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He froze and said, "After this wedding, I plan to return to the ninth day, and I will not be with you."

Xuan Yin paused with a wine glass in his hand and looked at him and said, "Are you going away, too?"

"Well. Homesick."

"Oh, I wish you good luck."

When the two talked about this, there was no follow-up talk.

After the wedding ceremony was completed, it was followed by a big feast. Because of the festive atmosphere inside and outside the city, both humans and monsters have been relaxed.

Cultivators are different from mortals. After the wedding, Shi Yu wore a red and black wedding dress and Wen Ye toasted one by one to the previous generations.

Shi Yu has nothing to do. Everyone cherishes this junior who can live in a certain world. But to Wen Yi, who hasn't taken advantage of him in hundreds of years, he managed to catch the opportunity of a bright and upright drink, so how can he toast hard.

Wen Yan also refused to come. He didn't cheat at all. He said that he drank it. He soon got a redness at the corners of his eyebrows. Occasionally when he looked at Yuyu, he couldn't soften.

The elders who originally wanted to drink alcohol saw goosebumps one by one when they saw this, and did not want to drink alcohol anymore.

Why bother killing eight hundred enemies and damaging eight thousand?

The excitement continued until the middle of the night, but the half-holy strongmen present were almost gone, leaving only the others to continue.


At this moment, Xiaoqi, who was supposed to be drunk, wakes up after drinking an open tea.

She woke up and found that the people she knew were basically around, and her sister and brother-in-law were also there.

"What's wrong?" She thought vaguely.

"Are you awake?" Shi Yu smiled at her. "Since you are awake, let's go."

"Get off?" She was still a little confused.

"Yes, Mr. Zhang will **** you back to the ninth heaven." Shi Yudao said, "Whatever you encounter on the road, you don't care, just protect your life."

Xiao Qi is no longer a child, and now she is also a famous person on the ninth day. After hearing this, she couldn't figure out that something had happened.

"Jinhuan," Shi Yu looked at Chu Jinhuan again, and handed him a storage bag. "This is what the suzerain asked me to give you."

Chu Jinhuan took it and took a look at it, all of it contained Yujian.

"This is ..." If he remembered correctly, it was all fantasy magic jade Jane.

Now the lord of these things told him to take him to the ninth heaven, meaning beyond words, it goes without saying.

"I want to stay," he said. "I'm a magician. Whatever happens next, I can always help here."

Shi Yu looked at him for a while and saw that his eyes were firm, knowing that he could not persuade him.

"Okay." She took a step back, and then Wen Yue stepped forward, pointing at his eyebrow, and he just fainted.

"Take him." Shi Yu said to Wen Xian and Beigong Hongzhu.

Yes, except for those who have broken through the semi-holy place, before the half-holy place, including Cheng Shaoheng and others, they are all going to follow the ninth heaven.

If they said they were a bit unwilling before, but Chu Jinhuan's lesson learned, let them know that their struggle is futile.

"Why do we leave? Is something going to happen?" Cheng Shaoheng asked, "Let's not even have a little right to know."

In response to him, Shi Yu smiled.

"... Let ’s do it. There is no human rights." He murmured, "We are all brothers and sisters, and people will help me deliver it together. You ..." He paused, "Must be good . "

"Don't worry, letting you go just in case." Shi Yudao, "You are here, for now, it will only interfere with us."

"Yes, I was suspected of being abandoned." The dean deliberately spread his hands. "That's OK, then we go home first and wait for you to come back to Tobu to teach the freshmen."

"it is good."

No matter how many emotions, at this moment, Shi Yu can only send them away with a smile and promise to see you next time.

When the doors in the void were completely closed, the figures in the room began to emerge one after another—the magic of the magic sect, which was powerful because they could be false and true.

"Thank you elders." Shi Yu thanked the surrounding void, and Wen Ye left here.

As soon as it came out, Changqin was already waiting there. Seeing them coming out, he came up and said to Wen Yi: "It's all arranged, just wait for you and your wife to pass."

"It's very polite," Wen said. "You can just call her as before."

Changqin responded with a smile.

Shi Yu asked him about his fat, "Is it still there?"

"It won't go," Changqin said. "I don't want to force it. It's good to be self-righteous, and sometimes it's hurt."

Shi Yu also knew that with his three fat character, he would definitely not leave at this time.

"What about other people?"

"I'm probably with Suzaku now."

Shi Yu was a little surprised. "Suzaku is also here?"

Suzaku almost broke through the semi-holy, but almost was almost ... she couldn't help it now.

"Well, this is its place, how could it be willing to leave." Changqin said.

The three walked along the road and said, they came to the main hall.

Looking at the most magnificent hall in front of them, Wen Huan and Shi Yu glanced at each other, and they walked together holding hands.

At this moment, in the hall, all the semi-sacred powers of the three clans gathered here, and the number was very unfortunate, and just rounded up to fifty.

When they saw Wen Ying coming in, Lin Fan and Dongfang, who were sitting on each other, looked at each other.

Before, they were faintly weird. According to the reason, if only Wen Yue and Shi Yu were married, then there was no need to come up with such a **** competition. But now seeing the Semi-Holy Saints gathered together, they speculated in their hearts that perhaps the next thing, only the semi-holy strong will be eligible to participate.

"You can count it." An old monster half-holy looked at Wen Yue, "I think you need to say more about what you said in your letter."

As soon as the words came to an end, someone on the other side continued to ask, "Do you really find a way to take the last step?"

Hearing this sentence, Lin Fan and others could not help looking at Wen Yi.

However, if you think about it, most of the strong people here have already lived for a long time, or have become famous. The things in this world are no longer attractive to them. The only thing that these old guys can care about is eternal life.

"Everyone be calm and restless," someone said with a smile, "We have all waited for so many years, and we are not in a hurry."

"Since you are not in a hurry to swallow the heavenly beast, let us give you the chance to become immortal first." Someone yelled at it.

"Black bear essence, do you know why you can't become immortal? If your temperament is more stable, maybe you have already left the Nine Heavens continent."

These are innocuous jokes. They have known each other for so many years. The more they can speak like this, the better their relationship is.

"I know you can't wait any longer," Wen Yan smiled at this moment, and said, "Like the content of the letter to you, after more than two hundred years, I did find a way to take the last step."

"Really?" Everyone was quiet. Not speaking does not mean identification, more questioning. After so many hopes, it still looks like this. If it weren't for the news from Wen Ye, they might not have come.

"Of course, I know that you may not believe this. After all, no one will be generous and selfless to make this kind of thing public. If I hadn't found a way for more than a hundred years, I wouldn't do it today." "Jiu Zhongtian had immortals in the past, and there was more than one. Most of these immortals have left here, but most of them are not all. I am very fortunate to have found a tomb of immortals under the holy mountain. Now basically I can Confirm that the bones of an immortal are really buried inside. "

Fairy skeleton?

All the semi-sacred powers present were unexpected.

After immortals become immortals, some will leave immediately, and some will indeed stay for a while before leaving. But after falling into immortality, it was the first time they heard about it.

"Immortals will also fall?" What they are after is longevity. If immortals will also fall, what's the point of seeking immortals?

"The fairy's birthday is endless, but if they meet their opponents, they will fall, don't they?" Wen Yi smiled, "I have read a lot of ancient books, and I hope to find traces about this fairy's tomb from the records. . But unfortunately, I have never found anything relevant. "

"Knowing what's the use of it, will you take us to see it?" Anxiously said directly, "Your race speaks very crazily. You have to go around ten or eight circles to say the real purpose. Can you be happier this time, and tell us what the purpose is to let us all come. "

This statement has not been echoed by everyone, but looking at the expressions of the strong men, it is clear that the strong man has expressed everyone's voice.

"That being the case, then I will make a long story short. The fairy tomb cannot be opened by my own power, so this time I mainly want to help you to break it together."

"You haven't finished your life, now you are anxious to think about what these things are doing." Although Wen Ye's words are heart-warming, the people here can live to this day, which is not a deep-hearted person, how can he rely on his words I believe it.

Regarding this question, Wen Yi looked at Shi Yu with a gentle look, "If I were only one, then I have enough time to slowly solve the mystery. Unfortunately, what I want now is two people. Longevity, so I must prepare early. "

"Speaking of it, still heroes are sad about beauty." Someone teased.

This remark elicited a kind smile.

All the young people here are here. After having a priest, it is inevitable that some people have deep roots and want the long-term of two people.

Regarding this ridicule, Wen Zheng admitted generously, "After all, there is a family member. Not much to say, I'll take you to see the fairy tomb first."

He said, with a little more empty space at the fingertips, a void door appeared in the middle.

After everyone looked at each other around them, they entered the door generously-their strength can completely ignore any calculation. Even if there were any conspiracy in this void, they were all there, and there was nothing to worry about.

This is the power of semi-holy.

After passing through the void door, a starry sky came into their sight. The stars are bright and beautiful. But no one has the leisurely pleasure to admire the beauty at this moment. Almost everyone's eyes are occupied by the things in the center of the starry sky.

In the middle of this starry sky, there is a white light cluster the size of a human head.

When they approached, they found a palace inside the light group. Although it has been reduced in size, everything in the palace is completely visible.

"Is this a small world?" No one is new to this. The semi-sacred powers basically have the ability to mobilize space, and it is not difficult for them to open up a small world.

"Yes. It took me so long, and the only thing I could do was to move this fairy tomb." Wen Yan smiled bitterly.

"Being able to move the small world is not easy in itself." A strong man praised, but he was secretly alert.

Although it is said that the semi-sacred already has the ability to move space, the small world is a party space. When constructing, it is built by combining the surrounding spiritual power. A rash move can easily cause the entire space to collapse. The average semi-sacred power cannot do this at all.

Not only did Wen Ye do it, but the small world was still intact, which shows that he is stronger than most people present.

"After removing the fairy tomb, no matter what method I use, I ca n’t open the surrounding enchantment." Wen Zheng said, his fingers scratched, and a seemingly bland but powerful palm print slaps on On the light group, the light group just turned on for a moment, and the other little things were not moving.

After Wen Zheng's hands, the other strong ones also tried it all by themselves, but in the end, the light group was still that light group, and there was no damage at all.

There are not many things that can withstand the attack of the semi-sacred powers. This enchantment is so strong that it also attracts a lot of interest from the surrounding powers.

"Our split attack has no effect on this enchantment. The effect of only a few people is also very small. Therefore, I want you to try everyone attacking the same place and see if you can forcibly open this enchantment." "Of course, what is in this realm is still unknown. After opening it, there are advantages and disadvantages. If you want to open it, then together, if not, someone can try slowly."

Everyone knew that he was not telling lies. If he moves away from the small world, others may not be able to find his whereabouts.

"You can try." Sword Master and Qin Sheng took the lead.

The true tomb of the immortals is too tempting for them. Everyone has come through strong winds and waves, and now they are standing in the pinnacle, and there is nothing to threaten them.

Then, other powerful ones also joined one by one.

The phrase "wealth in wealth" has long been branded in the bones of this group of people. Even if there is really anything in it, they are still willing to try as long as the interests are attractive enough.

"That line, let's start over there," Wen Zheng said, taking the first shot in the enchantment.

After him, others shot. The enchantment is finally no longer as motionless as before, but it seems that the impact is very limited.

"Come again!"

After the second round of bombing, a tiny crack finally appeared in the enchantment.

It stands to reason that so many half-sacred powerfuls shot together, the effect would not be so bad. But the reason for this is that everyone is unconscious of each other-they can't really try their best to break the enchantment, after all, the "teammates" standing around are still opponents before a quarter of an hour.

After two more rounds, the crack finally deepened. By the fifth round, the crack seemed to be seriously damaged and began to spread quickly around. The original bright ball of light suddenly grew larger as the enchantment left ...

At this time, the city of the monster beast is still peaceful and peaceful. After six months of brutal fighting, now I finally have a chance to catch my breath. No matter people or monsters in the city, they are enjoying the rare peace now.

And at this moment, in the void above the monster beast city, there are cracks in the void, but it seems like there is something to squeeze out.

"What's that?" Someone said.

"do not know."

When everyone looked up, the void crack finally left, and a magnificent white palace group gradually emerged from the top of the monster city.

This palace group is several times larger than the city of monsters. At a glance, there is no end at all. You can only see endless white palaces. The city of monsters and monsters has become a shadow full of shadows. Small town.

"This is the residence of the immortals?" In the void, the half-saints looked at the palace in front of them, and even though they were well-informed, they were amazed at this moment.

This pure white palace has a very different style from ordinary palaces. Compared to the down-to-earth palace buildings, this one in front of you is a dream-like world—suspended pavilions, exquisite palaces in the air, majestic yet elegant, and real in the air.

Even if everyone marveled at the beauty of this palace, even if the enchantment had just broken, no one of the semi-sacred powers stepped into that strange world first.

The semi-sacred powers can bear it, but it does not mean that the people and monsters in the monster city can live under control.

In particular, when they heard the phrase "fairy mansion" said by their predecessors, the people and monsters below were agitated.

Some were cautious and did not dare to act lightly, but some people held the mentality of "supporting boldness", and after stunned for a moment, rushed into the White Palace quickly.

They were as fast as meteors, but no one stopped them.

Everyone wants someone to find their way and see what risks there are.

However, after a while, there were no screams, no corpses and blood. Inside the White Palace, it was still so peaceful and peaceful, with the light of light over his head.

Then a second wave of people went in, but there was still nothing inside.

Over time, most people couldn't sit still. If it is said that there is a lot of Baoshan inside, there will be a huge gap with the people in front of you when you go there that night.

"Let's go in, too," Feng Luo suggested, and he was now very confident in himself. In the end, it is semi-sacred, and it is impossible to be trapped in it.

"Okay, there isn't much movement in it anyway. Sooner or later, we all have to go in. It's better to go in and see now." Second.

The two of them settled down. When they entered, they found that all the people around them had entered, including the sword sage and the piano sage.

Seeing people entering here, the monsters naturally didn't want to fall behind. Soon, the remaining monster semi-sacred powers also flew in one after another.

After entering the palace, everyone found out that the inside of the palace is actually a small independent world, and it is no wonder that people outside cannot see the movement inside.

"Many years of precious medicine!" Feng Luo suddenly said. Where he saw it, every flower and tree was a precious medicine for more than ten thousand years, and the strong scent of medicine was everywhere in the air, and every breath was refreshing.

"It's not just precious medicine. The gems inlaid on this entire palace are all Nedans of the true world." This is too luxurious. Even if they are semi-sacred, they can only adore the wind.

The shock of the crowd lasted only a while. Although these things are very attractive, for them now, it is not so important. The thing that attracts them in this palace is the fairy bone.

"Let's go quickly." Lin Fan took the lead, "the monster should be looking for it."

Ignoring the monsters around him who were killed by the saplings of heaven and earth, they walked quickly towards them.

"It can't be protected by air." Secondly, he wanted to fly just now, but found that he was restricted.

If you can't guard the sky, that means they can only go all the way.

"The void channel is also unavailable." Fengluo said, the teleportation was also abolished.

"My soul can't detect far." Shi Yu frowned. The spirit can't perceive the surrounding words, that is to say, her ability is weakened by more than half.

"That means you can only fight for speed." You can't fly, you can only run through the palaces, and it really depends on speed.

They quickly left the second hall and came to the door of the second hall.

Compared to the excitement in the first hall, this place is a little too quiet. There was no popularity around, and the quiet people could hear the breathing.

"How do I think there is a trap?" Feng Luo looked around alertly.

"If there are any traps, it can only be advanced to see." Wen Ying said, and he took Shiyu's hand and walked into the hall first.

As soon as they went in, the others saw them disappearing. The hall was still empty.

"This ..." Feng Luo opened his eyes wide. But soon, everyone else followed him into the hall, and in the blink of an eye, he was left alone outside the door.

Feng Luo followed the door quickly, but everyone was not there, leaving only the second and Qingchen.

"Why are you two and the others?"

The second shook his head. "I don't know. When I came in, I was the only one. Later Brother Qingchen came, and then you have come."

"But I was the last one to come in." Feng Luo looked at the hall in front of him, always feeling upset.

"That should be the problem of this hall. It should be that other people also randomly enter other spaces. In other words, this is likely to be a small world built in a small world." The second guessed.

Qing Chen didn't say anything, he walked inside holding his sword. The hall was very large, and the three walked to the end to find a high platform in the middle, and a fine jade coffin was placed on the platform.

"We won't be so lucky." As soon as he came in, he found the fairy bone.

When Feng Luo was surprised, Qing Chen was already kicking on the jade coffin. The lids of the coffin were scattered, and a figure flew out immediately.

Where is this immortal bone? It is clearly a corpse that has been refined into a tadpole. Although this is only a corpse, it cannot be underestimated.


All three were semi-sages, and did not fear the corpse. With the cooperation of two quarters, the corpse became seven or eight fragments.

"Brother Qingchen, your sword is so fast!" The second one always knew that his strength was better than Qingchen, but now they are both semi-sacred, and he thinks there is not much difference, but it seems that he still It's big.

To his marvel, Qingchen just split the coffin, and then a door appeared in front of them.

The three paused for a moment and walked in together.

After coming out of that door, they saw others beside him. But unlike them, some people are more miserable and have injuries.

"What did you encounter?"

"We went in and met two and a half holy urns." Dongfang smiled bitterly. "Fortunately, three people went in." Although it was a bit troublesome, it was at least resolved.

"Then you are really out of luck, we only encountered one."

"I'm one too."

After waiting for each other, Feng Luo asked Shi Yu, "What about you?"

Shi Yu came up with a rare and precious medicine, "The two of us are lucky, we only have this one in."

When they saw the treasure, others couldn't help but lament their good fortune.

"That is to say, no matter what happens after entering these halls, they are random?" Lin Fan analyzed at this time.

"Should be." Dongfang said, "And the number is not fixed. Like we were just three, there are two senior sword masters. Maybe there is one person for each room."

Speaking of this, don't look at each other, and find that the semi-sacred power of the human race is indeed one less.

"So what if you get stuck in it all the time?" Feng Luo asked.

This problem instantly condenses the otherwise relaxed atmosphere.

If you ca n’t get out of it, you may never get out.

"I didn't expect that we were the first palace and we met the semi-sacred strongman. Then, aren't they all more terrifying beings?" They are now only the second hall. Up to a hundred seats, which means that it is just the beginning.

What a more terrifying existence than half-sacred ...

"Are you guys well rested?" Wen Yan said at this time. "If it's almost recovered, then go ahead. The monster beast should be in front of us now."

The thought of the immortal bones being taken away by monsters, the burden on everyone's shoulders was a little heavier.

"Let's go on!"