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Struggle in the American Comic World

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With the DNF Sharpshooter’s transfer certificate, he traveled through the American comics world and became the John Wick of the Continental Hotel.

Roaming gunners, gunners, mechanics, ammunition experts…people are mortal, and some people need a little help.

Uh, it’s on the stage.

In short, don’t mess with my dog, I am a cat lover.

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Short Title:SIACW
Alternate Title:奋斗在美漫世界
Author:Yang Zi of Yang
Weekly Rank:#2315
Monthly Rank:#3925
All Time Rank:#2279
Tags:Assasins, Based on a Movie, Fan-fiction, Firearms, Gunfighters, Harem, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Modern Day, Parallel World, Perverted Protagonist, Reincarnation,
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39 Comments on “Struggle in the American Comic World
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  1. Mc is ridiculously weak. Like he had the spider serum in his hands and he just passed that off like it was cheap change. I know he used it to make a deal but if he had just taken the serum then he would essentially become a one man army. I mean think of spiderman but with god like gun skill.

  2. Chap 17, im sorry spider serum is many times more valuable than simply super serum, teenager peter parker stop bucky mechanical arm punch with his palm like nothing, and the spider serum doesnt change body proportion, well maybe one or two cm taller and six packs but not like steve rogers. So no dude... But well both has shortcomings. Super serum will overstimulate the user good/evil feeling, that's why there is only 1 capt America. While spider serum needs to be adjusted with the user dna, then cultivate the mutated spider, use its toxin as the serum

  3. Good story, but sometimes what the MC does is a no brainer, he still seems to think he is living in a movie even after 70-80 chaps. Obviously you have your system but openly stated that he needs to do research on his body...???

  4. Super soldier serum is more precious. its the source of hulk serum, extremist, centipede, green goblin, and the golden sentry serum,. even the weaker one of black widow agent serum, and similiar to nick fury longevity serum

  5. Dude Spider serum is a supernatural potion, its the key to the weaver power (spiderverse plot), so no! Also all those derivative of super soldier serum are almost non repetitive. Sentry is ridiculous so no, hulk too, perhaps you think hulk is strong, yes, but thats his infinite anger power up, Abomination, Red Hulk (General Ross) and all other hulk usually are way weaker (of course i dont remember all hulks). Green Goblin is pretty much only for the Osborne with gene disease (idk if GB is stronger than Spiderman, but spidersense is too OP to pass).

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