The game has entered a white-hot juncture, everyone can see that when Real Madrid's substitution is completed, their offense will be further strengthened. [No pop-up window...] And once Real Madrid's kick is smooth, Wolfsburg will have no chance in this game. Wolfsburg’s time is running out. They must seize every opportunity to launch an offense. Whether this game is won or won depends on the efforts of these few minutes.

It is precisely because of this that Gao Shunyao and Turan are discussing how to attack, but when they have not figured out a way, football is still controlled by Real Madrid on the pitch. Real Madrid's offense at this time has also begun again, and since Marcelo has already played, then the dominant power of the offense will naturally come to his feet. When Real Madrid launched another attack, Cassie gave him the football, and Marcelo also took the ball and slowly pushed it towards the midfield.

Unlike in the previous game, Coentron immediately passed the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo after getting the ball several times. After receiving the ball, Marcelo did not pass the ball immediately, but actively sought to attack. He took the ball through halftime, and was also carefully observing the position of Wolfsburg, trying to use his skills to open the situation. Obviously, Real Madrid's three offensive players have launched a surprise attack, which has been unable to meet their offensive needs. Now Marcelo is also ready to come to the c.

And the facts have proved that he does have this ability. After halftime, he has also stepped into the defensive area of ​​Wolfsburg. Seeing him approaching step by step, Sha Xin rushed up directly, trying to break the football. In the face of Shaheen's looting from Wolfsburg, Marcelo did not hesitate to make a sudden change of direction under his feet, and then he changed direction with one foot to the side road, and then the whole person followed the side road and quickly raided.

Shaheen, who was originally intended to be robbed, was passed by Marcelo. This also made him understand why Marcelo can still be considered one of the players with the best breakthrough ability in a top team like Real Madrid. His technique is really excellent, especially when he is replaced after halftime, he has plenty of energy. With his outstanding skills, he is a complete killer.

For his outstanding breakthrough, Shaheen could only follow closely behind. The only thing that comforted him was that he saw Marcelo in front of him. Rong had already stopped in the front. Maybe Rong can slow him down, then he might catch up. One person can't stop him, but two people's coordinated defense may still be effective.

However, Shaheen still underestimated Marcelo's ability to change direction in high-speed running. As he approached Rong, Marcelo suddenly slammed the ball under his feet. Picking to the right, the whole person has also escaped Rong's defense and cut inward to the right. He judged the timing very well. Shaheen who caught up from behind and Rong who blocked in front were both close to him, and when he broke through, there was only a gap between the two people, but they were still caught by Masai. Luo rushed over easily.

After two consecutive feet changed to pass, Marcelo rushed out of the surrounding of Shaheen and Rong, and rushed towards the middle. In the face of this situation, Nardo is on the guard line of Wolfsburg. Can only bite the bullet and greet him.

Real Madrid’s attack was already very sharp, but now there is one more Marcelo to launch a surprise attack, and the effect is even more different. Looking at the edge of his penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema are all eyeing, and Di Maria, Khedira and Bell are also looking for flaws on the front and the other side of the penalty area. Naldo is on the top. Time can only sigh, Real Madrid is indeed outrageous. Their offenses are indeed interlocking and excellent.

However, no matter how strong the opponent is, as a guard of Wolfsburg. Nardo couldn't watch the opponent break through either. When Marcelo got closer, he still rushed up, trying to block the opponent from entering the penalty area. However, as he approached, he also saw the weird smile on Marcelo's mouth, and just at this moment. Marcelo knocked the ball and knocked it to the left again!

For a moment, Nardo wanted to understand what he wanted to do, and his mood suddenly tightened.

Marcelo didn't really want to get into the penalty area, he just wanted to use fake moves to adjust his defensive position. After he lost his position, he also had room to pass the ball. In the restricted area of ​​Wolfsburg, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema are there, but there is only one Kyar, and they can't stop them by saying anything.

What Marcelo wants is such an opportunity to cross!

Real Madrid's offense, after adding a Marcelo, is indeed very different. Nardo finally saw how terrifying their strength is. As soon as Marcelo came on the field, he already threatened Wolfsburg's defense. Such an offense was enough to move the Wolfsburg players.

Marcelo's technique is indeed very beautiful. It's just that this time his choice has something wrong. When he kicked the ball to the left, he originally thought that what he had to do was just ran over and made a pass. There was no difficulty, but when he didn't expect it, he was by his side. Rong, who followed, also made defensive moves at this time.

Marcelo originally blocked Rong behind, and Rong has never been able to find a chance. But when Rong kicked the ball and wanted to get rid of Nardo, the football also left his control. Facing this opportunity, Rong rushed forward without saying a word, and immediately tackled the ball. He shoveled the football directly, behind Marcelo, and went straight to Nardo.

Marcelo drove the ball to near the baseline, but it was still destroyed by Wolfsburg. Rong made a tackle to pass the ball to Nardo, and when the opponent was surprised, he also stood up and ran out towards the frontcourt.

He saw that after getting the ball, Nardo immediately transferred the ball to Shaheen. Shaheen took the first step to protect the ball and was also looking for a spot. At this time, Rong had already ran on without hesitation, he knew that he now had a chance to show his strength again.

Rong played very badly throughout the game. Cristiano Ronaldo passed the game at the beginning and scored the first goal in his position. In the following game, Cristiano Ronaldo was easily rid of him in defense, making Wolfsburg fall behind again. In this game, Rong was responsible for the match-up against Ronaldo. It was said that he did not take up all kinds of tasks, but he still suffered a lot, and it also made him accumulate a lot of grievances.

In fact, he doesn't take up all the matchups, and no one on the team blames him. After all, he is facing Ronaldo, one of the top stars in the world. It is nothing to play against such opponents. Too big a problem. However, his teammates can forgive him, but it is difficult for him to forgive himself: As Wolfsburg has played better and better in the past two years, Rong Ye has always believed that he is a star by his size. As a star, it is obviously intolerable to be beaten so miserably by the opponent. Even if the opponent is the world's top star, he is indeed a grade higher than himself, but he is really unacceptable if he is targeted and the whole game is attacked as a short board.

And this kind of resentment reached its peak after seeing Real Madrid’s substitutions: Real Madrid replaced Coentran and Marcelo. In the eyes of others, it may be just an ordinary matchup substitution, but it is in Rong. In my eyes, this is basically treating him as a soft persimmon, wanting to focus on his position.

Marcelo is a left-back, but his playing characteristics have always been very fierce offensive, so he can also be used as a winger or even a midfielder in many cases. Putting him on the court, Ancelotti was obviously to better activate Luo to score more goals. And this kind of substitution is exactly opposite Rong, which naturally makes Rong believe that his opponent regards himself as a shortcoming.

It is difficult for him to accept this situation: no matter what, he does not think that he is the weakest link in Wolfsburg. Both conceded goals have his share, which has made him uncomfortable, and now Real Madrid has to do this kind of substitution, which also makes him completely broke.

He doesn't want to be a background board for 90 minutes, and then he has to be treated as a defensive miss. Like Gao Shunyao and Turan, what he wants is to prove himself in the game and prove that he has sufficient ability and competence. Wolfsburg's right back.

Of course, it is impossible to rely on defense to show such an ability. Ronaldo's offensive ability is indeed too strong, and the game has reached 70 minutes ~ ~ Wolfsburg is still one goal behind, I want to rely on defense to win, it is definitely too late. However, it is not impossible to make up for it. Since the defense is doomed, it is better to try the offense.

Although he did not have much advantage in his defense throughout the game, if he launches an attack, he may be able to play in a different state: Real Madrid has just changed full back, Marcelo has just played, and the purpose of the game. Just to spur offense. Such a substitution is undoubtedly a weakening of Real Madrid's defense. Perhaps, he should also take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack.

In the bottom of his heart, Rong was also planning, wanting to launch an attack at this time. And now, the opportunity has arrived. After tackling the ball from Marcelo's feet, Rong also found that the opponent's backcourt was blank: Marcelo's c was too arrogant, and it was impossible for Cristiano Ronaldo to go back and help him fill the spot. At this time, the Real Madrid backcourt can really be used for defense, that is, Modric, but Rong believes that as long as he can c up, then under the attack of him and Turan, Modric's defense , What's the point?

Wolfsburg players may not have the level of three players, but it is still very realistic that two players have worked together. Wolf Castle's counterattack was finally launched, and this was their best opportunity. (To be continued.)