"Ye Mo, Ye Mo, you're fine, hurry up, I'm going to class soon. This class is ruthless, you hurry up." A little anxious voice rang in Ye Mo's ear, Ye Mo has A very strange feeling.

"This idiot, it is estimated that there is no face to see people, put your face up." Another voice rang in his ear, but Ye Mo woke up.

Ye Mo looked at it all in a blank way. No one knew it. It was all a strange face.

Seeing Ye Mo’s look, it’s a burst of laughter. It’s obvious that the laughter here is sent to him. Seeing people laughing around seems to be laughing at him. He didn’t dare to ask for a moment. It can only be secretly guarded to prevent someone from starting with him.

Looking at the classmate sitting next to him, it seems that only he did not laugh at himself. Just now he was kind enough to push himself to wake up.

"Where is this? Who are you? How is it like a school?" Ye Mo asked with a horrified subconscious.

"Haha..." It was another burst of laughter.

"Ye Mo, I think you are confused. Yan Yan can also write a love letter casually? You are okay at Ye Family. Now you are not a Ye family. Be careful later. The next lesson is English teacher cloud. Ice, you must not be caught by her." The same table carefully said in Ye Mo Er, the voice is small, only Ye Mo, a talent can hear, it is obvious that he is also worried.

"I really don't remember much. I had a bad headache and forgot a lot of things." Ye Mo said with some helplessness.

Sighing at the same table, of course, I don’t believe that Ye Mo will not remember it for a while, just love face. He has not yet recognized the reality, he is not Ye Ye's Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s first burst of pain, he remembered that he and Master Luo Ying were refining back to Yuan Dan. Later, the group of miscellaneous hairs of the Xiliumen came over, and then it was the explosion and various killing sounds. Master used himself with a slap, but how could he appear here? Is it still Luoyue mainland?

By the way, I am sitting here now, Master? Master is only three years older than him, not to mention the reason why the West Gate suddenly attacked them because the Master is too beautiful. The young master of the West Gate wants to marry his beautiful master, which is only rejected by the Master. thing.

In the unlikely event that Master fell on the hands of Xiliumen, the consequences were unimaginable. Thinking of this, Ye Mo couldn’t help but panic in his heart and stood up.

"What is it, don't you know that the bell ringing in the class?" A cold-faced young woman took a few books and walked onto the podium. She glanced coldly at the students who laughed and laughed. The laughter suddenly fell down. Everyone knows that this is the English class lecturer Yun Bing. The most annoying thing is that the students are squatting, and once she is eyeing, there is absolutely no good fruit to eat.

Ye Mo has already felt that something is wrong. Although he understands these words, the obvious language is not used by him. Is it not Luoyue mainland?

Frowning, Ye Mo wants to know more clearly, a burst of headaches, a lot of messy information is remembered.

Ye Mo, the descendants of the Ye family. Father Ye Wentian, who died two years ago, has never had an impression on his mother. Ye Mo was completely driven out of Ye Jia after his father's death. The specific reason is because Ye Mo is not a species of Ye Wentian.

To be more precise, after Ye Mo’s father died, Ye Mo’s blood was re-evaluated again, and he was identified as not a leaf family, and this was the case that he was driven out of Yemen.

But he also has a sister Ye Ling, a younger brother Ye Feng. It’s just that he is not a mother, but a half-brother, but Ye Ling and Ye Feng are the same mother. Three years ago, my father seemed to know that he had owed Ye Moe, and he proposed to marry his family with his family. Ye Wentian probably knew that his body was not working, so he wanted to help Ye Mo find a backing. Jingcheng Ningjia.

For the marriage with Ye Family, one of the top five families in China, Ning is certainly willing to be extremely willing. Ning Deng’s granddaughter Ning Qingxue was given to Ye Mo. Today, three years later, Ningxue Xue, who is only 22 years old, is already the first beauty in Beijing.

However, Ye Mo has become a disaster for Ye Family. The reason is very simple. In a medical examination at a hospital, Ye Mo was checked out to be a scorpio. To put it bluntly, it was inhuman. Although Ye Jia wants to work hard to hide the facts, it seems that everyone in the entire city knows about it overnight. Ye Jia, one of the five Chinese families, has a scorpio, and Ye Jia has lost a big face.

"Ah..." The memory was turned here, and Ye Mo screamed and stood up, almost immediately taking off his pants. He already understands that he may be born again to a person who is also called Ye Mo, but he is not humane, it is better to kill him.

"That classmate, what is your name, what is called when you are in class, go to class in my office." The beautiful teacher who was giving lectures was interrupted by Ye Mo's exclamation, and his face was very unsightly.

The rest of the classmates are secretly funny, and let a college student go to the office at the same time. It is estimated that only this English teacher can do it. If you don’t go, you can’t do it. The credits are in the hands of others.

Ye Mo sat down in disarray. Although he did not understand the inside story of the family struggle, he also knew that he was probably driven out of Ye Family by Scorpio. It was not necessarily because he was not a Ye family. Moreover, who knows what to do in DNA testing.

What Ye Mo is worried about is not the matter of being driven out of Ye Family. He does not care about this. He cares about his own natural things. There is also how his master Luo Ying is.

However, he also understood why the classmates in the class had to laugh because the predecessor of his own class had already been driven out of Ye Family, but he did not change his mind to pursue the hottest girl Yan Yan in the class. As a result, people posted their confession letters on the blackboard, and then stood on the platform and looked at themselves with contempt and said: "Master Ye Day, can you go to bed with me?"

It turns out that it is no wonder that all of them are laughing, and it is likely that Ye Mo was so shy and dead. Let a man of heaven go to bed with her, isn’t it a slap in the face? Although the person who said it was not himself, Ye Mo’s face sank.

Looked at the girl named Yan Yan, the length is really full and abnormal, but the kind of creation, Ye Mo is very disgusted, really do not understand why the original owner of this body has to pursue her.

However, Ye Mo also quickly learned the reason, because when Ye Mo was still in Ye Family, all the people were very good at him, including the girl named Yan Yan. Later, after the Scorpio thing was sent out, he wanted to find a girlfriend because he was ashamed, but what he didn’t think was that the girl who had been very good at him was actually so against him. It's cheaper to regenerate.

I was born again to such a place.

He didn't understand a word in the class of the beautiful teacher on the podium. He just understood it. Ye Mo wouldn't listen. He is absolutely unacceptable to him. Instead of regenerating this, it is better not to be born again.

After sorting out his memory, Ye Mo’s face was very gloomy. Let’s not worry about the problem of Scorpio. It seems that the world is thin and weak, and it is not a place for cultivation. Is it really necessary to be inexplicable in this place called the Earth?

It’s indifferent to go to college, and the main thing is to figure out your current situation. His Scorpio is related to Ye's reputation. Although he was driven out of Ye Family, who knows if he will suddenly be killed? Maybe there are other insiders that caused the escaping from Ye Family. Is there any guarantee for his safety?

After the class bell rang, the first thing Ye Mo did not go to the beauty teacher, but rushed out of the school. He wanted to find a place to see his chicken, is it really a scorpio?

Fortunately, there are not many other things beside Ninghai University~www.mtlnovel.com~ But there are quite a few small alleys, Ye Mo hastily rushed into a remote alley, and quickly pulled down his pants.

The chicken is really small, but Ye Mo is not disappointed because the chicken is small, but the real long sigh. He is not a scorpio, but because the chicken is too big to be blocked by a meridian, causing such a false scorpion. Before he was practicing in Luoyue, he was a master of apricot forest. For this situation, he understood what was going on.

However, this is the case. Now that the technology on the earth wants to get through this blocked meridian, it is undoubtedly an idiotic dream, but this is hard to fail, although now he has no ability to open the occluded meridians and let his own chicken. It is majestic, but as long as he reaches the third floor of the practice, this meridian will automatically be washed away.

It’s just that Ye Mo immediately began to be disappointed again, because in the case that the earth is so thin, it is undoubtedly a difficult task to cultivate to the third floor of the practice. Maybe he can’t reach it all his life. In that case, he Still the same as the Scorpio.

Sighing, Ye Mo was trying to pull on his trousers, and suddenly he screamed and made him scream.

"Playing hooligans..." A soprano that is definitely a high-decibel sound, just before Ye Mo, Ye Mo just checked his chicken, and forgot to check the situation around him. I didn't expect this small alley to be connected, but the front corner could not be seen here.

Ye Mo is not a madman, and he does not have any capital exposure at the moment. He will pull the pants up and sneak away.

"Ye Mo, how are you?" After the woman screamed, she asked in a surprised tone, obviously she knew Ye Mo.

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