When I wrote these words, my heart was very sour and it was hard to say clearly. I said that I wouldn't mind, I would open my mind to open-minded, but there is always a sadness in my heart.

Sour, depressed, hard to say...

In order to be the strongest, I have put too much effort into it. Since the strongest book opening, more than two years, the fifth has never been broken, and I have never asked for a day off. New Year, the holiday season, even if it is to participate in the starting point annual meeting, the fifth is still updated. Every time I break out, I will stay up all night for a few days.

Even in times of difficulty, the fifth child rarely said in the book what difficulties he had encountered. Only once my mother’s hand was injured, I simply said it in the book. Even so, after I finished the matter, I coded the next day's chapter in the middle of the night. I know the expectations of the book friends. No one who likes your book gets up the next day and sees no updates. Even if the reasons are full, it is disappointing.

The old five did not want to disappoint the readers, nor did they want to disappoint themselves.

Laowu firmly believes that success is not lucky. But there are too many factors that affect success, and some of them really can't be controlled.

I am successful because of the strongest book, and I have a little reputation at the starting point. These are the rest time I sacrificed myself, and I sat at the computer desk for nearly 20 hours a day. In other words, these are the ones I sacrificed for my health.

My book is three correct, with this result, this is my pride!

The book can't be said to be a bad ending, because it has already been explained. The old five received a lot of unruly scolding, the old five to bear, the fifth to understand the readers' feelings, do not like the strongest to abandon this book, no one is willing to marry you. What can be found is the depth of love, or the way of expression is different.

There are still some contents at the end of the book. I will post them in the prestige, but there is no strict transition of the plot. Please forgive me.

When I received the strongest name, I really couldn't believe it. I was very careful when I wrote this book. But since it has already happened, I will not blame the people.

What I can remember is the glory of our strongest abandonment. After the strongest glory begins, it has been going up, never falling, and always going up. The strongest abandonment for more than a year in the first ten years of the starting point sales list, for the first time in a row at the starting point m station sales first. This is our pride!

Even now, the fifth still remembers the enthusiasm of the strongest competition for the monthly ticket in May last year. I still remember that many book friends have given us the strongest reward and voted for the monthly vote.

Even now, the fifth is still remembering that we were only one step ahead of the monthly ticket list in October last year. These are the results of our efforts.

Even now, the fifth still remembers last month, our strongest finally reached the champion of the monthly ticket list. After two years of unremitting efforts, we finally got what we wanted.

Although the old five have some nausea and some depression in the heart, but think of these, the fifth is still to say, thank you, all the friends who love the strongest and abandon less. Without you, there is no glory for us today!

Knowing the strongest things that can't be updated temporarily, many of my friends sent a message to the old five to comfort me.

Our ally, our subscribers, our moderators~www.mtlnovel.com~ they have given the strongest help, and the fifth is here!

The world is not happy, ten accounts. Life will continue, sometimes more regrets, or good things.

The new book should be issued in June, and the new book will continue the style of the strongest post, completely Xianxian class.

After the strongest, I also asked my friends to give the old five a vote of satisfaction. Although the reason is that everyone is known, the strongest is not perfect, the fifth is still craving for perfection. Life has been hard, but it has made me difficult to breathe in hardships.

Or every ticket expresses every dissatisfaction.

Thanks again to my friends for spending more than two years with the strongest. Together with me, I taste all kinds of sweet and sour tastes in the world with the strongest abandonment.

A variety of life tastes...

Goose is the old fifth night of May 19, 2014

... (to be continued..)