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Liu Ling, an unmarried activist, has been unrestrained all her life. Before her death, a friend asked her if she had an unfulfilled wish, and Liu Ling replied she could not raise a baby.

The friend fell into trouble; this is not easy to do. Not waiting for her friend to speak, Liu Ling said that if she gave birth to a child, the mother would die, and her child would live, so let’s forget it.

Unfortunately, God heard.

After her death, she did not enter the underworld and transmigrated into Song Zhaodi. She also had seven children, all of whom were not her own.

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Short Title:SM
Alternate Title:后娘[穿越]
Weekly Rank:#1849
Monthly Rank:#1796
All Time Rank:#3095
Tags:Adopted Children, Bickering Couple, Childcare, Complex Family Relationships, Confident Protagonist, Cooking, Cute Children, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Military, Soldiers, Time Travel, Transmigration,
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16 Comments on “Stepmother
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  1. Honestly the comment below is quick to judge, I’d recommend reading the authors notes. I’d recommend the read it’s a twist on actual events during their time. You really can’t expect all texts to be a sweet pet text where men are all expected to act differently than their era. I’d recommend the read, it focuses on how the fl advocates for her body while continuing to raise her children. She loves raising kids but do not want to birth them. Ml In his era women are expected to do everything he later learns this isn’t right and transforms into a better husband and father. It’s slow read but it’s a nice twist compared to the everyday childcare stepmother sweet pet text. If you want a new take on childcare, stepparent, second marriage, worth the read!

  2. I had to drop it. It was boring, a bit difficult to read and there's nothing special about it for me to look forward to. I don't like the ML. He emphasizes that women are born to serve men and it's essential for the FL to bear a daughter for him making him a bit mysogynist, For sure if the FL is not a strong modernized woman he would also treat her similarly with his previous wife. I do know that he has good points but I just don't like the fact that he's taking the FL for granted even after making her as a stepmother. He was already lucky enough that the FL was not abusing his children given that he also has a bad experience with his own stepmother. Instead of just being grateful, he kept on complaining why does he need to do laundry and other stuffs women must do and also questions why FL does not want to bear a child for him. I did not like how the FL revealed her Transmigration to the ML even before they could establish mutual trust towards each other, I don't think ML deserved to know yet. ML is also a bit childish despite him being already 30 years old. I just don't have enough patience to finish reading this one. 😅

  3. It was pretty entertaining but I got bored reading in the 200+ chapter mark. It's hard to keep up with all the timeskips because of the mtl. Might come back to this later tho. Idk.

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