After repairing the Holy Land, Ye Mo was prepared to take a few wives to travel the void. So before he planned to leave, he weakened the strength of each ethnic group. After a hundred years, the various ethnic groups attacked the holy world. This is the opportunity. If he exposes his powerful strength to the Mozu, it is estimated that no one will dare to go to the Holy Land after a hundred years.

Dongfang Wang understood Ye Mo’s mind. After the crazy laughter, his body suddenly surged, almost in an instant, and a burst of tears tore the surrounding void. The boundary that bound the Dongfangwang was also blown away by this sound.

Ye Mo’s great hand of the gods has already caught the void in this moment. While the Dongwang’s **** and ring were caught in the hands of Ye Mo, a yellow ray disappeared from the blasted void.

Even Ye Mo has no time to block the yellow light of this flying dragonfly.

"Haha, Ye Mo, even if I can't escape, my Xuan Huangzhu can't get it." Dongwang's Yuanshen was caught in Ye Mo, laughing.

Ye Mo, who knows that the yellow light that was just taken away is Xuan Huangzhu, and his heart is also extremely regrettable. Xuan Huangzhu is a treasure of heaven, and was actually abandoned by Dongfang Wang. This Dongfang Wang also has the ability, after the blast, the Yuanshen can still retain, if not his hand, this guy really escaped.

Ye Mo simply didn't bother to continue to speak, and the big hand was pinched. The Yuanwang of the East was turned into nothingness, and the spirit was destroyed.

Killing Dongfangwang, Ye Moxin suddenly felt a lot. The three brothers of the East have always been a thorn. Today, this thorn is completely removed, and Ye Moxin has no more than half.

As for the mysterious yellow beads lost, Ye Mo did not care. Xuan Huangzhu is a good thing, but he has too many good things. In contrast, he can already kill Dongfang Wang, he is already very satisfied.

Raise his hand and put away the world mountain that was bound by the early gods. Ye Mo was very satisfied. Xuan Huangzhu left and left, but the world mountain did not go away.

Ye Mo’s **** knife was cut several times in a row, and the prohibition of the ring in his hand was directly opened by him. When Ye Mo’s knowledge swept into the ring, he immediately stopped.

He is not because the ring of Dongfangwang is a small world, but because there is a person in this small world who is constantly refining the flag. Research array method.

Ye Mo immediately took the old man who made the refining flag. Some people can't believe it, "Lao Lu, how can you be caught by Dongfang Wang and help him refine his flag?"

Lu Wuhu only saw that the person in front of him was Ye Mo. He didn't even react for a while. When he confirmed that it was Ye Mo. This is a surprise, "Ye brothers, really you. Dongfang Wangna kid?"

"I was killed by me." Ye Mo was wondering how Lu Wuhu would fall in the hands of Dongfang Wang. Still desperately refining the flag here.

"Can you kill Dongfang Wang?" Lu Wuhu stared at Ye Mo with a shock. Ye Mo did not seem to have any momentum, very ordinary, and the East was so powerful that he saw it with his own eyes.

But he immediately remembered one thing, "Ye brother, where is this?"

"This is a void outside the holy road. How did you get caught by Dongfang Wang? What kind of flag are you refining?" After answering Lu Wuhu's question, Ye Mo also asked several questions in a row. Lu Wuhu only Xuan Xian repaired, why Dongfang Wang wants to keep him.

"You have already proved?" Lu Wuhu is obviously not an ordinary Xuanxian, and has already learned a lot from Dongfangwang.

After the question was over, he did not wait for Ye Mo to answer, and he sighed and said, "It’s not because of the world stone. Dongfang Wang found me through the world stone. Then Dongfangwang knew that I was a refiner. I gave me a lot of refining jade and the formation, let me learn the formation. Then he took me to a place, saying that there is chaotic Qinglian, but he can't get in.

He has a formation that can get chaotic Qinglian, but that big array needs hundreds of millions of flags, and I am here to help him refine the flag. If it weren't for you, I still don't know how many years to refine. ”

Ye Mo did not understand this. No wonder he could not find Lu Wuhu. Dongfang Wang got the part of the world mountain, and then he noticed that Lu Wuhu had the smell of the world stone. He grabbed Lu Wuhu and grabbed the world stone. Later, he discovered that Lu Wuhu could use it, and this did not kill the land without tigers.

"Or, I will send you to the fairyland first. I built a Mohyun Xianzong in the fairyland. I am going to do things now. After I finish the matter, I will go to the Mo Yuexian to find you." Ye Mo said.

"Can you send me to the fairyland?" Lu Wuhu asked with surprise. He was too low and uncomfortable in the void.

Ye Mo raised his hand and tore the void in front of him. He grabbed Lu Wuhu and sent it out. "You will know if you look."


After sending Lu Wuhu, Ye Mo once again returned to the Mozu, and when he entered the Mozu Guest House, almost everyone stood up in shock. The strength of Dongfangwang is clearly seen. Ye Mo went to fight with Dongfangwang. Now he has returned to the Mozu safely and innocently. What is going on?

Yan Bingyu stood up for the first time. Her expression had been very relaxed before, but when she saw Ye Mo coming in, she really got up.

"Ye Dansheng, Dongfangwang?" Fan Gao first asked, he is most concerned about the whereabouts of Dongfangwang.

Ye Mo did not pay attention to Fan Gao of the Yaozu. He focused on the soup and said from the squatting fist. "Two fairy friends, welcome to the holy road, I am here today."

I heard that Ye Mo was going to leave, and some of the princes who had the default knowledge of the leaves immediately stood up. Tang Yuzhen still couldn’t help but ask, "Ye Dansheng..."

Ye Mo knew that Tang Congyi wanted to ask something. He did not wait for the soup to ask him, and he smiled and said, "I didn't see it. It is estimated because of what reason."

Ye Mo’s words are deliberately confusing. He is talking about Xuan Huangzhu, and the people here will definitely think that it is Dongfangwang.

Sure enough, after listening to Ye Mo, the people in the guest house looked at Ye Mo with some unbelief, and the East went away? This is absolutely impossible. All people know that Dongwang will not leave with Ye Mo.

Ye Moke wouldn’t ignore what other people think. He stared at the man in Tsing Yi and said, “Your disciple and I have some beams. I have to ask him a few questions.”

After seeing Ye Mo back, Yantai changed his face. Now that she heard Ye Mo said that she was leaving, she suddenly stood up and said, "Ye Mo, I have a few questions and I want to ask you separately."

After Ye Mo finished, he did not seek the consent of the Tsing Yi people, and directly caught the hollow of the void. Although the hollow is a sermon, it is not enough to see in front of Ye Mo.

Grabbing the hollow, Ye Mo brought up Bing Bingyu and even rip open the space directly in the guest hall, stepping out in one step, disappearing without a trace. From beginning to end. Ye Mo does not say to answer the words of Fujian and Taiwan. He didn't even look at the platform to look at it.

Tsing Yi’s face was blue and green. He stood up and took a fist to the Mozu’s mixed-race, the Emperor Yuan Yuanzhou, and turned away from the guest house. He did not learn Ye Mo, so he tore the space in the Mozu, as he left the Mozu to save his disciples. Or because there is no face left here. No one knows.

Yantai was too lazy to say to him when he saw Ye Molian. The face immediately became a burst of green, and she looked at the place where Ye Mo had torn the space, and it took a while for it to sit down silently.


In the void. Ye Mo left the hollow on the side and asked coldly, "Small, many years ago, a woman named 阮珺 went to your emperor's house, where is she now? There are some of her circumstances, say it."

When I saw Ye Mo alone, I was already suspected that Dongfang Wang was killed by Ye. Besides, even if Ye Mo is not an opponent of Dongfang Wang, now he does not dare to say half a word in front of Ye Mo.

"I don't know where she went. I only know that she is a fairy emperor, but she was seriously injured, then..."

If you didn't finish the emptying, you were interrupted by Ye Mo. "And then you are in danger, right?"

"I..." no matter how much the strategy is hollowed out, I can't talk in the face of absolute strength. Just after saying a word, I was shot by Ye Mo as a vain.


Mo Yuexian main peak, Mo Yuefeng.

Luo Ying, Mu Xiaoyun, Song Yingzhu, Ning Qingxue, Yan Bingyu, and Su Jingwen stand by Ye Mo. They know that after a hundred years, Ye Mo will repair the holy road. Even the holy road may have a scene with the rest. Big battle.

"Husband, don't worry, there are many Terran emperors in the Holy Land. We are not necessarily worse than them." Ning Xiaoxue deliberately walked to Ye Mo and held Ye Mo's arm.

They have been standing here with Ye Mo for a long time, but Ye Mo did not speak. Ning Qingxue thought that Ye Mo was worried about things after a hundred years.

Luo Ying said softly, "He is not worried about things after a hundred years, but thinks of some old people."

Ye Mo looked back at the people around him and suddenly smiled. "I am not worried about things after a hundred years. After 100 years, I am afraid they will not come."

He sighed and continued, "I suddenly remembered Ye Xing, I don't know if he is okay. And Tingting, I don't know if she is good now..."

Ye Mo finished, looked up at the void in the distance, and he also had one who was most worried and most eager to see. It was a girl who was willing to accompany him to jump off the building. It was a girl who gave him the chaotic world. It was a girl who was afraid of ghosts but wanted to go upstairs to catch ghosts.

However, after he proved that the mixed yuan, he still could not find the trace of desolate.

Where are you, where are you?

(End of the text!)


There is basically nothing to write about writing I would like to explain some more. It is a pity that there is ancient harmony coming. Although there is nothing worthy of harmony in this book, there are still people who report the strongest and less. Whatever the reason, the abandonment should also end.

This is also good, let us leave some regrets. The old five said a few days ago that the world is not happy, ten accounts. Since things are coming, why not open-minded! Many friends gave comfort to the old five, and the old five were very warm. Thank you, even if the book is over, the fifth friend is still there.

There are still some pits in the book. I don't want to explain the unimportant pits. Some important pits, please pay attention to the public prestige of the fifth. The successor, the fifth will give the answer in the prestige. The interval may be longer. Please wait patiently for some time.

Thanks again to all the friends who love to be the strongest and abandon the book, the fifth will not be knocked down by this small setback, the new book will soon meet with you, we will see you next time.

... (to be continued..)