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Summon the Mythical Emperor of the World

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Novel Summary

Li Si opened his eyes and found himself sitting high on the dragon chair, with hundreds of civil and military officials, chanting long live long live long live. At this time, the strongest summoning system of the Ten Thousand Realms was activated.

All the characters in the heavens and worlds can be summoned.

Cao Zhengchun: “The courtiers and thieves, everyone gets punishable!”

Bai Qi: “I see, I kill, I destroy!”

Zhang Jiao: “Your Majesty, the fairy, call the wind, call the rain, and keep one side peaceful! The devil, the earth cracks, the sky collapses, the foundation of the chaos!”

Zhuge Kongming: “Give the minister a seven-star lamp, change his fate for your majesty against the sky, continue the world forever, and live with the world!”

Monkey King: “My old grandson has a stick, which can be used for nine days, can crush the world, and for your majesty…to push the heavens and gods!”

Hongjun: “On the prehistoric continent, trillions of creatures, from saints to mundanes, are your Majesty’s people!”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SMEW
Alternate Title:召唤万界之神话帝皇
Author:Back to the beginning
Weekly Rank:#700
Monthly Rank:#297
All Time Rank:#1239
Tags:Army Building, Harem, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Royalty, System Administrator,
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20 Comments on “Summon the Mythical Emperor of the World
  1. Completely military construction of the kingdom, almost do not show an improvement in the quality of life of the population, although only for the sake of this he is fighting. In the beginning, it was good, a standard martial art without any exaggerated destruction of the universe, but then, as the world of heaven fell apart, the story rolled completely

  2. Chinese are too much even if this a novel you wanted to extinct entire japan.and worse you write it like they are zero IQ. I know japan in world war 2 is too much but why you hate uneceseary people. How about children and women had they done anything wrong to you.yes some may do but enitire all. This round you chinese are too racist

  3. Hello guys my review is clean. This novel is very wonderful unlike others where it get cliche plots this novel is very different the mc is very powerful but not too Powerful and the politics is well balanced and everything is smooth there is nothing like other novel.

  4. I mean bro a Chinese novel without Discrimination or racism is a fantasy dream like and I got used to it so considering everything that I have read this one doesn't have except few things racism or discrimination. Face slap is absent which is the best thing that has happened

  5. You said this novel is very wonderful than other novel(with tag kingdom building) bcoz mc was strong but not really and political balance? Dude, i wanna says... Many novel better than this novel... 🙄

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