I felt that I didn't sit for a long time. I found that it was already five o'clock in the morning. I thought about writing the last chapter of the book.

The strongest abandonment is over, but the chapter is not over yet. The mood has been adjusted and I have to say a few words that I want to say after the book ends.

I have decided to continue writing some chapters that have not been written, but in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, these chapters will not be published in this book. Finally, nearly ten chapters, the fifth decided to publish in the form of public chapters at the beginning of the new book.

The name of the new book has been determined, called "The Gate of Creation." The Gate of Fortune will start at the beginning of June in the beginning of June, and the new book has been conceived for a long time. This is the two different levels of "The Strongest Discards", but there is only one Xuan Huangzhu (this is not an advertisement).

In fact, the oldest five has always wanted to write is Xianxia, ​​everyone can see a few books I can understand, a few books are the process of going to Xianxia. At this time, the fifth thought that the time to write Xian Xia is mature, do not have to wait.

The new book's Xian Xia may be slightly different from the standard Xian Xia. In specific circumstances, I will meet you next month. As for the prestige, the fifth will release some role information, which is also a post-transfer that is not very strict. Because prestige can only release 600 words per day, if there are ten chapters to calculate according to the end of the book, it is 30,000 words, I don't know which day to post, and it is very uncomfortable. Because of this, I decided to post the last chapter at the beginning of the new book.

Thanks, the old five will not say much, and the sad words have passed. For the strongest, this is the end. For the new book, this is also the beginning.

Because the book is over, there is also a completion satisfaction survey, which is an award. This satisfaction does not reach a certain level, and the fifth is that no bonus is available. Even so, the fifth is still asking the readers of the subscription to help me to finish the satisfaction, so that the fifth can get this bonus.

Thank you! I wish all the best readers and friends a healthy and healthy body, happy and happy!

Dear readers, we will see you in June! Old five ceremony!

... (to be continued..)

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