelas

  2. Every conflict always end with ”Xiao Zimo, you wait”. Always spared the enemy and look what happened, mc woman disfigured, get shot in the leg . Im done with this lol

  3. This novel from chapter 1 - 11 (currently on 11) is only disgusting me. Read only if you don't care about fake feelings and idiocy.

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