If I rush to the central defender who is holding the ball from this group of Koreans, because he is too far away from the goalkeeper to pass back, he can only pass the ball to another central defender. If I grasp the line and rush to this central defender, all he can do is pass the ball to the midfielder in front of him. This player is standing very close to the front. If you pass the ball like this, Liu Song behind me can grab him, and then I can rush forward and get a chance.

   Standing near the center line and seeing the opponent's goalkeeper pass the ball to the defender, Gao Shunyao thought so and did the same. Before the ball reached the feet of the defender, he had already jumped on it.

   The screams of the Koreans rang in their ears. The Koreans did not expect that the center forward of the Chinese students would still be so fighting spirit when they were already crushed in the half-court.

   The South Korean defender gave the ball to his partner, and Gao Shunyao immediately gave up on him at this time and ran towards his partner. Sure enough, as he expected, the Koreans didn't pass the ball very well. The defender who got the ball kicked the ball forward.

   At this time, Liu Song grabbed the ball and threw it straight forward to me...

   Under the impact of the Korean, the pass was not good. As long as this kickback is successful, his team still has a chance to pull back one, and the embarrassment of ending without a goal in the first half will also be changed.

   Gao Shunyao thought very well, but when he turned around, Gao Shunyao also saw that the Korean behind him took the ball calmly.

   Liu Song didn't move at all. He waited until the opponent got the ball to his feet, and then he remembered to pounce. But the opponent's midfielder had already secured the ball, and he gently pulled the ball past Liu Song. He directly distributed the ball to the side road near the penalty area-Liu Song's poor counter-grab, set him off. The technology is almost like Pirlo.

   Gao Shunyao, who was driving a triangle between the three people, stopped. He raised his head and took a deep breath towards the sky, trying to suppress his emotions, not wanting to explode his temper to his teammates.

   is really a bad game.

   In that half, the Koreans had already launched an attack. Standing in the position of Gao Shunyao, he can see the Korean attack very well: almost all of the Korean players have passed the half-time. Gao Shunyao is now standing near the center circle and can have a panoramic view of all the players. . Near the penalty area, the Chinese players want to build a defense line, but they are scared by the South Koreans passing the ball back and forth from the periphery. It is difficult to have a good understanding. Standing in the distance, Gao Shunyao could easily see huge wounds torn out from his defense line from the movement of the red and white jerseys, presenting them in front of the opponent.

   At this time, Gao Shunyao also lost his motivation and idea to run. He was standing near the middle circle, moving slowly, and didn't want to return to the defense anymore. When the Korean scored again and cheers broke out from the sidelines, he stopped and stopped. Moved.

   The level of this game is really low. I originally thought that Chinese students who had the guts to set up a team in Japan would have a high level. I couldn't think of it, let alone playing against the Japanese, even if they were so different from the Korean students in Japan. It's crazy that such a team still wants to play a formal FFL game.

   Gao Shunyao remembered that a few days ago, he was frustrated by Liu Song and the others to participate in this game. It was a little helpless. I should have known that FFL is not something that a few amateur guys can just practice.

  FFL League-the Foreign Student Cup in Japan, is a game that has been around for quite a while. Almost all competition teams in this league are made up of foreign students in Japan, and it is an amateur league for foreign students. As early as the 1990s, Chinese international students formed a football team and participated in this league. Even today, international students who are interested in football will work hard for this league in Japan.

Chinese students in FFL have had famous teams such as CCJ and Fukuoka. In the past two years, they have always wanted to establish a new team. This team is just such a team-from the beginning of 1990 to now it has been 07 At the end of the year, the international students who love football in Japan have been working hard to build a team. The team that Liu Song pulled up is also such a team.

   In this game, even the amateur FFL level is not up to the level, it is just a peripheral game of FFL. As an international student, Gao Shunyao was also a strong man who was drawn by Liu Song. After finishing the college entrance examination this summer, he came from China to study in Japan. He just passed the exam for international students a few days ago. He originally wanted to have some fun after the exam, but who would have thought it would be unhappy.

   I won't come to play next time I die-Gao Shunyao said in his heart.

   But what can you do if you don’t come here? Gao Shunyao was also a little confused on the court: it has been a long time since he came to Japan, but his life has never been on the right track. Studying abroad, working, living, everything seemed like a mess, which made him even more irritable.

The Korean celebration is over. There are also Korean players on the side of the stadium chatting and laughing with their fans who came to watch the game, but more players have already walked towards their own half. Waiting for the kick-off. When the South Korean defender walked past Gao Shunyao, he was still waving at the fans in the distance. Until he turned his head and saw Gao Shunyao next to him, the Korean with a cheerful expression was scared to shut his mouth by his gaze.

   The guy in front of him looks absolutely uncomfortable-his height is estimated to be about 1.9 meters, he is the tallest one on this field. And what is more noticeable than his size is his figure. This tall player is quite sturdy, and in a jersey that others wear quite loosely, there is an illusion of enveloping him when he wears it. I am also a person who exercises regularly, but compared to the person in front of me, I seem to be a little smaller in terms of height and size. The tall, sturdy figure, coupled with the well-trimmed, clean and tidy head, made his not so handsome face even more rigid. At this time, his face was still a little irritable. Makes this young man look very unattractive.

   The Korean left without saying a word. Gao Shunyao glanced at him, snorted and did not speak. Next to Gao Shunyao, the captain Liu Song already took the ball to the center circle to kick-off. The captain is also an attacking midfielder. Until this time, he didn't understand that the ball just now was his mistake. When he saw Gao Shunyao, he couldn't help but ask questions.

   "Xiao Gao, don't be tired, don't worry, it's normal to lose, it's no big deal. In the game, there are always winners and losers. These Korean clubs are great. Next time we change opponents..."

   Liu Song is out of stock at his feet, but he is not idle. He is still chatting with Gao Shunyao after kicking off for a while.

   "Tee off."

   It's just that the game is played like this, Gao Shunyao is not in the mood to take care of too much. He passed the ball with a kick, and he wanted to hit the ball earlier.

   This is the basic process of offense, and it can't be wrong. But when he ran a few steps and received the ball from behind, he couldn't help but was stunned. All his teammates had already retreated. Seeing the end of the first half, they didn't want to rush forward. Standing behind him, Liu Song reached out for him for the ball and asked him to pass back.

   Looking backwards, all his teammates are retracting. Looking forward, the Koreans have already started their defense in the half-court. Gao Shunyao will have no chance unless Pele comes to a ten or more.

   Gao Shunyao's anxiety in his heart has become more serious.

  Since I can't rush through, then don’t rush!

   Just now, Gao Shunyao, who was thinking about winning or losing, was on the top. He didn't want to just go back like this, what he wanted more was to show the other party some color.

   Not far past the midfield, Gao Shunyao started his footsteps. He flicked the ball laterally, and then he immediately followed. After preparing for a kick, he immediately stepped forward, stepped on the ground with his left foot, and raised his right leg high. His whole body seemed to be twisted, including his upper arms, his waist and abdomen, all seemed to be tightened into a huge spring.

   Just in front of the goal, he suddenly exerted force. The entire spring seemed to have lost its suppressing power. In an instant, there was a violent twisting. First, the arm shook, then the waist and abdomen stretched, and finally the thighs shook. Gao Shunyao's entire body seemed to be a huge one. Like a whip, and his outer instep was like a whip, and he hit a football!


   Gao Shunyao's choice shocked everyone. He did not choose to take the ball into the penalty area, and then pass the goalkeeper to shoot the empty goal. He chose 40 meters from the goal and volleyed it to the goal! This is simply a crazy choice!

   The football was kicked by Gao Shunyao with the sound of wind. It roared, roared, and flew straight toward the goal like a cannonball. The goalkeeper was already in Gao Shunyao's leg, UU reading www.uukanshu.com was ready to save, but he did not expect that this shot would come directly into the center of the goal.

   is not a blind spot, there is no angle, it is straight towards the center of the goal, above the goalkeeper's head. The goalkeeper can see the football getting bigger in his own eyes, he can hear the wind passing by his ears, and he can feel the hidden anger in the air rushing towards his face.

   The goalkeeper hesitated, he didn't jump up and lift the ball out of the crossbar with his hands. Is it because the ball is too fast to save, or is it too strong to save? He didn't know it himself.

   To his delight, the ball was not scored after all. With a loud bang, the football hit the crossbar of the goal and bounced high up. The ball, which landed just above his forehead, made the goalkeeper slowly raise his head, and it took a long time to breathe.

   is a terrible shot.

   In the audience, cheers and sighs broke out. The half-time of the game was completely slammed. Until this shot, the fans on both sides found something interesting.

   "Old Gao, are you okay?"

   While on the court, Liu Song also came over and cast a questioning look at Gao Shunyao. Shooting from such a long distance, what happened to Gao Shunyao?

   Although this guy can't play the ball well, he is not bad. Gao Shunyao didn't want to accuse his friend, and faced Liu Song's question, he just shrugged.

   "Nothing, just suddenly, I don't want to run."

   violent temper is for the opponent, for his teammates, this reason is enough.

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