Sometimes, destiny always likes to make some small jokes with people. For Real Madrid, their tenth Champions League is near, but Gao Shunyao's goal once again shattered their dreams. At this time, they will only feel that fate is tricking others. For Wolfsburg fans, they have never imagined that in their team, they can only be said to be famous and have never been regarded as the world’s top forwards. They can even continue in the Champions League final. Scored two goals. Fate seemed too good for Wolfsburg. Thinking of Gao Shunyao's two goals, the fans of Wolfsburg felt unbelievable until long after the end of the game.

"If it weren't for Gao Shunyao, Real Madrid would be as simple as playing. If it weren't for him, we would really lose face in this game. Without him, it would be impossible for us to win the championship in this game. Take back Germany."

After the game, the Wolfsburg players also praised Gao Shunyao. And the biggest reason why they have so many praises for Gao Shunyao is that in this game, the final winner is Wolfsburg.

In the game, Real Madrid eventually lost. Although they had been playing against Wolfsburg almost all the time in the first 70 minutes, the situation finally changed after being scored by Gao Shunyao for the second time.

Real Madrid's attack in the next time, a little too timid. On the one hand, Marcelo on the wing was broken through and lost the ball on the field, which caused him to dare not attack on this side. On the other hand, the Real Madrid players in the frontcourt saw the victory of their hands and slipped away like this. . Some have difficulty suppressing their emotions. After getting the ball again, Cristiano Ronaldo also lost the calmness and unrestrainedness of the game. After receiving the ball on the left, he also chose to go directly outside the penalty area. Want to break through the gate of Wolf Fort.

However, with this kind of shot, the possibility of success is too small after all. Even if Cristiano Ronaldo has top-notch shooting skills, it is difficult to score in this way. The game was in overtime, and Ronaldo did not manage to score again. The hat-trick he wanted to save the team was not staged. The game was successfully dragged into overtime by Wolfsburg.

Real Madrid did not expect such a development. And the same. For the arrival of overtime, Wolfsburg also did not expect. They had thought before the game that they might be defeated by Real Madrid, or they might take advantage of Real Madrid's careless attack. However, the game against Real Madrid became a protracted battle, and it was stalemate until overtime, which is still unimaginable for them.

In front of Real Madrid, their strength is obviously not good, but they have delayed the game to this point, but it is also exciting. And saw such a play. The mood of the players of Wolfsburg is also unprecedentedly passionate, and in the subsequent games, they also played harder.

Of course, no matter how hard you work. The players of Wolfsburg are also very clear that their strength is not as good as that of Real Madrid. In the final overtime, all they can do is not launch further attacks. But at the last moment, Perisic was replaced. Replaced by Moussa, strengthened the defense of Wolfsburg. The last 30 minutes. They don't count on scoring anymore. For them, being able to hold the last 30 minutes and then drag the game into a penalty is considered a victory.

Although everyone knows that Cassie is a top goalkeeper, even if it is a penalty kick, Wolfsburg loses more and wins less. However, in any case, kicking a penalty depends on more luck. Thinking about this game Wolfsburg was able to last until the overtime, and Wolfsburg also has enough reasons to believe that their luck is even greater. Great.

Anyway, they also understand that it is too difficult to score goals anymore. Instead of this, it is better to hand the fate to the penalty kick and let luck decide everything.

Wolfsburg's idea is very clear, so in the final time, they also chose to delay the defense. And such things, Real Madrid naturally can't sit back and watch, they also launched a fierce attack again and again in these 30 minutes.

Although in the overtime of the game, Real Madrid made another substitution. They replaced Benzema, replaced Morata, replaced Khedira, replaced Isco. Real Madrid sent their best offensive players to the field, wanting to have a showdown with Wolfsburg in the final stage, but their approach has not been able to play a very effective role in helping.

Perhaps it was because too many offensive players were replaced in one breath, and Real Madrid's offense also seemed a bit impatient in the final time. Compared with the first 90 minutes, their offensive thinking is clear, organized, and overtime offense, they are a little anxious. On the one hand, Isco above the midfielder took away part of Modric's command after he came on the field. On the other hand, Morata did not have the ability to centrally dispatch Benzema, but was also fighting for shooting opportunities. Their substitution did not help the team, but made the team's strength decline.

In overtime, Real Madrid's offense ultimately failed to score. Although they have also had the experience of attacking the goal of Wolfsburg, none of these attacks worked. Ronaldo, Bell, Morata, they all tried shooting in the last 30 minutes, but in the end, they all failed.

Maybe it was two times that led but was equalized twice, making Real Madrid players mentally irritated. Perhaps the Wolfsburg players were greatly encouraged by the same person because they equalized twice. Perhaps in addition to these reasons, Ancelotti was also able to get his team to be equalized twice, and some bad memories were also evoked. In the final on-the-spot command, he was a little too anxious and lost. To calm down... these reasons combined, so that in the final period of time, Real Madrid lost the calm they should have after all.

"For Real Madrid, this is an unforgivable mistake. Both Ancelotti and Real Madrid players lost their peace at the end of the game. This is something that should never happen."

After the game, the media also had great dissatisfaction with Real Madrid's performance during this period. In their view, Real Madrid players who want to win the championship too impatiently, and Ancelotti, who was disturbed by two consecutive goals and unable to achieve perfect command, need to bear half of the responsibility. Compared with tactics and personal ability, Real Madrid lost more on the psychological level in this game. If they can be more serious and still be insulted at the last minute, then maybe the game will not be dragged to the penalty shootout by Wolfsburg.

Unfortunately, Real Madrid did not have the ability to change the color of the face before the Taishan collapse, and they could only be led by the nose by the wolf castle. What's more sad is that their psychological problems were also concentrated after the penalty kick came out, which also caused even greater troubles.

In fact, even if the game is in a penalty shoot-out, Real Madrid still has the upper hand in terms of strength. Although penalties are largely based on the luck of both sides, it is an indisputable fact that Casey has better skills and deterrence in front of goal. Moreover, compared to Real Madrid, Wolfsburg players are not very good at penalty kicks.

It can be seen from the list of penalty players that Wolfsburg has ranked, that they don't actually have many penalty shooters. Turan, Shaheen Mandzukic, Gao Shunyao, these people are still good penalties, but Rodriguez, Moussa, Gustavo and others' shooting skills will drop too much. Up. If Real Madrid can maintain peace of mind and persist until the end, they will still have a lot of wins and still have the possibility to win the championship.

Unfortunately, Real Madrid has not been able to calm down. In the penalty shootout, they still made too many mistakes. In the first round of penalty kicks, Di Maria was obviously a little too nervous, and shot the ball into the arms of the Wolfsburg goalkeeper. Not only did he show all his nervousness, but also made Real Madrid feel even more emotional. Oh no. Although Bale scored the goal with a penalty kick, but Morata, who was in third place, could not seize the opportunity. He was too impatient, and maybe he wanted to get a good kick. , Which made his shooting angle too skewed, deceived the goalkeeper, but missed the goal.

With Morata's shot missed, Real Madrid's once close to the champion, just slipped on hand. Although the Penalties of Wolfsburg's players are not very good, they are not enough to lose two in the first three rounds. Maybe it was because Di Maria missed the first kick with the players of Wolfsburg also had high confidence when they took the penalty kick. In the first three rounds, they all succeeded. He deceived Casey and scored three goals in a row.

By the fourth round, Real Madrid's victory is only theoretically possible. Although Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty in this round, he was not at all happy. Gao Shunyao, who made free throws after him, looked completely different. After seeing his own shot scored the goal, his expression can only be described as ecstasy.

He scored a penalty kick, which also allowed Wolfsburg to win the trophy. Unexpectedly, in this game, Wolfsburg defeated Real Madrid and won the championship.

"This is the most incredible victory, and the most exciting result!"

No matter how the media comments describe it, it is difficult to describe how excited the Wolfsburg players were at that time. After the second penalty kick was scored, he was immediately picked up by his crazy teammates, cheering and celebrating his victory.

They have no way to be unhappy, because in this game, they won. The Wolfsburg players overturned Real Madrid and won the Champions League! (To be continued.)



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