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"Can't go on like this, we must kill him, otherwise we all have to die." Chu Shuang also did not expect that this would be the result in the end, he said nothing and took the lead in blasting at the fairy.

But his spiritual power was softly absorbed by her in the end.

The corpse had only her eyes open, and gradually, with the increase of her spiritual strength and vitality, her head began to move.

"When she can move, we can't kill her." Wen Yan also frowned, saying to Lin Fan: "Lin Fan, your sword is two artifacts combined into one, the most powerful. As long as you can be in him Before he is fully resurrected, aim at his brows and we will have a chance. "

At this moment Lin Fan's lower body was gone, and his sword was still in his hand, but there was no extra power at this time.

"He has not enough spiritual power," Shi Yushen said. "Let's give him all the spiritual power. We can only try it like this, otherwise everyone has to die."

She said, spewing the essence of blood from her mouth, she poured it into Lin Fan's body.

Perhaps because of the infusion of spiritual power, Lin Fan's originally ablated body slowed down.

When others saw success, they followed suit and focused their spiritual power on Lin Fan. Even if they were unwilling, but there was nothing they could do now.

Gradually, with more and more spiritual power, the sword in Lin Fan's hand also became brighter. After everyone's spiritual power was drained, there was a strange blood red around the sword.

At this moment, Lin Fan condensed all the spiritual power in the body to the point of the sword. He found the position very accurately and dipped sharply into the woman's eyebrow, but unfortunately, the point of the sword was only inserted slightly. A layer.

"No!" He gritted.

At this time, Wen Ye pointed his fingers at Lin Fan a little bit, and all the spiritual power in the hall, including the aura just absorbed by the corpse, all poured into Lin Fan's sword.

In the end, the long sword shone brightly. As soon as Lin Fan gritted his teeth, the hand holding the sword tried his best to slash down.

With this split, the landslide broke, and the world was dull. I saw the sword Qi everywhere, the whole small world was collapsing.

There was a loud bang. When everyone didn't understand what was going on, they just felt white and they were all blown out.

After a long while, Lin Fan found himself not dead. Although his tiger mouth was still bleeding, he was not dead.

He opened his eyes and looked around, only to find that his man was now paralyzed on the square of the monster city. Around him, Fengluo, Qingchen, Second, Second Saint, Changqin, etc., they were all still alive, not dead.

"You ..." He opened his eyes wide, his mind blanked for a moment, and soon was surrounded by a huge ecstasy. "Good, you are not dead."

"Oriental?" The person in front of Xuan Yin was momentarily in situ, but soon she hugged him, "Don't go! I regret it, I really regret it."

Dongfang also looked at her with a look of astonishment at this moment. He remembered that he was just ...

"What the **** is going on?" Feng Luo slaps himself hard. He only felt that Dantian was exhausted, but the pain told him that he was still alive.

Everyone was immersed in the joy of the rest of the life after the disaster, but soon they realized that something was wrong.

They just disappeared just now, why are they still alive?

"This is a fantasy." Under the hustle and bustle, another group of people were exposed.

Fengluo looked along their voices, but they saw beside them that the Sovereign Suzerain and others all sat cross-legged there. However, compared to the health we saw before, all the people of the Magic Sect are very old.

"Illusions?" Everyone froze, but after careful consideration, they immediately came to understand, "At that time, the situation was urgent and we didn't think about it. Now it seems that only the illusion created by the mysterious illusionist can really make us people All are in the way. But why? "

Those feelings shrouded in death are so real that they now feel like dreaming. They are all semi-sacred, but they have been concealed, which shows that the cost of creating this illusion is definitely high.

Juggernaut looked at the Sovereign Sovereign who was sitting there: "I think your condition is very bad now. You should have traded this life for this incredible fantasy. What is the reason that you would rather fight? With the end of the fall, also to create this nightmare? "

The most important thing is that all of them are still alive, except that their spiritual power is emptied and there is no damage at all.

The Sovereign Lord smiled slightly, "No, our purpose has been achieved."

Purpose, what purpose?

At this time, Lin Fan noticed that the sword in his hand was still stuck on the ground. Just to solve the corpse, he exhausted all his powers, causing the sword to go completely into the ground.

There was a "click". At this moment, the earth seemed to react. There was a crack on the ground, and then two, three ... After the gap became larger, the swallowing beast beside him suddenly screamed.

"Ah-" Its cry was very sharp, and the people present were unprepared, only feeling a shock in their brains, and then blood irresistibly spilled from the eyes, ears, nose and nose.

But soon, everyone was dismayed to find that the flesh of the Devouring Beast was cracking a little. Then a transparent figure was stripped from the body of the devouring beast.

Upon seeing this shadow, the imprisoned Huantai suddenly became excited beside the square: "Master!"

Her eyes were full of worship, and her eyes became crazy, "Master, you have finally appeared."

But the figure ignored her, but looked at the saints in the square with a stingy gesture, "You have spent so much effort to push this seat out?"

At this time, Shi Yu couldn't help but grab the too embarrassing love in his hand, and swayed and barely stood up. Looking at the figure, his eyes were full of hatred.

"Who is he?" Everyone else is still a little unknown. Especially, the black bear spirit who has always had a good relationship with the swallowing beast is even more surprised.

"Who is he? Ha," Shi Yu's eyes reddened a little when he thought of the past. "He is the only immortal in the entire Nine Heavens continent. Am I right?"

"What!" "How is this possible?" "There are still immortals?" The news was so shocking that everyone looked at the devouring beast in amazement, all eyes were incredible.

They just thought it was the real one, but it was just an illusion. On the ninth day, how could there be a fairy.

The devouring beast wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and looked at Shiyu casually: "Sure enough, you can't look down on mortals like ants. However, I'm curious, how do you know?"

In order to conceal his actions, he never intervened in the affairs of the Nine Heavens. He thought he wasn't showing anything.

"What you think you do is really unnoticed? Every strong man in the ninth heavenly continent will have a sensation around him when he takes the last step. These sensations make them soar. The key point is that you, a thief, stripped away their immortality, which caused them to fall one by one. "Shi Yu's eyes were filled with tears. The original fantasy floating growth was such a breakthrough and failure, it was his punishment for fighting heaven. She told this to stray into time and space fragments.

"It turns out that for the thousand years since the Nineteenth Heaven continent, no fairy has been born, because you are making trouble? But why, aren't you already an immortal?" Black Bear Jing still didn't understand.

"I guess, he should be injured." At this time Elder Zhuangzong said, "And just now Lin Fan's sword was inserted into the ground, while the Nine Heaven Heaven continent was fragmented, his body was also broken. You, now The physical body should be the entire Nineteenth Heaven continent. "

Hearing here, he applauded.

"What is it?" He exclaimed, "I admit that you do have some skills. I have been deceived by this illusion. But you thought you could kill me like that? Too naive. I am a fairy, this is this The only immortal in the world. In the face of great strength, any conspiracy is unbeatable. That's the same with your illusion. "

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha, congratulations to the master." At that time, Dai Taichu laughed a lot, and she looked at Shi Yu with a very happy smile. Honorable, no matter how beautiful you are, you will not end up at the feet of others. "

"You!" This made everyone glared at her.

However, Shi Yu smiled slightly, her eyes fell behind her.

Behind her, Wen Ying, who was sitting on the ground, stood up at this time. He popped a little dust off his sleeve and looked at the devouring faintly. "Did you finish?"

Unexpectedly, among all the deities in the depletion of Dantian, there are still people who have spiritual power and swallowed the eyes of heavenly beasts, "It is you."

Among all the strong men on the ninth day, he feared a few, but the most feared was Wen Yan. It was only that Wen Ye had been injured and indulged in his children's love. He was too confident in his strength and gradually he didn't pay attention.

"Since it's a conspiracy, how can it be done later?" Wen Yan said, a transparent sword gradually appeared in his palm.

There is no pattern on this handle, and the form is common, but when it appears, all the swords on the scene emit a buzz, and everyone feels an indescribable sense of killing.

"This is ... Heart Sword?" The demon emperor's eyes flashed with dignity, "It turns out that you have already gone so far."

It has just returned to a complete physical body, but it knows clearly that even if it returns to its peak, it may not be able to beat the current Wen Yan. With the heart of Wen Jian, it is already another height.

On the ground, Qin Sheng sat with his old friend and said, "By the way, we don't seem to have seen this kid with a weapon before. I thought he had no weapons."

Juggernaut also shook his head. "This is my first look."

Suzaku's eyes were shining, "After all these years, I finally saw the owner holding the sword again."

Shi Yu was also the first to see Wen Ying's sword, and Wen Ying holding the sword, every step taken, made people's hearts faint.

Devouring the heavenly beast also felt faint, but as an immortal, he believed in his strength.

Before Wen Ye did not do anything, he had already done something.

Looking at the oncoming knife gas, Wen Yan's gaze was so calm that the knife gas collapsed like this. Then the heart sword came out, and the surrounding spiritual power went crazy toward the sword. It was so fast that it swallowed up the sky beast, but saw that all the palms were cut off.

Wen Zheng didn't have any reservations. The sword moves like a row of mountains and rivers oppressed the Devouring Heavens Beast. The Devouring Heavens Beasts were able to cope at first, but gradually, they fell behind. It had already been injured by Lin Fan's sword, otherwise it would not have come out of the shell.

"Wen Ying him ..." He oppressed Xian. Although this immortal was injured, he is also immortal. There was an insurmountable gulf between Bansheng and Xian, which could not be filled a little bit.

"What are you immortal?" Thousands of beasts looked at the broken palm and startled, but he quickly denied, "No, you have no immortality. If you are immortal, why bother to set up such a game in order to deal with me?" ? "

Wen Yan was too lazy to ignore him, his sword flickered sharply, forcing him to retreat.

"Impossible," the devouring beast looked at his body that had been torn apart. The original impermanence had only wolverines at the moment. "Who the **** are you?" When he saw the purple-gold light flowing from Wen Jian's sword, Suddenly came to understand, "That's the case, you don't die, and you burn your own life."

Immortal is immortal. As long as one step is left, it is an insurmountable gap.

If Wen Yan burned his own life like this and tried his best, he would very likely fill the gap.

"Crazy!" Swallowed the heavenly beast, turning attack and defending, in an attempt to drag on for a long time. As long as Wen Yuan burns Shou Yuan, he is safe.

But unfortunately, he had a good idea, but Wen Yong was already suppressing him, making him inevitable.

When the light falls, the heart sword has been inserted into his Dantian.

"You can't kill me!" He swallowed the beast, he still has the greatest confidence, "you should already know that, I have completely integrated with the ninth heavenly continent. If you kill me, the world will collapse Bad, everyone will die! "

Having said that, there was a secret smugness in his eyes: "You shouldn't be willing to let go of your loved ones, your friends, and your favorite ones."

Wen Yan finally looked up at him, "I thought you had any other cards, but that wasn't the case."

He said that the sword in his hand had continued to move forward, "As long as your Dantian is destroyed, you will disappear completely."

The devouring beast looked at his eyes without emotion, and his heart was cold. "You are crazy! Do you want everyone to be buried with me?"

He wanted to get rid of Wen Yong's uncle, but Wen Ye's momentum became more and more powerful, so that he couldn't move half a minute, and could only feel that Jianguang approached his Dantian a little bit.

"You lunatic! Just to kill me, you don't even need your own life!" He has now completely determined that the man in front of him will not listen to his so-called threats, "What the **** do you want to do! It cost so much Zhou Zhou, you are definitely not just for killing me. As long as you can raise it, I will all agree! "

Compared to this lunatic, he cherishes his life even more. As long as you live, there are endless possibilities.

This time, Wen Yan finally did not continue.

"I want you to swear to Tiandao that from now on, you will not steal the fairy machine, otherwise you will be stuck here forever."

"No!" Devouring Heavens Beast refused, "My injuries can only be recovered in this way, so that I stay here all the time, what is the difference between letting me die."

He didn't believe it, and didn't believe that Wen Zheng really didn't care about anything. He struggled to dissolve the entire Nine Heaven Heaven continent completely and let him die.

However, he still underestimated Wen Yan's ruthlessness.

"That being the case, let's die together." After Wen Ying said, another sword killed him. With this sword, he had no reservations, and the purple-golden light passed through the body of the devouring beast.

The devouring beast looked at Nedan who had been cracked, and his eyes were unbelievable, "You are ... you lunatic."

With the cracking of the Dan Devourer, the whole world is collapsing. This is no longer the same as the previous one, but the ground is cracking, the mountains are falling, the lake is drying up, but the entire void is beginning to crack, which is a precursor to the collapse of the plane space.

The devouring beast finally panicked. He held the sword in both hands, and his eyes were panic. "" I swear! I listen to you and won't steal the fairy! Save me! As long as you save me, you won't die! "

Wen Yan looked at him indifferently, "You say!"

"I swear to Tiandao that if I steal the fairy machine again, eternal life and eternal life will be trapped here." He finished the vow quickly, and a bloodstain fell on his eyebrow.

The vows have been fulfilled, and God's Word testifies.

After seeing the mark, Wen Xuan then drew his sword and allowed him to change colors. He stood at the end of time and remained motionless.

"Save me—" roared the Devourer, his body was beginning to fade.

Can it really be saved?

No one who looked at him said a word.

"Let's all die." Suddenly someone said.

The devouring beast is obviously a dying and immortal immortal. Who can save him and who can save him?

At this time, Wen Zheng looked at Shi Yu, and stepped forward towards her, holding her sword.

Shi Yu smiled at him and reached out his hand.

"It seems our plan is quite successful," she said.

"Yes." Wen Ying smiled and kissed her forehead. "I have you in my life, Wen Ying has no regrets."

When the two of them held their hands together, the eight purple-gold fronts spread towards their surroundings, and their spirits were also scattered towards the surroundings. The figure faded slightly as the front unfolded.

In the distance, Su Nian watched the purple-gold line condense into a rune around, and suddenly remembered what it was.

"Heaven and earth, it turns out ... you have already discussed it," she said.

"It turned out to be the Heaven and Earth Qiankun array," the old lord sighed after hearing it. "So it is. An Tiandi, Ding Qiankun, if this array is displayed, it can indeed save the world. But it wants to save the entire Nine Heavens Continent. However, it can only be formed by using chaotic essence and blood, chaotic stones as eyes, and a powerful blood pressure array. Once this array is completed, the Nine Heavens can indeed be saved. "

"Chaos essence blood ... Grandma is a chaos body, and his blood is chaos essence blood." Where does Su Nian still don't understand?

"Shi Yu's heart is a chaotic stone." The fat cat did not know when it came out and looked at Shi Yudao.

At that time, Yu Ning Soul was reborn, and Xianfu was the most important heart.

"The front and the eyes are now, the powerful blood ..."

"It refers to us." The demon emperor looked at the illusive figure in the middle and smiled at himself, "Originally, it was thought that the human race and the monster were playing against each other. Now it seems that this **** kicked the chessboard directly. Also counted us all in. It's a pity that I couldn't win him in this life. "

The demon emperor said, stood up and walked toward the line, "Next time, come again."

As soon as his body entered the battlefield, it was like flying ash, turned into a dazzling blood, and lit a purple gold rune.

Unexpectedly, the demon emperor was so simple, others could not help but feel a little moved.

"Is there really going to be another life?" Feng Luo said.

But no one answered this question.

Shi Jin stood up now, he threw a knife in his hand towards the next side of Yantai Chu, and saw that her body was broken in half, and Nedan shattered. This is what she said: "My sister is in a different gutter. The bugs don't mean I don't. "

Ignoring Yantai's eyes staring at him, Shi Jin said to the other companions: "Then I'll take a step."

"Brother Shi Jin, wait for me." The second face rested comfortably on his shoulder. "When I was in a fantasy world, I was thinking, Brother Shi Jin, you have courage. Now you have to go to Master Then take me along. "

"Okay, let my sister make a delicious meal for us."

The two talked and laughed, and they calmly stepped into the battle.

In the sky, two more runes were lit.

"A total of forty-nine runes, Wen Wen, where did you invite for the wedding banquet, obviously we were invited to eat the Hongmen Banquet." Hate your people, because your hearts are black! "

As he said, it walked step by step into the formation, and when he disappeared, he could still whisper: "This kind of black-hearted ghost has found a daughter-in-law, and God has no eyes."

Hearing this, everyone and the beast could not help laughing at this moment.

"Old bears are right, your people are black-hearted!" One after another, some people also have monsters, and slowly stood up. The Terran Powers didn't say anything, but the monsters took a sip when they left.

"You are crazy!" Not everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves, and when they see everyone else, they laugh and commit suicide. Some people and monsters want to run and don't want to swim in this muddy water. But they were quickly stopped by those around them.

"A total of forty-nine runes, how can you go?" The other people grabbed those who wanted to run, and they walked in panic with panic. "This is a great feast, and we have to be neat and tidy. . "

Juggernaut and Qinsheng lost the man in their formation, and Juggernaut said, "Let's go."

Qin Sheng said, "Just got a knife from that guy, his legs are a bit inflexible. You help me in."

The two of them have been together for so many years, and they will die together before they die.

"Hey," Qin Sheng suddenly said, "Can we count as‘ live siblings, dead siblings ’?”

Juggernaut kicked him away.

At the back of this scene, a few people in Fengluo couldn't help laughing.

Until the two of them disappeared, the smile turned into tears.

After there were only Lin Fan left in the field, Feng Luo looked at his companions and said, "Did I not say to you, knowing you is my biggest blessing?".

"Although it's a bit vulgar, but that's what I want to say." Dongfang held Xuan Yin's hand and laughed together. "If you have the next life, what do you want to play, remember to bring us."

"Well, you and Shiyu both tortured each other. None of us are targeted, please let it go."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha." Dongfang laughed, holding Xuan Yin's hand, stood up and said, "So, let's go now? At the same time, maybe we can have a rebirth together in our next life."

Lin Fan glanced at them, silent for a long while, and said, "Are the quints?"

This sudden joke made them all smirk, and even the cold Qingchen evoked the corner of the mouth at this moment and returned to the world.

"Let's go." Qing Chen took the lead toward the array.

In front of him, Shi Yu and Wen Yi held both hands, and now there was only a shallow shadow left.

As they melted in the formation, when the forty-seven runes over the formation were lit, Wen Yan and Shi Yu, who were the eyes of the formation, disappeared completely. After the last two runes also lighted up, those purple-gold runes sank into the void in all directions.

The world that was originally crumbling is like being repaired. It no longer collapses, but heals a little bit and returns to its original appearance.

By the end of the day, when the clouds were raining and the sky was no longer shaking, the gully sky and sky were all left, leaving only an empty monster city.

"It's cruel, and I'm the only one left." Su Nian cursed, then looked up, already in tears.

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