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Novel Summary

She is one the most famous thieves of the twenty-first century and the legendary racing queen who is unrivalled in the underworld.

She is a carefree girl who comes and goes as she pleases like the wind.

He is a powerful underworld boss, known to be cruel and merciless.


He didn’t think that someone would dare to provoke him by touching what belonged to him. Since they had shown him enmity, then he would return it in her stead.

Passion. Love. Hate. Pain.

It was all impossible to unravel.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:
Original Title:盗情
Author:Zhou Yu
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Josei, Romance
Weekly Rank:#1884
Monthly Rank:#2042
All Time Rank:#2061
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Firearms, Handsome Male Lead, Lazy Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Organized Crime, Power Couple, Thieves,

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