"Is it becoming popular now? Is it morbid beauty or incomplete beauty? How do I feel so non-mainstream."

"But even if my little Fangfang hides his face, it is still so beautiful, so it makes my heart move!" The boy said with a grin, and while talking, he reached out to touch Xiang Xiao Fang tightly wrapped in a bandage. face.

   "Get out of the way! Don't get in the way!" Xiao Fang knocked his hand off angrily, frowning, and being so delayed by the other party, Shen Yuelan was almost out of her sight.

   This rich young man named Sun Wei, although the family is rich and powerful, is a **** who likes torturing women for fun. Although Xiao Fang loves money, he is not willing to do everything.

   During the time that Xiao Fang was stopped by someone, Shen Yuelan had already left the school gate and met Lin Tian.

   Xiao Fang then threw away the rich and young suitor named Sun Wei, drove out, called the boyfriend and the others who had been waiting outside, followed Lin Tian and Xia Yurou, and found a secluded place to prepare.

   Unexpectedly, Xiao Fang's boyfriend, after seeing Lin Tian's face, was so frightened, he slapped Xiao Fang a few times, and took the initiative to call the police to surrender.

   Only Xiao Fang was left with a dazed and stunned look, and the wind was messy.

   It turned out that the big-brother-level social boyfriend Xiao Fang made was not someone else. It was Brother Long who had been lucky enough to escape from Lin Tian's hands before. Now that he saw Lin Tian, ​​he was naturally afraid of it.

   Lin Tian took Shen Yuelan and returned to the hotel together, and told her that the day after tomorrow, she would be cured completely.

   Time dazzled, and it was the day after tomorrow.

   Coincidentally, Shen Yuelan School had a school celebration that day, and Shen Yuelan was also designated to participate in a program.

   I only added her because it was temporary. I kept rehearsing during the day, and then had to perform on stage at night, and there was no time.

   That night, Lin Tian and Xia Yurou went to the school site together to participate in the Shen Yuelan School’s celebration activities in order to watch Shen Yuelan’s performance on stage.

   And Shen Yuelan's show, as the finale, is naturally reserved until the end.

   But that show was a plan that Xiao Fang was unwilling to do and agreed to some abnormal requirements of Sun Wei.

   Sun Wei’s grandfather is the school manager. Sun Wei speaks, not to mention a group of students, even the principal has to give a lot of face, the temporary addition of a person to the finale is not a piece of cake.

   And that show was also manipulated to deliberately make Shen Yuelan embarrassed in public, and not only was embarrassed.

  Furthermore, Xiao Fang also prepared in advance to let some students take the opportunity to go to the stage, various reports of false results of Shen Yuelan, and how bad the school is usually done, which will affect the reputation of the school.

   Most of the students in the school who are not too busy to watch the excitement also followed the trend. They wanted to expel Shen Yuelan from the school gate and called her ugly and unworthy of staying in this school.

   Under pressure, the principal and several directors made a unified decision to expel Shen Yuelan from school.

   Lin Tian was very angry, and then after he came to the stage to teach the students who had worked for the tiger, he put on Shen Yuelan's face on the spot and gave her the final treatment at the scene, in front of the teachers and students of the school.

After the cloth on   's face was lifted, what appeared in front of everyone was a truly beautiful, beautiful and beautiful woman who astounded the audience and was regarded as a goddess by all boys in their hearts.

Immediately after   , a large number of students shouted injustices for Shen Yuelan, saying that those things before were all framed and rumors.

   So, everyone changed their mouths again and let Shen Yuelan stay.

   However, Shen Yuelan was discouraged and did not want to stay, and then went back to the hotel with Lin Tian.

   The plan failed, Xiao Fang went crazy and asked Sun Wei to do Lin Tian for her.

   But Sun Wei also saw Lin Tian's greatness just now, and immediately changed his words, saying that he had only promised Xiao Fang to set up a bureau to teach Shen Yuelan and fulfilled his promise. Xiao Fang should also be his plaything and slave for the rest of his life.

   That night, Xiao Fang hated Sun Wei for speaking nothing, and refused to submit. He resisted and was abused to death by the angry Sun Wei.

   The next day the police broke into the house and searched, found the body, arrested for homicide and sentenced to death.

The reason why the police came to the door suddenly was because the night before Lin Tian learned that Sun Wei was behind the ghost, he called people to investigate Sun Wei’s family and found out the various crimes of his grandfather, father and others. Keep people under control.

   And today, when I came to Sun Wei, I only asked him to go back to the bureau to cooperate with the investigation, and accidentally discovered the scene of the murder.

   And last night, after Shen Yuelan regained her beauty, the blood demon ancestor immediately felt, because the original appearance of Shen Yuelan was covered, because he did it.

   That night, the Gorefiend ancestor traced it to see who had broken his good deeds, but it was Lin Tian, ​​but he was sent to the door to find death and was killed by Lin Tian on the spot.

  Shen Yuelan, who has always admired Lin Tian, ​​of course put medicine in the water that Lin Tian and Xia Yurou drank, making them both confused and intrigued, achieving good deeds, and Shen Yuelan took the opportunity to join in the middle of the journey, and the three went together...

   The next day after the incident, although Lin Tian regretted, he still cooked rice and cooked rice. Moreover, Shen Yuelan was sincere and sincere to him, and Xia Yurou also took the initiative to accept Shen Yuelan, so he had another girlfriend who would never change.

   Just when Lin Tian was about to bring the two women back to Wu'an, the Song family had an accident, and they were taken care of by the merchants. They asked them to hand over Xia Yurou and forcibly take away to marry their merchant son to resolve the conflict between the two. The Song family had to ask Xia Yurou for help, but concealed the merchant's request.

   Xia Yurou took Lin Tian and went to Song's house. Lin Tian went to deal with the masters of the merchants, while Xia Yurou went to the backyard to visit Mr. Song.

  Unexpectedly, Song Shuhang ordered Song Shuhang to kill Xia Yurou himself, plant the money with the merchant, and make the Xia family angry. From then on, he and the merchant never died. Song Jiahao profited from it and was no longer subject to the checks and balances of the two.

   Xia Yurou has not been picked up by the Xia family, not that the Xia family doesn't care, but cares too much.

At the critical moment, Lin Tian killed the merchant master and rushed to rescue Xia Yurou. He killed Song Shuhang~www.mtlnovel.com~. But the late Song Master, who was too late, had a poisonous attack at this moment. Lin Tian told him that the previous The poison has not been completely eliminated at all, I originally wanted to teach him a lesson and then cure him.

   But now, it is natural to stand on the sidelines, and Xia Yurou is also chilled by this, no matter how old Song begged, she was indifferent.

After   , Lin Tian accompanied Xia Yurou back to Xia's family, helping them to severely damage the vitality of their old rival merchants, and could no longer threaten Xia's family.

   And Lin Tian was also recognized by all the members of the Xia family, Xia Yurou's parents took the initiative to marry their daughter to Lin Tian.

   Lin Tian took Xia Yurou back to Longhai City, picked up Shen Yuelan, and returned to Wu'an together, and had a carefree and happy life with the four daughters.

   But not long after, Dr. Long made a comeback again and went to Wu'an to seek revenge from Lin Tian.

   Lin Tian fought with him. At a critical juncture, he suddenly broke through the bottleneck, his cultivation base rose sharply, defeated Dr. Long, and completely eliminated him.

   Lin Tian, ​​who was supposed to ascend to the cultivation world soon, concealed his aura with the help of the gluttonous system after awakening, concealed the way of heaven, and secretly stayed in the secular world.

After   , Li Muxue, who recovered his memory, Shen Mengyi, who had been silently doing a lot for Lin Tian behind his back, and Xiahou Qingyi, who had always been enemies with Lin Tian, ​​all succeeded with Lin Tian.

  Since then, Lin Tian, ​​He Qianqian, Bu Mengting, Xia Yurou, Shen Yuelan, Li Muxue, Shen Mengyi, Xiahou Qingyi, a total of seven wives, stayed in the secular world and lived a happy life without shame...