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Strongest Hero in One Punch

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Xia Dong travels to the world of One Punch Man and gains the ability to strengthen his food. As long as he keeps eating, his body can become stronger and stronger.

With this ability, can Xia Dong become the strongest hero?


- Description from MTL


Short Title:SHIOP
Alternate Title:一拳之最强英雄
Author:Mengsheli No.2
Weekly Rank:#7833
Monthly Rank:#2858
All Time Rank:#3021
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Alternate World, Cheats, Fan-fiction, Heroes, Incest, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Monsters, Naive Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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22 Comments on “Strongest Hero in One Punch
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  1. Don't read this novel is completely disgusting he make fubuki become lover with her sister I don't even know hos this is not removed

  2. Godly works turn into trash. Honestly this is just usual routine for chinese author. Well, at least its quite rare to find OPM fanfic.

  3. This came out on comrademao like a while ago. The readers there were complaining that one punch man without Saitama isn't one punch man, and the mc is too weak and grows too slowly. Well to be exact someone said the mc fights like that bicycle hero, getting beaten up a lot while trying to be a hero. And think about this, what would happen to the world if Saitama wasn't there? Think about all the monsters he was killing in OPM cannon... Now think about the weak mc who isn't filling that gap. Like I said I haven't read it. Just that the author hasn't filled in the gaps from the change in plot. I wouldn't be surprised if this author made 'King' a hero. If he isn't a hero then this author isn't completely crap at this. If he is a hero here... Well to be fair I've heard that King has a luck power which enabled his 'feats' but without someone as strong as Saitama who can finish any powerful villain off so quickly and leave immediately so that nobody notices, then that's impossible.

  4. What is bad about this fanfic is the extremely disgusting end. Fubuki end as lover with her sister and even the mc marry his sister

  5. Plot kacau, tanpa Saitama bagaimana boros bisa datang ke bumi? Boros datang ke bumi karena mendapat ramalan bahwa hanya makhluk bumi (Saitama) yang dapet menandingi kekuatan boros, jika Saitama dihilangkan dari plot bagaimana bisa si boros datang ke bumi? Bergantung pada MC? Apakah otak penulis cacat mental? Kekuatan MC saja tidak bisa menyamai 1/10 dari Saitama bagaimana bisa dia mengalahkan boros yang kekuatan nya bisa menghancurkan sebuah planet, Kecuali jika Anda menambahkan banyak sekali plot armor buat MC wkwkwkwk, sangat sampah, benar-benar sampah, luar biasa sampah, penulis China anjng sampah

  6. Eh bro kita boleh mengkritik, tapi jangan menghina negara seseorang bro, ingat hanya karena kamu pembaca belum tentu kamu bisa menulis novel.. mungkin kamu bisa tetapi banyak penulis novel China yang bagus, bro jaga omongan mu jangan sampe kelewatan ya bro, jangan marah bro ini cuman ngingetin aja

  7. Hahahaha best lah. Ungkapin semua yang ada di hati lo sobat, dunia kita bebas kritik. Mau kritik sampah atau kritik bagus ungkapkan semua

  8. I will tell you if this story is just rubbish, because without the s @ itama how come b0r0s came to earth? b0r0s come to earth because they get a prediction that only earth creatures (saitama) can match b0r0s' strength, if saitama is removed then where is the right reason to make b0r0s come? if you still follow the plot concept then the writer is a big idiot

  9. The prediction wasn't about Saitama, it takes 20 years from traveling to earth, Saitama was just a kid when Boros ask for the prediction.

  10. I agree with you in this point, while prediction power surpass time and space, OPM alao surpass time and space, so i believe that prediction was for Blast the no 1 hero, rather than saitama.

  11. No the prediction was about garou as the prediction said that he wanted a close fight which is monster garou Saitama was way too op and that's why in the end boros said so much for prophasy's because he fought someone who was too strong not someone who wws close to his level which was monster garou thou i think boros would've won if he fought with him

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