Luo Zhen can be sure that after he announced that he would transfer to ggo and participate in the bob contest, Shasha and his party will stare at themselves.


Shasha is bound to try to kill Luo Zhen in this game, in the name of "death gun", let Luo Zhen die.


That being the case, at the same time as the start of the game, his party should have followed the pre-acquired address and went to the real location of Luo, ready to sneak into his room and kill him.


And this is the trap set by Luo Zhen, which is used to let the prisoners cast their own traps.


As long as the other party comes, Na Luozhen can be sure that the other party can no longer go.


As long as the other party is taken down and the murder drug is found from him, he can be convicted of his crime.


Finally, along this line, whether it is to check the source of the drug, or to force a confession from the prisoner's mouth, can confirm the crimes of Shasha and arrest him.


With the player profile of the sao period, Kikuoka Seijiro wants to find the real person in the reality of Sasha, and it is easy to grasp it.


Today, Luo Zhen told Shasha on the spot he set up.


"There is no way for the player to log out during the bob contest. The live broadcast will not fully broadcast the sound. Even if you want to inform your fellow party, you can't do it."


Luo Zhen waved his dagger and once again bounced his throat and slammed his throat.


"How? Do you feel desperate?"


"But you should be familiar with this feeling right?"


"After all, what you bring to the people you want to kill is this feeling, and when I first defeated you, I also let you taste this feeling well, you can't be strange."


Luo really discourse, and finally disintegrated all the restraints in the heart of Shasha.


"Kill you!"


Shasha completely lost his calmness, and the hoarse and low voice no longer has no feelings, full of anxiety and anger.


The smile on Luo Zhen’s face disappeared immediately and turned to indifference.


"You shouldn't really think that with a broken cloak that can be invisible, I can't take it for you?"


When the words fell, Luo’s body shape suddenly rose, and the whole person suddenly plucked out, no longer attacked by the stabbing of the future attack, and after the countless residual light was flashed away, it seemed like a gust of wind, and suddenly entered a position.




In the whistling sound, Luo Zhen was a spin, and suddenly slammed to the front.




The snoring sounded immediately.


In the space where there is nothing, Luo really has an object in his foot.




Along with the screaming voice, in the empty space, a figure appeared in the light, and the whole person was flung out, like a shell, hitting the fountain and hitting the fountain. Broken.


This shows that the strength of this foot is how strong.


In the super str (strength) type of Luo really attack, although only the attack of the fist, the hp of Shasha has experienced a great degree of turmoil, and suddenly fell a lot.




Shasha licked his chest and coughed, but his body trembled, and the image was rolled on the spot, letting the body disappear again under the influence of optical camouflage.




"Where do you want to go?"


Luo Zhen had already flew away, not too slow, no joy or no sorrow, released the kick again, let the soles of the feet like a heavy hammer, slammed into the space next to the fountain.




In the loud snarl, the amazing power is bursting on Luo’s feet.




Shasha’s body shape could no longer be hidden. In the painful shouts, with the flash of camouflage, he flew straight out and squatted on the ground, and after a certain distance, he stopped.


This time, Shasha’s hp slipped below half, leaving little left.



"Don't call it so nice, there is no pain in the game, and the pain you suffer is far less than those who are killed by you."


Luo Zhen did not know when it appeared in front of Shasha. Before he struggled, he suddenly reached out and grabbed his cloak and took it to his own face.






Another slamming sound burst.


However, this time, Luo Zhen is no longer to give Shasha to fly, but to hold the empty hand into a fist and slam on the face of Shasha.




The mask on the face of Shasha made a crack, and the whole head was slammed back.


However, Luo Zhen took advantage of his cloak's hand and pulled it back.




The clenched fist slammed into the face of Shasha, letting the amazing force vent.


In this way, Luo Zhen blasted his fist again and again.


“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”


The squeaking sounds of each one suddenly sounded, causing Luo’s fist to fall on Shasha’s face again and again, and it was completely unrecognizable. The red effect light representing the blood could not stop splashing, and it looked unusually brutal. .




Finally, the shameful mask on the face of Shasha was broken by Luo Zhen again and again.


Of course, the hp of Shasha also fell all the way, and it kept falling, and the downward trend was not too big.


After Luo Zhen’s blast did not know the first few punches, Shasha’s hp slot slipped to only a trace of silk.




Luo Zhen no longer slammed his fists, but grabbed the face of Shasha tightly and buckled it **** the ground. His head hit the ground and shattered the ground.




Shasha lying there couldn’t even say a word.


Even if there is no pain, Luo Zhen is like this violent head, and the stun of the character's shaking can be no less.


In addition, the figure of Shasha has been completely unrecognizable, covered with the effect light of the wound, and the mouth part seems to be judged to be broken, and can no longer sound.


Standing in front of such Shasha, Luo really no expression.


"Reassured, this is just an appetizer. It is my parting gift for you."


"In the future, we estimate that we will not meet again."


"This time, you will spend your whole life in the prison of the real world."






The sound of the body being replaced by the sound of the hole replaced the squeaking and percussion sounds and became the bell of the end of the announcement.


The beggar in the hands of Luo Zhen pierced the chest of Shasha and nailed it to the ground.


Shasha’s body trembled, and the last hp disappeared.


So, Shasha does not move.


""dead". ”


The red text lists the body of Shasha’s unrecognizable body and tells others that he has retired on this stage.


At the same time, this also means that Shasha will withdraw from the stage of life and will never return.


Next, waiting for him will only be retribution and execution.


There will be no luck.


Summoner of Miracles


Summoner of Miracles