Facing a strong enemy, how to be strong is one thing, and it is another thing to work hard not to work hard. Gao Shunyao has always remembered this truth clearly. ◎, x. But, no matter how passionate the fighting spirit is, how should the team play against Real Madrid to win? Gao Shunyao still has no idea about this.

The game has reached the second half, and Gao Shunyao has to admit that from the start of the game to the present, Real Madrid has completely suppressed Wolfsburg both in tactics and in player ability. Ronaldo scored twice, did not have the upper hand on the court, and Real Madrid's seemingly unfathomable physical strength, these things seem to be questioning Gao Shunyao, who wants to counterattack, but what should we do?

Regarding these, he simply couldn't figure out any clues. Especially looking at the stadium, Real Madrid's current state, he doesn't know what to do.

On the court, after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, Real Madrid did not get overwhelmed by it, or flinched. On the one hand, they still maintain a defensive counterattack. They didn't start to kick the ball because of the lead and didn't know the defense. On the other hand, their players' assaults are even more fierce. After getting the opportunity, they are willing to try the most difficult assault. After scoring two goals, it seems that Real Madrid's overall offense has also been mobilized. The offensive line led by Ronaldo is also constantly seeking breakthroughs.

It seems that because of the goal, the state of Real Madrid players has improved a lot. And in the promotion of these people, Ronaldo is the head. Although it was said that he had just scored a goal, allowing him to score twice in the Champions League final, but for this. Ronaldo was not completely satisfied. He is still very excited now, running non-stop on the court. Obviously. He also hopes to have a better performance so that his team can also get more honors.

It is not surprising that he has such thoughts. Because he also wanted to prove his strength very much. This is his third time in the Champions League final. In the first two finals, he played some regrets. He had scored in the first Champions League final, but in the end it was a penalty shoot-out final, and it was very tragic. He had not scored a penalty in the penalty shoot-out. And the second time Manchester United lost the game, until a long time later, some people believed that it was his responsibility that made Manchester United lose, if it weren't for him to play too much. Maybe Manchester United is the winner.

Ronaldo has heard a lot of this view over the years, and he is also quite unconvinced about it. It’s just that after arriving at Real Madrid, he hasn’t played in a very good state, and he can only watch Messi more and more honors, won three Champions Leagues, and the golden ball is continuous. He has more honors than him. A lot. These things. It made him quite depressed, and always wanted to prove himself again, and now, he finally had a chance.

This year's Champions League final. His performance is truly extraordinary. Two consecutive goals have given the team the lead twice. The weight of this goal is really too great. Ronaldo knows how exciting this is. Even he thinks if this is not the World Cup year. He can already be sure that he won the Golden Globe Award. This kind of performance is enough for a player to brag about for a lifetime.

just. This is still not enough for him. As a top star, he also hopes that he can play better. Moreover, for Real Madrid, the score of 2-1 seems to be insufficient. It would be a good thing if the score can be expanded.

Of course, although Cristiano Ronaldo thinks so, he is not a young guy like Bell and who hasn't really done anything in the sense. Even if he really wants to make himself break again, but he also knows that he should work more with his teammates to create good opportunities. Ronaldo is not an idiot, he knows how much trouble it can cause by himself, and that kind of trouble is something he absolutely doesn't want.

Although his teammates had high hopes for him at this time, Ronaldo played more calmly than before. After getting the football from Modric behind him again, he no longer chose to push forward under Rong's pressure. After getting the ball, he did not immediately accelerate in the midfield, but stopped in front of Rong. After shaking his footsteps, he swayed twice to try his defense. After discovering that Rong was very serious and there was no flaw, he did not get discouraged, but kicked the ball directly and passed it to the other side.

After scoring two goals, Cristiano Ronaldo can also see that Wolfsburg's defense against him has become even tighter. While he felt good about this, he also knew that he couldn't force it anymore. Cristiano Ronaldo also saw the passing of Bell just now. He is in a good state today and can play better. Therefore, when facing the opportunity, he did not hesitate to choose the pass.

On the side of the penalty area, Bell received a pass from Ronaldo. He also discovered that the cooperation between the frontcourt players seems to be of greater benefit to the game. And when the Champions League champion is about to arrive, and Ronaldo scored twice and is destined to be the first hero, whether his performance is good enough, he does not pay much attention now. Compared to scoring goals, he also wants a championship now.

Facing the figure of Rodriguez running over to defend, Bell did not hesitate to take the ball directly to the left, a big step speeding out of his defense, and breaking into the edge of the penalty area. And here, he didn't wait for the defensive player to come over, and immediately passed the ball again. This time, his pass was close to the ground and rushed straight into the penalty area. In the penalty area, the football passed through the defense line of Kjaer and Nardo, and went straight to Kjaer, who was rushed by Benzema.

After tasting the sweetness of passing, Bell faced the opportunity and passed without hesitation. This pass also made Wolfsburg face the crisis again. Fortunately, Benzema is not Ronaldo after all.

Benzema played well in this game, but he has always only shown his talent in the organization. Really facing the chance of scoring, he actually had some problems playing. Facing this opportunity, Benzema obviously hesitated. He stopped the ball at his feet, then hesitated whether he should pass or shoot, and then kicked the football out.

Such hesitation naturally cannot be exchanged for victory. His choice gave Benalio time to react, save in time, and save the ball to the bottom line. Real Madrid's offense did not succeed this time. They did not use their advantage to expand the score again.

On the side of the stadium, the fans sighed, and in the face of this situation, it seems that Ancelotti has also realized the team's shortcomings. On the edge of the court, the sign of substitution was also raised. Coentron went down and Marcelo went up. Real Madrid completed the substitution at this time.

In this game, Coentron played well. As the starting point for the counterattack, he performed well on the court. Even so, Ancelotti replaced him. Obviously, this adjustment is not to supplement weakness, but to strengthen himself.

Real Madrid still want to score goals, they have not won enough.

Real Madrid’s shot did not score a goal, but as the opponent replaced Marcelo’s move, Gao Shunyao also had concerns in his eyes: even if Real Madrid’s attack did not work this time, as long as they continue to attack, they will eventually make Wolfsburg. The door was broken again.

In front of Real Madrid, Wolfsburg's defense is indeed a bit weak. The opponent's continuous breakthroughs will sooner or later make Wolf Fort suffer a big loss.

This situation can no longer continue. If this continues, Wolfsburg will inevitably lose. It's just that if you don't want to lose like this, how can you start a counterattack?

Gao Shunyao was a little confused about what to do. Looking back at his teammates, his eyes drifted over them, and he was also thinking about who could help him and open up the situation in front of him. And with such thinking, he also suddenly thought of something: It seems that in the game just now, although Wolfsburg failed to create a chance, Turan did not do nothing in the face of the opponent's strict defense.

It seems that when facing the opponent's defense, except for the goal caused by Bell's error, Turan's dribbling impact is the biggest threat in Wolfsburg's offense. Compared with the attacks of others in Wolfsburg, it seems that Turan had a successful breakthrough just now. Although he finally made a mistake, Real Madrid broke the ball and even fought back, but it is undeniable that at least he took the ball. Successfully entered the restricted area.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal, Wolfsburg's offense seemed to have been poor, and there was not much breakthrough. At that time, Turan seemed to have had a very successful breakthrough and entered the opponent's penalty area. Although his success is somewhat caused by Real Madrid's deliberate contraction to lure the wolf out of the Fortress ~www.mtlnovel.com~ But if Real Madrid has lured the enemy into the penalty area, Gao Shunyao doesn't believe it at all. In the final analysis, although Real Madrid wants to lure the enemy into deep, but the Wolf Castle can kill in the restricted area, it is still done by its own strength.

Although the result was bad just now, I have to say that he still has the ability to threaten the opponent's goal. Among the current Wolfsburg team, Turan should be the only person with such strength. His surprise attack just now almost became a threat. And now I want to break through the door of Real Madrid, I want to come to the best collaborator, should also be Turan.

Compared with others, only Turan has enough possibility to send the ball to the frontcourt. And if the ball reaches the frontcourt, all that remains is to see if he can get the chance to score.

It may be difficult, but this is what he has to try. Gao Shunyao knows very well that with Marcelo on the field, Real Madrid's offensive will become stronger and stronger. If you don’t seize all opportunities to attack, Wolfsburg will be true. It was completely lost.

If you don't want to give up completely, you can only fight one last time. Thinking of this, Gao Shunyao also walked towards Turan-at the last moment, he didn't want to sit and wait like this. In any case, he wanted to try the last madness. (To be continued.)



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