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Jiang Suisui died of congenital heart disease in her previous life, and she has always regretted that she did not experience sweet love. When she woke up again in a daze, the man she saw at first sight made her fall in love at first sight.

Someone asked: Sui Sui, do you want to marry him?

Jiang Suisui nodded fiercely: Yes!

After waking up, Jiang Suisui realized that she had actually traveled through a novel. She was Jiang Suisui in a rural village in the 1970s, and she deliberately fell into the water to design the male lead, forcing him to marry his vicious female partner.

Jiang Suisui: … Is it too late to say no now?

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Short Title:SAS
Alternate Title:岁岁在七零
Weekly Rank:#792
Monthly Rank:#1460
All Time Rank:#2747
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Orphans, Poor to Rich, Transmigration,
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20 Comments on “Suisui at Seventy
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  1. Muchas gracias por compartir está excelente novela 😘 gracias por su arduo y excelente trabajo de principio a fin muy recomendable gracias al escritor o escritora especialmente a quien la tradujo en español 🫰😘💯muy buena

  2. Hey guys did you know about this novel, this novel tells the story of mc who enters a novel where mc enters the body of her younger sister from cannon fodder which later in the end mc will be trapped by her older sister and ends badly and cannot marry. Mc has 1 older brother and 1 older sister where older sister mc is cannon fodder but she is entered by a transmigrator and then original FL and original ML is an educated young man and because older sister mc transmigrates finally the original fl and ml don't end up together. In this life the original fl was reborn and tried to approach ml as well as mc's older sister who transmigrated, she also approached ml. But here because they were too aggressive ml didn't like both of them and liked mc then in the end both the original fl and mc's older sister who transmigrated finally approached the second male lead and finally they were both pregnant but the second male lead preferred the original fl and asked to abort mc's older sister. Eventually mc's older sister kills the second male lead and she loses her child and ends up going to jail. Btw sorry in advance for my broken english 🙏🏻

  3. beginning chapter, i think this miaomiao is stupid. she's a reborn too but instead of make her life better using her memory of the future, she sticks to one poor villager guy so that she can get into his boat to richness. like wtf girl, use ur brain. use ur advantage of being reborn. u died sacrificing for a man and now ur doing it again? duhhh

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