For Real Madrid, this year's Champions League may be their eternal painful memory, but for Wolfsburg, especially for Gao Shunyao, this year's Champions League is enough for him to remember his life and celebrate the summer. ︾, x. Even in his most perfect dream, he never thought that he could one day, in a match against the world's strongest team, relying on his own goals to win the final championship Every time he thinks of his past experience, he feels like he is in a dream.

This reality is so beautiful, so beautiful that he can't believe it.

However, the facts tell him that all this is not a dream. At least in my dreams, there would be no such real victory and joy. After the game, in Portugal, in Germany, and in China, the celebrations told him very truthfully that this is not his dream, but the reality.

Only when he is in reality can someone share his dreams, and this will be a more perfect dream.

It's like now, sitting toasting with Li Ze on the opposite side, and sharing my happiness with my friends. This kind of celebration is something that Gao Shunyao can't regard it as a dream anyway. Such happiness will only appear in reality. Sitting and drinking with his friends and talking about success is the life he wants.

"This game is really perfect. I never thought that in the Champions League game, I would become the protagonist. Two balls, thinking about it now, I feel incredible: how on earth did I play, To score two goals?"

For the game, Gao Shunyao has always been very talkative, until the game has passed a long time. He was still willing to talk about that game with his friends. In the face of Li Ze, he has been chattering endlessly. And to him repeatedly talking about that game, Li Ze has long been used to it. Listening to his words, he also echoed.

"Yeah, the world's top giants were defeated by you. Real Madrid, that is the team in the dream, but you were kicked for a coaching change. It's incredible."

In this matter, Li Ze is absolutely unwilling to quarrel with Gao Shunyao. He knows how proud Gao Shunyao is about it, and he knows how proud he deserves it. As a football player. Being able to beat the world's No. 1 giants in embarrassment is enough to talk for a lifetime.

And his words were not without a cause. At the end of the game, news came out from Real Madrid. With the loss of the game, after this game, Ancelotti was also directly resigned by Real Madrid. Although he played well in Real Madrid this year, for Real Madrid, he failed to win the last game. That is tantamount to losing everything. Real Madrid has always had no tolerance for failure. As soon as the game lost, they replaced Ancelotti.

Real Madrid's choice. People are embarrassed, but for Wolfsburg, this will only make them more excited about their victory. Turn the world's most powerful team into a coaching change. Although this is not an achievement, it is also worthy of the pride of the fans.

of course. In this regard, Gao Shunyao himself does not have much opinion. Hearing Li Ze talking, he just waved his hand: it was not his team, it was not his business, whether Ancelotti, Real Madrid, it has nothing to do with him.

At least theoretically, now they are irrelevant.

"I heard that after this game, many teams are thinking of introducing you. Some people say that you are a lucky general, Mr. Big Scene, and even Real Madrid. After this game, they are ready to sell off their penalty kicks. Morata, who didn’t make it, introduced you to the past as a substitute. You should also think about what you should do in the future. After the World Cup is over, you can also cause looting. At that time, there will be a lot of giants to choose of."

While speaking, Li Ze was also asking Gao Shunyao about his attitude. It is not entirely correct to say that other teams have nothing to do with Gao Shunyao, because after the game, Gao Shunyao is now one of the most famous forwards in the world and has attracted the coveted by countless people. If after this game, people still have some doubts about his strength, then after the Champions League final, who else can think that he is not playing well?

He scored two goals in a Champions League final. Such a play, even if only once, is enough for a lifetime. In this game, he is worthy of any position of the giants, no matter what the giants, he will not refuse to join, these teams who want to introduce forwards, he can go wherever he wants.

Real Madrid will not refuse him, and Chelsea also seems to want a forward. Manchester United is said to have been contacting Ancelotti after Real Madrid fired him, and also prepared a large amount of transfer funds for him. Moreover, it seems that starting from this year, Arsenal has no financial problems, and Juventus lacks strikers, which seems to be an old problem... These teams are all his potential next homes.

Some players go to the giants and need to be selected by the giants, while some players can choose the giants. After playing such a game, Gao Shunyao can also be proud of Xuancheng. He is also a member of the latter. He can choose where he will go in the future and make further plans for his career.

It's just that those things are for the future.

"Those times, let's talk about it later, now I don't want that, I just want the recent World Cup. The Champions League is already in hand, and I have no regrets, but this time the World Cup will be perfect if there are more results. I don't want much. , I want to score a goal. As long as I can score a goal, I’m satisfied.” Gao Shunyao did not hide his thoughts in front of Li Ze. I have to laugh at me, saying that I just got a little score, and I started to feel better. World Cup goals, they must think that I can't do it, and laugh at it. So I didn't say it at all, but really did it. , And see what they say."

"If this is the case, then I also wish you success in advance."

Listening to what he said, Li Ze raised his glass, gestured, and drank it all in one fell swoop. Looking at him, Gao Shunyao was also slightly surprised.

"Hey? This sounds different from before. If it used to be, you would definitely have to analyze it for me. I'm overwhelmed."

"That was because I was too self-reliant before." Li Ze sighed, and then spoke again, "I have said it a long time ago. I have never done well enough in your judgment. In many cases, I always go too far. Focusing on what kind of situation is the most reasonable, but it is ignored. Sometimes things will not develop in the most reasonable direction. On the football field, everything can happen. This is the charm of football. Outside the football field, through hard work, some miracles can become reality. What is impossible?"

Li Ze raised his head, smiled, and then spoke again, "After knowing you, I have seen a lot of impossible changes into possible. If this was left ten years ago, when I just retired, Someone told me that I could sit and drink with a striker who scored two goals in the Champions League. I wouldn’t believe it. Now that you have made a lot of impossible possible, then this time, why can’t I do it anymore? Believe you once? I believe that you can continue to create your own glory."

"According to your auspicious words." Gao Shunyao laughed, and also took the wine glass and drank it in one go. After putting down the wine glass, he also raised his head again and laughed again.

What he thought of was the time of these years. From the first encounter with Chen Sirou's soullessness, to the Mercedes-Benz in the Champions League, he can remember everything clearly. Ten years ago, no one really could think of what he earned today, and this also made him unable to help thinking, ten years later, what will happen in the world?

"Lao Li, in fact... To be honest, even if you score a goal in the World Cup, it is still not very glorious. After all, it is still too far away from the trophy. You said that any miracle in football can happen, and there will be in the future. Not that day, will we be able to get that trophy?"

"This... I guess you are having a hard time. However, maybe I might try it in the future. I'm thinking about it. After two years, when I get older, I'll go out and find a club to coach. Maybe I'll get through. In ten or eight years, our country’s economic conditions have improved, the stadium has been established, the bottom-level training has started, and I have become a national team coach. At that time, maybe I might try."

"This time it's my turn to say that you are dreaming." Gao Shunyao laughed loudly, but looking at his friend's serious attitude, his smile was always mild, "Well, this kind of dream is really bad. There is nothing bad, no matter what, dreams are better than nightmares. Lao Li, if one day, if you really sit on the coach of the national team, I would have retired. At that time, I will be your assistant. , Let's hold the cup together."

"Okay, that’s the case~www.mtlnovel.com~ Li Ze’s face has a look of confidence and joking. People laughed. Not many people would believe that they could do these things, even in people's best dreams, these rants would be difficult to realize.

But, even if they can't, who can stop them from working in that direction? As Gao Shunyao said back then, I have really tried it, and even if it fails, there is nothing to regret. Just as Gao Shunyao may never win the Golden Globe Award, but he will definitely be proud of his achievements. Who would dare to say that after working hard, they are not a rainbow in front of them?

There is often only a thin line between delusions and dreams. And this heavenly moat can only be passed through the bridge named Trial. In the past eight years, Gao Shunyao has proved this point with practice, and Li Ze has also understood this point, which also makes him never stand still when facing this bridge.

He will step up bravely, he knows that he will never regret it. (To be continued.)

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