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Steel, Guns and the Industrial Party Across the World

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Emperor Gabela: Imperial legions are unstoppable on land.

Great Orc Chief: All the warriors of the tribe can count as ten.

Jade Realm Elf King: The forest ranger has never missed a shot.

Chairman of the Horn Bay Alliance: The alliance fleet is the undisputed ruler of the sea.

A mysterious organization: The prophesied era will finally come.

Paul Grayman: I am not targeting anyone. Everyone here is rubbish.

Start the journey of guns and cannons crushing the low-magic plane…

(This is an old-fashioned story about climbing a technological tree in another world to farm for hegemony. The author has limited knowledge and may make some mistakes in technical details. Criticism and corrections are welcome)

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Short Title:SGIPAW
Alternate Title:钢铁,枪炮与穿越异界的工业党
Author:Xiao Musheng
Weekly Rank:#426
Monthly Rank:#544
All Time Rank:#1692
Tags:Army Building, Betrayal, Character Development, Child Protagonist, Firearms, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Multiple POV, Naive Protagonist, Noble, Polite Protagonist, Religions, Schemes And Conspiracies, Secret Organizations, Sword And Magic, Technological Gap, Transmigration,
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61 Comments on “Steel, Guns and the Industrial Party Across the World
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  1. can't read it anymore! my fellow folks if you ever got a chance to go to an alternate worlds dont follow Paul strategy its childish and naive. i feel this novel is written by a guy who fail highschool. one of the worst novel from this type of genre.

  2. "On June X, 1990 in the holy calendar, that was the first time I met St. Paul. At that time, I was imprisoned by pirates in the church in Port Flanders. They forced me to serve the pirates, but I had a heart for the light. The loyalty of the Lord, how can I succumb to the evil forces, the pirates tortured and humiliated me in every possible way, I know this is God's test for me, and I always rely on my willpower to hold on. Just when I was dying, Lord St. Paul He led the army to rescue me. When I saw him for the first time, a beam of soft light shone on him, and a majestic voice sounded in my mind: follow him, assist him. I know, that is The oracle given to me by the Lord of Light, I joined his army without hesitation, and assisted him in creating great achievements that were unimaginable at the time.”—Excerpted from the 250th Pope John of the Church of Light Morrison's Memoirs. This novel doesnt have any common sense.ofcourse probably the author wants it to be comedic and light-hearted.just read to pass time.

  3. i am really starting to dislike how is the mc being lead by the nose.in general i gave more chances to this novel because the story has really nice potential it started pretty nice and then it slowed down and hasent grown as a character instead is like going backwards. hope to see some backbone groing into this mc for the story to get better. im already in over 6oo chap. s

  4. I don't know how to feel about this novel. For one, it is somewhat of a decent read, and there are good side character development and characters seemed to be fleshed out. However, the pacing really seems off. At first, the development of the story seemed too fast, and you get the feeling that after he invented guns after a few chapters he will start dominating his surroundings. But then, after he dealt with the pirates, the story kept being held off and kept jumping from one place to another. When you jump to another character, their story seems to be decent and interesting by itself, but after reading a few chapters of it, I wonder how much relevant it is to the story, then it just feels much like a filler at some point. Moreover, I started to get disappointed with the MC (which feels like a side character at times). For one, he seems to be too spineless for my taste and even incompetent at times. Maybe because he was just some programmer in his past life, that's why he doesn't have any backbone. But still, at least don't act too cowardly in front of your subordinates for God's sake. I also feel like the MC doesn't fully utilizes his advantages, and gives in too much. I swear that if he had more spine, the story and his development would go much smoother. So 300 chapters in and I feel like dropping this already. Even though the story has potential, it became too slow for my taste and also the MC's timidness started to bore me.

  5. Even if MC doesn't have system, he has all the knowledge. he knows how to train troops, build grenades, guns, canons, electricity, Space ship, Future technologies, strategies, Alien knowledge. He knows everything. Some people are commenting that progression is very slow, But from waking up from head injury to training troops and making gun powder, researching guns. it all happened in first 7-8 chapters. Some people still find this novel slow "WOW". MC acts like he knows everything.

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