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Shi Yi’s life, from a straight flower of Gaoling to a paper clip, is only one Fu Sitian.

Everyone thought that Fu Sitian would be a thorn in Shi Yi’s heart.

But she didn’t know that it was a cinnabar mole in her heart.

Later, when we met again unexpectedly, and the talk became a farewell after cooperation, the front office manager asked her: Boss, are you always familiar with when you were there?

Fu Sitian stared at Shi Yi’s departure.

After a long while, she smiled and said: In college, she was quite familiar.

Be familiar, know every mole on her body.

In the elevator, Shi Yi was also in a trance.

A friend asked her: What are you thinking about?

Shi Yi sneered at her lips: I was thinking, the little white rabbit has grown into a big white rabbit, I don’t know if it’s still delicious.

From the campus to the society, from the past to the future,
Thank you for being the only star in my bleak life.

Since then, every day has been an extreme day.

Edible guide: ·White rabbit with soft outside and tough inside x Yujie with cold outside and hot inside

·Pre-university campus/late-term society/crush love comes true

Content tag: urban love, special liking, reunion with a broken mirror, campus

Search keywords: Protagonist: Fu Sitian, Shi Yi┃Supporting role:┃Others:

Brief introduction: The goddess of warm water.

Idea: Tolerance is the greatest kindness to oneself. Forgiving ourselves and forgiving others is a homework that guides us to become better selves.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SFY
Alternate Title:怦然为你
Author:Min Ran
Weekly Rank:#3088
Monthly Rank:#3080
All Time Rank:#5172
Tags:Devoted Love Interests, School Life, Tragic Past,
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4 Comments on “Stunned for You
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  1. As expected, this author will never fail to deliver gl stories QAQ I love the build up from their college life to the working adults because its usually reversed in some stories. And even though am a sucker for mutual pining, I like how the two of them got togehter right away, I also enjoyed how sweet 'some' of the moments... but I kinda wish that some supporting roles got some build up in the story, made its just me idk. And hell yeah, I cried alot actually. Sitian is so pitiful I just want to give her a big hug. T-T

  2. Sorry for the late reply but I have kinda forgotten the story now because I've been reading different baihe stories but as far as ( is this kinda spoilers? idk) I remember the synopsis describes the actual plot near the ending lol the two main characters have a good chemistry, their arguments doesnt just revolve around misunderstanding like many other stories, I really like the part where (spoiler) the author still makes the two endure things when they got 'out of the closet', it portrays on how hard it really is when there is no support with your family, etc. especially when you are young and love is not enough for your relationship to stay strong(/spoiler) plus i know the story is gonna be good because I have already read the other book of the author, https://www.mtlnovel.com/my-feelings-can-wait/ I recommend reading this after this one :D

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