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Su Yu’s Promotion Record in the ’60s

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Su Yu had been an only child. Her grandfather raised her as if she was a boy that would succeed the family. However, when she was ten years old, her mother gave birth to a pair of fraternal twins. Now that the Su’s had a son to inherit, she had had to step aside. For Su Yu, this was a wonderful thing. She was happy to be able to live a good life without working.

Who knew that her father would learn from others and want to marry off his daughter into an alliance marriage? If her chosen fiance was good in all aspects, she could have tolerated her father’s arrangement. However, her chosen fiance was a person with IQ problems.

At that moment, Su Yu suddenly understood the old saying. It was every person for themselves, and the devil took the hindmost. After seizing control of the family asset’s from her weak and incompetent father, she made up her mind to be the head of the household for the rest of her life. However, it seemed that the heavens wouldn’t let her live a free and easy life. After a good night’s sleep, she woke up and was back in 1959. She had become another person with the same name.

The original owner was someone that worked like a dog for her family, but Su Yu wouldn’t do such a s*upid thing even if someone threatened her with death. Even if she were to work extremely hard for her family, she would require her family to work extremely hard for her too.

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Short Title:SYPR60
Alternate Title:重生六零好时光
Weekly Rank:#856
Monthly Rank:#1978
All Time Rank:#1957
Tags:Bickering Couple, Business Management, Charismatic Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Leadership, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Mature Protagonist, Modern Day, Politics, Poor to Rich, Power Couple, Pragmatic Protagonist, Sibling's Care, Slow Romance, Transmigration,
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27 Comments on “Su Yu’s Promotion Record in the ’60s
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  1. Help!!! Anyone knows chronology drama, the heroine is a peach blossom tree or something, then she reincarnated or enter the body of the goddaughter of the peach blossom tree owner. The owner of the peach blossom tree is the abandoned contryside-wife of the heroine’s uncle. The heroine’s parents has died. I don’t remember but her godmother died and her uncle took her to live in the city. She was treated badly by her uncle and his family. The male lead is a generation older than her. He is in the same generation as her uncle. The two family know each other. The heroine is a very straightforward and frank character. Please anyone who knows the story please tell me the title of the story or the link to read it. Thank you so much 🙏😭🙏

  2. The story is really good at the start but when the male lead was introduced, everything went downhill. Its like every chapter afterwards had moments with him and it becomes so tiring with same scenarios. Really disappointed I thought this is about journey of a 70s woman and not a fell-in-love trope.

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