Ye Mo looked at the woman in front of her eyes a little strangely. Her hair was short, and although she was not beautiful, she was still very good-looking. Some of them are familiar, but they can't remember. The original memory of Ye Mo's memory came in before the class, and everything else gradually became blurred, only the memory before his own rebirth.

"Oh, you are a Ye Mo, I have borrowed so many money for you, you actually pretended not to know me, you are so abominable." This round-faced woman cried.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that this woman was named Wang Ying, the man of the Beijing King. It’s awkward, unconventional, and speechless, but the heart is not bad. He also studied at Ninghai University and is also from Ninghai University. When Ye Mo was in Beijing, he was rarely seen because he was not seen, not to mention being driven out of Ye Family.

The reason why I met Wang Ying was because Wang Ying and his sister Ye Ling were classmates. They often came to Ye Mojia to play, and they met each other.

Although Ye Mo was driven out of Ye Family, many people who knew Ye Mo were not familiar with it, but Wang Ying was lively and temperate. There was no such thing as a flower intestine. He did not pretend not to know him. Instead, he borrowed a few times when his life was difficult. Give him the money.

"Oh, it’s you, Wang Ying, I’m sorry, I’m a little confused, I didn’t recognize it...” Ye Mo said, but he was thinking, but now he’s not even eating any money, is he Ask her to borrow again.

While Ye Mo is preparing to borrow money, Wang Ying said in a mysterious way: "Ye Mo, do you know who is the most famous after the capital is you? Oh, can't say the most famous, it should be the most A person who makes people laugh."

Wang Ying doesn't seem to care about her words. Is it a bit of a self-respect of self-esteem?

However, she did not seem to expect Ye Mo to answer her, and turned to mysteriously said: "A few months ago, the people of Ningjia went to your Ye Family to reunite. Do you know what your uncle said?"

Ye Mo faintly said: "I am Ye Mo, there is no uncle."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot that you are not a Ye family, that you are big, oh, no, that is, Ye Dabo said, 'Ye Mo is not the person of my Ye family. As for what kind of affair I don't know, listen. Said that he is at Ninghai University, you can go directly to Ninghai to talk to him.

Ning's popularity is dying, but there is no way to feed, Ye Mo, Ning family people have come to look for you? I heard that the Song family sent people to the door of the Ning family to say to Ning Xiaoxue to Song Shaowen. Oh, you can't think of what your cheap fiancee said. Wang Ying said that she was very proud of watching Ye Mo, she wanted to know Ye Mo’s attitude.

Ye Modi shook his head and said that he really had no impression of Ning Xiaoxue. Although she was the first beauty in Beijing and his fiancee, now he is neither the original Ye Mo nor Ye Jia. Grandchildren. Ning Qingxue’s attitude has nothing to do with him. Whoever wants to be married with whom he is married, he will not care, and he will not even start.

Moreover, she is so beautiful that she is more beautiful than her beautiful master. Before, his emotional intelligence was too low. Master was good to him. He thought it was from his concern. Now he has experienced the cycle of life and death. If he still Unable to think of Master's friendship with him, he can really die again. Now he doesn't know if Luo Ying is as reborn as he is.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo is a bit worried.

Seeing that Ye Mo was a little worried, Wang Ying thought that he was reluctant to light snow, or was troubled by being driven out of Ye Family. He said quickly: "Ye Mo, although Ning Xiaoxue is very beautiful, she is Ningjia. People, but you are not the young master of Ye Family, so..."

Ye Mo certainly understands the meaning of Wang Ying. He smiled a little and said: "Ning light snow? Oh, I have forgotten." He said the truth, he simply couldn’t remember who was Ning Qingxue. Say the impression, maybe there is no truth in front of this Wang Ying.

Wang Ying turned his eyes to him, and his heart said that you are a strange thing.

However, she continued to say: "You said that Ning Xiaoxue would be sad. Do you know who is the first person to be laughed in Beijing? It is her."

Ye Moyi, my heart said how could she be laughed? I am a scorpio, and I was driven out of the Ye family. As long as she released a statement to dismiss the marriage contract, wouldn’t it be fine? Is he a lonely soul and a ghost dare to find a door to go?

Fortunately, Wang Ying continued to say: "After the Song family gave a kiss to Ning Jiaxun of Ningjia, Ning Qingxue said in the public that she is already a Ye Mo person and will not be remarried to others unless... ...but she said that unless she had two words, she didn't say it later. I didn't know what her was except. But her words were immediately passed out. It is said that her father was angry and wanted to shut her up. Know if it is true or not."

It was because of her words that the whole city people laughed at her, although she knew that she used the excuse of you to reject the Song family's relatives, but now you know what is behind others? They all said that she had not tasted the taste of a man, did not know what it was, and she knew that...

Oh, sorry, what I said is not for you, it is said by others. When it comes to Wang Ying, she thinks that the person who said that she is standing in front of her. Just now, Ye Mot Pants is probably the one who looks at herself.

Ye Moxin said that this Wang Ying is really heartless, and talking is just like pouring I don’t care about it before and after. However, he does not feel anything now, because he is not a scorpio at all. As long as he cultivates to the third floor of the qi, his blocked meridians will be automatically opened. Although it is difficult to cultivate to the third floor, There is a support.

However, if Ning is light, he certainly will not be serious. Although Ye Mo has not seen her, but the name of the first beauty in Beijing, it should not be bad. She should not look at the Song Shaowen, which took him Ye Moo as a shield, but what Ye Mo did not understand was that he would be the shield, why should he say this in public? Just saying this to the Song family is not good?

However, Ye Mo immediately understood that Ning Qingxue does not want to be associated with anyone, so he said this in public. And she is not really non-Ye Mo did not marry, did not hear her voice, is not added a 'unless' word, until she wants to marry, this will be unless the latter words are spoken .

This woman is not simple.

"And, this is for you." Wang Ying said to take out a leather envelope and hand it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo opened the envelope, there was actually a stack of money inside, some looked at Wang Ying strangely, and said that I didn’t have an opening yet, I lent so much to me.

"This is your brother, hey, that is the leaf peak that brought me to you. He said that this is what someone else asked him to bring to you. Who did not say it, but I think it is probably his own." Wang Ying Ye Moi remembered his cheap brother and cheap sister.

It seems that Ye Ling never gave him a good face, but the younger brother Ye Feng was not bad for him.

This money is now in need of him, and there is no need to go back and give him back later.

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