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The second morning I noticed Wen Ye, seeing Master's introduction, he shouted respectfully: "Master."

"You apprentice have good qualifications." Wen Yan was in a good mood, and he was rare to boast. He had one in his hand, and a long sword appeared in his hand. "Good qualifications, but good weapons do not match. This handle is without me, and it is right for you."

The sword in his hand was different from Qingchen's Frost Sword, the edge of Frost Sword was clear, but the light was restrained and unpretentious.

When the second held the sword in his hand, the sword gas suddenly exploded, and the sword automatically came out of the sheath and stabbed in front of the second.

The second was caught off guard, and a hole was dug out of his shoulder.

"Good guy, it turns out to be so fierce." After the second surprise, he became even more excited, chasing the selflessness and going to subdue it.

Seeing Su Nian next, she said in a loud voice, "This master's cry is really worthwhile. I sent it out without me."

Without me, if she remembered correctly, it was the weapon that Wen Ye had in his early years. It's just that I haven't seen him use his sword basically. Now it looks like he has changed his weapon.

"Axian's temperament is not suitable for me," Wen Yan said, looking at his brother. "We still have to use the weapon that suits us best."

Wen Xian honestly said, "I know, I'm using it very well now. If I want to change it, I have to hesitate. In addition, congratulations, I didn't expect you to marry the last sister. "

On the ninth day of the year, he had such fantasies. Unexpectedly, after many years, it turned out to be true.

"Sister still?" Wen Yan raised an eyebrow.

Wen Xian reacted in an instant, and respectfully respected Shi Yu: "Dad!"

Shi Yu's face warmed slightly, and she took out a storage bag and said, "There are some small snacks I made by myself. You can eat when you need it."

"Thank you Auntie," Wen Xian thanked again.

After the greetings, the second group did not return except to collect the weapon, and the group sat chatting on the hilltop.

There was a killing sound under the mountain, but on the mountain they talked about the day that was on the ninth day.

"After you get married, let's go back to the college together to check it out," Fengluo suggested. "It's been so many years since I left home, I want to go back and look at it. I hope the dean will be surprised when he sees us. Those boys are already semi-sacred. "

Dong Fang also missed: "At that time, being able to break through the transformation of God was already praised. Who would have thought that now, they have gone so far."

About talking about the past, holding the sword against the green dust in the dead tree, his expression became a lot softer.

As for Lin Fan, he poured a glass of wine and sighed.

Xuan Yin sat next to the East, flipping the bonfire for a while, and suddenly remembered that time when his memory was not restored.

"Okay," Shi Yu looked unnamed on the side of the bonfire. "When this is over, go back and look at it together. By the way, Feng Luo's plan to go back to surprise the dean may be a bit unworkable, forgetting Let me tell you, the dean is now in the monster city. Not only him, but also the old one, and grandfather Feng.

"Really?" The big guys all looked at Shiyu this time.

"Our wedding is such a big event, how can our friends and relatives not invite it?" Wen Zheng said, "I don't want her to be wronged, so the invitations are here. Only you are still outside the city."

"So we are here to send invitations." Shi Yu said as he took out a stack of invitations and distributed them one by one. "You are my closest people, and I do n’t want you to receive them. Harm. If you can't hold it, just use the invitation. "

Everyone did not decline this invitation.

The next twelve hours, life and death are unexpected. One more invitation letter is equivalent to another chance to save your life.

"Okay, we must be there a lot." Su Nian said.

"Um." Seeing that time is almost up, Shi Yu and Wen Rong both stood up. "Then we will wait for you in the monster city."

Before leaving, Shi Yu looked at his brother and said, "Little Seven is also in the city, we are waiting for you to reunite."

The second nodded, "Yes."

Finally, I looked back at all my friends, Shi Yu and Wen Yan disappeared in place.

It may be because the invitation letter sent by Shiyu and others gave everyone a little worry. After they left, everyone drank the wine in their hands and rushed into the battle under the mountain.

Success or failure has entered the countdown.

From dawn on, new guests visit from time to time. Among them, there are people clan, there are monsters, and even sea beasts with different styles from the people on the road and the monsters.

And none of these guests' cultivation is under half-holy.

Ordinary practitioners are unaware of these, but they are aware of Feng Luo.

"These are the guests?" They were surprised.

Wen Ying and Shi Yu's wedding would even invite the strong of the Yao clan to attend.

"should be."

And even though these monsters and semi-sacred powers have different looks, they are indeed not for finding faults.

That is to say, today's big wedding is feared to be the scene where the three strong ethnic groups gather.

At this moment, Xiaoqi and Cheng Chu were standing on the city wall of the monster beast king, watching the slaughter ahead.

There is an enchantment around the city of Kings, and the external killings will not affect them. Because of this, they can watch the killing with confidence.

"This is heaven and heaven." Cheng Chu was numb at this moment. At first she wanted to take someone out of the city to practice, but after half an hour, she immediately returned to the monster city with an invitation.

Even if the heaven and the sky are the last monsters, they can't resist them. Going to experience, and no doubt death.

A few days after they arrived in the city, they had been standing on the wall watching the battle outside, and they were still very **** at the beginning, and now they have no feeling.

She remembered the lush perimeter of the monster wall when they first arrived. But now, the ground is full of various huge pits. She wondered whether the monster beast city is now isolated in mid-air like the city at the top of the cliff.

"Xiao Qi, do you think the one in front is your brother? The one with the big blue sword!" Cheng Orange suddenly said.

Xiao Qi was busy looking down her eyes, and she really saw his second brother fighting with people in the mid-air ahead.

She wanted to call her brother's name, but was afraid to disturb him and distract him, so she stared at him intently. Until he cut off the opponent and stomped on the opponent's head, this relieved him slightly.

This is the truth of the experience. Behind the glory is countless fights.

"Be sure to be safe." She prayed in her heart, hoping that they would all come back alive.

Time passed quickly, and the sky gradually turned black.

On the wall of Wang Cheng, there were more and more powerful people fighting below. In the end, Wen Ye and Shi Yu also appeared. Even with the old man and the dean, they were watching the cruelest competition below.

Human beings are good to evil, and at this stage, no one can turn back.

Shi Yu stood on the wall, his eyes moved with his friends, but his mind could not help thinking of those seen in the fragments of time and space.

It's time to end.

This is **** and new.

"The magic suzerain they are here." Wen Yan said suddenly to her.

Shi Yu nodded slightly, "OK."

After speaking, she looked at her friends again and quietly left the city wall.

Different from ordinary practitioners, Magic Sects practice differently. They did not participate in this battle, so it was no surprise that they arrived at the monster city at this time.

When Shi Yu arrived in the reception hall, he saw the long-lost suzerain and seven other uncles and uncles. Of course, this included two masters who had not seen him for a long time.

"The disciples have met the suzerain and your predecessors." Shi Yuxing finished the ceremony and said to Mo Mo: "Second Master."

"I haven't lost my face." Huanmo smiled. "The humble gray girl who once was about to marry now. Time flies."

"Thank you, Master Er, for your cultivation."

"Okay, we'll talk about it again," the old lord said. "What you see now is our most powerful illusionist. Everyone is here, including me, and we will all listen to you."

Knowing that this time is unusual, Shi Yu didn't quit, "Yes!"

Half a quarter of an hour later, Shi Yu and Huan Zong also appeared on the walls of the monster king. When the next monster and sea beast saw him, he had a jealous look in his eyes, but he felt a little relieved.

It's better to show up than to be a monster in secret.


As time passed, the countdown half a year ago was about to end as the night became thicker. When the bell in the city, which represents a new day, rang, the killings outside the city did not end immediately. However, at this time, the city gate was already open. As long as you entered the city gate, there would be no worry about your life.

Lin Fan and his party did not greedily leave to continue the raid, but they all used the invitation letter decisively and entered the monster city.

"It's finally over." They slumped to the ground and looked up at the starry sky above them. Although blood was still on their bodies, they felt alive.

Perhaps it was because the mind was relaxed that Xiu Wei, who had not noticed, even became loose. The surrounding spiritual power rushed towards them, and the first to break through was the North Palace Red Bead.

But soon the situation became unpleasant, because it wasn't just her who wanted to break through. The monsters who rushed into the city behind and the partners around them had signs of breakthrough.

When a person breaks through, the surrounding spiritual power is completely sufficient to support. I can cope with a few or a dozen. But when there are dozens or even hundreds, those spiritual powers are a bit stretched.

Not enough spiritual power, which means the breakthrough failed. But if you don't choose a breakthrough at this time, no one knows if there will be a next breakthrough.

"A new battle again." None of the strong men in the sky intervened.

Spiritual power must be enough, it depends on their willingness.

Lin Fan frowned as he looked at the surrounding situation. "Take out your storage bags. We help turn all the precious medicines and elixir into spiritual power, and now breakthrough is the most important."

There was no objection to this. They fought all the way, and the trophies they harvested could not be overstated. These things were originally for the purpose of improving the repair. Now that there is such a good opportunity, how can we let my companions miss it for nothing.

While they were concentrating on helping their companions to protect the law, a long robe in white appeared at the gate of the city. Behind Changqin is a group of people who have been cultivated only to be uneven, more precisely, they should be low-ranking people.

Although these peoples are trying to hide the fear, they are still too weak, with flaws everywhere.

"I seem to see an acquaintance." Feng Luo suddenly said.

"You read that right." It's still Dongfang holding him.

Others saw it, but they didn't want to talk. Only the second person who knew them later was still a little unclear. They were watching who they said they knew.

"Second Brother——" In the city, Xiaoqi brought Cheng Orange with them. When they were coming here, they met Nagato.

Through Changqin, Xiaoqi recognized someone in that crowd at a glance.

"Early in the ring?"

Hearing that someone called herself, Huantai opened her eyes slightly and glanced at her. She seemed to remember for a moment, then remembered who it was, "It's you, Shiyu is a sister."

She didn't use her mouth to speak, she spoke belly language.

"Why is she here?" Xiao Qi asked Changqin. "Such people shouldn't let her come in and dirty this land." Although there were many years, she still could not let go.

Changqin smiled and calmed him in front of him and said, "The events in life are only once in a lifetime, and they should also be shown how good the girl was."

Shi Yu's life, with her emergence, is no longer a secret. Because of this, the Yantai people have become the laughingstock of many people. It's okay not to touch them, but bringing them all today is like tackling their hearts and cutting them a little bit.

The one that was maintained at that time was discouraged, but the one that was abandoned became the height that the entire human race looked up to. This has to be said, it is ironic.

"Is the semi-holy great?" At the beginning of Yantai, he chuckled at this moment, and the contempt in his eyes was unabashed. Just broken dregs. "

"What do you mean!" Xiao Qi stared angrily, but Changqin stopped her. "Why be angry, prisoner."

Talking, he asked people to continue to take the people of the Yantai clan, and he and Xiaoqi came to Lin Fan.

At this moment, all the monsters around him followed suit, and took out all the previous loot and turned them into Reiki. The Reiki was extraordinarily strong in the monster beast city.

"Stop here, I will take you to the inner city." Changqin said. The inner city aura is more intense, and there is blessing from the formation. If someone wants to break through, at least you don't have to worry about the aura, and there are people around who will help them.

"But now Hongzhu is ..."

"Anyway." Changqin was a little bit empty, and they all disappeared in place.

By the time they came out again, they had already entered the inner city, and at the same time, the cultivation of Changqin was naturally revealed.

"It turns out that you are also a semi-sacred power, congratulations." Lin Fan took the lead.

"Think about it." Changqin still looked warm. "You continue to cultivate, and someone secretly protects the law for you. If you are tired, feel free to find a room to rest."

"Thank you!"

After Changqin told him, he disappeared in place. Xiao Qi also looked at his brother at this moment, tears kept flowing.

"Don't worry, none of this blood is mine." Shi Jin comforted her, and then he looked at her sister again. "Don't you say that you have become the college's steward? How can you cry like a child?"

"I'm not worried about you," Xiao Qi wiped the tears on his face, "I just miss you."

Shi Jin rubbed her head. "When this time passes, I will go back to the ninth day with you." There was another unfinished thing waiting for him to do there.

It is time for the sealed dawn city to reappear.


"Of course." Shi Jin wanted to say something, but felt a sudden shock in his body, and then the surrounding spiritual power began to surge towards him.

The signs of this breakthrough came without any warning, and Xiao Qi stunned, and quickly retreated.

Looking at the others, she also entered the state of being settled one by one. She and Cheng Cheng immediately retreated from here and did not bother them.

"It's enviable." Seeing the color changing in front of him, Cheng Orange couldn't help but sigh.

Not only because of their luck, but also envy that they have a group of partners worthy of trust.

At the same time, Shi Yu and Wen Yan also stood on the Jade steps, watching the aura storm in the sky above the monster beast city.

"Tonight, there should be a few more semi-holy strongmen." Shi Yudao, "At that time our chances of winning will be greater."

Wen Yan looked down at her, and sorted out her hair, "Are you afraid?"

Shi Yu took his waist, "With you, I'm not afraid of anything."

"But I'm a little scared."

"Huh?" Shi Yu looked up. "What?"

Wen Yi sighed, "My fiancee is young and beautiful, and there are too many admirers. What will she do if she thinks that I am too old and deteriorating in the future?"

"You don't make a lot of mistakes." Shi Yu slaps a hand on his waist, but soon can't help but bury it in his arms and laugh into a ball.


The next day, when the rising sun rose, two more semi-sacred powerhouses were added to the monster city. And unfortunately, these two are from the human race, they are Shi Jin and the second.

Next, Changqin counted the ten strongest people who had the most Nedans according to what Wen Ying said before, and distributed the elixir that broke the semi-sacred one by one.

On the human race side, Lin Fan and Xuan Yin are in the top ten, and the remaining eight are all monsters. The human race looked at it, and privately gave Nedan all to the east, and the last one who squeezed into the top ten became three human races. As for the monsters, there was no change.

"The wedding is held at dusk, you should break through first, and then come to the wedding at that time." Changqin said, at this time he was also followed by Leopard King and Chu Shuang who disappeared for a long time.

But Chu Shuang's temperament has changed dramatically now, far from the original ‘he’.

When they were leaving, Bei Gong Hong Zhu could not help but stop him, "Chu Shuang?"

Chu Shuang looked back at her. Bei Gong Hong Zhu touched his indifferent eyes, and her heart was a bit lost. "Sorry, I misidentified someone."

Chu Shuang said nothing and left with Changqin.


Next, Lin Fan and ten others were all arranged in the back room, and the rest were arranged at will.

It was also on this day that another group of young strong men came to the monster beast city. They also wanted to participate in the battle for half-elixir. As a result, they were trapped in the mystery, and when it appeared again, time was over.

Their regrets are not clear to others. But the second time I saw the long-lost elder brother at this time.

Chu Jinhuan.

Chu Jinhuan Xiuwei has not yet broken through the semi-holy, but his spirit is far beyond ordinary people. Although he did not meet them with Shiyu, but after heaven and sky, he also happened to go to Fantasy Sect by chance, and has never been in the Zongmen since then.

This time, he sneaked out of Fantasy.

"Brother." He was surprised to see him the second time, and hurried forward to say hello.

Chu Jinhuan's attitude towards the old acquaintances is not cold.

"Have you broken through the semi-holy?" Chu Jinhuan's second growth rate was somewhat unexpected.

"Yeah. I can surpass you now." The second delighted, "Brother, shall we two compare?"

Chu Jinhuan bounced on his forehead, "Even if he breaks the semi-sacred path, he can run faster."

"What?" The second time he didn't understand what he meant.

Chu Jinhuan smiled and said, "Don't you think it's strange? In the past, the Holy Saint was rare, but now the Holy Saint appears one after another. This time the two monsters and the Holy Saints gathered together, and even the sea beasts came to the strong, although I I believe that the Lord of the Necromancers does have such a big face, but I still feel uneasy. This time, all the elders from both the upper and lower levels of the Fantastic Sect came, but the younger generation were all locked up in the Sect's gate, which made them refuse to go out halfway Don't you think it's strange? "

"..." These were second thoughts.

"So, if something happens, run immediately. The sky is falling, and your master and father are standing up." Chu Jinhuan said.

After entering the city, he felt that there was something wrong in the monster city, but he couldn't see what was wrong.

"Oh ..." The second thoughtful.

By noon, Xuan Yin and Dong Fang always came out of the back room. They broke the semi-sacred success.

When the three met, Chu Jinhuan watched them sneer and sat at the farthest position from them.

Xuan Yin ignored him directly, and Dongfang came to him, "It's been a long time."

I haven't seen it for a long time, and it's not just about this life.

Chu Jinhuan didn't even look at him, "I don't seem familiar with you, please don't come close. But you are really deep in the sea, with a grassland on your head, and you can think of it as nothing happened."

"It's very helpless to have someone in the heart of someone you like." Dongfang didn't take his assassin into his heart. "I can't control this, just like I can't control myself to leave her. Anyway, Shun It's natural. "

Chu Jinhuan was silent, and then farther away from the East.

Silly is a disease, he doesn't want to be infected.

Almost another hour later, Lin Fan also came out, and he also became a new semi-sacred.


In the end, three of the ten and a half potions failed, and the remaining seven all succeeded.

This result surprised many people, and at the same time, they were eager to move.

It is conceivable that the existence of this anti-tiandan medicine will cause much blood and rain in the future.

And now, at dusk, even if everyone was restless in the heart, they would have to hold back. At least, wait until the wedding is over.

Wen Ying and Shi Yu's wedding was held in the inner city square.

There are too many guests. The indoor space can't sit at all, and the square is just right.

At this wedding, almost all the people and monsters with long-established reputation were present. Although they didn't dress up, each of them simply listened to their names, which made their heart beat.

These big guys who can pull out any one of them can stun the audience, just to congratulate the two. This kind of scene, the last time in my life, has been a rare luck for most people and monsters in the field.

After the strong men attended, the atmosphere in the whole square was extremely warm, and when the two newcomers appeared, the excitement reached its peak.

"The newcomer is coming out!" Someone said loudly at the end of the red carpet.

The person who presided over the wedding was the most prestigious swordsman of the human race; the elders who received the tea from the newcomers were the Sovereign Sovereign, Phantom and Su Nian; the matchmaker was the dean of the Tobu Empire Academy; The person she sent to Wen Yi was Shi Jin.

Both of these sisters and brothers are born from the ninth heaven, and they are also congenital without spiritual roots. Now they are both semi-sacred. This result alone is already a very strong stroke among practitioners.

Now they appeared together at the end of the red carpet, and many people couldn't help whispering as they watched.

"Fortunately," Shi Jin said, looking forward. "Fortunately, I'm following you, otherwise I might not even see your chance of getting married."

Mortal life is too short, if he has not cultivated, he should now be a dead bone.

Shi Yu's heart warmed slightly and she said, "Thank you. I am proud to have such a younger brother."

"I'm also proud to be your brother." Shi Jinmu did not squint, a smile on his face, "I must have a good time in the future."

"You can rest assured that I will never betray myself." Shi Yudao, "And you will get better and better in the future."

Shi Jin ’s smile deepened a bit. “Although the cultivation is hard, it is a way of relief from the pain of many things that ca n’t be helped. After hearing that I can reverse the time, I ’ve come here. I'm going to meet her again soon. As long as she is there, I will definitely get better and better. At that time, it's time for you to come and congratulate me. "

Knowing that my brother has always had this expectation in his heart, Shi Yu refreshed: "It's okay, I will marry you."

The sister and brother walked past the guest all the way to the other end of the red carpet. They stood in front of Wen Rong, and Shi Jin delivered her sister's hand to him.

"Good to her." Shi Jin looked at Wen Yi. "She suffered a lot. I didn't have the patience to make her happy, so I gave her to someone who can make her happy."

No threat, only entrustment.

"I will." Wen Yan clenched Shi Yu's hand slightly. "In the future, she will be my life."

His voice was not loud, but he was firm. Everyone present was awkward and naturally heard this sentence.

Around, Lin Fan looked at Shi Yu, who was in the red wedding gown, silently took a sip of fine wine, while Xuan Yin kept staring at them.

Seeing them worshiping the high court, watching them worshipping the heavens and the earth, and then the husband and wife worship, after the ceremony is completed, they become legitimate couples.

"Are you upset?" Dongfang asked her.

"It's okay," Xuan Yin said, "This page is just turned over. The man I can't get, at least my friend got him."

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