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When Shi Yu woke up again, it was more than 800 years later. The complete flower of the Three Realms can restore the memory and strength of the previous life, but the time is a bit slow and stumbles all the way. When she was more than a hundred years old, she restored all her previous memories.

After regaining her memory, she went to heaven.

In the sky, the city of the monster beast is still there, and it has expanded many times over the past. The human race and the monster come and go. Although there are still frictions, it is no longer the enemy as soon as it meets a hundred years ago. Friends.

The city owner was the descendant of Suzaku. Suzaku didn't know where he went, and Shiyu didn't go to find him.

In fact, everyone except Suzaku has almost gone. Dean, Feng Lao, Xiao Qi, and Wen Yong, all stayed in the past.

When you came to the inner city, which is the most central place for monsters, something unexpected here still looks like ruins. Many practitioners in the surrounding area practice meditation beside them, saying that this is the remains of the Holy Saints fighting, and sitting here may be able to learn something.

Shi Yu didn't have the heart to tell them that these ruins were dropped by the Saints from the illusion.

But these did not prevent her from recalling her past.

Sitting on the edge of the ruins, Shi Yu, while drinking, was thinking about the past, thinking of the place of happiness, couldn't help laughing.

"Are you crying?" A passing child looked at her with innocent eyes and asked curiously.

Through those clear eyes, Shi Yu saw her at this moment, she was smiling, but her face was full of tears.

"No. I just laughed so hard that my eyes were cramped."

"Oh." The child nodded. "Are you alone?"

Shi Yu looked at him for a while and said, "You child is really annoying. Come back and find your father and mother."

She said, holding the jug and stumbled away.

After leaving the Monster King City, she went to Xinghua Village. Xinghua Village is still the same, and the only good news is that the cloud beast has become a big guy.

Cloud beast was very surprised to see her, basically where she went and where she went.

"Why keep following me? You can do your own thing." Shi Yu said after finishing the house where she lived with Wen Ying.

The cloud beast does not follow.

Shi Yu touched his head and said, "Want to go back to the ninth day?"


"Let's go then."

In this way, they left Xinghua Village. When they left, they took away the house, took away the Tao tea and vitality spring, and even the apricot tree followed them.

"It's not good for you to run away from home like this," Shi Yu said to Xinghua Shu, "you are not here, what to do if you go back to the village and collapse."

"It's okay, I'll go back and look at it again." The apricot tree that was able to speak was fearless, and even told her a gossip. "Yes, remember the young people in the village that followed you back then? ? I heard that they have made some sect or something outside, and every time they come back, they are very prestigious. When will you take me to prestige and prestige. "

Shi Yu thought about it and agreed.

As a result, the apricot tree became the lucky tree of the restaurant that Shi Yu opened on the ninth day.

Yes, Shi Yu opened a restaurant on the ninth day. In fact, it is not a ninth heavenly restaurant, because sometimes when the beast opens the door, it will be found that the door has reached the eighth heaven. After they close the door, they open it again and find that they are in heaven.

Therefore, this restaurant is really not ninth.

The restaurant's business is not good, because Shi Yu is not the same as Shi Yu who devoted herself to cooking. She opened in a good mood and went to bed in a bad mood.

The delicious food she made seemed a bit less angry, and eating always made people panic.

Until then, there was a special guest in the shop. When Cloud Beast saw that guest after eating, Shi Yu got something from that guest, and he found that Shi Yu was alive again.

"What's this?" He asked, looking at the black piece of paper.

Shi Yu laughed as she looked at the piece, the smile was like the light in the night, full of hope.

"This is a fragment of the Book of Souls."

Although some cloud beasts don't understand this meaning, but Sister Xiao can cheer up, it is very happy.

Shi Yu gradually made up the fragments of the "Soul Guide". After all the recipes in it are collected, the last one is a soul-inspiring technique.

Good food draws people's deep emotions. Regarding past life and this life, as long as the memories deep in my heart are affected, those scattered soul fragments can be found.

The wraiths living in the world began to gather towards the gourmet shops.

The outside world gradually began to spread the legend about this gourmet restaurant. Sometimes, when I heard the cloud beast who changed three fats, he always felt happy.

"You have to grow up quickly." Looking at another carrot beard, Yun beast full of expectations.

Shi Yu looked at the basin and casually tossed it. San Fat did not disappear with them, but in the fantasy world, he fused with Changqin.

Although the world is no more fragmented, it is enough. Ling Zhi has always been very strong. As long as there is a vitality, it will be alive again.

The store has been open for a long time, and its fame is growing. Inevitably, some people who knew it came to the door.

"Why didn't you come to see me?" Suinian almost dismantled Shiyu's store after knowing that Shiyu was alive but did not find her.

"I want to be a fairy. There is no future with you."

"You are ruthless and irrational!" Su Nian complained, staying in the store.

Occasionally, the three panda brothers of the Iron Eaters will come to pretend to be mascots. Gradually, the three brothers became mascots.

After spending three years, Shi Yu received the remnant soul of the master's father. The master's physical body is still there. After recovering his soul, the master and apprentice separated by almost two thousand years and finally met again.

"It really is you." The master still remembers the apprentice, "I am so apprenticeous, it is awesome."

However, after reviewing Shiyu's cooking skills, the master left and took the fat cat with him, saying that he wanted to see this strange and familiar world.

After the master left, the business in the shop continued.

Time passed year after year, after collecting the souls of former friends almost, Shi Yu dropped the shop and returned to the Tobu Empire.

Tobu, she never returned since she was born again. After 800 years of change, Tobu College has begun to decline, and Tobu is no longer strong.

This is the world's rise and fall, Shi Yu did not intervene. She started from Qingshan City, and walked along the footsteps where she started.

To the capital, the capital has changed. The unknown she created at the beginning is still there, but after growing up, she has experienced several internal fights, and has now completely gone into trouble with Tobu College; she went to see Dawn City, and the lone spirits of Dawn City lived in the sun again; Then went to Fengcheng, where Fengcheng was full of flowers as before. Feng's family is more furious, at least now the city owner still surnamed Feng. I want to come to Fengluo to know it should be very happy.

Later, she went to the West Qin again, the ancestral gate where Qing Chen and Xuan Yin were located had disappeared, and the new sect was established, and it was quite powerful.

Finally, she came to Linjiang City, the place where Wen met for the first time.

The scenery of Linjiang City is no longer the same, but the flavor of ravioli and lasagna is still so delicious.

There is still a stall at the gate of the city, and Shi Yuhe, like that, ordered a meal and sat on the table by the road, listening to the stories of businessmen and tourists.

After eating, she rested on the table. The surrounding peach blossoms were in full bloom, and the petals quietly fell on the tip of her nose.

The shopkeeper didn't rush, and just kept rubbing his desk.

When Shi Yu woke up, she thought about the dream, and the dream was peaceful. There are no poetic mountains and rivers, no golden horses, no him.

There was no sign of sudden rise of energy around her, and three flowers gathered. The surrounding vegetation grew crazy because of her changes. In this spring, the wind is full of miles, and the plum blossoms are so fragrant. It is because of her presence.

The shopkeeper stared blankly in front of him, but Shi Yu looked at the clouds in the sky and took the last step.

She became immortal.

What I have been pursuing in the past, but now it is so easily obtained.

She dropped all the spirit stones on her sluggish shopkeeper, her fingertips in the void.

At that moment, the time around was going backwards.

Giant trees become seedlings and return to the soil again; small rivers turn into lakes, and finally become potential swamps; peach blossoms bear fruit again, paving the way.

Finally, when the plaque on Linhai City was changed back in front of the city wall, Shi Yu opened her eyes and saw Wen Ye sitting next to her, watching her and saying, "Wake up?"