Dongfang Wang stared at Yan Bingyu and looked at it. He wanted to know that after he killed Ye Mo, he found what his eyes were like.

I think that Dongfang Wang is no longer saying more, just walked out of the guest house and raised his hand to tear the space in front of him.

Ye Moe’s mood to kill Dongfang Wang is more urgent than the East’s temptation to kill him. He just focused on the monk and the soup from the cuddle of the fist, and turned and walked out of the guest hall to tear the space.

No one is going to see it, and Ye Mo and Dong Fang’s mind are clear to everyone. Dongfang Wang wants the treasures of Ye Mo, and Ye Mo also wants the treasures of Dongfang Wang. This kind of thing is clearly clear. If you go to see it, no matter who wins, the people who watch it will not end well.

Qi Yuanzhou looked at Ye Mo and Dong Fang Wang successively tearing the space in the Mozu site. Although his face was calm, his heart was very angry.

The strength of Dongfang Wang was only seen today, and at this moment he actually found himself not an opponent of Dongfangwang. The East Wang dare to tear the space inside the Mozu, apparently did not see the Mozu, nor did he see him in the eyes.

As for Ye Mo, he feels that he is not angry. Ye Mo has always been crazy, and he has torn the space in the Dragon, can he give him the face of the Mozu?

"Who are you from Ye Mo?" Yantai Yi did not care about Ye Mo and Dong Fang Wang's fight. Instead, he looked at Qi Bingyu.

Yan Bingyu smiled lightly. "I am his Taoist."

"You lied..." Yantai said, staring at Bing Bingyu. She knew that Bing Bingyu was the virgin body, but she was not so embarrassed to say this because she was also the virgin.

Yan Bingyu even closed the light smile. "I don't have much relationship with you. I didn't want you to believe."

Fan Gao suddenly asked. "Bing Yu Fairy. That Dongfangwang has a world mountain, and the magical power is amazing. Are you not worried about Ye Mo?"

"Why should I worry about him?" Yan Bingyu suddenly asked.

Everyone knows what Fan Gao means. He wants to hear about Ye Mo’s chances of winning the East. The reason why he cares about this matter is because Zhuge Tianhua was killed by the East Wang.

However, Yan Bingyu’s counter-question, let Fan Gao suddenly speak, did not even know what to say.


"Ye Mo, at the time of the earth. You are a self-cultivator, bullying me and my oriental family like a dog, today I will let you understand, do the dog's taste." Dongfang Wang Hao stared at Ye Mo said It’s all overwhelming and even tearing the void around it.

"You will soon discover that even if you have already mixed up, it is still a dog." Ye Mo's tone is calm, and the East is so powerful that he has seen it. When a person's path is already standing on all the roads. It is a feeling that it will be a top. It is a pity that Dongfang Wang does not understand this truth. At this moment, Ye Mo actually had a feeling of loneliness.

"Ha ha..." The East Wang Haha laughed. "I will let you know what is invincible. I am Dongfang Wang is the same level. When I kill you, I will hold your **** to take away Bing Bingyu... ..."

Dongfangwang said that it is no longer nonsense, the world mountain has already banged out, and the magic Buddha's rays rolled up hundreds of millions of ripples, forming a substantial boundary.

If someone sees Dongfangwang’s re-starting here, it will be found that Dongfangwang did not do his best when he and Zhuge Tianhua started to work.

"Magic Buddha..." Dongfang Wang shouted as he rolled up the ripples of hundreds of thousands of Buddhas. This is his most powerful supernatural power, the magical Buddha domain, under his supernatural powers, even if it is a powerful hybrid, the Holy Emperor will be caught in the light of the magic Buddha in a short time, unable to get rid of.

Ye Mo is as if he has not seen the world mountain banging out. He is arbitrarily stepping forward in the void, raising his hand and waving, "Reincarnation..."

Dongfang Wang saw Ye Mo’s ignorance of his magic Buddha’s magical powers, and his heart was shocked. He had not waited for him to continue to blast new magical powers. The endless turn of the endless years has been surrounded by his space, filling his entire body and mind.

He still doesn't understand why his supernatural powers are so far away from Ye Mo's supernatural powers that he has been immersed in the endless years of dying.

At this moment, he saw his temperament after the testimony of the mixed yuan, and then he saw that he had the world mountain and got the sorrowful joy of the mulberry tree.

The years are like running water, but the water is the most ruthless. He has not yet been awakened from the surprise of the world mountain. He is once again swept by the joy of many fruits in the chaotic star field. He saw his excitement after his testimony. I saw the goddess who gave him the fairy crystal.

But these moments flowed away with the quicksand, as if they could not be stopped, but did not leave a trace of the waves to brush. Fortunately, he still had a bigger surprise. He saw that he had obtained Xuan Huangzhu. He saw that he had got the first holy scripture of the Mozu. He saw that he had merged with the two Buddhas...

He suddenly saw the face of others slowly grow old in the dust of the years, the marks of the years carved on the body are getting heavier and heavier, and he has fewer and fewer traces of his body. No, the years of others are moving forward, and his years are going backwards.

The hibiscus tree rolled up the green mans, and suddenly traced the endless years of traces. Dongfang Wang suddenly woke up, and he was shocked to find that his world mountain was crushed by a purple long knife, and he was actually in the boundary of Ye Mo. Among the domains, there is no way to move.

"What kind of magical power was it?" Under the horror of the East, he even asked, he was completely controlled by Ye Mo, and he could only feel the passage of time.

"Years..." Ye Mo calmly said that Dongfangwang was invincible in the same order, and it was meaningless in his eyes. His path has transcended the avenue of the ordinary universe, and he has proved to be his own chaotic road. Since he returned from the Netherland, his avenue has become more rounded. Dongfang Wang is strong again, and he is also in his hands.

"Ye Mo, I am invincible in the same level of Dongfang, I am against you, I hate it..." Dongfang Wang understood this fact and spurted a flame in his eyes. He didn't think that he was so much worse than Ye Mo, and even if he didn't do it, he was stopped by Ye Mo. If it were not for him to be underestimated, he would never have fallen to this point.

Who has such a strong chance? He got the mysterious yellow beads. Got the hibiscus tree. Got the first magic code. Got the fruit...

He is so powerful, he was actually taken by Ye Mo, he could not hate almost crazy?

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and waved nine pale gold bone arrows and a pale golden bow. These bows and arrows were surrounded by Ye Mo’s body. Although they did not shoot, the powerful killings had taken away the vitality around them. .

Looking at the eyes of Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo suddenly said, "This is a golden arrow. The nine arrows are complete. If I want to kill you with this arrow, you can't hide three arrows."

After that, Ye Mo once again offered a huge gourd, and then looked at Dongfang Wang. "This is the Sambo mixed yuan gourd, congenital treasure. I want to kill you with the gourd, you insist on not enough."

Not waiting for Dongfang Wang to wake up from the shock, Ye Mo once again waved a blue flame. "This is the holy flame of the sky, the first flame of the universe. I want to burn you with the holy flame. You are already flying ash."

Huo Ling Xiaoqing looked at Dongfang Wang, who was bound by Ye Mo, and said disdainfully. "It's this garbage, I don't bother to burn him."

Ye Mo swayed a few more rays. "This is the congenital spiritual treasure, the congenital spirit treasure chaotic gourd, the congenital Lingbao Xianting mountain river map..."

Looking at the East Wang, who had already stayed like a wooden chicken, Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and waved nine lines of gods again. These nine lines of the gods burst out and bound the world mountain completely, and the purple scorpion was vacated.

When the purple scorpion fell on Ye Mo's hand, Ye Mo was shaken and said, "This is the first magic weapon I used, Zi Yan. If you use purple sputum, I only need one knife. Right, just now. It’s the beginning of the gods, killing you is also breathing.”

Dongfangwang saw the sacred gold bone arrow, saw the holy flame, saw all kinds of innate magic weapons and even the early gods, and the already shocked words were all said. Ye Mo has stopped him. These magic weapons are useless like Shentong. How far is he and Ye Mo? How big is he and Ye Mo? He knew very well that Ye Mo was right, and any magic weapon and supernatural power can kill him.

Once he thought he was standing in the same position and invincible position, now he finally understands what is truly invincible. Cold sweat ran down his forehead. He was not afraid of death, but was shocked by the strong in the universe and Ye Mo.

This is not a repair, even a supernatural power can be calculated. Don't say that he is a light enemy, even if he pays attention to Ye Mo, he is also a part of the spike. At this moment, he finally understood why Ye Mo did not put him in his eyes. He hates that he has got so many treasures, why is it still not as good as Ye Mo?

The East Wang heart tumbling, Ye Mo said, holding the purple singer, "I have so many things, I haven't loaded it yet. You have a world mountain and dare to force it in front of me. Your face is better than others. Is the **** whiter?"

Dongfang Wang came from the earth, of course, knowing that Ye Mo’s pretense was sarcasm to him, because he understood these two words. Even if he can bear it again, he can't hold back the suffocation of his chest, and a large mouth of blood spurts out. He couldn't think of what Ye Mo said was true. He cultivated to the mixed yuan, and he was still abused by Ye Mo as a dog. He didn't even have a chance to fight back.

"Little ice ginseng, look at it, this is indeed a garbage. How can I say a few words, can't bear it, vomit blood? Also mixed, I think it is almost a bastard." Shadowless and small ice ginseng leaves I put it out in the air, and I watched it on the side.

"When I first came out, I seemed to hear him call the same level invincible. Do you say that he said that the same level of vomiting blood is invincible?" Xiao Bingsheng nodded in agreement and said Dongfangwang spit out another blood Suddenly staring at Ye Mo, he said, "Ye Mo, you are so strong, you have to take off your pants and fart, and even promised me to fight out, saying that I am forced to force you, you take out these things, I think it is not much better than me. ”

Dongfangwang knows that there is no physiology, and at the same time, when he is desperate, he and a marketer are generally confronted with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo raised his hand and put away all the things around him. This said, "I can't install it. You can't see it. If I lifted my hand in the Mozu, I will kill you. You think that after a hundred years, there are people who dare to go to San. The road is arrogant?"

Dongfang Wang immediately understood the meaning of Ye Mo. He opened his mouth and laughed for a long time. "Ye Mo, I always thought that I was poisonous. Today I know that compared with you, I don't count anything."

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