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Each of the next palaces is indeed the same as the genius, and the number and number of people entering are randomly assigned. If you have good luck, you just get one thing and pass it. However, if you have bad luck, you will find that you are only one person and you also face two semi-sacred opponents.

After almost passing through more than ten palaces, Shiyu finally met the strong men over the monster.

It looks like there are losses on both sides. Because of the large base, there are only one or two left in the half-holy place of the latest monster. For Terran, only two were trapped.

After the two sides had a face-to-face meeting, they didn't say much and continued to sink into the palace.

However, this time, after they entered, they unexpectedly discovered that the surrounding companions had not separated from themselves.

"This ..." Looking at the people around them, everyone felt uneasy. Then, according to the division of the race, the human race, the monster and the sea beast stood clearly in three pieces.

"It looks like we've passed the palace group." An older monster uttered.

I can always look down its line of sight, and I see a huge white screen standing in front of them. Nothing was carved on the screen, but it was squarely placed there.

After waiting for about a quarter of an hour, there was nothing unusual about the people around.

"Let's go, let's take a look behind the screen. If nothing unexpected happens, there should be a passage behind the screen."


Everyone walked behind the screen, and saw that there was a gate behind. After blasting the door open, the view behind the door was truly amazing.

In front of them was a corridor about five hundred steps long.

Unlike the usual hanging flower veranda, this corridor is very large and empty, and the walls are covered with mirrors, even the ground is a complete mirror. Those mirrors are combined into various exquisite patterns, and when people look into the mirror, they can see countless themselves.

When you look at people in the mirror, you will find countless others are also looking at you. This weird situation made everyone stop and didn't rush into it.

Suddenly someone kicked a vase towards the middle of the corridor, and when the vase hit the mirror on the ground, the crackling sound of the mirror was clearly visible. The entire mirror on the ground was gradually divided into two because of cracks.

After the crackling noises fell, the surrounding mirror surface began to twist, as if the bound things inside were struggling to rush out.

"There is no way behind us!" Suddenly someone said.

Everyone looked back and found that the palace they had passed had disappeared. At this moment, they were standing in the mirror corridor without seeing the end at the front and back ends.

"Come on!" So Wen Yun took Shi Yu first and ran towards the other side of the corridor.

The others seemed to be awakened and rushed forward.

At this time, the contents of the mirror had already come out--a half-holiday rushed out of a mirror, and there were about a hundred complete mirrors in this corridor. In this blink of an eye, they had been half-baked. The Holy Spirit wrapped it in the middle.

"Suddenly there are so many semi-holy." This number is trembling at random.

"They're just stingy, you need to clear them out quickly." Wen Rong said in a deep voice, and the four puppets in the way in front of him were scattered with one palm.

But I have no life, no head and body connected, and I don't stand up. But the broken hands were still okay, and they bit back at them again.

"Ah-" A monster powerhouse surrounded by crickets was torn into pieces instantly, and there was only a scream before leaving blood and internal organs in one place.

It seemed that the blood greatly stimulated the beastly nature, and the entire corridor began to stir.

"Staring at 傀儡 's neck and lowering his hands." The sword master who cut 傀儡' s head with a sword reminded him that the 前面 in front of him did not stand up again.

Although no one else had the energy to respond to his words, everyone's tactics were aimed only at his neck, as he said.

Because the repair is the same, it is impossible to kill these blows with one blow. However, after finding the shortcomings of the uncle, several people worked together to gain something for a while.

"No, why are there more and more tadpoles?" The tadpoles had doubled in number, and now they keep coming out, so how can this be done? This way, they can only be trapped here and die.

At this time, Xuan Yin saw the nearby mirror broken, and then the broken mirror was twisted again, and another cricket ran out.

"Don't hit the mirror!" She snapped. "How many of these mirrors break, there will be more puppets. You better not touch the mirrors again!"

Because of her cry, others noticed that the number of mirrors and the number of magpies present were indeed the same.

So everyone stopped attacking the mirror.

After no mirror was broken, the maggots did not increase. And because everyone found the shortcomings of puppets, the speed of cleaning up is getting faster and faster.

By the time the last cricket in the hallway was cleared, the hallway was already dead.

But despite their escape, everyone still suffered heavy losses.

There are more than ten semi-sacred strongmen over the monsters, and the sea beasts are all left. On the human side, there are only Wen Rong, Shiyu, Lin Fan, Qingchen, Xuanyin, Dongfang, Fengluo, Second, Shijin, Chu Shuang, Changqin, Three Fat, and Two Saints.

"Leave here first," Wen Yan said.

After the crickets were all wiped out, the corridor had returned to normal, and the end appeared in front of them.

As soon as they exited the corridor, the corpses in the corridor behind them were all submerged in the mirror, and those mirrors were restored as if they were restored.

Seeing this scene, the Juggernaut and Qinsheng were inexplicably heavy.

Those who have just fallen are friends they have known for many years. Before today, they were still drinking at a wine table, teasing Wen Yue together.

Today, there is no chance to clean up their bodies.

"Why are there so many semi-holy?" Qin Shengdao.

Adding up the entire Nine Heavens continent, the Semi-Sacred Powers are just two digits, and there isn't much depth in it yet. There are so many Semi-Sacred Gods. Then if they go in, can they really resist?

"I have now believed that this is indeed the tomb of the immortals." Only the true immortals will make them all so embarrassed.

"Don't you find out that we can't recover our spiritual power by ourselves?" Wen Yan suddenly said.

After hearing this, everyone quickly sensed that it was true.

It's not good news that spiritual power cannot recover on its own. Although they can recover with Tiancaidibao and elixir, once they run out of them, they will only fall into a more passive state.

"What then? Are you leaving?" Someone had already given up. Before any benefit, life is most precious. My life is gone, what good is it to those?

"I think we can't leave. Maybe we have been on the road of no return from recent times. Either we live to the end or we can only die." Swallowed the beast and sighed, "I thought I would not pursue longevity , You do n’t have to be forced into such a field, and you did n’t expect that the yin and yang are wrong, but you still have to struggle between life and death. ”

"At this time, it's useless to say some of them." At this time, the most prestigious strongman in the monster camp looked at Wen Yue, "Now we all know that the dangers inside are unpredictable. If we are still within If we fight, it will be unknown whether we can reach the end. If we are to contract three chapters now, even if we cannot be friends, we cannot attack each other inside. How? "

"I think so." Juggernaut said. Although the monsters have also damaged many people, they still have more people than humans. Reconciliation at this time is more beneficial to the human race.

"Okay," Wen Yan agreed.

After a rest, everyone set out especially towards the inside.

Probably because of the cooperation between the two sides, although there were also thrills along the way, there were no more losses.

After half an hour, they came to a garden entrance.

The garden is very beautiful, and it is full of exotic grasses.

But for such beautiful things, Shiyu they became more vigilant.

"We have to get out of this garden." Although this is a garden, it is very large. The other section of the garden is the access to the inner temple.

"Wait a minute first," San Fat said suddenly, "it seems to be a very difficult thing to plant in the garden."

"That's ... the magic vine?" Shi Yu recognized.

Among the numerous lingzhi lingzhi grass, a verdant vine covered with purple luster is very inconspicuous. But if you look closely, you will find that this thing is exactly the same as the magic vine on her wrist. More precisely, Shi Yu's magic vine is compared to a child compared to an adult.

"If it is a magic vine that has grown up, it will be a bit difficult." Wen Yue said, "According to the record, the magic vine grows by devouring other spirit plants. But the mature vine is no longer satisfied with the spirit. Plants, monsters, and humans are all its food. In order to facilitate life, the magic vine no matter what it touches, it will parasitize the seeds in the monster it encounters. After the seed germinates, it will reintegrate into the magic vine. among."

Hearing Wen Ying's words, everyone's back was cold. Whenever it is touched, it will be parasitic, but how can it not touch it when fighting it?

"That said, it's better not to fight if you can't."

"Yes. I just noticed that there were eight doors around the garden. If we all walked together, it would be more convenient for it to attack us. Instead of everyone, we might as well be scattered and leave on our own. You think How? "Wen Yan asked.

"That's okay." If you count them separately, it will be easier to distract the magic vine. At that time, everything is luck.

After everyone had negotiated, everyone ran towards the garden at the same time.

Just as they walked to the middle, the surrounding Ruicao all withered at this moment. The sleeping magic vine seemed to be aware of the movement, and numerous rattans flew from all directions toward people.

Feng Luo quickly cut off those rattan blocks, and Lin Fan quickly grabbed his arm, "Go!"

The longer this thing goes, the worse it gets.

Feng Luo immediately followed Lin Fan and rushed towards the door closest to them.

However, probably because they stayed longer, their speed became the slowest of all. The magic vine was also clever this time, and gave up the other flesh directly. All the rattans only shot at the last two.

Seeing that they were about to be surrounded by rattan, Lin Fan waved a sword in his hand and cut off one side to come to the tentacles. But his move greatly angered the magic vines, and those vine branches flooded toward them.

Feng Luo and him back to back, while cleaning the vines, ran towards the front door.

At this moment, Feng Luo watched the seven or eight vines entangled in Lin Fan's head like a sharp sword. He quickly waved the long whip in his hand and wanted to cut off those vines.

The vines suddenly turned a corner in the air and turned towards him.

When the vine fell, the moment the vine fell, Feng Luo felt his hand and neck licked.

"Come on!" Lin Fan had cut out a passage in front of him, and he drove Feng Luo to run forward quickly.

The rattan swooped in all directions and couldn't catch them at all. The magic rattan was so angry that the whole ground was shaking.

Finally, the door was ahead. Lin Fan was happy, and the last sword waved out, and the man entered the door.

However, Feng Luo did not come out.

He was **** by vines.

After Lin Fan found out, he turned around and helped cut off the rattan, but Feng Luo broke away his hand, "useless."

"What are you talking about!" Lin Fan returned to the garden to cut his sword towards the rattan, but the red blood flowed from the place where the rattan broke.

Only then did he discover that the rattan was growing out of Feng Luo's body.

"Hurry up!" At the moment Feng Luo pushed Lin Fan hard to get started, the magic rattan got out of his chest and eyes, and Yin Hong's blood sprayed on Lin Fan's face.

"Retreat!" If it wasn't for Dongfang who came over and pulled Lin Fan, he would be afraid to follow in the footsteps.

Feeling the warm blood flowing down his cheeks, Lin Fan's pupils tightened and his mind went blank.

"Feng Luo ..."

"Let's go, leave here first." Dongfang also flushed his eyes, and died in front of his close companions, no one could remain indifferent.

But the only thing they can do now is to leave here alive.

After leaving the garden, everyone gathered at the entrance of the inner hall. On the second look, there were no individuals. "Why hasn't Fengluo come yet ..."

But before he had finished, the garden area had been shaking and closed. The magic vines that were trying to drill out were all cut off by invisible sharp swords. Gradually, the garden returned to peace again, and those azalea fairy flowers were restored to life. It seemed that scene was just an illusion.

Looking at the closed door, everyone fell silent.

All that can come out are out, and those who can't come out stay forever.

After a while, the second understood, "Brother Feng Luo ..."

"What the **** is this! We are already half-sacred. Even if we can't compare to immortals, it won't be so embarrassing." Some monsters couldn't help being irritable. Each of them here is a magnificent figure on the outside, but they are stabbed here like dogs. Such a big psychological gap can't bear it.

"The magic vine was so powerful just now, then there must be a more horrible existence next. Can our group of people really leave here alive? Or, can only those who take the last step can leave alive?"

At this time, the devouring beast also sighed, "The old bear didn't come in."

The old bear he was talking about was the one who was fighting him at that time.

If only one can survive in the end, it means that most of them can only die here.

"Now you can't give up if you want to give up." Shi Yu opened his eyes. "Instead of worrying so much, it's better to take a good rest and fight for it."

After this sentence, no one spoke.

After another two and a half minutes, they were ready again.

That's it, they won't be able to panic even if they are dissatisfied. All they can do is go ahead and bite the bullet.

The entrance to the inner hall has no obvious boundaries. After entering, the interior is very barren, unlike the outside. The ground was covered with hay, and there were many dark red bloodstains on it.

According to their previous experience, it is best to pass here quickly.

However, just after they walked for about two hundred steps, something on the ground started to crawl out from underneath.

"It's a skeleton!" Thinking of the previous semi-holy men, the crowd was instantly disgusted, and their legs quickly rushed forward.

"Come on!"

No matter what these things are, with the lessons learned, they are likely to be something they cannot touch.

However, even if they wanted to leave, it was too late.

Underground, one skull after another emerged. These skeletons are also semi-sacred, but they have thoughts compared to the previous uncle, which means they are more difficult to deal with.

"So many years have passed and finally a newcomer has arrived."

"And there are many newcomers."

"Looks like we have a new companion again."

The sounds of these skulls were all around, and the sound of laughter stabbed into the ears of the people. Those people had lost their souls, and blood leaked from their ears, noses and noses.

"Whatever you run, stay obediently!"

More and more skeletons appeared, rushed to the front, and ran, but at the end, they were quickly caught and had to stay to fight them.

However, with an enemy of one hundred, it can only last for a while, and is torn to pieces. Even if you are a semi-sacred power, at this moment you can only be annihilated.

In a move of the piano, when the sword that cut over the surrounding skeletons was about to rush up the stairs, it suddenly found that the robe on his body was torn halfway.

"Saner?" Changqin immediately turned around, and San Fat hid in the pocket of the robe.

"It turns out there's a monster inside." The skeletons have discovered the presence of three fats, and laughed and put three fats in their hands.

San Fatxin was cold, and he shouted at Changqin, "Changqin, you go! Leave me alone!"

But how can Changqin listen? Although he can't see his eyes, he can sense its position. Qin Yinhuan, every skeleton that he always wanted to get close to was attacked and flew by the sound attack. By the time he rushed to the skeleton holding the three fats, they were surrounded by dozens of skeletons around him.

"Three fats!" Shi Yu turned around at this moment, only to see that they had been drowned by skeletons. She tried to rescue them in the opposite direction, but was taken by Xuan Yin and Lin Fan, grabbing her arms left and right, and walked away, "Go!"

At this time, no one can stay longer, and staying for a second is dead.

Seeing Changqin taking the blood to take San Fat back in his arms, Shi Yu's tears fell without warning. At this time, a large wave of skeletons came towards them. When she moved, the skeletons fell down, but looking at the steps, there was no trace of Changqin.

A steady stream of skulls emerged from the steps. If it wasn't for Wen Rong and several other monster beasts who had opened up in the front and barely killed a blood path, they would have been trapped in the skull sea.

"Why are there so many semi-holy?" This is not the first time someone has asked this sentence, but this time, the speaker's tone was full of despair.

Why are there so many semi-holy men? No one knows. Now the only thing they know is to rush out of here and live well.

"It won't work like this." Qin Shengdao, "The skeletons behind have already caught up. If you don't pull away, no one wants to leave alive."

Juggernaut and his old friend have known each other for so long.

"You're thinking……"

"Speaking of which, we haven't been fighting together for a long time." Qin Sheng smiled and took Qin in his hand. "I want the old sword a bit."

My best friends suddenly fell, and they haven't found out why.

"I originally wanted to take revenge for him, but now it seems that only these young people can come." Qin Sheng said, the light of Qin Sheng in his hand bloomed, like a little sun, which stabbed everyone's eyes subconsciously. .

Immediately afterwards, a buzzing sound of a turquoise spiritual power scattered towards the surroundings. When the skeletons were blown away and a path vacated in the middle, Qin Sheng and his piano exploded in the middle of the skeletons, on the steps All the skeletons were scattered, and the entire stairs were completely blown up.

"Qin Sheng!"

"Hurry up!" Juggernaut didn't move, "Since Lao Qin opened the way for you, you should seize the opportunity. Remember, don't let the monster beast get the immortal bone."

"Swordmaster?" Lin Fan turned to look at him.

Swordmaster said to him: "I know my right sword is in your hands, this is your chance. From now on, the people will give it to you."

After that, he waved the sword in his hand and cut it back. The white sword was like the same wall, blocking the army of skeletons behind the step sword wall.

No one knows how long he can last, but now we are racing against time, even if we have tears in our eyes, we have to grit our teeth and go on.

"I'll stay here to help you." Shi Jin stopped suddenly, and the Aoshuang knife in his hand was inserted into the ground. The blue knife gas once again resisted the skeleton's attack.

"Ajin?" Shi Yu turned and called him.

Shi Jin smiled at her and said, "If there is a chance to turn back time, sister, remember to marry Xiaoshu for me."

Having said that, Shi Jin and the sword master together, the two of them had their swords stretched, the ice blue sword light and the white sword spirit were unscrupulously chopped down among the skeletons, and slammed the distance between Shi Yu and them.

By the time the two of them were drowned by the skeletons, the monster over there had reached the top of the steps.

When someone steps up the stairs, everything behind is collapsing. Skeletons wanted to rush up, but it was too late, they all fell into nothingness.

But after everything was calm, all people and monsters collapsed to the ground.

On the human side, there are only eight people left.

No, it should be said that there are only seven. [The Queen Mother of the East will not let him be with Xuan Yin]

"Xiaoyin," Dongfang suddenly knelt down in front of Xuan Yin, with blood spilling from the corners of his mouth.

"Orient?" Xuan Yin was busy helping him, but saw that his entire back was already covered with bones, "You ..."

Dongfang looked at her with a reluctant smile, and he vomited blood while he said, "He's dead, you have remembered it for two lifetimes. I'm dead this time, and you should always remember me."

"Don't speak," Xuan Yin panicked for no reason, and she quickly took all the medicine in her hand.

"It's useless." Dongfang shook his head. "Don't blame my mother for forbidding us to marry. She dreamed that I would die for you just to protect me, so please don't hate her."

Having said that, he wanted to reach out and help Xuan Yin to pinch her long hair, but he could not reach his hands, but his hands fell down.

"Oriental!" Xuan Yin cried, but the person in her arms did not stop disappearing, gradually turning into a pool of blood.

What I can't get, I've always wanted to. What we got in the end became lost.

Everyone who saw this scene was silent.

It's the East now, is it their turn?

"It should be the main hall in front of it," said the monster next to him. "If it weren't for the rest, we would really all die here."

Everyone walked towards the highest hall with a heavy heart.

After the death of relatives and friends around them, they felt a little numb inside.

One last way, surprisingly calm. There were no strong men who suddenly jumped out, and no weird plants that died when touched.

Until they walked to the entrance of the hall, there was a dark golden throne on the most central platform. The throne is very tall and luxurious, but it is not it that attracts people, but the people sitting on the throne.

The man was wearing a large red dress with his skirt curled to the ground and flowers at his feet. Her face was exquisite and unparalleled. No flaw could be found in any way. The light above the hall shone on her, giving her a sense of holiness.

"That's ... a living person?" There are living people in it ... doesn't it mean that this is a strong man who manipulates so many sacred sages, and her identity is also looming.

Real fairy.

This answer keeps everyone from scalp tingling.

"Not a living person," Wen Yan said at the moment, "that's a corpse. The twelve around him are alive."

This time everyone noticed that around the throne, there were no more or less on the ground, kneeling twelve people locked by iron chains.

At this moment, the twelve people had moved.

"I didn't expect that you could break into this place." They slowly turned around, and some of them had beasts, even human heads.

But no matter what race they are, the most frightening thing at this time is that they are all living creatures.

The living creatures in the tombs of immortals are much harder to deal with than before.

"Don't you know, it's very impolite to disturb others' sleep?" The fairy tomb strongmen continued.

"Since it's here, stay and replace us." They said, breaking the chains that trapped them.

"That **** bastard, made such a rule. We must have someone new to take our place before we can leave. Let me see who is so lucky." The complaining, apparently rushing The woman on the throne.

"It's strong!" The second picked up the sword. It was just that kind of breath that made them breathless. It stands to reason that when he encounters such an irresistible strong man, he should feel panic, but deep in his heart, he is more eager to try.

"My hand should still be." Chu Shuang suddenly looked at Shi Yudao, "when you were in Moyuan, you accidentally got the one."

Shi Yu took a moment to think about it.

"It turned out that you really are ..." Although she had a lot of speculations before that, it was certain at this moment that Shi Yu's emotions were still a little complicated. "After returning that hand to you, there will only be this body in the future. Demon Emperor, isn't there anymore? "

Yes, since Chu Shuang's breakthrough, Shi Yu looked at it, there are actually two souls in his body. One is Chu Shuang of this life, and the other is likely to be Chu Shuang's previous life-the demon emperor.

Chu Shuang didn't speak, then his eyes gradually changed, and then the hippie smile Chu Shuang appeared again.

"I haven't seen Shiyu for a long time." He grinned, "I didn't expect you to remember me. Originally I thought I would disappear quietly, but I didn't expect anyone would be reluctant to see me. Since it's the last time to see you, goodbye Once. Shi Yu, I'm gone, and if you have a chance to meet Bei Gong Hongzhu, say sorry to her. "

Shi Yu looked at him, and then glanced at the tomb fighter who was about to break free in the hall, taking a deep breath: "Goodbye. If you want to say, I will tell Red Pearl if I have a chance."

"Thank you." Chu Shuang smiled, waved her hand, and went completely silent.

Shi Yu took out the hand he had obtained at the beginning, and when he saw it with Chu Shuang, he completely merged with it. Then, Chu Shuang's body began to change one by one. His hair also gradually turned golden, and his body became taller and taller. He finally grew to look like an orc before stopping.

As for Chu Shuang's original sword, it has been replaced by two axes.

His changes, the monsters next to him saw, startled, "Master Yaohuang?"

But before they had any time to be surprised, the strong man in the hall had completely untied and rushed out.

There are only fifteen people out of the human race and the monsters. Although they are dominant in number, Lin Fan and others have just broken through and have fallen behind.

The scuffle at the scene may be because the demon emperor has just returned and the breath is too powerful. Several strong tombs of the tombs joined forces to deal with the demon emperor. Even so, the demon emperor could resist for a while.

However, there are demon emperor partial pressure, others still struggle very hard. In the battle, Qing Chen stood still without moving, rubbing his sword over and over again.

All of them are dealing with their enemies intently, no one is distracted to estimate others, and no one is to bother Qingchen to wipe the sword.

As time passed by, the human race had fewer people, and finally the monsters suddenly attacked, and the human race had gradually fallen into a disadvantage.

Just before the human race was about to run out, Qingchen suddenly moved.

Three Qingmangs suddenly shot into Shi Yu, Lin Fan and Xuan Yin's opponents.

After entering the body, the green awn did not disappear, but exploded in the body of the three saints, turned into countless green swords, and rushed them to pieces.

"Ah-" A few muffled sounds, the Sansheng had been cut into a pool of **** mud by Jianmang in the blink of an eye.

This sudden change made Shi Yu startled, she suddenly looked towards Qing Chen, but saw that his vitality seemed to be emptied in an instant, and the person was grayed out.

Seeing her looking at herself, Qingchen stared at her for a while, slowly showing a smile, "If you can really go back in time, remember to invite me to drink gold wedding wine."

After he finished speaking, the man fell backwards and fell into the endless abyss.

"Brother Qingchen-" The second wanted to catch him, but only pulled a piece of his sleeve.

His master was Shiyu, but Qingchen was the one who really taught him swordplay. To him, Qing Chen is the second master.

"You three, enter the temple!" He was entangled with several immortal tombs at this moment, and he couldn't get rid of him at this moment.

Lin Fan only found out that three monsters had taken the opportunity to enter the hall, and wanted to compete for the immortal corpse.

Shi Yu, Lin Fan, and Xuan Yin rushed into the hall.

But the monster in front was already one step ahead of them, and the body had already reached the side of the immortal corpse.

But just as they were about to touch the corpse of the fairy, the corpse's originally closed eyes opened at this moment.

"What's the situation!" This scene almost made everyone's heart jump out.

Alive ... immortal?

However, everyone's surprise lasted only a moment, and soon they discovered that as the people on the throne opened their eyes, the surrounding spiritual power quickly became disordered. Immediately afterwards, they felt that the spiritual power within them was spreading out, and finally swept towards the throne.

"Is she dead or alive?" The next monster asked in horror.

"It's just that I don't know, but I know we'll soon be gone." The monster closest to the corpse said this, and the whole body melted quickly, first with two legs, slowly spreading to the waist Following this trend, I am afraid that it will disappear completely soon.

"My feet ..." Shi Yu found the same with her two legs.

"He's going to live!" After seeing this scene, the twelve guards who were still fighting outside screamed in horror. They seemed to want to run away, but didn't run too far, and they snorted into a pool of blood mist.

The surrounding spiritual power is getting stronger and stronger, and it seems that the entire palace has been affected. Whether it is flowers and trees, outsiders who break in, or the original puppets and skeletons in the palace, they are all being refined.

Shi Yu's two calves had disappeared. Looking at other people, only half of her head was left unsustainable.

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