Real Madrid players never thought that they would cause such a big trouble if they replaced Marcelo. ⊥, x. Their substitutions were originally intended to rely on Marcelo’s excellent technology to launch a counterattack, but who would have thought that Marcelo’s offensive skills are very strong, but because he sometimes played too much In addition, as a full-back, the problem of having a striker's heart made him go too far. As a result, Real Madrid's backcourt has problems.

Marcelo's mistake made Real Madrid's backcourt flaws. They just changed players and wanted to win, and this kind of problem happened who would have thought.

Shaheen, who got the ball, didn't hesitate too much. He passed the ball straight to the side and kicked it straight out. Rong had already returned quickly from the side road at this time. Although Marcelo was chasing him, he was thrown away by him. Rong’s fast attack had already passed halftime, and after halftime, he did not hesitate much. He made a very decisive cross and directly passed the ball to Turan, who was in the midfield.

Real Madrid's sideways, because of Marcelo's insertion, there was a problem, and their midway, at this time, the problem is also not small. In the crazy attack just now, Khedira in the middle has also been inserted. Although the German player has very comprehensive abilities, he loves to insert this point. It can be said that it is not a small problem, and now, it is this. A small problem was caught by Wolf Castle in a timely manner.

Real Madrid lacks Khedira in the midfield, so the defensive ability naturally drops a lot. Although Modric's defensive ability to defensively is very good, he does not have any advantage when facing the technically excellent Turan. Same as before. This time, Turan still ran up to the ball. When he received the ball, he took the opportunity to buckle the ball back. Then he swiped to the left, and Modric, who had been sticking to him to steal the ball, ran past the position, and then he took the ball and rushed directly from the center.

In front of him, Gao Shunyao and Mandzukic had already rushed into the penalty area. And Perisic was also on the other side of the road at this time, threatening Real Madrid's defense. The situation Real Madrid is facing now is exactly the same as Wolfsburg's situation just now, no one thought of it. The retribution came so quickly.

Faced with this situation, Pepe can only bite the bullet and move forward, hoping to block Turan's pass. However, he himself knows that such a thing is unlikely: Although Turan’s breakthrough came from the side like Marcelo, unlike Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s strength lies in the forward line, but Wolfsburg’s advantage is. Is their midfielder.

Compared to Marcelo, Turan's passing skills are much better. And Mandzukic and Gao Shunyao are not Ronaldo-like players, there is no need to get used to them too much. Faced with the current situation, Turan will no longer deliberately switch to Real Madrid's defense, he is more likely to complete the pass on his own.

after all. This kind of opportunity is really good, and no one will miss it easily-Pepe can only block his passing line as much as possible, hoping to rely on his own running position. Don't let him pass the ball to Gao Shunyao. Ramos can stop Mandzukic, and if he is stopping Gao Shunyao. So this time defense, it can be considered to be doing everything.

Pepe's thoughts. There was no mistake, but he still underestimated Turan's passing ability. . Just outside of his defensive range, Turan slammed the football at his feet and stopped the football. Then, he rubbed his feet, picked a pass, passed Pepe, and sent the ball into the penalty area.

In front of Pepe, Turan used a kick to pick up a pass and completed the attack!

The football was picked from behind, and Gao Shunyao at this time had just rushed into the penalty area. He saw Ramos approaching him quickly, and he understood very well that he had no chance to stop the ball again, and then make a move slowly to hit the goal.

Real Madrid's defense, after all, refused to give him any chance to calmly hit the goal. Even if Wolfsburg had already exerted his skills to the extreme, it was only a second of time in exchange. And how to make good use of this void is now Gao Shunyao must think about.

Faced with this opportunity, Gao Shunyao almost instantly thought of what he should do. The football flew from his right back, but Gao Shunyao didn't turn around at this time. He still faced the goal, his eyes fixed on Casey's movement, and his body adjusted at the same time.

He has made up his mind to shoot at the first time, so Ramos's position is no longer a matter of his concern. As long as he can catch the ball and then break through the gate guarded by Casey, he will accomplish all his tasks. Compared with the fixed line of football, Cassie is the real terrible opponent. Gao Shunyao dared to catch the ball by pre-judgment, but he definitely did not dare to rely on pre-judgment to deal with Cassie.

As long as he judges the position of Casey, he will have enough confidence to score goals.

The football flew over from behind him, and Gao Shunyao's timely adjustment of position caused the football to fall on his shoulders: as a master of headers, he has an excellent judgment on the first place of football, which is also his ability to eat. . Although Turan's picking pass is very beautiful, the angle itself is not particularly tricky, which also makes Gao Shunyao very easy to catch the ball, and if it wasn't for the strength of the opposite Cassie, he would even have a direct header at this time. Hang, and push the ball to the goal.

However, Cassie is Cassie after all, not an ordinary cat or dog. And the game in Wolfsburg lasted 70 minutes, and there were few chances in total, and Gao Shunyao didn't dare to take another risk. When the football came over, he didn't choose to come directly, but first put a shoulder pad.

And his choice is also very good, with his under the ball, the football bounced upwards gently, and then fell to the front of his left, also just within his control. With Gao Shunyao's kicking the ball, he completed the adjustment while running. Ramos did not give him time, he created the space and time by himself, and found the opportunity to shoot.

After finding this opportunity, he did not hesitate. The football bounced on the ground, facing the goal, Gao Shunyao raised his left foot. After rounding, he shot the ball towards the gate!

Gao Shunyao has never been a player who is good at shooting with his left foot, but at this time, he believes that his shot can definitely score the goal. This confidence does not come from his shooting skills, but from his judgment of the situation on the court.

At this time, Casey was standing on the far corner of the goal. He also knows that Gao Shunyao is not a player who is good at hitting with his left foot, and his position is close to the right. For such a shot, it is difficult for Gao Shunyao to adjust the angle. I am afraid that the most likely, he still uses speed and strength to make a kick. People who can't react to the goal, don't rely on KitKat, but rely on speed to shoot. And for such a shot, he is naturally not easy to adjust, and it is best to hit the far corner.

In this regard, Cassie is not afraid: who doesn't know that Casillas can become famous because of his top response speed? Even if he is a little older now, but Cassie still believes that he can keep up with Gao Shunyao's shooting speed and prevent his shot from breaking the goal.

However, at this moment, he made an important mistake. Gao Shunyao is indeed not a left-footed player, nor is he likely to use his left foot to make a tricky angle. However, although Gao Shunyao's skills are not good at his feet, he knows how to use the power of his body to shoot. Moreover, he also knows very well that Cassie's reaction speed is not the limit he should challenge. Compared to the question of how fast Cassie's reaction speed is, he is more willing to trust his own strength.

While raising his foot to shoot, Gao Shunyao didn't completely use his right foot as a supporting foot. While lifting his left foot, relying on his own waist strength, when he lifted his foot in front of the goal, he also jumped up, and almost all of him came across. Gao Shunyao knew that his left foot was not flexible enough to hit a sufficient angle, so he had to rely on his waist strength to complete this kick!

Almost lying horizontally in the air, Gao Shunyao completed the shot. The football was blasted out by him and flew directly toward the near corner of the goal. Under Gao Shunyao's meticulous control, this kick did not fly out in the direction that Casey had judged, but instead flew to his most unexpected position.

Football half-height The angle is not very tricky, but Cassie, who judged that he has made a mistake, still can't keep up with the speed of football. He jumped hurriedly, but the football still flew in front of him. This time, his interception failed again!

Ramos stopped in front of the goal, and on the backcourt, Khedira, who was chasing back, stopped running at this time. They have all seen it, Real Madrid can no longer stop this ball. Gao Shunyao shot again and broke Real Madrid's gate again. After 70 minutes of the game, Real Madrid once again equalized the score.

Such a thing is totally incredible. A little-known team, a little-known player, actually broke the gate of Real Madrid twice, and Real Madrid's fight is on par! Real Madrid had the advantage in the whole game, but only two turnovers allowed them to break the gate twice.

In this game, regardless of the outcome, Wolfsburg is proud of this situation. After scoring these two goals, Gao Shunyao's name will definitely be known to everyone in the future.

This game is the best interpretation of his strength. Two goals brought him supreme glory. (To be continued.)



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