High school grade three (19), the teacher on the podium is giving a lecture, but Lin Tian in the audience is looking at the math book with excitement, while looking treacherously over the body of a female classmate.

   "ABCDEFG, the beauty of the mountain drops drastically..." Lin Tian sang an English song softly, with a slight smile on his lips.

   Looking through math books and singing English songs, I'm afraid that only Lin Tian can do it.

It’s just that all the students and teachers around can’t know that the clothes worn by a famous girl gradually became transparent in Lin Tian’s eyes. Whether it was short and flat, or majestic mountains, they kept appearing in Lin Tian’s eyes, making him be careful. The liver thumped and thumped.

Ability! perspective!

   That's right, this is a power Lin Tian just got!

   However, the perspective ability only lasted for a few seconds before it slowly lost its effect. Lin Tian's sight was also taken back from the mountain peak of the female classmate and placed on the math book in his hand.

   Lin Tian turned the book very quickly, basically turning to the next page with a glance. And the speed of this turning is faster as you go to the back.

   At the same time as the book turned, Lin Tian's expression became more excited.

   It's done!

   really became!


   fully understand!

   There is no obstacle at all!

   Lin Tian flipped through the math book with excitement, got it, but he understood it completely!

   Just read it once, and I can fully understand the previously difficult and difficult math books.

   Lin Tian slowly closed the book and closed his eyes.

   As Lin Tian closed his eyes, all scenes from the book came to mind!

   I have completely remembered it!

   And I just watched it once!

  At the same time, the most important thing is that I fully understand it!

   Feeling this magical change, Lin Tian looked very excited, and even flushed a bit from the excitement!


   is too powerful!

   Lin Tian thought with a look of excitement.

   Lin Tian had no idea that he would be able to obtain such a magical power system on this day.

   I found a silver plastic watch on the road today when I was going to school.

   I looked at this watch well at the time, so Lin Tian tried to wear it.

  Who knew that when a silver watch was worn on a watch, it turned into a puddle of liquid and melted into one's body, and at the same time, there was a message in his mind.

   From this information, Lin Tian knew that this was created by a geek scientist three thousand years later, and this watch was actually used to pick up girls.

   After wearing the watch, an ability system will be formed in the user's body, and this ability system can issue various tasks.

   After completing the task, the user can get power points.

   These power points can be exchanged for various abilities in the system.

   Stealth, flying, and perspective are no longer dreams. Even if you have enough power points, flying into space is not a problem.

   When the system was just turned on, the system presented two abilities, one is the ability to remember and comprehend, and the other is the first experience of perspective! .

   After absorbing this information, Lin Tian was still half-believing, but after scanning the female classmate's chest just now, it really could be seen through, Lin Tian had completely believed it!


   I really got the power!

   Because just now, Lin Tian only read the book once and memorized the content of the book, and he understood it!

   This is amazing for Lin Tian. You have to know that my grades are very poor and I don't understand what the book says at all.

   usually know him from the formula in the book, he doesn't know the formula!

   But now it’s different, I only read it once and I fully remembered to understand it!

   "It's amazing!" Lin Tian murmured a little excitedly.

   "What's wrong with you?" Wang Gang, who was at the table, glanced at Lin Tian curiously. He thought Lin Tian was very strange today.

   "It's okay!" Hearing what Wang Gang said, Lin Tian quickly replied, and at the same time secretly warned himself not to get too excited.

  Wang Gang glanced at Lin Tian strangely, and didn't care too much.

   Feeling that Wang Gang's attention is no longer by his side, Lin Tian took a deep breath and looked at his desk of books with excitement.

   There are a lot of these books, from the first grade to the third grade, stacked tall.

   Before seeing these books, Lin Tian was very scared, but now...

   Lin Tianmian stretched out his hand to the book on the table with excitement.



   Lin Tian wants to read all these books!


  In an instant, Lin Tian's voice sounded from his seat, reading a book.


   Unknowingly, half of the class is about to pass. The math teacher Li Min who is teaching frowned and looked at Lin Tian underneath.

   Li Min noticed Lin Tian from the beginning, because Lin Tian lowered his head and didn't know what he was doing since the beginning of class. In terms of his actions, he should be flipping through a book.

   But Li Min didn't believe he was in the textbook at all, but thought he was reading a novel.

   Because Li Min has caught him reading novels several times!

   Li Min originally didn't want to talk about him. Such poor students are generally classified as trash students, and she doesn't bother to care about them.

   But why she is in a bad mood today, she wants to manage!

   Li Min frowned, looked at Lin Tian below, and shouted blankly, "Lin Tian!"

   Lin Tian still looked down at the book.

   Seeing that Lin Tian ignored him, Li Min was a little angry, and shouted again: "Lin Tian!" This time Li Min increased his tone!

   Hear the teacher’s voice, UU reads www.uukanshu. In an instant, all the students of com looked at Lin Tian.

   But at this time Lin Tian was already immersed in the ocean of knowledge, and he didn't even hear it.

   "Hey, Lin Tian!" Lin Tian's deskmate Wang Gang saw this scene and quickly pushed Lin Tian's arm with his hand.

   "Huh?" Lin Tian raised his head in a daze when he felt someone push him.

   As soon as he raised his head, he realized that the students around him were looking at him.

   Lin Tian looked at the teacher on the stage.

   Noting Lin Tian's gaze, Li Min annoyed and said, "You tell me how to do that question just now?"

   That question just now?

   Hearing this, Lin Tian was a little startled, and then turned his head slightly to look at Wang Gang who was at the same table, hoping that he would tell himself which question the question was.

  Because Lin Tian was immersed in the book just now, he didn't even notice where Li Min was talking.

   But Wang Gang didn't know what Lin Tian meant, and felt that Lin Tian wanted him to teach him how to do it.

   But the teacher looked at Wang Gang and naturally did not dare to speak. So Wang Gang could only look at Lin Tian helplessly.

   Seeing Lin Tian's movements, Li Min sank his face and taught: "If you don't understand, you can study hard. Look at what you look like!

   knows to read novels every day! What good is reading some **** books!

   is a waste!

   Okay, just sit down if it doesn't work! "Li Minhu said with a face.

   Hearing this, Lin Tian didn't sit down at all, instead he looked angry!


  Who is waste!

   What a waste of me!

   Poor grades are waste?

   Lin Tian stared at Li Min: "Trash, why am I trash! If you say I can't do it, I can't do it!"

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