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It's been a day since Shiyu came to this world. Although she feels ridiculous, she still has to admit that she crossed. I have read too many crossing novels, and it is not impossible to accept such a thing. The only thing I don't want to accept is why she became a beggar?

Looking at this rag-clothed clothes, there was still this unpleasant smell, she felt that she was too stubborn not to be fainted.

I struggled to leave this ruined temple to wash, and then I got dizzy when I stood up. Reluctantly supported to move to the door, but saw a group of small radish heads came back in a hurry, and then surrounded her, "We are going to get a hoe! Big sister gives you food!"

Shi Yu looked at the black-black-yellow-yellow thing, with several handprints printed on it, and there was no appetite at all. But she had no energy, she was clearly over-hungry. Taking over the hoe, Shi Yu took a bite.

It's hard! It's still rough.

After chewing a few mouthfuls, she returned the rest to the little radish heads and said, "Let's eat!" She noticed, however, that these little radish heads were looking at the buns, and their eyes were about to fall out.

"But Grandpa said you're sick now, so you need to take care of you first."

"It's okay, I'm full." Shi Yu shoved the buns directly to them.

After sitting on the threshold and resting for a while, Shi Yu started chatting with them. Children, it ’s always more convenient.

But as they answered more and more, Shi Yu felt that there were 10,000 mini alpacas in his heart whistling past.

Why? Because she traveled through the world she was super familiar with! Isn't this the world of novels written by the two friends?

Friends of the second cargo group divided one man, two dogs, and one young girl. The two dogs wrote a fantasy male main article and took the waste wood stream route. Fat Cong didn't like the fact that the women in his text posted the male lead, so he borrowed the world in his text to write a fantasy female lead, which was considered a court resistance. It is equivalent to the coexistence of male and female.

She had read both novels at that time, and thought that she wrote well, and asked to go in as a supporting actress of the crowd. So the two goods base friends made her a beggar!

At that time, when she knew it, she was smitten and asked them to revise, saying that she must have an artifact to reach the pinnacle of life. She couldn't get ridden by the second cargo friends, and granted her an artifact. It was just that the artifact combined the characteristics of her profession, allowing her to preach with food and embark on the road of cultivation. And in the early days, she got help from the male lead, and in the later period, she helped the male lead to solve the problem. It was a little soy sauce.

So she is attached to her character?

And now everything she fought for?

Shi Yu felt a little bit sore. Then look at your body up and down, clean and slippery, do not know where the artifact is hidden.

However, knowing that his future is promising, Shi Yu is still quite excited. Because she knows who the male lead is, she can go and hold the male lead and female thighs! What glory is rich and wealthy, it doesn't matter!

"You just said grandpa ... we still have grandpa?" Shi Yu asked suddenly. Aren't they beggars? Where's Grandpa? Besides, adults are harder to fool than children.

The little carrot heads looked at her strangely. "Sister, aren't you stupid?"

"Ah?" Shi Yuzheng.

It turned out that her body was a fool before, and was kept by an old grandfather who asked for food. Not only her, but even these little radish heads in front of her are little beggars adopted by the grandpa. As for her, when she was begging in the city a few days ago, her head was hit by a speeding carriage. The old grandpa went to the doctor on the street to save her life.

Shi Yu felt a little subtle. A person who can carefully adopt even a fool is either evil or good. But anyway, it was enough to thank her.

Struggling out of the ruined temple, Shi Yu came to the creek at the foot of the mountain to take a bath. Looking at the dried-up body in the water, it didn't look like he was almost fifteen years old.

After taking a bath, Shi Yu couldn't stand the sour smell of her clothes, so she simply washed it and put it on her body wet. The sun is now warm, and it is expected that it will dry itself after a while.

The cleaning problem has been solved, and the next step is to solve the problem of hunger. The **** and the fresh spring water that she just poured gave her a little bit of strength. Thinking that she had worked at Samsung Michelin restaurant in Hyundai, she was a first-class chef although she could not compare to those master chefs. This is going to come across, and even starved to death, that is really to laugh off the big teeth of colleagues.

Walking along the winding path, Shi Yu only looked at it casually, and she saw a lot of ingredients. What amaranth amaranth does not grow in spring, like a weed that grows side by side along the road.

Shi Yu thought of the steamed buns that she had just eaten, and thought to herself, that the world should not be very well-developed in this regard. Unlike modern society, which eats sea, land, and air, even the soil is shouting every day.

In the end, she chose mushrooms growing on the tree, and packed a bag with wide leaves, and then went back.

Mushrooms are mountain cherries. They can be used for cooking and soup and seasoning. They are delicious and nutritious. Add water and cook with salt. They are crowded, so make a soup for everyone to drink.

Back at the broken temple, the little carrots left only the smallest one without asking for meals, and everyone else went out. Shi Yu, starved of hunger and weakness, came to the corner of the ruined temple to take a look, and unexpectedly found a stone pot and some spices.

Without saying a word, she ordered the youngest radish head to fetch water, and she opened fire. After the water came, she put the water in a stone pot and boiled it. She washed the mushrooms next to it and tore them one by one. Fresh mushrooms have a muddy smell unique to fungi. After the water in the stone pot is boiled, put the mushrooms in the water and take out the fishy smell. Then pour the water out of the pot and add water again.

There are many mushrooms. After the water is hot, all of them are put down, and they are full. Then put the salt in, put the lid on the stuffy, and force out the umami inside.

After doing this, Shi Yu looked to the little radish head who had been curiously looking at it all, and asked her, "What's your name?"

"My name is Xiaoqi."

"Little Seven! Go and tell Grandpa that they will come back to eat." Shi Yudao.

"Ah? Can these really be eaten?" Xiao Qi's eyes widened, some were not convinced.

It happened that the pot gradually smelt out at this time, Shi Yu clamped a mushroom out with chopsticks and put it to Xiao Qi's mouth: "You taste it. Be careful not to burn it."

Xiaoqi swallowed his throat and bit the thing into his mouth. Mushrooms are full of soup, fresh and slightly salty, and have a good flavor. The hot soup ran down her throat into her stomach and made her feel delicious.

"It's delicious! I'll call grandpa and they'll come back!" Xiao Qi ran down the mountain in excitement, and she felt that they can stop having hungry today.

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