"Little girl, my master wants to see you."

The monkey definitely didn't know how lethal his smile was.

His smile can frighten children.

Agudo was considered bold, but she was clever, and immediately Sa Yazi went around and wanted to run away from the monkey.

With quick eyes and quick hands, the monkey grabbed Agudo by the back collar and lifted her up.

"I said little girl, what are you running? If my grandson can still eat, you can't make it?"

eat? !

Agudo's heart was shaken.

This, this seemingly permeating guy, turned out to be a monster who likes to eat people!

Agudo only hated that he had hesitated for a while and didn't die with a single knife.

With eyes falling in the hands of this monster, I am afraid it will be worse.

She wanted to struggle, but suddenly realized in horror that she couldn't move at all.


This monster is also a Yuanshi.

Agudo was completely desperate.

It really just escaped from the wolf pack and entered the tiger's mouth.

The monkey had no idea what he was imagined by the little girl.

He grabbed Aguduo all the way through the clouds and fog, and soon returned to the inn.

At this moment, Xia Yan had already cultivated to a critical moment.

After seeing the person on this bed, Agudo was taken aback for a moment, turning out to be a person.

But soon Agudo thought of something more terrifying.

Is it? !

So, what kind of wicked hobby does the owner of this monster have? !

Play it first before letting the monsters eat it.


Agudo's small face was instantly pale and bloodless.

This is really **** on earth.

Being caught by the monkey, Agudo couldn't resist. She had no choice but to accept this fate in despair.

Soon Xia Yan opened his eyes.

He broke through again.

I can clearly feel that I have less use of the spirit.

In this world, it can be said to be an excellent place to cultivate spirits.

There is vitality everywhere.

And the treasures of heaven, material and earth in this world are even more terrifying, and they have the effect of increasing the spirit and soul.

The powerful souls in this world, if they go to the outer world, they can even crush a large number of creatures if they only look at the Taoism.

[Level]: Nine Steps to the Heaven Realm (no boundaries and no distances, the birth and death of the palm edge, the line of cause and effect, and the dryness of one thought) (the Buddha respects the fruit position)

[Fixed to]: 100,0000, 0000100,0000, 0000

[Power]: 4,33914,9384,9300

[Agility]: 4,10031,9093,0093

[Mana]: 4, 31930, 0039, 8973

[Tao Xing]: 500, 2394, 283 days in 2938

[Heaven and Earth Dharma Image]: Gourmet Dharma Image, Shenhui Dao Formation, Destroying Soul Image, Chongxian Lingyun

【Fortune Value】: 9, 9999, 9999

[Shouyuan]: October 11, 9839, 209 days

[Guardian Spirit]: Monkey King Monkey King (Tian-Rank SSS-level) Sihai Dragon (Tian-Rank SSS-level) Zhou Zhiruo (Tian-Rank SSS-level) Nezha (Tian-level SSS-level) Niu Demon King (Tian-level SSS-level) Yuzao Qian ( Tianpin SSS-level) Tathagata Buddha (Tian-pin SSS-level) Pharmacist Buddha (Tian-pin SSS-level) Zhao Gongming (Tian-pin SSS-level) Sanxiao Sisters (Tian-pin SSS-level) Netherworld (Tian-pin SSS-level) Baihu Baiye ( Celestial SSS Grade) Nuwa (Tian Grade SSS) Jehovah (God) (Holy Grade SSS Grade) Twelve Titans (Holy Grade SSS Grade) Heaven (Tian Grade SSS Grade) Big Dipper Seven Stars (Holy Grade SSS Grade)... …

【Tiandao Value】: 10893

【Highway value】:203

[Heavenly Progress]: 100%

At this moment, Xia Yan's original injury has recovered a lot.

The life span has reached one hundred thousand years.

And his Taoism has broken through 50 billion years.

What is this concept?

In the outside world, such Taoist creatures, even the Taoist creatures, are rare.

However, in this world, since there is no magic power, he majored in the power of the soul, if the Yuanshi here is to fight against the outsiders.

They cancel each other out.

But Xia Yan is different.

He does both, this is the most terrifying.

It can be said that as Xia Yan's spirit becomes stronger and stronger, one day, he will have no weaknesses.

Powerful from the inside out.

Infinite approaches to perfection.

At that time, it was when Xia Yan broke through and became a creature of the Great Dao.

Now, Xia Yan didn't know what level of strength he had reached in this world.

But he knew very well that he could kill the so-called Yuanhuang in an instant.

Even a thought is enough.

Now, the vitality he can arouse has reached the level of several countries.

In other words, it is not enough to destroy the Dali dynasty with a single thought, and you have to add many nearby countries.

Xia Yan looked at that Agudo, and said lightly: "Little girl, can you tell me where you are from? What is the reason for those soldiers to chase you down?"

"Master, I heard those people say that this little girl is a slippery fish and must be killed."

"What kind of little princess?" said the monkey.

Xia Yan's heart moved when he heard the words, and a light flashed in his eyes.

The fish that slipped through the net...

The little princess of a certain tribe of the barbarian.

"So, you are a survivor of Zhenbei King's revenge."

"Vengeance?!" Upon hearing this, Agudo suddenly stared at Xia Yan fiercely.

Those eyes were filled with a look that made Xia Yan quite familiar.

That is the light of hatred.

He is very much like him.

"Vengeance? Where does the devil revenge?"

"Obviously it should be my revenge!"

"He is a murderous madman, executioner!"

"Luo Cheng was the one who led the people to slaughter the city. He has a deep personal relationship with the cult leader of the cult on the wasteland! The purpose is to use the grievances of the people to refine a **** pill!"

"He is the murderer!"

"My father, my mother, and my brothers and sisters are all dead."

As Agudo said, she shed tears.

The monkey holding her was a little at a loss, the child cried whenever he said.

The tears fell to the ground ticking, breaking into petals.

Xia Yan frowned suddenly.

Is the virtuous king praised by everyone like this?

Is this the truth?

Xia Yan's eyes flickered a few times, and the monkey let go of Agudo.

He looked at Agudo and said, "Come here and let me see if you are telling the truth."

Agudo gritted his teeth and glared at Xia Yan.

"Want to lie to me? What do you want to do?"

"I can tell you, it's a big deal! I'm not afraid of death!"

Xia Yan looked at her, slightly lost.

Agudo took the opportunity to suddenly ran to the window, turned over and got out.

Very dexterous, but also very clever.

The monkey is about to catch her back again.

Xia Yan suddenly said: "Forget it."

Only then did the monkey freeze his figure.

Xia Yan looked complicated and said, "This is her life."

"Master, we?"

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