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Summon a Little Fire Dragon at the Start

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“Master Qin, only the god-level star pets on the earth and the stars can resist nuclear explosions, but some of the battle pets in the relics can burn mountains, boil the sea, and break the stars. Is this true?”

“of course!”

Qin Ye turned his hands and summoned a bright five-clawed golden dragon, about eight thousand feet long, with scales like houses.

The dragon roared and breathed out a beam of light, straight into the star domain, the fire wave caused by the beam of light rubbing against the atmosphere, reflected the entire sky, like a sea of flames flowing backwards.

A giant meteorite outside the planet was blasted into dust, and the ring-shaped air wave formed by the explosion was clearly visible on the surface of the planet.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SLFDAS
Alternate Title:开局召唤一只小火龙
Author:Toad ancestor
Weekly Rank:#280
Monthly Rank:#240
All Time Rank:#266
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Battle Academy, Cold Protagonist, Dragons, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Necromancer, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Transmigration,
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41 Comments on “Summon a Little Fire Dragon at the Start
  1. i just wanna say that this novel is disappointing cuz it betrayes the original content and title.Now summoning is just a side job.What is the point of the summoner if he is stronger than his summon by a lot over 5lvs.he is becoming mage,warrior and sth.Sumooner is just a subjob and he is not using his system well.His system is particuarly for pets but he is using it to trin himself and never interacts with pets instead of calling and fighting.PLOT DEVIATES

  2. It became martial arts towards dao again. We are here for summoners stuff, yet this author gave us again the cultivation bullshit to become immortal again. What the hell is wrong with this writer, always incorporating cultivation bullshit every fucki g time.

  3. When mc got 3 pet in 20 chapter I think this novel not 4 star novel I want to read. Why? When pet novel not focus on pet enough. What point to read it over other pet novel. Go and read pet store or charm of soul pet this 2 is real gems.

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