Starting with Hundred of Millions of Guardian Spirits

This is a guardian spirit world full of fierce beasts and monsters. People here have powerful guardian spirits that can control various powerful guardian spirits to fight the end. Upon waking up, Xia Yan, who found himself reborn, coincided with the time when the mythical guardia.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 1021 Even with the world on my back, I can still kill you Chapter 1020 Hateful weak Chapter 1019 War ahead

Chapter 1018 Walk in the era Chapter 1017 Way to kill it Chapter 1016 Moisturize things silently Chapter 1015 Immediately, a gap of tens of billions of years Chapter 1014 We rely on our brains Chapter 1013 Ants Chapter 1012 Decayed kingdom Chapter 1011 Four people Chapter 1010 Six extremes! The ultimate secret

Chapter 1009 Stunning genius Chapter 1008 The truth about the Jiuhuang Pagoda Chapter 1007 Kingdom of God in the past

Chapter 1006 not us Chapter 1005 The truth about the fifth level of life Chapter 1004 The five elements gather Chapter 1003 Its awakening Chapter 1002 I will kill you in a year Chapter 1001 I am invincible on the road! 400000 Chapter 1000 What about the barrier between the two worlds? Chapter 999 Not over yet Chapter 998 200,000 positive power

Chapter 997 Gamble Chapter 996 Xia Yan's plan Chapter 995 The guardian spirit appears! Innocent awakening Chapter 994 Subconscious punch Chapter 993 Suppress all enemies Chapter 992 I don't know but I am a little angry Chapter 991 He is the Emperor of Heaven? Chapter 990 Protoss Chapter 989 The new life! Star shock Chapter 988 Confucianism and Taoism Chapter 987 The only one is supreme! Patriarch Chapter 986 Knowledge delivered to your door

Chapter 985 Live to hell Chapter 984 Good baby Chapter 983 The mantra of Confucianism Chapter 982 Old-fashioned Chapter 981 student! Small group Chapter 980 30,000 rivers and mountains! One day Chapter 979 The Book of Heaven Chapter 978 one by one Chapter 977 This weird master and apprentice Chapter 976 Help the teacher! It's hard to live Chapter 975 Protect the calf Chapter 974 Tragedy in the cave

Chapter 973 Qingyunzong, smart fox Chapter 972 Become a fairy! Son of luck Chapter 971 God's favor! Amazing talent Chapter 970 The calculations of the elders Chapter 969 Funny woman Chapter 968 Drop only blow Chapter 967 simple and naive Chapter 966 A very realistic person Chapter 965 150,000 positive power! Ten billion years of hope Chapter 964 It's a pity to fight Chapter 963 Thousands of battles, one foot breaks the sky Chapter 962 Get ready, he is coming

Chapter 961 Boiling golden blood Chapter 960 Very good, pressure casting legend Chapter 959 Golden battle Chapter 958 Ancient survivors, golden blood Chapter 957 End of an era Chapter 956 trap! What about you Chapter 955 Tell me where, let me see Chapter 954 The night king, the backlash of the sky Chapter 953 Naive! Heavenly New Rules Chapter 952 I do Chapter 951 Five elements, magical ability Chapter 950 Elemental gems, amazing harvest

Chapter 949 I give you a chance Chapter 948 Elves! Family fight Chapter 947 Shocking list Chapter 946 Awesome Chapter 945 Kill with one thought! Tianwai dark chess Chapter 944 Back in time! A weapon to master time Chapter 943 Great Road, Soul and Mystery! Origin sphere Chapter 942 One punch, the end of millions of sentient beings Chapter 941 Let me give you a ride first, disaster beast Chapter 940 Tianwai dark chess Chapter 939 Death for the traitor! Nothingness Chapter 938 nothingness! Ye's two choices

Chapter 937 The mentality collapsed! Stop talking Chapter 936 A heaven, a hell Chapter 935 High Reality! 100,000 Yang Chapter 934 Body and soul Chapter 933 Impact Avenue Chapter 932 I am not a great way, amazing gains Chapter 931 Friends, wait a minute! Forgive and forgive Chapter 930 Whale swallow! Delicious meal Chapter 929 Ten million incarnations! Blood Demon Power Chapter 928 Blood demon! One stroke Chapter 927 No one can care but I don’t want to Chapter 926 Life makes the dead, the ancestor of the blood sea

Chapter 925 The emperor has orders Chapter 924 Cut three bodies! A little vermilion Chapter 923 I met you Xia Yan! Blood mold Chapter 922 Surprise or surprise Chapter 921 What should I do if I run out? Chapter 920 To deceive the master and destroy the ancestors Chapter 919 This pill hasn't been made yet? Chapter 918 Inside the stove is nice Chapter 917 Chaos in the spirit world! Sinister Chapter 916 Suddenly, the spirit world soul resurrection furnace Chapter 915 The final son, worship the blood demon king Chapter 914 This game has to continue

Chapter 913 This world is chaotic Chapter 912 Millions of congregations! Thirty-six leaders Chapter 911 Self-righteous Chapter 910 God has come Chapter 909 The little beast delivered to the door Chapter 908 Worship the Moon Blood Demon! Great Desolate Soul Beast Chapter 907 Since I am invincible, why fear to heaven? Chapter 906 Emperor Yuan! One finger to death Chapter 905 The secret of Zhenbei King, worship the blood demon of the moon Chapter 904 This is related to me Chapter 903 True my heart, vain way Chapter 902 True or false! Is what she said true?

Chapter 901 Cruel truth Chapter 900 Barbarian Agudo Chapter 899 Congratulations to the King of the North of Beifang Town, the virtuous King Wanmin Chapter 898 Two national divisions Chapter 897 I borrow you from the dynasty Chapter 896 Empress and National Teacher Chapter 895 I think it's time to shuffle Chapter 894 This is my dad Chapter 893 You provoke someone you shouldn't provoke Chapter 892 Divine Soul Ancient Method! Complete stepping Chapter 891 Creation of Heavenly Treasure Chapter 890 Confused years, God's Destiny

Chapter 889 Great Li Dynasty National Teacher! The lost soul in the ancient city Chapter 888 One sleeve moves the world! Yuan Huang Chapter 887 The law of the soul! Three-line main vein Chapter 886 Five hundred thousand troops! Siege of Great Skyzong Chapter 885 The Law of Divine Soul, Great Li Empress Chapter 884 Dynamite Shock Chapter 883 Yuanzong! ? Let you study Chapter 882 Are you looking for me? Yuanshi Chapter 881 Spirit world, don't say you are an outsider Chapter 880 A dream is forever! You will die if you are not careful Chapter 879 God fortune! Big Dream of the Times Chapter 878 Avenue road! Be true

Chapter 877 Good luck! One to another Chapter 876 I want to kill you Chapter 875 The horror of luck Chapter 874 Three years! The beauty of the son of luck Chapter 873 I want to kill him today, no one can stop him Chapter 872 The son of luck? interesting Chapter 871 Can you live for ten years? Chapter 870 Ten years is enough Chapter 869 The truth of lifelessness! That is? Chapter 868 Is it Xia Yan? Chapter 867 Xia Yan's promise! Black nails dead Chapter 866 Lord of the planet! Earth will

Chapter 865 Two little ancestors, sister and brother Chapter 864 Two worlds are separated, three great roads Chapter 863 The Three Corpses of Xia Yan! Can it be cut like this? Chapter 862 Fairy caress! Three corpses and nine insects method Chapter 861 Three corpses and nine insects, one sleeve shakes Kunlun Chapter 860 God Emperor shot! Ye Lingyu Chapter 859 Exhausted! Enlightenment Chapter 858 Tens of billions of years Chapter 857 Taboo Chapter 856 Exhausted! Better than the road? Chapter 855 Three souls and seven souls! Three flames Chapter 854 Old blind man

Chapter 853 This fate is interesting Chapter 852 Five Elements Avenue! 30000 positive force Chapter 851 Five dragons divided! Sky Coffin Eternal Kill Chapter 850 Heavenly coffin, one country suppressed Chapter 849 Do you dare to touch this cause and effect? Chapter 848 National transport plus body! Luo Xiaoyou Chapter 847 Day foreign luck! The Devil’s 4.5 Billion Years Chapter 846 Kill the heart seeker! Devil's Light Chapter 845 Swallow a country of death! Comprehend death Chapter 844 Three dead souls, warmth to the door Chapter 843 Practice three hearts! Nine steps Chapter 842 Take offense as defense, fast and slow

Chapter 841 Heart Seeker Chapter 840 Cast name, logical ghost Chapter 839 2500 positive power! 3 times Chapter 838 is it hard? Chapter 837 Who will die, I said Chapter 836 No Bilian, ancestral art Chapter 835 Three hearts and one hand Chapter 834 Master avenue! Mastery Chapter 833 Its origin Chapter 832 Predecessors planted trees Chapter 831 The secret of Haotian! Half-dead **** emperor Chapter 830 Endless waters, the ninth heaven of the kingdom of God

Chapter 829 God Emperor Chapter 828 Xia Yan and Wuxiu, I came to surrender Chapter 827 Short peace Chapter 826 This pass is called Heaven Pass! I'm in Chengtou Chapter 825 Sword and Kendo Chapter 824 Heavenly turbulence! Hiroshi Chapter 823 Species of life, species of destruction Chapter 822 Total blockade Chapter 821 The era is destroyed! The beginning of extinction Chapter 820 Devildom Change, Dead Sea Chapter 819 Heavenly Court Expansion, Heavenly Vision Chapter 818 Unity

Chapter 817 Kingdom of God Chapter 816 Xia Yan's Wedding Chapter 815 This story is not happy at all Chapter 814 Wangshenghe is ruled by the six reincarnations Chapter 813 Cut the reincarnation king! Five Great God Kings Chapter 812 Reincarnation of the heavens! Five kings Chapter 811 Reincarnation King! Stop me and die Chapter 810 Unkillable River God Chapter 809 Reborn River God! change the world Chapter 808 My guardian spirit announces to the whole country Chapter 807 Stay with you for life, a unique guardian spirit Chapter 806 Her trace

Chapter 805 The secret of the burial land! Wangshenghe Chapter 804 6000 positive punch Chapter 803 The shaking of the burial ground Chapter 802 Relying on the old and selling the old, you are removed today Chapter 801 One law breaks ten thousand law! Immortal Sect Chapter 800 Niuniu, you are grown up Chapter 799 Ancient forces Chapter 798 Shocking fighting spirit! Worthy of the **** of war Chapter 797 God of War! Legacy of God of War Chapter 796 Warm a glass of wine, cut a **** king Chapter 795 Return of the Heavenly Emperor! Big bunny Chapter 794 Niuniu, Cao Yansheng is too upper body

Chapter 793 He is back Chapter 792 Ten million years later Chapter 791 Born with eight directions Chapter 790 Mastery! Break Chapter 789 Don't you ask for mercy Chapter 788 absorb! Reincarnation Gate Chapter 787 Definitely of the insect master! Shattered Void Chapter 786 These two horrors! Quick fix Chapter 785 The magical zerg heart Chapter 784 Disconnected clone Chapter 783 Weird place! Three Lords of Zerg Chapter 782 Zerg Motherland

Chapter 781 Higher organism Chapter 780 Heart of the Zerg Chapter 779 Destroy the Erzhongtian Zerg! Heart of the Zerg Chapter 778 Absolute defense! Realm unbearable Chapter 777 Emperor Zhenwu! Black turtle snake Chapter 776 Worm mother! Billions of insects Chapter 775 Level 5 Life Form Chapter 774 Creator! Essence Chapter 773 Mummy, underground space Chapter 772 Eternal natural enemy! Hierarchical Chapter 771 The world of black bugs Chapter 770 A little black bug

Chapter 769 Worm mother! Emperor Zhenwu Chapter 768 Commander, rebellion Chapter 767 Millions of bugs! Worm Mother Chapter 766 Reincarnation flower! December Chapter 765 God Kingdom Double Heaven! No need for Godhead Chapter 764 Traitor, kill Chapter 763 Shenhui Dao Formation! Devour the stars Chapter 762 The eighth layer of heavenly treasure house! Remnants of the Heavens Chapter 761 Three good luck Chapter 760 Great ambition of all immortals! The secret of rebirth Chapter 759 Gu Tianting Chapter 758 The law of creation! Change the world

Chapter 757 All plants are soldiers! Throw beans into a soldier Chapter 756 Is this gone? Chapter 755 Do you think you are the **** of war? Chapter 754 Instilling advanced ideas Chapter 753 Emperor Shahai! Godhead Chapter 752 The Nine Heavens of the Kingdom of God! The magical function of Godhead Chapter 751 Golden sand! Jiuzhongtian Chapter 750 Desert city Chapter 749 My master can keep you alive Chapter 748 Shrine changed! Patron saint Chapter 747 The mystery of the ghost country! The mystery of birth Chapter 746 Shinkoku entrance

Chapter 745 Dao body! Terrified ghost emperor Chapter 744 Past cause and effect! Nanny aunt Chapter 743 The last day! Demon attack Chapter 742 Fairy demon Buddha! Three Kingdoms in One Chapter 741 What do you think of this ghost emperor? Chapter 740 The idea of ​​ending suddenly Chapter 739 Great news! Turbulent nations Chapter 738 Earth?? Cunning Terran Chapter 737 This gap is a little bit big Chapter 736 A soaring feat? Chapter 735 Starry sky? Field? Two people's chessboard Chapter 734 Not willing? Then?

Chapter 733 A costly kick Chapter 732 A demon is not as good as a dog Chapter 731 Who is here?? Who will be cut? Chapter 730 Demon guest? Contract Chapter 729 Killer? Who 8000? Chapter 728 Science is the first productive force Chapter 727 Big changes in the sky Chapter 726 Buddhism Refuge in the Lord of the Immortal Buddha Chapter 725 Golden Buddha under the Bodhi Tree Chapter 724 Step into the heavens in one step? Qianyang Chapter 723 Hell is not empty? Then it is empty Chapter 722 Are you more hungry than?

Chapter 721 Ten thousand Buddha dynasty? Thank you? Chapter 720 Siwon Buddha's plan, you are so smart Chapter 719 Is the Taoist up? Control the immortal country Chapter 718 Still? Who? No, no Chapter 717 The Eight Pillars of the Demon Country Chapter 716 ? Let her be the master Chapter 715 Siwon Buddha appeared??? You are Chapter 714 The Ninth Floor of Haotian Palace Chapter 713 Strange state?? Remember you Chapter 712 Butterfly? Should? Obliterate Xia Yan Chapter 711 To subdue the master of the Devil Kingdom?? White Ball? Chapter 710 Who are you?

Chapter 709 Nine magic tricks? Chapter 708 Mysterious white ball? Kill Yang Sheng Chapter 707 Send the warm master of the magic country Chapter 706 It disappeared from the earth Chapter 705 Who is he? ! Not noticed Chapter 704 Bring hope! Regret no more Chapter 703 The sky is falling! Secrets of past lives Chapter 702 On the eve of the holy war, the world on the ground Chapter 701 Xia Yan's Past Life Chapter 700 The ultimate demon! despair Chapter 699 Cautious Xia Yan! Deep inside him Chapter 698 Heart Slayer! Can I beat myself?

Chapter 697 The heavens are shaking! The fourth floor of Haotian Palace Chapter 696 Big fat! I want the whole fairy country Chapter 695 Xianguo Wuzhu Chapter 694 Punch one galaxy! Reincarnation Chapter 693 400 Yang Power! Immortal country master Chapter 692 Avenue road! The hope of beings Chapter 691 The fairy country changes ownership! He is back Chapter 690 Let her go, I will teach you the magic Chapter 689 The world has changed, the legend of Xia Yan Chapter 688 Day in the eternal night Chapter 687 Kingdom of God Chapter 686 Patron saint? Wait for me 3 seconds

Chapter 685 Eternal night world Chapter 684 The third floor of Haotian Palace! Trapped heavens Chapter 683 Bird in a cage Chapter 682 The disappearing breath, the Taoist master who eats insects Chapter 681 Kill the Taoist Lord! Slippery loach Chapter 680 Fight with the Supreme! Six Ways of Suppression Chapter 679 Immortal country master! Careless Chapter 678 The mind of the East Sea King Chapter 677 End of an era Chapter 676 The troublesome Xia Yan Chapter 675 My master says the king does not see the king Chapter 674 One punch! King of the East China Sea?

Chapter 673 Break the king and become the emperor! Power of the world Chapter 672 Broken! I do not like Chapter 671 Seal the king and worship generals! Wang Yuntianjiang Chapter 670 Shake the Northwest! Zhang Bang Tian Xia Chapter 669 I do not like you Chapter 668 If you want to play, play the best Chapter 667 Whale swallowing eighteen countries! Fenghou Baijiang Chapter 666 Turned out to be a trap? interesting Chapter 665 I first met Shang Zun! A word weak Chapter 664 Dynasty Warriors! National Games of the Ancient Xia Chapter 663 The second layer of fairyland invitation? Chapter 662 Overlord on the prairie, give points

Chapter 661 The eternal heart! Emperor of Heaven Chapter 660 Clouds can also kill! Weird cloud Chapter 659 The Great Earthquake! Dragon and Phoenix Tribulation Chapter 658 Haotian Palace! Immortal country shock Chapter 657 The bell rings! Dao Wu Chapter 656 Mystery of the Avenue! Nine Ways Chapter 655 Nine Gods Clock! The power of the stars Chapter 654 Thunder Tribulation Chapter 653 My name is Xia Yan! The panic of the fairy lord Chapter 652 The legendary fairy! Haotian Gate Chapter 651 News from Haotian God! I suspect you are Haotian Chapter 650 Annihilated! Great creatures

Chapter 649 Saw brother! Fairy Magic Map Chapter 648 This is sudden Chapter 647 Hetu Luoshu! Thing of the earth? Chapter 646 Scary Xia Yan! Stop me and die Chapter 645 The situation that only one person changes Chapter 644 Director of the fairy country treasure house Chapter 643 The method of rolling! Eliminate your magical powers Chapter 642 Strike in an instant! Overbearing Chapter 641 Fairy Demon Battlefield! Xia Yan's Banner Chapter 640 The essence of the avenue Chapter 639 Tiancang Two Gods Chapter 638 Two Heavens

Chapter 637 Will you be my guardian spirit? Chapter 636 How bold people are! How productive is the land Chapter 635 Soaring strength! New Lord of the Devil Kingdom Chapter 634 Heavenly blew! Fight between natural enemies Chapter 633 Fully rolled! Return five thousand years ago Chapter 632 who are you? The challenge of the mysterious boy in black Chapter 631 Assassin Chapter 630 The Emperor of Heaven is out! Elite and beggar Chapter 629 Far beyond the level of the same generation! Shen Guo Technology Chapter 628 Devilland Conquest! Who are you? Chapter 627 I, Xia Yan killed Chapter 626 The Panic of the Eight-Domain Surveyor

Chapter 625 Suddenly! Eight domains Chapter 624 Temporarily enter the avenue! Forty-nine days Chapter 623 Lucky! Great creatures Chapter 622 Xiaojiji was shocked Chapter 621 Dead Mountain and Blood Sea! Why is this person different? Chapter 620 Complete Sky Skeleton Chapter 619 This skeleton is heavenly Chapter 618 Sorry, I have a bad temper Chapter 617 Changes in six days! Kingdom of God Chapter 616 Spike the same realm Chapter 615 Xia Killing God! Sorry i have bad temper Chapter 614 Beyond the eight domains! Buddhism

Chapter 613 Xia Yan's realm! Mystery zone Chapter 612 Mingguang at the beginning! End Yan Night Fire Chapter 611 Netherworld! The singular abilities shared by all people on earth Chapter 610 we are the same! field Chapter 609 Xia Yan's singular abilities Chapter 608 The day the earth defected? ! Nether day Chapter 607 Magic repair! Tianyi Mo Chapter 606 First object Chapter 605 Destroy the eight domains! Getting bigger Chapter 604 Strange abilities! I can have countless Chapter 603 The power of rubber! You see too much One Piece Chapter 602 The singularity of a thousand fruits of heaven

Chapter 601 Super Saiyan! Sorry you are too weak Chapter 600 The rage of Betata! Xia Yan Chapter 599 Fighting race! Saiyan Chapter 598 Sparkling prairie fire! Great changes Chapter 597 Blue Star is so terrible Chapter 596 The legendary Xia Yan Chapter 595 A day that shocked the world! Blue Star Soul Chapter 594 Frightened chainsaw! Adults wait a minute Chapter 593 Scared to pee! Sleepy day Chapter 592 Look dumbfounded! This won? Chapter 591 Kill hundreds of millions! Simple sentence Chapter 590 He came with an army of billions of bones

Chapter 589 Ten suns! Earth is in a hurry Chapter 588 It's him, it's him, he's coming back Chapter 587 Traces of the Kingdom of God! The only key in the world Chapter 586 Sky Giant! From the kingdom of God Chapter 585 the fourth step! the fifth step Chapter 584 Copy your temperament, give me an affix? Chapter 583 Huangqi hunting! The Great Coming Chapter 582 You can see it! What is he doing Chapter 581 Xia Yan became a heavenly level! The fear of a star field Chapter 580 Who made history for hundreds of millions of years? Eternal journey wants to go to heaven Chapter 579 Reincarnation in December, Little Red Flower Chapter 578 I have been looking for you for 100 million years! You and me that year

Chapter 577 Tomb of Goddess! The Empress of 100 million years ago Chapter 576 Young days! Red dream baby Chapter 575 The day I was beaten and crying! The evil name of the blue star people Chapter 574 Go in person! I took a bath in the sun Chapter 573 Peak Holy Land! I come from the kingdom of God Chapter 572 Lord of the Earth! Ninety-nine heaven Chapter 571 Recognition of the world! The last power Chapter 570 The will of the earth! Mother of all ages Chapter 569 A well-off society Chapter 568 To transform the earth, nothing else is rich Chapter 567 Prepare with both hands! Wandering Earth Project Chapter 566 Huang Tian's road to get rid of shackles

Chapter 565 The inheritance of Huang Tian! Avenue in my time Chapter 564 Kill one day! Not negotiable Chapter 563 Da Luo Jianzong! Traitor in the sky Chapter 562 Huang Tian's head! Hatred of the earth Chapter 561 Fashion day, nightclub little prince Chapter 560 Thirteen fruits of heaven! Liberated day Chapter 559 Great changes in the sky! Burst Yanyang Chapter 558 Destroy the Gods and Demons Farm! Baisheng strikes Chapter 557 The earth takes off! Active instead of being passive Chapter 556 60 billion! A soldier who fell without a fight Chapter 555 he came! Purcell Chapter 554 Dedication for the rise of the Dragon Kingdom

Chapter 553 30 million years of race Chapter 552 Sovereign Lord, did I come to the wrong place? Chapter 551 Big and thick is not necessarily powerful Chapter 550 Break the limit of Shouyuan! Can even live forever Chapter 549 100 million years! Everlasting Chapter 548 Watchdog! Xia Yan's far-reaching layout Chapter 547 But I can rent, unequal treaties Chapter 546 The vibration of the sky! Please give me something Chapter 545 Disaster beast! Tianpin Chapter 544 Flattery! Absolute loyalty Chapter 543 One ship in ten days! Terrifying shelling Chapter 542 The madness of scientists

Chapter 541 Technology delivered to your door! Clever little bird Chapter 540 Only a sword Xia Yan can use Chapter 539 Did we come to the wrong place? Chapter 538 Long Guo Xia Yan Chapter 537 Ice age? The world has changed Chapter 536 The spirit in the Luotian world! A heavenly spirit Chapter 535 Heavenly soldiers are born! Luo Tian change Chapter 534 It seems to be repeatable! The collapsed world Chapter 533 Avenue inscription! Not over yet Chapter 532 Great discovery that changed the world Chapter 531 The treasure melted into the avenue Chapter 530 The ancients are no longer! Belongs to the era of Xia Yan

Chapter 529 A tooth for a tooth! Demon Chapter 528 Chen Bing million! Heaven's first order to kill Chapter 527 Annihilated the monster race! Don't talk without reason Chapter 526 He's here again, sorrowful day Chapter 525 The sword embryo needs nine spirits Chapter 524 Xia Yan's life treasure Chapter 523 A lot of holy goods! The skyrocketing strength Chapter 522 Sanctified in an instant! The Secret Realm of Xia Yan Chapter 521 Sweep the world! Holy Chapter 520 Wasn't the emperor cheating that day? Chapter 519 Another great news! Tenjin Academy Chapter 518 Harvest is full! Invincible present

Chapter 517 Developed! Tens of billions Chapter 516 It's endless! Discover the law of heaven Chapter 515 I am the sky, the mystery of the sky Chapter 514 I am invincible here! Space stagnation Chapter 513 Heavenly comprehension! Sleepy day Chapter 512 Tatian! Tatianlu Chapter 511 Incense! Five Steps Chapter 510 Five fingers to heaven! The missing fairy Chapter 509 Create a day? ! Luo Tian Chapter 508 The seventh heavenly treasure house! Luo Tian Dajiao Chapter 507 I will create the dusk of the gods Chapter 506 You can't be more than people! Million soldiers

Chapter 505 You can't be better than momentum! Two suns Chapter 504 Surprise spree! They come, the security Chapter 503 Chaos in the East! The one who walks for the sky is here Chapter 502 Heavenly unicorn? ! The last carnival in the world Chapter 501 The Justice League strikes! I vomited blood Chapter 500 Conquer the unicorn! It must be holy Chapter 499 The secrets of Haotian, the truth about Gutianting Chapter 498 Four Saints! Qilin Gives Children Chapter 497 News from Wu Xie Chapter 496 Ginseng fruit tree! Jin Yuanzi's Gift Chapter 495 Yaochi gift! Xia Yanliwei Chapter 494 Returnees from all over the world! Heavenly Gods

Chapter 493 Heavenly Court! Celebrate the whole world Chapter 492 The purpose of establishing the heaven, live Chapter 491 Crazy crazy! He wants to be the emperor Chapter 490 Heaven is standing again! The movement of the heavens Chapter 489 Xia Yan's plan is called Heavenly Court Chapter 488 Supreme puppet! Blood oath Chapter 487 A legacy from the last era! A gift from Shengyaxu? Chapter 486 Justice League! Chapter 485 Not a drop left Chapter 484 Hundreds of millions of years! Only twice Chapter 483 Absorb the merits! The great change of heaven Chapter 482 Endless with the sky! Fight if you want

Chapter 481 Who do you say is the devil? Chapter 480 Respect you as the devil? What are you talking about? Chapter 479 I haven't been a big brother for many years Chapter 478 Great horror! Nightmare struck Chapter 477 Higher mentality, attitude of the emperor Chapter 476 Long live the emperor! Reincarnation Chapter 475 Plant a world tree! The seeds of fear Chapter 474 Damn! Whose tree is this? Chapter 473 Cry Liao! Don't fight Chapter 472 I'm glad I'm not invincible Chapter 471 Xia Yan beat the sky! Summer day Chapter 470 Laozi drives up! Violent Dao Zu

Chapter 469 Heaven and earth cannot tolerate! Dao Zu Chapter 468 Heaven on the list? ! One day Chapter 467 Heavenly heritage! Ten thousand times luck Chapter 466 Past days! Three oaths Chapter 465 Great Dream Era! Heavenly Dream Broken Chapter 464 Holy puppet! My most satisfied work Chapter 463 The four elephants are unruly, ignoring the rules Chapter 462 Great horror! Eat the fruit of heaven Chapter 461 Mature fruit of heaven! Ring of Destruction World Chapter 460 Fire at Xia Yan! Can't stop Chapter 459 Birth and Death! Refine soul to death Chapter 458 Director! It's your kindergarten

Chapter 457 Have you seen too much One Piece? Chapter 456 Farmer and Fruit! We raise heaven Chapter 455 The truth outside Chapter 454 Gods and Demons Farm! Farmer and Fruit Chapter 453 Waiting for you? Think too much Chapter 452 The movement of the sky Chapter 451 Qualifications to bow down Chapter 450 Supreme open house! Wanbang Chapter 449 Ten Days Supreme! I'm not such a casual person Chapter 448 Old father's love! Arrange bridal night Chapter 447 You look good, let's be a furnace Chapter 446 Do you dare to touch my son? My dad?

Chapter 445 30 burning lamps! Italian sword Chapter 444 Eh! I'm not over yet Chapter 443 Burn nine lights! Nothing in history Chapter 442 It's endless! Appeared again Chapter 441 Light the three fires! Into the middle holy land Chapter 440 Eight supreme gifts! Three lights Chapter 439 Seven emotions and six desires! Nine Supreme Quanna Chapter 438 Tenth sun Chapter 437 The vast avenue! Shake Nine Suns Chapter 436 Nine Desolate Tower! Go up twelve floors Chapter 435 Rush to supreme in one day Chapter 434 Ninety-nine thousand layers

Chapter 433 A living medicine Chapter 432 The dream of heaven, I am the sky Chapter 431 Heavenly body! Manipulated days Chapter 430 Yin Yang Avenue! Dare not grab Chapter 429 I am their nemesis Chapter 428 Tian Tomb! The murder caused by a small bug Chapter 427 Zulong skin! Dragon Liver and Phoenix Marrow Chapter 426 Eat unicorn! Eat real dragon Chapter 425 The leader of the White Tiger clan! Xia Yan Chapter 424 Kneel down! Call dad Chapter 423 I Xiuer would like to call you the strongest Chapter 422 Oscar for best actor award! Xia Yan

Chapter 421 Terrible! Absolute gap Chapter 420 Fight with Donghuang Taiyi! Fight against ancient myths Chapter 419 A teenager comparable to Xia Yan! Stunning for 100,000 years Chapter 418 Kill three friends Chapter 417 Where is the killer? I am familiar with your taste Chapter 416 The tomb of the heavens, anyway, suddenly Chapter 415 10 times! Incredible existence Chapter 414 The magic of the causal line! Xia Yan's Marriage Chapter 413 The complete Haotian mirror! A thread of marriage Chapter 412 Another body! Primitive race Chapter 411 broad daylight! On-site creation Chapter 410 Twelve Titans! Greek heritage

Chapter 409 The difference between Yanyang and Firefly Chapter 408 Hello, titan of greece Chapter 407 Antarctica is frozen! Heavenly Tomb Chapter 406 Unlimited! Heaven and earth stage Chapter 405 Fighting instinct! Born to kill Chapter 404 We are different Chapter 403 This oriental saint is different Chapter 402 Epiphany Avenue! The mystery of creation Chapter 401 Press to death with one palm! Wuzhishan Chapter 400 Mountain inserted into the mountain! Titans Chapter 399 What Jianfeng is referring to! All my territory Chapter 398 Pull up Yunfeng on Kunlun Mountain! Plug in Olympus

Chapter 397 Pangu's Last Axe Chapter 396 Cut the sky and cut off! He took the pangu axe Chapter 395 Open the sky with one go! Pangu Heritage Chapter 394 God is on the list! Comparable to Pangu Chapter 393 A unique saint! Creation God shot Chapter 392 Jin Yuanzi's gift! Ginseng Fruit Tree Chapter 391 The envy of the gringo Chapter 390 There are ants under the saint! Billion Chapter 389 Unparalleled in the world! Three Questions of Heaven Chapter 388 I want to be his shadow Chapter 387 Saint is now! Side by side with the sun Chapter 386 Heavenly saint! Three-way all pass

Chapter 385 Kill the quasi saint! Sanctification Chapter 384 Lucky Sambo Chapter 383 Are you Lao Tzu's Master? Chapter 382 This is the end of the killing? Chapter 381 Demon Chapter 380 The world's attention, Xia Yan's death Chapter 379 Pan Gu axe now! The breath of the avenue Chapter 378 Break the world! Zhantian Sword Chapter 377 You are such a clever ghost Chapter 376 Transcendence! Five curses Chapter 375 Five Elements Avenue! Black Jade Warrior Chapter 374 Empty? ! Where is my body?

Chapter 373 Five parties and five elders! The Ancestor of Five Qi Chapter 372 I am special, you are really a steel plate Chapter 371 True and false reincarnation! Mount Tai Feng Chan Chapter 370 A treasure trove of five thousand years Chapter 369 Sacred Realm! Boundless Chapter 368 Purple Qi is coming! Not finished yet? Chapter 367 Go straight to Da Luo! Great Changes in the Sixth Realm Chapter 366 Murderous incarnation! Avatar outside Chapter 365 The price of greed, killing immortals is like slaughtering pigs and dogs Chapter 364 Heavenly merit! Greed of the Immortals Chapter 363 Nuwa is on the list! Terran Creator Chapter 362 I want to be brother's guardian spirit

Chapter 361 Huahua's mutation, human head and snake body Chapter 360 The way to kill! Three Ways of Sanctification Chapter 359 Holy product guardian spirit! Four Holy Beasts White Tiger Chapter 358 The law of true fragrance! Demon Saint is no exception Chapter 357 Holy Land Dao Fruit Chapter 356 Light the sky lantern! There are so many balloons in the sky Chapter 355 My game, my turf, my rules Chapter 354 Holy meteor! Dao Fruit of the Demon Saint Chapter 353 Unchanged fate! Am I still going to die? Chapter 352 Reincarnation IX! My name is Xia Yan Chapter 351 The sound of the sky! Road of Reincarnation Chapter 350 Life and death book, judge's pen, reincarnation

Chapter 349 The sixth floor of the heavenly treasure house Chapter 348 Master save me! Nether on the list Chapter 347 The gaze of the Mozu! I'm waiting for you Chapter 346 Snowflakes, accompany you to brave the horizon Chapter 345 Step on Huangquan! Drink your sister's Mengpo soup Chapter 344 Yaochi Holy Land, Tianxiang Linyin Chapter 343 Fight for Netherworld control! Rat in the gutter Chapter 342 Ten kings return! Zhongming Soul Chapter 341 You don't play cards according to the routine Chapter 340 Ten Temples Yama! Yama Chapter 339 Fly a kite! I'm so arrogant Chapter 338 Huangquan Road is now! Ecstasy

Chapter 337 Clock day and drum night! Higan Flower Chapter 336 The Sixth Realm! You noble piggy Chapter 335 I am bulldozer Chapter 334 Morning bell and evening drum! Weird ancient city Chapter 333 Triple Crown? Chop the head and go to the tail and pack it away Chapter 332 Ronaldo is born! Unspeakable place Chapter 331 A corner of the ancient city! This is nether Chapter 330 Goodbye Athena! Ragnarok Chapter 329 I don't care Chapter 328 I slipped again! Whatever you want Chapter 327 Humanoid thunder robbery set off! The Sad Fifth Realm Chapter 326 It's going to cross the robbery again! Thunder Tribulation on the Purple Sky

Chapter 325 The daily, cruel world of the great inventor Chapter 324 Demolition force Chapter 323 I don't want to die of old age Chapter 322 Catch all! Catch a nest if you want Chapter 321 On the correct posture of a dog licking Chapter 320 Coward! Come in there Chapter 319 Yaoshou! Yuanshi Tianzun Chapter 318 Things beyond heaven! The mutation of black jade Chapter 317 The clever Lingbao Tianzun does not speak two words in a family Chapter 316 New owner! Lingbao Tianzun Chapter 315 The law without fists is not called law Chapter 314 I'll give you what you want

Chapter 313 Kill if you disagree Chapter 312 Erlang's legs are tilted! I have never seen such an arrogant person Chapter 311 The world is watching Chapter 310 unambiguous evidence! I have no sophistry Chapter 309 Can you ride a horse? I can't teach you Chapter 308 Magic pill beauty, do I want it all? Chapter 307 I slipped away, you just want Chapter 306 The so-called enemies are extremely jealous Chapter 305 One breath, the mother of all things Chapter 304 Inhale some Sanqing breath, Sanqing Tian shakes Chapter 303 He took it! Not in five thousand years Chapter 302 I'm sorry, I not only go, I also take

Chapter 301 Am I proud of cheating? Chapter 300 Uncle Master is floating Chapter 299 What to do if you are not convinced, give me a minute Chapter 298 Angry iceberg beauty, sorry for opening up Chapter 297 I go! So it's you Chapter 296 My junior is gone, my subordinates are gone Chapter 295 So the question is, what is Xia Yan doing? Chapter 294 There are kuns in Beiming, it can’t be cooked in one pot Chapter 293 Kunpeng Demon Master, Ten Great Demon Commanders Chapter 292 Age of Saint Hunting! My time Chapter 291 SM! You are the devil Chapter 290 Divided into the sky! Take advantage of your illness to kill you

Chapter 289 Wave after wave, the sky is blown up Chapter 288 Master, I, I can’t do it Chapter 287 The sky blocked the way, the saint himself shot Chapter 286 Don't say that you are like a mobile charging treasure Chapter 285 Holy! This is a holy Chapter 284 For the first time in my life, I was hugged tightly Chapter 283 Afraid? Afraid? Chapter 282 Desperate? Chapter 281 The big demon strikes, it tastes good Chapter 280 Can I kiss Master Uncle? Chapter 279 I really don't want to be famous, I really don't want to Chapter 278 Lord of the Third Generation

Chapter 277 Inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven Chapter 276 Sanxiao returned, the emperor opened his eyes Chapter 275 I want you three sisters Chapter 274 All parties are coming! More attractive than Tang monk meat Chapter 273 He is an odd number Chapter 272 I have a hundred snow mountains Chapter 271 The legend of the times Chapter 270 The vibration of the six worlds, the ancestors of Bai Yujing Chapter 269 Terran to the top! In trouble Chapter 268 The first person in history! Jinxian Holy Soul Chapter 267 Double happiness, ten times the same realm Chapter 266 This is human

Chapter 265 Crazy promotion, superb grade C Chapter 264 The deflated Master Tongtian Chapter 263 Your sword is my sword Chapter 262 Slaughter the fairy sword, a lore sword Chapter 261 Horror promotion Chapter 260 Jin Jiao scissors are alive? Eat two saints Chapter 259 Gourmet! Nothing but swallow Chapter 258 Suppress Sanxiao! Swallow your magic weapon Chapter 257 Jiuqu Yellow River Array! Cut your three flowers Chapter 256 The appearance of Uncle Shi Chapter 255 Take the first three swords! Enemy attack Chapter 254 Five Qi Chaoyuan! Sanhua Juding

Chapter 253 Break five thousand years of record Chapter 252 The Furious Master Tongtian Chapter 251 Developed! Mobile library Chapter 250 Secret Collection Pavilion of the Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms Chapter 249 The fifth layer of heavenly treasure house Chapter 248 One hundred thousand! I have a hundred thousand pegasus Chapter 247 God of Wealth is on the list! Avenue Secret Chapter 246 Cut it with one sword! Qi Hai Da He Jian Yi Chapter 245 A blink of an eye is enough Chapter 244 God of Wealth Chapter 243 I got up and was second Chapter 242 Malice from the West

Chapter 241 The declaration of war by the pretty nephew Chapter 240 Take a look Chapter 239 Snow Mountain Sword Intent, Site Golden Light Curse Chapter 238 Ten minutes is enough Chapter 237 Five Cities Secrets! Bai Yujing's meeting ceremony Chapter 236 Thousand-year secret, Bai Yujing’s test Chapter 235 who are you? I'll get something Chapter 234 Intruder Chapter 233 Dengxian Road, the true face of the world Chapter 232 The storm is coming, the people are angry Chapter 231 Countless lights, alarmed saints Chapter 230 Is this done? how much do you have

Chapter 229 Watching the sea and comprehending the sword, Dahe Jianyi Chapter 228 Oh it's you! The third floor secret Chapter 227 Less than ten minutes Chapter 226 Disappear quickly Chapter 225 what's the situation? Still getting stronger? Chapter 224 I was wronged, beaten as a pig Chapter 223 Report, all gone Chapter 222 Tenjin Ikki, Million Fushi Chapter 221 Send you back to the West, you will die clean Chapter 220 Xia Yan is back Chapter 219 Disaster is also a good medicine for cultivation! Return home Chapter 218 Premature catastrophe

Chapter 217 The first emperor recovers and the emperor comes to life Chapter 216 Catastrophe is coming, global panic Chapter 215 I have a sage brother Chapter 214 My seniority is so high? Chapter 213 Shocked, but refused Chapter 212 Bai Yujing in the sky, five cities on the twelfth floor Chapter 211 Xia Yan is not human? Is it a monster? Chapter 210 View the bones and enlighten the law! Amazing harvest Chapter 209 Gluttonous bone, bone pattern talent Chapter 208 Right or wrong, now it's empty Chapter 207 The law of gluttony, this kid is a gluttonous Chapter 206 Rise of the Dragon Kingdom! The world trembles!

Chapter 205 Desperate people! Kate shot! Chapter 204 He is six times stronger than the same realm! Chapter 203 Bathe Thunder! Hormones for walking! Chapter 202 The robbery cloud is coming! Then all hack to death! Chapter 201 On behalf of the gods! Advance by leaps and bounds! Chapter 200 I just stood and watched, monkey! On the cow! Chapter 199 One person to 10,000 people! Only Xia Yan! Chapter 198 I hate it! Shy! Chapter 197 Save Athena! Chapter 196 Murderous intent, the living city of Rome! Chapter 195 Catch alive! Breeding! Chapter 194 Break the myth of undefeated millennia! Shred Son!

Chapter 193 The curse of the witch god! Siege of Xia Yan Chapter 192 It's as timely as delivering food Chapter 191 It's raining again? Still hairy? Chapter 190 The first generation of humanoids destroyed a city Chapter 189 One look, one look Chapter 188 Storm is coming, gather in Rome Chapter 187 The horror of the old Pope, the Lord Jesus Chapter 186 It's not good, Xia Yan is here Chapter 185 Who else? Am I invincible? Chapter 184 Blood above the gods Chapter 183 Titan blood, creation blood Chapter 182 The Big Three of Olympus strikes

Chapter 181 The greed of Zeus! Rage of the Gods Chapter 180 One punch thing, Oni sauce Chapter 179 Your car is good, I want it Chapter 178 Apollo, the golden carriage Chapter 177 Shocked Athena Chapter 176 My mother’s relic, is she a fortune teller? Chapter 175 The most difficult method between heaven and earth, the highest thunder method Chapter 174 Become the heaven of India! Chapter 173 The true face of the catastrophe! Chapter 172 Mirror mirror, who is the most handsome in the world? Chapter 171 Please take care of me Chapter 170 Burning money? The kind of tens of billions per second?

Chapter 169 Don't watch it, kids! Smell! Chapter 168 Haotianjing is hungry? Don't come here! Chapter 167 Where are you going! Watch my monkey stab! Chapter 166 What is a licking dog? Dissatisfaction is doing it! Chapter 165 Be a dog chain on the spot, I said you are my slave Chapter 164 What a fan! ? You and me under the tree Chapter 163 Use thunder? You are not my opponent! Chapter 162 Two great divine residences! Thor and Goddess of War! Chapter 161 Athena is coming! The first confrontation of the strong Chapter 160 Different levels, the eyes of the gods Chapter 159 Can break through! The world is dumbfounded Chapter 158 I went to Lingshan to get some guardian spirits

Chapter 157 Goddess of Wisdom and War, Athena Chapter 156 Xia Yan is back and the world is in chaos again Chapter 155 The posture of a saint! Little Master Alchemist Chapter 154 Slaughtering Lingshan, scouring Leiyin Temple Chapter 153 Xia Yan is gone, world peace Chapter 152 The power of faith! Space rules Chapter 151 Holy product S-level guardian spirit! Tathagata Buddha! Chapter 150 Inexplicable benefits! Developed Chapter 149 Tathagata Buddha? There are people on it Chapter 148 Become a Buddha! Not over yet Chapter 147 Fertilizer does not flow out of the field Chapter 146 Seize the luck of the Buddha country! Buddhism opens!

Chapter 145 Pretending to be a ghost, Xia Yan is dead Chapter 144 You can become a Buddha, the light of Buddha enters the body Chapter 143 Handjob? ! Different pistol Chapter 142 I'm not reasonable? Then unreasonable Chapter 141 Bai Yujing! Million beasts Chapter 140 Kneeling in front of the Buddha for a thousand years, do you still look forward to the present? Chapter 139 Unbelievable, declared war? Chapter 138 Real fairy body, break the extreme! Chapter 137 The trembling world, the army of monsters Chapter 136 Power type guardian spirit! ? The third floor of the heavenly treasure house! Chapter 135 The incredible guardian spirit! Huaxianchi Chapter 134 I want your dragon palace!

Chapter 133 The fear of all nations is endless Chapter 132 Come for Xia Yan, visitors from Kunlun Mountain Chapter 131 Horror, despair, he is coming Chapter 130 Whale swallowing nuclear energy, breaking the world Chapter 129 Launch a nuclear bomb, dreamy gray day Chapter 128 The confrontation between the myth and the modern, the coalition is destroyed Chapter 127 The sea rises and the moon rises, the East China sea seeps Chapter 126 Wrapped on me, the old dragon king eager to survive Chapter 125 Encirclement? ! Surprise Chapter 124 Sword energy splits the sea, scaring the courageous dragon Chapter 123 Scared you to death, who are you? Chapter 122 Hundreds of dragon fish! Dumbfounded reporters

Chapter 121 No girlfriend, it makes sense Chapter 120 The world is silent and unstoppable Xia Yan Chapter 119 One sword will kill millions Chapter 118 Incredible perception, heaven and human realm! Chapter 117 King Huang Mei’s magic weapon, Jin Chuang, ethnic bag Chapter 116 Xia Yan's true strength Chapter 115 Demon in human skin! Holy Infant King Red Boy Chapter 114 The trembling little bear, the extreme yin Chapter 113 I really didn't look down on you, tear the angel Chapter 112 The ultimate light! God-level S-level guardian spirit! Chapter 111 Slap a big angel! Fallen Angel Lucifer Chapter 110 Diamond Realm, invincible physical body

Chapter 109 Three realms mystery, tie? Do not Chapter 108 Seven Archangels, Heavenly Boundary Chapter 107 The world stage, the fight of solo dancers Chapter 106 The attention of all parties involved Chapter 105 Dragon’s heritage, you are God Chapter 104 Thousand-year secrets, the secret method passed down for thousands of years Chapter 103 All parties are moving, the world is watching Chapter 102 The collision between Europe and Asia, it is better to go home and eat snacks Chapter 101 I almost saw God, I came to deliver the letter Chapter 100 European Holy See Adjudication Department Chapter 99 One teaches one country’s resistance Chapter 98 Fight against Buddha! Control the luck of Buddha

Chapter 97 Familiar breath, break the ban on Monkey King! Chapter 96 The power of Haotian Mirror! Blew it all up for me Chapter 95 Suppress at a glance! Old monk's trump card Chapter 94 Buddha rosary, just don’t give face Chapter 93 Stop talking, I didn’t even think about talking Chapter 92 The army, sea, land and air force, the only one in the world Chapter 91 Living Buddha, are you sure Chapter 90 Leading the world for more than ten years, little cheating expert Chapter 89 Absolutely No. 1 in the world! No accident Chapter 88 Daoism exploded! It's easy to become a fairy Chapter 87 The second floor of the heavenly treasure house! Pan Taoyuan Chapter 86 Broken little mirror? It is the Haotian Mirror

Chapter 85 God's meteor, heavenly treasure Chapter 84 Go straight to a secret place, a treasure buried in nine floors Chapter 83 Take you to see baby, we all have it in the sky and water Chapter 82 Adults never make choices, I want them all Chapter 81 There are many benefits, please come to the research institute Chapter 80 You are robbing students, I am robbing the future Chapter 79 Only I can surpass myself, a solo dance on the world stage Chapter 78 Still changing! The big people all over the world are crazy Chapter 77 I surpass myself, the world is shocked again Chapter 76 world record! Hit the list Chapter 75 Tu Bang! Dragon Kingdom is slaughtered Chapter 74 Terrifying strength! Can't hide it

Chapter 73 Unbelievable, burst, burst again Chapter 72 Great clerk, this Nima is the secretary Chapter 71 Tianqing Tower, a beautiful misunderstanding Chapter 70 Killed San? ! Laozi pits his son Chapter 69 Return to the basics, and the charm is restrained Chapter 68 Unexpected surprise! Jingxian Daoxing Chapter 67 A shovel a Buddha, the poor monk was deceived Chapter 66 The challenge of Buddha, the shovel girl bodyguard Chapter 65 Asan’s state religion, Buddha appeared Chapter 64 The commander-in-chief of North China came here in person? ! Invitation from Tianqing Tower Chapter 63 Gathering of famous schools from all over the world, go to school Chapter 62 The olive branch of the Holy See? Mingguang Shenzi

Chapter 61 Step on the light, the saint of light in Europe Chapter 60 The adult times have changed Chapter 59 The chairman of the Beast Mother Association? ! The ultimate goal of otaku Chapter 58 The duel of the runemaster, if there is divine assistance Chapter 57 Rune master, stun you and me under the tree Chapter 56 Yamato Kingdom S-class guardian spirit, Yuzao Qian! ? Chapter 55 God's guardian spirit, all parties are moving Chapter 54 One-handed suppression, the first in the world Chapter 53 Three S-class guardian spirits! The world is boiling Chapter 52 The clash of myths and myths has attracted the attention of the world! Chapter 51 What if the whole world doesn't believe it? Then make them believe Chapter 50 S-level monsters are coming! Dragon's inheritance!

Chapter 49 Bloom in the killing, flowers in the dawn Chapter 48 One person is one city, the whole network is blown up Chapter 47 Don't run around in special times Chapter 46 One hundred thousand monsters, the most powerful weapon of mankind, nuclear bomb Chapter 45 The whole world is watching, the darling of the times Chapter 44 I am invincible! The youngest S-rank warrior in history! Chapter 43 The thirteen members of the Long Kingdom, the old Pope’s face is swollen Chapter 42 Unbelievable, breaking the world record! Chapter 41 Developed! Treasures in the heavenly treasure house Chapter 40 Open the heavenly treasure house and conquer Nezha Chapter 39 Did you dig this pit for me? This girl's head is so hard Chapter 38 Monkey King, Nezha the Demon Boy

Chapter 37 Demon Blade Murata, capture the guardian spirit of Xia Yan Chapter 36 The hunter is coming, Nezha, the devil boy Chapter 35 The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying, crying for father and mother to be silent Chapter 34 I was stared at and buried Xia Yan alive Chapter 33 Xia Yan, who is too troublesome, doesn’t follow the routine Chapter 32 Cry Liao! I won't fight Xia Yan Chapter 31 Congenital Gang Qi! Enhanced version of peerless martial arts Chapter 30 God's guardian spirit, is Zhang Daoling together? Chapter 29 Everyone's attention, one sword breaks five hundred Chapter 28 Old father's love! An enviable way of education Chapter 27 A mixture of the official second generation and the rich second generation, so angry Chapter 26 I'm awesome, my son is even better

Chapter 25 Then get the magic technique, the fusion of the six-channel magic sword and the eighteen palms of the dragon Chapter 24 In troubled times, the arrogant Xia Yan Chapter 23 The sky changes in Lintao city, the identity of Xia Yan Chapter 22 Dare to move my lord? Want a city to be buried? Chapter 21 Under the gods, life and death are under control Chapter 20 Kneeling? I'm kneeling Chapter 19 Innate Three Spirit Orbs, the Heavenly Court progresses Chapter 18 Human greed, the whole city is dispatched Chapter 17 Horrible guardian spirit, martial artist and immortal Chapter 16 Divine quality practice, nine yin and nine yang Chapter 15 Shocked the guardian spirit of the gods, shaking a field Chapter 14 Shocked, shocked, shocked

Chapter 13 Xia Yan ranked second? impossible Chapter 12 This punch is beyond common sense Chapter 11 Can’t be ranked, the shady of the Holy Spirit Academy Chapter 10 Punch, eh? Ok Chapter 9 Sisters from the Ye family, I have a guardian spirit Chapter 8 The magical treasure hunter, the looting guardian spirit? Chapter 7 Dragon Ball? ! Shocked the guardian spirit of the gods Chapter 6 On behalf of the gods, global broadcasting Chapter 5 Attribute points? ! Beyond the S rank warrior Chapter 4 Eight-Nine Profound Art, Monkey King Chapter 3 Holy product SSS guardian spirit? ! Conferred Chapter 2 In the age of mythology, aura gushes

Chapter 1 Great changes in the world, S-Class

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