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The dark, cloaked cloak tumbling, making the whistling wind rang.


Shasha was so glaring at the cold stabbing sword, like a ghost, rushing to Luo Zhen.


The sudden attack made all the players in front of the screen exclaimed.


"Be careful!"


In particular, Asuna and others in alo have already called up, so that the tense atmosphere is instantly shrouded in vrmmo, released by all players.


Luo Zhen alone, never moved from beginning to end, but did not know when to set up the revolver in his hand, pointing to the front.




In the fierce gunshots, the powerful bullets broke through and shot at Shasha.


At this distance, even if there is a hint of the ballistic prediction line, it is not so easy to avoid the shooting of pz.


However, Shasha’s body is like a phantom that suddenly becomes a few heavy ones. A sway is actually a bullet that will be attacked in the future.


"Pound pounds!"


Luo Zhen did not feel any surprise, still pulled the trigger and fired all the bullets in the revolver.


A bullet that was fired broke through the air, broke through the sound barrier, and shrouded it to Shasha.


In the face of the barrage at such a distance, I am afraid that it is difficult to fight in the dark wind?


Can Shasha's figure is still like that, between a few shaking, actually pulled out a phantom, through the barrage, plundered Luo Zhen.


Luo really shot, all of a sudden lost.


"It seems that the skill is still there."


Luo Zhen narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly.


For Shasha, this is not surprising.


In the sao as a death game, many high-end players have trained a variety of skills outside the system, the game technology is superb, and the average player is different levels.


At the beginning, in Sao, did Luo Zhen have relied on stepping and exerting force to strengthen the power of swordsmanship?


Methods like this are considered extra-system skills, and there are no settings in the system, and the skills that players rely on for their own skills.


Luo Zhen (in mind) is strictly an extra-system skill, but others can't learn it.


The members of the Raiders team, who are at the forefront of the players, also found many off-system skills in the two-year struggle in the daily battle.


For example, in the duel, from the position of the sword and the center of gravity of the character, it is possible to predict the extra-system skills of the opponent (predictive).


For example, the extra-system skills of the attack orbit are predicted from the distant monster or human line of sight.


For another example, the enemy's effect sound is discriminated from various environmental sounds, and the extra-system skills of its position are found.


In addition, the "misleading" that first induces the monster's ai learning function and then gives a heavy load to make a gap, and the "switching" of the hp by the plural player's interchange position, etc., are all extra-system skills.


These are not listed in the skill grid, and there is even one of the most difficult to learn, the player's stunts as a supernatural phenomenon (breathing feeling (super feeling)>.


It is a kind of enemy that can preemptively discover the enemy ready to attack before seeing it, that is, a technique for perceiving murder.


Of course, because in theory, there can be no so-called murderous relationship in the imaginary world, human beings in full stealth can only rely on the digital archives transmitted by to understand the whole world, and all the information in the game will be converted. For the program, there can be no such thing as murderous or sixth sense. Many players think that this is just a kind of delusion, but some players really rely on it to escape several times of danger. Skills belong to a kind of mysterious and mysterious things.


As one of the top cadres of "Smiling Tochigi", Shasha's strengths can even be tied to the Kirito who does not use the "two-knife flow", even if he does not understand the mysterious extra-system skills. Skills such as "predictive", "dissolved", and "dialect" are absolutely mastered.


Therefore, even without the ballistic prediction line, Shasha can easily see through the shooting track, seeing Luo really bullets, it is easy.


Luo Zhen threw the revolver's revolver directly on the ground and pulled out the dagger on the outside of the thigh.


Shasha, armed with a stabbing sword, was bullied on the spot.




In the crisp sound, a cold arc slid across the sky at an alarming rate, stabbing Luo’s throat, but was blocked by Luo’s dagger.




The red eyes on the mask of Sasha suddenly flashed red light, and then the sword in his hand turned into countless residual light, accompanied by his sprint, and mercilessly plundered the various positions of Luo Zhen's body.


Take a closer look, these residual lights, all of them are directed at Luo really want to go.










And lungs.


These positions, once hit, are almost all capable of causing crit, causing great damage.


At first glance, it is as if there are countless streams of light shrouded in Luo Zhen, very beautiful.


However, under this beautiful scene, there is a deadly killing.




Luo Zhen snorted, but the movements on his hands were not sloppy. The toes of the toes moved, and the whole person fluttered toward the rear. While retreating, he held the dagger and waved in the shortest, best, and most direct orbit. .




In the next second, countless gold and iron crossfire sounded, causing the dagger and the stabbing sword to collide with each other, igniting a burst of Mars.


Luo Zhen and Shasha will be a retreat, a pursuit, one can not stop, one constantly attacking, the figure looks like two dark winds, rolling back and forth in the vast square, bringing a burst of swords and swords.


For a time, the two actually fought a match.


The players who saw this scene were excited.


"I actually used a sword to fight me!"




"I have never seen a sword war like this in previous bobs?"


"Don't say it's in the bob, it's in the usual battle, as long as it is in the ggo, you can't see this sword fight!"


"I didn't expect that I could see such a fierce and exciting sword fight in this game!"


"It’s an eye-opener!"


Many players have been so excited about the discussion.


Only the players of the "Red Wings" changed their faces one after another.


Because they have already seen what the fighting skills used by Shasha are.




That is the advanced skill of the spurs, the eight-sword technique of the sword.


Because it is a sword technique that does not include chopping movements, the sword that is derived from the fine sword can also be used. For sao players, it is no longer a strange thing.


In particular, Asuna, who is a fine sword, is very familiar with this sword technique.


You know, this is also the sword skill that Asna is good at.


Because of this, Asuna was surprised to cover her lips.


"He did not rely on the system to help the sword skills of eight combos?"


After all, ggo is not sao. Even if the character has the ability to correct the value, it is difficult to make the sword skill without relying on the system assistance, or the sword skill of the eight-shot level. The difficulty can be imagined.


At least, Asuna dared not say that she could do it every time.


And Shasha is completely convinced that it is enough to prove that the other's technology is already above Asuna.


What's more, even the Tong people showed a dignified expression.