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On the other hand, Luo Zhen naturally recognized the sword skills used by Shasha at this moment.


"Is it a "spark splash" without relying on system assistance?"


Luo Zhen continued to retreat, and with the dagger in his hand, he couldn’t stop the remnant light that swept away, and stabbed Shasha’s assault.


However, Shasha's "Star Splash" seems to be never-ending. After eight consecutive strikes, it will immediately pick up a new eight-shot, and then combo and then combo, never stopped from start to finish.


This technology is already above Asuna, even above the Kirito.


But to take it for granted, it is a matter of course.


"I was thinking about revenge for you all the time during the days when I was locked in the Black Iron Palace prison!"


Shasha waved countless swords and made a low, hoarse voice into Luo’s ear.


"There is no way to increase the amount of money and experience, there is no way to kill people, and there is no way to get any props. I can only keep the sword in the dark!"


This is the only entertainment in Shasha, and it is the only thing that Shasha can do.


For half a year or even nearly a year, Shasha’s prison in the Black Iron Palace, in addition to sleeping, is like this, practicing sword skills without interruption.


Therefore, the swordsmanship that this weapon can make, Shasha has already trained thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, millions of times, each movement, every track and every effort Already fully integrated into his body, remembered by his brain and nerves.


In view of this, Shasha will say that he is not his former self.


Today, Shasha's sword skills have been several times or even dozens of times stronger than in the past. Even without system assistance, he can easily use all the sword skills he has used.


Frankly speaking, the technology of this kind of Shasha is really not even the Tong people.


Unless Kirito finds the unique skills of the Second Blade, the current Kirito is only likely to be abused.


To achieve this level, Shasha has only one goal.


That is


"kill you!"


The stabbing sword in the hands of Shasha seems to have accelerated under the impetus of hatred, and instantly turned into a cold comet, flying at a rapid speed, stabbing Luo Zhen.


This blow is both crisp and neat. Even if you peep at the heart, Luo Zhen can't find any defects.


The perfect thorn, like the poisonous appendix, stabbed Luo’s head.




The next moment, the tears of flesh and blood finally rang.


The cold stab sword passed over Luo’s cheek and left a wound on it.


The effect of the imaginary wound light simulates the blood, allowing the glare of the red splash.


In the midst of a thousand miles, Luo Zhen quickly swept his head and avoided this speedy thorn.


However, Luo Zhen is still limited by the ag (agile) and dex (smart) low, even if the "eyes" have seen through the trajectory of this hit, still still make Dro really unable to completely avoid, cheeks are scratched It is.


In reality, this is just a small to small wound.


However, in the game, the damage is still hurt, so that Luo really trembled, and the first decline in history.




Luo really looked awkwardly, and the dagger in his hand was almost a reflective spin. Like a crescent moon, with an arc, he slammed into the direction of Shasha.


This too embarrassing counterattack seems to have made Shasha unanticipated, and when the reaction comes, the moon-shaped arc has already been cut.




The cracking sound rang.


At the crucial moment, Shasha relied on the reaction on the spot to avoid the deadly everything of the dagger.


However, the part of Shasha’s face that was not covered by the broken mask was directly cut off, and the effect of the wound appeared on the spot.


Shasha’s hp slot suddenly emerged, letting hp slide down.


The short-handed, the two actually broke through each other's cheeks.


"You guy!"


There was some anger in the voice of Shasha.


This is also true of course?


At first glance, both of them seem to have caused damage to each other, and the position is cheeks, no one is weaker than anyone else, but as long as they understand people, this result is definitely a high skill.


After all, Shasha uses the sword that he is best at, and the sword of the sword is tempered to an amazing point. Even the Kirito who is not in the second knife is inferior, and Luo Zhen uses the dagger. Not a one-handed sword that I am good at, even the sword skills can not be used, but it is counterattack by the reflex nerve and shocking reaction, and Shasha exchanged the damage, barely weak, has been clear at a glance.


Luo Zhen does not care about the other.


"If you only have this level, then you still have to accept it."


Saying, Luo Zhen stepped down and never retreated. Instead, he rushed to Shasha as quickly as the singularity of the string, and deceived him into his arms. His hands were like a sickle and suddenly flashed.


This flash, once again aligned with the throat of Shasha.


From the fact that Shasha is a sniper, it can be seen that his ag (agile) and dex (smart) are also not high, because sniper rifles generally require a high str (strength) to equip, Shasha Even if you don't assign all the ability values ​​to str (strength), it is definitely a str (strength) type player.


This hit, it is very difficult for Shasha to avoid.


at this time




The figure of Shasha was suddenly shrouded in a camouflage-like light, which made his figure disappear like a Wanhua mirror.




The cold dagger was cut on the spot, but it was in the empty space, lost the enemy, leaving only a ring of light in the air.


Shasha has completely lost its sight.


"Optical camouflage?"


Luo Zhen immediately recognized the means used by the other party.


It is Shasa’s optical camouflage that evades the ability of satellite scanning.


I am afraid, that is the ability of the cloak on Shasha.


Luo Zhen suddenly lost his goal.


"You really are as scary as before."


The voice of Shasha came from all directions.


"Unfortunately this is not Ain Grande. I have the power that I didn't have at that time!"


As soon as the voice fell, an icy residual light suddenly burst from the back of Luo Zhen and stabbed him.




In the crisp sound, Luo Zhen turned in time and once again bounced with a dagger.


But this is just the beginning.




The residual light of a stabbing sword emerged from all directions, like a storm, shrouded Luo’s body.




Luo Zhen stood in the same place, the dagger in his hands could not dance, and all the afterglows from all directions were bounced off, igniting a burst of screams and glaring Mars.


But in this way, Luo Zhen completely fell into the defensive, just like bathing in countless attacks, and instantly tired.


"It's a pity that it's a pity that you only have a dagger in your hand, not a one-handed sword you love!"


The voice of Shasha came again.


"Tighten your nerves."


"Grit your teeth"


"Don't let go"


"Or else you will be clear when you die."


"I am a "dead gun"!"


The meaning of Shasha’s words is obvious.


"I will kill you with this power."


"Use this power that crosses the world's barriers to kill the imaginary world and kill you in the real world."


"You must die!"


The hoarse voice of Shasha continued to ring.


With the ability to kill in the game, Shasha does not hide his killing.


Not found at all, in the storm-like stab, Luo really expression is very calm from beginning to end, and even a hint of sarcasm in his eyes.


"Do you think I really didn't see through your tricks?"


Luo Zhen is an ironic voice.


"The power to cross the world's barriers?"


"What kind of thing do you really mean so?"


"I really lost the face of "smiling coffin"!"


Luo really discourse, let the assassination of the attack on the spot.


That is to say, right?


"I have seen your obstacles, idiots."


Luo really sounds clear and clear.


"You can't kill people in the game at all."